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  1. Hey everyone. I purchased the a6000 a while back and used it for a few. Before I returned it I noticed that some bars on the video feature were under exposed. There were about 3 to 4 bars. I decided to record the video and put it in my lap top just to make sure if it was the cameras screen or something, But as soon as I saw the footage on the computer the bars were in there as well. I returned the camera because I ended up buying the a6500 anyways. Since its a new camera and newer model i forgot about the issue. Later down the road of using the camera I noticed the exact same problem come up on this camera. It is very odd I have done some research and looked for similar situations as mine but so far nothing. Basically I get about 4 horizontal bars that go across the frame of my video that look underexposed. Please take a look at this frame I captured at an event. If you look at the screen shots carefully. You can see the bars are in the exact same position.
  2. Hi everyone! I've had the A6300 now since September, switching from Canon 70D. Something I have really experienced is how slow it is. Starting up takes several seconds and switching from my custom modes or to other modes, like manual to shutter priority seems quite slow. I've noticed it's slower after filming a lot so I guess that has to do with the buffer but it's still surprisingly slow, even when I haven't filmed and switching. Is this just how it is, a bit slower because of all Sony stuffed in it or how are your experiences? Also, sometimes with like focusing or waking up from sleep mode if I haven't used it for more than 10 seconds seem a bit slow too. It's like the "brain" can't keep up. Thanks for all help and advice!
  3. Hi, I'm middle of nowhere in Philippines and my reliable Sony FE 24-240 f3.5-6.4 broke down. Apparently the aperture motor broke down. The problems are: - Camera body (Sony A7sII) does not show aperture (only briefly it comes up to show aperture number and disappears again) - No control of aperture in camera - Aperture stuck in smallest (~f36) - Strange ticking sound inside the lens when attached to body - Focusing works semiok. Probably the camera has problems with lowlight since the aperture is locked at minimum diameter). I have tried: - I have cleaned the contacts - No physical damage can be seen in the lens Other lenses work fine with the body (Sony FE 55 f.18) so the problem must be in lens. Have you guys experienced similar problems with Sony FE lenses??? Anyway to fix it on your own? I either have no time to sit in a major city for several weeks waiting for it to get fixed by Sony Service center.... if that's not the only choice. I'm really desperate since I'm on my once in lifetime around the world trip. Thanks guys.
  4. Hello I have just bought my new a6500 and since I m shooting video in interior and low light I discovered this problem. When camera is at 4K 25fps(or 30fps) in extreme low light there is "ghosting" problem. The same problem exist if you using a spot light to light only a part of your portrait while the other elements of the scene stays dark.. It seems like a sensor or most propably codec problem. Please check the video below. 4K, 1/50, sony 18-105 f4, iso 1250~2000 (no picture profile) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zlrlpNQcIE It seems we need a new firmware.
  5. Wondering if anyone has run into this issue. I have an 18-105 PZ for my a6300 that I haven't used in a few months. I picked it up today and noticed a rattling sound. It seems like something close to the mount is rattling up and down if I shake the lens up and down. If I attach the lens to the camera, it goes away completely. This makes me think that maybe it has something to do with the image stabilization or power zoom, but I have no idea. I've read people saying this is normal in other image stabilized lenses like the 35mm 1.4. Maybe the lens was doing this before and I never noticed? Has anyone else had this issue, or know if this is how the lens is supposed to be? Thanks!
  6. Wondering if anyone has run into this issue. I have an 18-105 PZ for my a6300 that I haven't used in a few months. I picked it up today and noticed a rattling sound. It seems like something close to the mount is rattling up and down if I shake the lens up and down. If I attach the lens to the camera, it goes away completely. This makes me think that maybe it has something to do with the image stabilization or power zoom, but I have no idea. I've read people saying this is normal in other image stabilized lenses like the 35mm 1.4. Maybe the lens was doing this before and I never noticed? Has anyone else had this issue, or know if this is how the lens is supposed to be? Thanks!
  7. I have a sony a58 camera with an original lens for 15 months. When i turn the camera on the message "F--" is blinking on the monitor, and i cannot do nothing. A message appears on the monitor "Please mount the lens", but the lens is mounted. Sometimes the camera after several minutes is ok, sometimes i must wait for hours. If someone knows something about it please reply.
  8. hi guys, just bought a sony A7R2. i was a canon user so i already have lots of canon lenses... i decided to use canon glass with the fotodiox. have read some reviews and looked really good. just got my camera and the adaptor so i was testing the camera and it kept freezing the camera. especially when i try to select 24fps. that is just odd! but i found someone on the internet that apparently had the same problem with an A7S2. does anyone have an A7R2 and uses the fotodiox and does not have this problem? i keep asking myself if this is a problem with my adaptor or every fotodiox. ps: didnt had the budget to buy the metabones.
  9. Does this happen to anyone else shooting the A7R2? New camera, any video setting over 60mbs causes this glitch. Please advise.
  10. hello everyone, i need help with a very peculiar banding problem i have observed with my A7Rii. my lens is the e mount native sony zeiss 55mm f1.8. when shooting indoors, there often is a dark band clouding part of the picture taken. if i take stream of pictures in continuous mode or single shots one after the other, this is very visible. band is moving up and down sometimes clearing the whole picture, sometimes blocking it all, sometimes wider, narrower, denser... i suspected shutter frequency problems, like you would see when shooting a pc monitor but i think this is different. please take a look at my pictures, i downsized them considerably for ease of download. one single picture does not tell much but looking at them in series will tell the whole story. typically they were shot wide open and 1/250 but the results are not any different at f8 either. changing the iso does make a difference either. i tried shooting with a sony rx10 and did not experience similar problems. here are my links: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qkq2mlh46d1p3vr/AADU5mjRcQoZZ4NTZu6--Y0Sa?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kc1sfitf5836n1a/AAAHT0KMOuC5fnT3CVEy0MEHa?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uisyja5zp74ymuf/AAAsz-k-pJMIs1F74rC8Utwna?dl=0 attached the files on the first link directly:
  11. I have a new A7SII camera and was taking photos tonight and noticed a very severe problem. I would take multiple photos in succession, and they would all turn out looking different with drastically different color balances; some would be too blue, some too red, all over the spectrum. All of my shooting settings were generally set to manual, and I was shooting mostly on "M" mode, although I briefly switched over to "auto" and it still gave me the issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Below is a link to view a couple example photos so you can see the color shift that I'm talking about. Thanks! Click here for example photos!
  12. Hello, everyone. First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Daris Alfafa, or refillable, 17 years old from Indonesia. I'm new to this forum and I think I hope joining this forum would help me understand and learn new stuff about photography in general and Sony alpha gears. So the problem that I'm facing here is, I have 2 batteries for my Sony A6000. However, one day, I dropped one of the batteries from about 3' to a hardwood floor. After that fall, it won't charge at all. When I charge the battery, the charging LED will light up for quite some time (I'd say about half a minute), then it will turn off after that, indicating that it's not charging. I can't get the camera functioning with that particular battery. I know this is not an urgent problem as I have 2 batteries, but I'd like to ask a few questions. 1. Is the battery damaged? What are the chances? 2. If it's damaged, is it possible to fix it? 3. What should I do if you can't really fix it? Thanks, I would appreciate your help. I mistakenly posted this on the wrong section. Apologize for that, can you move this thread, anyone?
  13. Hello everyone. I own a A3000 I bought new around one year ago. I must say, I have been very satisfied with its battery life, which has been very solid... until now. My current problem is that the battery doesn't charge up if I don't continuously check whether the orange light is glowing; often times, such light turns off after a few minutes, or it starts flashing, and the battery stops charging. I just left the camera on for an all-nighter only to find it this morning at 39%. This never happened until now, and I never replaced the battery nor the cable. I checked the battery and it looks fine: no dirt or fingerprints (as I never remove it from the camera). It also doesn't seem like a temperature issue, as the camera is charging in my house, where there are 15 degrees, and away from the sun. The only thing I can think of, different from what I usually did upon charging the camera, is that it is plugged with my new 70-210mm lens on it. I can hardly think of a reason why this would influence the process, though. I'm quite distressed now, as I am leaving in two weeks for a trip in Africa, and if the battery abandons me there I might as well hang myself. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I read around the internet it is quite common, but no solution I found seems to work for me. Thank you sincerely, Ted
  14. Hey guys! I did some filming in a nightclub the other day, for soem DJs. Reviewing the footage, I noticed these faint black lines in most of the clips. I presumed it was due to the different frequencies of the lights. However, the lines don't move up or down; they are just stationary. I'd expect flicker, or rolling lines - but these do neither. I have encountered this problem before, which I isolated to being to do with fresnel lights. At the time, I changed shutterspeed, FPS and even switched from PAL to NTS, but this didn't get rid of the lines fully. Can anyone explain this, or has anyone had the same issue before? I was filming on a Sony A6300 with a 50mm lens, PAL on 100P 50M, ISO 800, a shutter at 1/200 and F1.8. Thanks!
  15. My Sony a5100 dims significantly only when I’m recording to the point where I can barely see the screen. I never had this issue before and I am just looking for answers to my issue.
  16. My husband and I each had NEX-6 cameras, and each had serious problems with screen delamination. We had one of the two cameras repaired, and replaced one with the A6000 a couple of years ago. My A6000 is showing signs of a similar problem developing at one edge inthe dark area outside of the viewing screen. So for now, it's a cosmetic problem. But I think it's just a matter of time before the "bubbles" make their way to the viewing area of the screen. Of course, the problem developed after the warranty expired. Having invested a lot of money in quality lenses, we are quite unhappy to have a problem like this occur with all 3 of our Sony cameras...and are wondering if we should switch or try another Sony model and hope for the best. Is this problem something Sony owners just have to live with, or are there models with different/better display screens?
  17. I'm french and I did a recent shooting in the USA. I had a huge problem of flicker on a lot of lights. I shoot in 25 frames per seconds, and my shutter was 1/60, which should prevent me from flickering. I had an other camera, an FS7 who showed no flicker with the same settings. So the shutter 1/60 isn't a true 1/60. So for all shooters from the PAL world, it's a huge problem. I had the last firmware update (v3).
  18. Hi all, Since two days I have an issue with the built in flash of my A6300. I don't use it much, but every now and then I do. What happens is that the flash does not fire and that in the viewfinder, I have the Icon for a flash with an orange dot which mean "Flash charge in progress". I can understand this for an external flash, but not for the internal. For the record, I have tried many things and with an external flash it works, although sometimes (also recently) I have to fit the flas one or two times on the hot shoe before it connects.. Ad yes, silent shooting and so are all off and the problem exists in all flash modes. Any ideas anyone? Thanks Ubo
  19. Just picked up and a6300 last week. I do lots of video work so I switched over from DSLRs. The camera is amazing - but I spent the day in the rockies today and took probably about 300 shots, including lots of great wildlife clips. Near the end of the day i turned on my camera to take a quick shot, after i took the shot it said something along the lines of "please wait... processing image". I'm not sure ecatly what it said because I didnt think much of it at the time. So after it said that for about 5 seconds I tried just shutting my camera off and turning it back on. When it came back on it came up with a "image database not ready" screen and wanted me to retrieve data from the card. I proceed but it couldnt retrieve data. After tinkering for a few minutes it just had a black screen when i would turn on my camera with the card in it. I think tried plugging my sd into my pc and my pc would make the sound it makes when an external devoce is connected but no sd drive would come up. I also tried plugging the sd into one of my canons and it would also go to a black screen when the card was plugged in. I'm assuming the card is dead. Has this happened to anyone else? Any hope of recovering the data thats still on the card? Not that its a huge deal if I loose todays shots but I shot lots of weddings and it wold be horrible if this happened at the end of a wedding day. Let me know your thoughts... For reference, the SD card is a 64gb Lexar micro SDHC and is about 6 months old. Thanks in advance, Drew
  20. Hi ! I got a Sonya6000, recently i took videos. But after putting them on my laptop (macbook pro retina), the rendering wasn't good... The videos wasn't smooth and when i did pause I could see double images... Lets see the picture in attachment Thanks a lot for your help ! Lucas
  21. I've tried for 5 hours now to get the webcam working through Imaging Edge Webcam but so far nothing worked. Just yesterday it worked flawlessly, then I used it to shoot some photos outside and then when I wanted to use it as a webcam again, it didn't work. I'm using a normal micro-USB cable connected to my computer with Ctrl w/ Smartphone off and USB Connection to PC Remote. I installed the software and use OBS to stream it to Discord, Microsoft Teams, etc... Every time I do that (as shown in the picture I attached) it just shows me the Imaging Edge Webcam splash text and not the live view. Can anyone help me?
  22. Hi, I have a A6000 with a SEL35F18 lens. About a week ago I noticed the camera/lens will not focus on anything that is further than 4 meters away. It says on the display it is on infinity. It’s like the sensor on the focus ring needs resetting or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you Jacques
  23. Hi! This is my first post. I just bought a Sony a6300 and i have a problem while recording 4k video. I'm using a Sony 55-210mm lenses. When i select 4K Video and the options: 24p 100M (super 35mm) and 24p 60M (super 35mm) some black bars (stripes) appears on the video. (i'll attach stills). This is "resolved" by making higher the ISO around 6400-20,000, but then at 25,600 the black bars appears again (and stronger). I don't know if there is something with my configuration (i haven't changed a lot of things since i bought it, almost everything is on default), or if it is another kind of problem. I used also the 16-50 kit lenses and the stripes appear too. Thanks for your help! *The one with the BEAR is 24p 60M, the one with the purple curtains is 24p 100M.
  24. Hey, Just got a new camera, the Sony alpha 7 Mark III as a present to someone who does not speak English, so he cannot use it properly, and no Russian language is available. Is there any way to add additional languages to it? Specifically Russian. Thanks
  25. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone can be of any assistance. Recently the enter button (center button of the wheel) has become stuck and I'm not sure why. At first it would seem to have gotten stuck to being in the cold, but now it's just completely stuck down and won't pop back up despite the rest of the wheel being functional. If you press really hard, it'll sometimes work but that doesn't help when I'm in the middle of a shoot and want to switch record speeds. Does anyone have any suggestions to rectify the problem? Btw, I've worked as a camera tech for a over 5 years. My initial thought was to disassemble the camera, remove and reset the button; which would probably solve the problem, but I don't have a service manual for this camera. I found the disassembly for the A7 and A7 II but they are different compared to the A7S in terms of disassembly. The folding LCD mechanism seems to be removed differently and I don't want to remove the flex cable without a sure way to reconnect it. Right now I think my other options would be to do the remote control thing with the camera; I'd have to read up on how that works since I haven't done much else other than update the firmware on the camera, or option number 2, send it in for repair; which I don't wanna do because I have shoots coming up. I do have a Mk3 as a backup camera but since I don't run ML, I prefer the footage from the A7S.
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