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    Out and about in Venice

    Friends at the side of the canal-2 by singingsnapper, on Flickr Friends at the side of the canal by singingsnapper, on Flickr I think the waiter is looking for more money at Cafe Florian... An expensive place for a coffee by singingsnapper, on Flickr Sunny Afternoon in Venice by singingsnapper, on Flickr Looking back to St Marks by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    Beat Color

    Greeting from Vietnam

    Hi everyone. I am Amy from Vietnam. Thanks for letting me join this forum. I hope that I can e a part of this room!
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    Newbie hi

    Welcome to the forums.
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    Jump for Joy

    I do appreciate your taking the time to offer your advice. I'm pretty good on the technical side, but have a lot to learn on the artistic side. I do try, more and more, to compose my shots well. This one, though, was shot from quite a distance with a 105mm focal length (most I had), so I am depending on the 42.2MP of the camera to give me leeway on final composition. I'm not the sort of photographer who packs multiple lenses. When I've done that in the past I spent too much time switching lenses and would rather have just one general purpose lens that will handle 95% of what I need. Here's the latest attempt. I also brought out the shadows a bit. How does this look?
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    Simple garden rose

    A7R3, Canon 70-150 F4.5 FD, Fotodiox. 1/60th F4.5 @150mm. ISO 100
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    This was the first native lens I purchased for my A7R. I still have it! I like everything about it (now that it's paid for)...it's small size, Zeiss rendering qualities, sharpness, and nice handling. I did loose the minute lens hood that came with it, but found an aftermarket metal ventilated (not solid) hood that works great. So easy to put in your pocket if not on camera. Here's a shot I took during a round of golf at We-Ko-Pa golf course in Fountain Hills, AZ
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    Ortona, Italy

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    Jump for Joy

    Thank you, Chrissie. The notes I wrote on my crop were indeed a small fragment of "Composition 101". The very foundation of any photo is to create a path for the eye to enter the picture and move around in it. It's not just an optional "rule", it's knowledge based on an understanding of how human vision works. There is a lot more to it, but small steps seem to be the order of the day. Accomplished photographers will often avoid saying that a photo is "good" or "bad". They prefer to say that it "works" or "doesn't work". That is based on the understanding that a photo is supposed to fulfil a number of functions. The most important part of growing and developing as a photographer is to learn to self-critique your images. That doesn't mean deciding if they are "good" or "bad". It means being able to break down a photo in its constituent parts to determine which parts work and which parts don't work. There are very few perfect photos out there. Almost every photo could have been better in some regard. Photography is a continous pursuit of the perfect photo - that may never come. In the process you will hopefully create many photos that, on balance, work. The reason I got involved with Holmes´ photo is that it has obvious strengths in terms of content and a weakness in terms of composition. This is praise, not criticism, because even a good photographer will often see potential images from the wrong position. So the interesting question is what you can do to emphasise the strength and minimise the weakness in the resulting photo.
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    Jump for Joy

    Considering you are a Newbie, you do make quite some absolute statements. Which as of now lack any backing through proof of your expertise. The difference between you, sixzeiss, and Jaf-Photo is, that Jaf-Photo is offering an advice, based on education and experience, while you seem mostly interested in maintaining the last word and igniting a controversy. The last word on this is yours - I have nothing more to contribute here.
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    Jump for Joy

    Photography is a skill that can be taught. It is also a profession, even if it is being eroded by dilettantes. With that in mind, would you trust a lawyer, doctor or engineer who said that everything in their profession is about personal preference and here is how they like to do it? To me, that's how you spot the dilettante.
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    Wow, I especially enjoy the look of that 15mm Heliar II. Beautiful work.
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    Business center of Moscow

    Shot on Sony A77v + Sigma 24-105 f4 Art
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    Maybe, but you have to buy the versions that support tethering and live view. As a LR user who knows the ins and outs of LR you don't want to start all over again. AND the Sony Imaging Edge is free. Besides that you need it for pixelshift. There are alternatives for the pixelshift combining of photos, but imaging edge does a slightly better job, be it a bit slower. But hé, I have a few seconds to spare.
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    Try sony's Imaging edge. It has 3 sections, viewer , edit and remote. With "remote" I can shoot tethered. (I have the a7riii , assume it will work for a7rii as well ) Imaging edge is free.
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    You can also "play" with the predictable distortion of a fisheye lens by intentionally placing the center of the picture slightly below the horizon. This way you'll get a convex horizon, which resembles the curvature of the earth at great distances, to emphasize the impression of vastness: Granted, this is more than "slightly" below the horizon, but illustrates the effect.
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    So you may get the idea, that fisheye lenses can only be used for very rare use cases. I would like to show, that you can also do quite normal shots, if the circumstances allow for it. If you take care to place the horizon at (or very close to) the center of the picture, then it will remain a straight line and the distortion will be unnoticeable. And the field of view of a fisheye lens is hard to beat, without stitching several shots. The following shots were also taken with the Samyang 12mm f/2.8:
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    Sony A7RIII Sigma FE mount 85 f/1.4 @ f/1.4 1/100, ISO 100 Fenice lights by singingsnapper, on Flickr in BW Fenice lights BW by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    7RM3 doesn't run apps, afaik. That feature is gone.
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    This is apparently an omen of what to expect from the apps, once you do manage to download them. Sorry for the sarcasm. Btw, did you read Playmemories' (Sony's) license terms and conditions? If so, then I wonder why you would still want to agree to those and proceed with trying to install their apps regardless.
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    I'm adding this to this thread because it is about affordable UWA lenses for Sony FF and I felt it meets all criteria. 9 shots taken with A9, Samyang 12mm f/2.8, stitched together as a spherical panorama and then converted to this little planet using PTGUI Pro. 5 shots would have been sufficient, but it's easier to fix small issues like dog running around in between shots, when you have lots of overlap. Location is Schwarzhorn (Flüela) summit, 3147m, Switzerland. Click image for download page of full resolution pic. And, btw, this Samyang fisheye lens is available for under CHF 500,-
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    Ortona, Italy

    Yup, nice photos on the Flickr!
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    Alun Davies

    Dinas Dinlle, Gwynedd

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    Bow Lake, Alberta, Canada

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    That is RAW. Cook your image a bit, either in post or shoot RAW and JPEG simultaneously. I love the rendering of my lens:
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    Tom Boy (a7R III with 85GM)

    Yes it feels like there's a certain motion w/ the hands & the hair like that (plus it brings a bit more depth). Nice job Rick ! Only thing I'd be retouching would probably be the buttons on the jackets that I'd remove (especially the one near the right arm), other than that, works perfectly for me.