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    Doha Waterfront

    I had an extended stopover of 16 hours on my way from Seoul to the UK so utilised it by spending some time in the city. Scouted around a bit ready for twilight, was feeling poorly due to a heavy cold, so didn't see as much as I would have liked. Sony A7r4 FE 24 - 70 GM Twilight Across the Bay Doha by singingsnapper, on Flickr Doha Twilight by singingsnapper, on Flickr BW Islamic art gallery, Doha by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    all: a7rIII, 600mm f/4 GM
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    Here is a portrait of an Andean Condor (juvenile male), taken with a7R III, Sigma MC-11 and Sigma 150-600 Sport on the "camino de las altas cumbres", Cordoba province, Argentina And you can view it with more definition here: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49451148336_ea99a3577b_k.jpg
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    Sony A9 2 with 200-600 lens.
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    Wasp At Work

    A6000 w/24 1.8
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    Hi, what I mean is that the bird always has to be in the center behind the flight direction but taking advantage of the best of the lens to get focus.
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    In addition to the photographic merit, of course: as a biker, I like the way how this bird is doing a curved flight, yet keeping his head perfectly aligned with the horizon. Pretty much like motorcyclists do it, too. Image source: http://www.ridesmart.info/img/blogs/leaning diagram.jpg
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    Dale Matson


    From the album: Sierra Nevada

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    A6000 w/24 1.8
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    Tierra roja

    Hola,salu2 de Felipe IMG_21881 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Alejandro Espeche

    King of vultures

    I could never approach this bird before, photo taken in the Yungas Oranenses, Salta, Argentina. A7R3+FE100-400
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    Zoom for sports / BIF

    Agreed, distance is the killer, taking photos of motorbikes heading into a wide corner, they were impossible to follow as they got closer. I could not twist fast enough to keep them in the frame for the last 1-2 seconds.
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    Alejandro Espeche


    From the album: Sony FE 100-400 GM

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    Alejandro Espeche


    From the album: Sony FE 100-400 GM

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    Alejandro Espeche


    From the album: Sony FE 100-400 GM

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    Dendrocygna viduata R3 + 100-400
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    King of vultures!!! R3 + 100-400
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    Have to agree with Wally. I started photography with an a6000 and the kit lenses (16-50 and 55-210) some 5 years ago, on a trip to South America as well (Patagonia in my case). I'm not much of a wildlife photographer (Google will generally get you much better pictures of the animal you just spotted) but for whatever wildlife I encountered there, the 55-210 served my needs. Anything up to about 20-30 m away will be close enough, unless you want full headshots. I've since bought a lot of lenses and sold the 16-50, but still have the 55-210. It's just too small and light to be replaced by something big and expensive for the very occasional wildlife I shoot. If you experiment a bit more with photography and find the 55-210 to be lacking for your needs, you can always upgrade and sell the 55-210 at hardly any loss. If you were going on an African safari I might have advised you to get the 70-350 instead as you really need the reach there, but in South America you'll likely have the 16-70 mounted 90% of the time and the 55-210 will be good enough when the occasion is there.
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    Dale Matson

    DSC02218 smaller.jpg

    From the album: Sierra Nevada

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    It's A Wrap

    A6000 w/24 1.8
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    On a stopover on my way from Korea to the UK I had 16 hours in Doha... #sonyalphagallery
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    SLOG on Sony a7riii? Help?

    are you ok over there? What crime did i commit here? jesus christ, i'm just asking for help you lonely fuck.
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    From the album: NYC

    © John Christou

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    Yes, I know, most people think Lens Hoods, are some sort of extraeneous techno junk. Yes... I know...... I hate them too ! .........However, in certain situations........They are neccessary. However.... In this photo, a lens hood, would make no difference ! The stars from the street lights, are in the center of your photo, not some flare, on an outer edge. They occur, due to the placement of all the lens groups, inside your lens barrel. I do not think, that they detract from the image, but that is just my opinion. To try & avoid this again, you will have to move around & take the photo from different angles, or use a different lens. Good Luck WTC
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    Vizelex ND Filter Adapter

    Sounds like you have "focus peaking" enabled. There is a color setting and an intensity setting for this in the menu.
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    Alejandro Espeche


    From the album: Sony FE 100-400 GM

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    Alejandro Espeche

    A7R04971 1.jpg

    From the album: Sony FE 100-400 GM

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    Alejandro Espeche

    A7Riii, 200-600, BIF Issues

    Hello Chrissie I'm sorry for my late reply, I don't enter the forum much. I come from the world Nikon and Canon for nature, always with prime lenses. It is the first time I use a zoom for photography. My experience with Nikon was very good with the duplex D800 + 300 f4 still with teleconverter (always talking about BIF) and absolutely disastrous with the D810. When I sold all my Nikon equipment, I switched to Sony but in nature I bought the 7D Mark II with the 400 f5.6. It gave me a very good result. When I left the A7R3 I bought it, at first I used the 400 canon with a beautiful adapter (Metabones V) for birds perched but impossible for BIF. The thing changed with the FE 100-400, I can focus BIF of birds that fly between trees, those that just take off, to track the ones that I already hooked flying, even with very low contrast. Always use AF-C with focus by zones (the second in the list) always at the center. Never shot less than 1/1600 because fast. The OSS is always on but I guess it will get better when it's off, I don't know and I'm not going to find out. For me the secret of the BIF is to always focus one step before, keeping the bird in the back of the direction where one moves.
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    That 600mm f/4 is amazing.
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    Barrow's Goldeneye

    all: a7rIII, 600mm f/4 GM using camo netting for a blind
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    Computer build for editing

    At a typical sporting event I my end up with 1-2k photos. Typically I just upload all of them to a Mac Mini, while I clean my gear. Then preview with CaptureOne to sort through them and pick the top ones. The only delay is the process is the copying of the data from SD card to the computer, and I don’t generally just sit there and watch it.
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    I shoot moving action shots while on a moving platform(a boat). Usually it’s not a focus miss or action blur as u can keep my shutter speed very fast as I’m shooting outside. The issues with the photos are framing and capturing the moment. I’ll usually shoot 5-10 or so shots of any intended shot and pick the best moment or composition after. My SD cards are Sony G tough cards I.e. the fastest possible. I’ve been shooting jpeg raw for years. It would be great to have enough computing power to drop the JPEGs and make life simpler. My focus here is to build a cost effective computer so I don’t dread viewing and processing the photos
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    Roy Rogers

    Screenshot (26).jpg

    From the album: Wonder

    © RR

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    That's a good question, I used to shoot RAW when stacking (200 pics) of my extreme macro work, but now with everyday shooting I'm not sure I need it.
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    Merops apiaster

    Sony A9 + Sony 100-400GM Also visible at this link
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    Nature (PATAGONIA)

    Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😏 A819 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Sony ILCE-7RM3 - Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary 015
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    Leftover Color.jpg

    © JBC Photography

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    a6000 with FE 70-200 Folly Beach SC
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    The Redhead

    A couple shots of model @kaitimackenzie. Sony A7III with Sony 85mm f/1.8
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    Some of the images I took with my Sony A6300 during my visits at the Dolomites. Any time of year you visit this amazing place it has so much to offer for landscape and travel photographers. With magnificent alpine lakes, majestic mountains, small graphical churches in the outdoors the photo possibilities are endless. If you like my work you can see more at: My website https://avgerinosphotography.com My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/georgeavgerinosphotography/
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    Dale Matson

    Marsh Lake.jpg

    From the album: Sierra Nevada

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    Dale Matson

    Mature Bighorn Ram

    From the album: Sierra Nevada

    This is a photo of a mature Bighorn Ram in a canyon near Bishop CA. #Sonyalphaforum

    © (Dale Matson)

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    another shot with RX10 IV _DSC0134 by Dylan Nguyen, on Flickr
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