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    If I may inject a little systematics in here: Let's assume, the sensor of your camera is 4000 by 6000 pixels in size, which happens to be the aspect ratio of 2 : 3 of a full frame camera that you are talking about. If you want those pixels to cover an area of "4 by 6" (again assuming, you're are talking about inches here), then you would want 4000 sensor pixels (or: "dots") to cover 4 inches of print space. Likewise, the 6000 sensor pixels (or: "dots") should cover 6 inches of print space. This sounds like 1000 dpi (dots per inch) to me. Nobody around here can do more than guessing about what obscure processing your exporting software or the printer is performing, without you posting a picture of the result, along with the following information: sensor dimensions (pixel) export settings (dpi) Printer settings (dpi) If you're not the analytical but more the experimental type of guy, and the printed image covers less than the intended space, then I'd to either (or both) of the following: decrease the export dpi setting decrease the printer dpi setting.
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    Burning Bush.jpg

    From the album: Water Falls

    © ©JBC Photography

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    Sony A7R3 + Sony FE 200-600.. Kerkini lake, Greece...
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    Can't see "blue stars"

    You want to see black holes by photographing the nights sky with your A7? You do realize that only this year for the very first time in history a black hole was 'photographed' using a virtual Earth-size telescope, after 60 institutions collaborated and did massive data-processing on readings by eight radio telescopes which were synchronized by atomic clocks? Please keep us posted when you succeed. You might well win a Nobel prize.
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    Haldi Festival, Kolhapur, India

    The images below are the Shri Vittal Birdev Annual Yatra (Haldi Festival) at Pattan Kodoli, India. The festival is organized in the honour of Vittal Birdev who is a highly revered figure among the shepherd community of this region. The festival is organized upon the of his arrival as he predicts rainfall and other natural occurrences during the coming year. The festive mood remains completely in groove with people throwing Haldi, i.e., turmeric powder over him while sitting under a Banyan tree and seek his blessings. All images taken with Sony A7R III + Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4 #sonyalphagallery
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    Long Exposure Focus

    Part of the joy of going mirrorless. I found the same when I started using Olympus alongside my Nikon FF (FX) system. With the dSLR's I would focus before attaching strong ND filters, either with the AF or manually, lock the focus, attach the Lee filter holder which blacked out the viewfinder, then take the photo. With the mirrorless, Olympus and now Sony, I can attach the strong ND filter and shoot away using the AF and Live View Display - ON.
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    Sony A7 IV

    According to SonyRumors, the a7 IV is expected to be announced in 2020 to 2021.
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    Backyard Bob

    Sunset in Grenville Bay

    Sony a7RII, 70-200 F/4 @ 183mm and F/16, 1/100s, ISO 50, two shot focus stack #sonyalphagallery
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    Sony Compatibly for A7R iii

    The Sony A230 uses the older A-mount while the A7Riii uses the E-mount. You can use an adapter like the LA-EA4 to make your old lenses work on the A7Riii. Do take note that your old camera has an APS-C sized sensor so your old lens might be designed for APS-C. If so, it won't cover the entire sensor area and your A7Riii will switch to crop mode. The hot shoe is different too so your old flashgun won't fit unless used with a Sony/Minolta to Sony Multi Interface (MI) hot shoe adapter
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    LF Falls River Gorge.jpg

    From the album: Water Falls

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    Night sky at the Watchman in Zion

    First try at capturing a nightscape last week nearby Zion National Park. Stack of 10 images to help reduce noise, Springdale helped light up the mountain. Sony A7r iv FE 24 f/1.4 GM f/1.4 5s ISO 2500
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    a6400 vs a7ii

    Really depends on your needs and type of photography. I'd say go for the a6400 if: - You shoot a lot of moving subjects (family, pets, birds in flight etc): autofocus on the a6400 is much better than A7II; - You want something small and portable; - Don't plan on upgrading to fullframe in the foreseeable future. Go for the A7II if: - You shoot a lot in dim lighting conditions: high ISO-performance of the A7II is noticeably better than the a6400; - You prefer the ergonomics of a larger body; - You consider going fullframe at some point. Which lenses are you considering to go with the body?
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    Was in Berlin on Sunday and the sky exploded with colour at sunset after a damp and gloomy day... Sony A7R4 FE 24 - 70 f/2.8 GM f/8 1/10 25mm (cropped) ISO 800 Fiery skies above Brandenberg Gate by singingsnapper, on Flickr #safgallery
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    Pink lines only showing in RAW

    This is what I see:
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    Atardeciendo en DK

    Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😉 _DSC4248 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Roy Rogers

    Fairy Tale

    © Roy Rogers

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    Hi I use an A7iii with manual focus Nikon lenses: 24mm 2.8, 105mm 2.5 50mm2.0 80-200 4.5 i prefer the old lenses cheers John
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    One more thing. The increased bit depth is very helpful when you are trying to pull out shadow detail or preserve highlight detail in a very contrasty scene. So if you have a fast enough computer and enough drive space, shoot big and you can always crop and downsample later. Upsampling or interpolation is not satisfactory.
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    En Portugal

    Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😉 po by freme_3, en Flickr
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    This is a 5 minute time lapse film containing sequences filmed over a 3 year period with Sony A7R2s, and an A7RS. Here is the YouTube link.
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    new guy with question

    Lol yea, that's honestly the only reason I can think of... It's not like the sliding eyecup is more expensive to make. Actually I guess it would be a lot cheaper for Sony to let the a6100 and a6400 to have the same eyecup. As far as I know it's the only physicial difference between the two cameras. Oh and the a6100 doesn't have the AF/MF / AEL switch.
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    new guy with question

    I would assume it mostly happens when you move your left hand thumb to the hotshoe as it gets closer to the EVF. There's a couple of solutions: 1) Disable automatic switching between screen and EVF. If needed, you can assign a custom button to switch between either one; 2) Tape off part of the proximity sensor to make it less sensitive, as explained here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3834906
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    a6000 w/24 1.8
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    I use the Sony 24-105 f4 and it is a superb lens that delivers really good image quality, it is superb value for money for a general purpose lens.
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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    A couple of new shots from the 200-600
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    Moon 1/125s ISO-125 f/9 840mm (1.4TC) Hand held
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    840mm (200-600 + 1.4TC) ISO100 1/500s a9 Significant crop
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    ISO 4000, interior through a pane of glass ISO 160, outside through chain link fence (hence weird bokeh) ISO 400, Outside
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    Thanks for the reply John. Can I assume you keep your perched birds settings in one MR and BIF settings in another, or do you use a "custom shooting set"? Sometimes I long for the day when you had only single spot, center group and wide area. I'm constantly getting the feeling, when my results aren't as good as I'd like, that there is some setting in the myriad of choices we have, that I have wrong. Not to mention figuring out how to switch rapidly from one scenario to the next. Birds are so impatient! They never wait for you to change your settings.🤨 I shoot mostly in riparian settings now so I'm going from birds perched in the shade in trees, to BIF's against a blue sky in an instant. But, hey, that's what keeps it interesting.
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    Air Show - Colorado

    Sony a9, 70-200 f2.8 + 1.4TC More at LiveShots
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    Dragonfly porn

    A9, 100400GM plus 2xTC, @800mm
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    With my old SonyA580 and my even older Minolta 75-300mm.
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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    The Accordion Player

    Actress Headshot of Annika Sony A7rIII with 24-70mm GM instagram.com/jesuislerot
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    The a9 is a beast.... The auto-focus latched on so quick with the 70-200 that I think all my shots were in focus. The only ones that missed were those where I could not put the focus point on the bike, as they were moving so fast.
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    Some of the images I took with my Sony A6300 during my visits at the Dolomites. Any time of year you visit this amazing place it has so much to offer for landscape and travel photographers. With magnificent alpine lakes, majestic mountains, small graphical churches in the outdoors the photo possibilities are endless. If you like my work you can see more at: My website https://avgerinosphotography.com My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/georgeavgerinosphotography/
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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    Pearson Falls

    From the album: Water Falls

    A lesser visited falls in Western North Carolina, yet very beautiful after a heavy rain. A must to shoot when overcast to avoid harsh shadows.

    © ©JBC Photography

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    Catawba River Falls

    From the album: Water Falls

    Catawba River Falls rarely has this much water flow. Heavy rains in the area allowed this scene to happen.

    © ©JBC Photography

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    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum, looks nice A couple of portraits I took a few days ago with a Telenar 90mm
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    It`s a m39 lens with different register distance (Braun Paxette 44mm) than Leica screw (28.8mm) so you need an extra extension of 15.2mm to get infinity focus. The lens is smaller than the Elmar 9cm f/4 and the IQ is quite nice...
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