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    both photos: a7rIII, FE 600mm f/4 GM Sacramento County California
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    Common buzzard

    No, I've put me that perch. I've been studying those couple of buzzard for several years. For photographing them I build a photographic blind about 10 meters from the perch under a tree. Generally you have to wait at least some hours before they arrive, but often they don't come as well.
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    Red Kite (Milvus milvus), Northern Switzerland A9, 100-400GM f/13, 400 mm, 1/2000, ISO: 400
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    Received my a7R4 from repair today. They said they ordered a part to fix my Slot 1 issue. Also, cleaned the sensor reset to factory defaults & a general wipe down cleaning of the camera. Tried the camera & all seems fine. It was a warranty repair, n/c.
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    Phalacrocorax brasilianus A7R3 + Sony 100-400 FE En tu cara chumuco!
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    keith meinhold

    Lake Winnipesaukee

    Keith Meinhold Lake Winnipesaukee RX100M3 1/30 f8 ISO 400, handheld (light was going down fast, no time to grab the a6000 - don't know if it qualifies for the gallery)

    © Keith Meinhold 2020

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    Common buzzard

    Yes!! Of course going really often in the same place permit you to better understand animals' behavior, and to have more chance to get their movements or the place where they prefer to stay, and the hunting area as well.
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    Restrepia Contorta

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    A7Riii, 200-600, BIF Issues

    Thanks for the praise - makes me blush ... Birds coming too close haven't been a problem for me yet, quite to the contrary. And since I own an a9, having 24MP "only", I'm used to fully zoom in in order to have enough pixels covered, in case I want/need to crop. In this particular instance, I was "thinking like an eagle a Red Kite", looking out of the window and figuring this would be a perfect time to go out hunting, if I was a Red Kite. Which was why I was out on my south-facing, hillside-overlooking patio, literally waiting for this bird to arrive, before it actually did. Kind of predictable, if you set the "now" threshold low enough ... 😉 And so I got this nice shot where the bird in its approach looks straight at you, at almost the same elevation. My takeaway is: be fully prepared, before the situation for a shot arrives.
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    Gray-faced Buzzard, Okinawa Japan a7rIII, 100-400 GM
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    I was out last night with my A6500 camera and 70-350 mm lens. The focal length was too short for lunar photography. It was what I had on hand and so I took the shot anyway. You can enlarge this photo 200-300% without it degrading too much. I reduced size for the internet. The Sony cameras and lenses are really great. John
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    From the album: Urban

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    Just Painted

    From the album: Urban

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    Horse Walking

    From the album: Urban

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    Cantabria marismas

    Hola,una foto que me gusta y a vosotros,salu2 de Felipe 😊 IMG_9829 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Olaf W.

    New convert from Nikon

    Welcome to our forum!
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    Dyffryn Gardens, Wales UK

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    I don't think OP cares anymore as he posted his message as 'urgent' half a year ago and never commented on any of the suggestions.
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    Contemplando la puesta de sol

    Hola,en la Republica DOMINICANA salu2 de Felipe 😉 IMG_6638 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Washup time

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    Hello, Has anyone tried the new sony 70-350 APSC on a full-frame a7 series? For some of the APSC zoom lenses, the image pretty much covers the entire full-frame sensor when fully zoomed. I would use this lens on my a7r3 at 350 all the time for bird and small wildlife, so bad vignetting at shorter focal lengths is not an issue, and slight vignetting at 350 is also OK. I hike a lot, and the 100-400 is just too heavy!
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    Sony 70-350 APSC zoom lenses on a7 series

    @Mikey Leigh I think this link might be of interest to you, look at chapter 2.2: https://sonyalpha.blog/2019/10/27/sony-e-70-350mm-f4-5-6-3-g-oss/ It covers fullframe at nearly all focal lengths except at 300+ mm. No need to use auto-APS-C mode at all: if you're planning to crop in post-processing you'll be able to keep much more megapixels than just the APS-C area. @Roy As OP mentioned, he's planning to use it on an A7R3, so will 'only' have 18 MP in auto-crop mode.
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    Thank you, I think I read it incorrectly. I have messaged the OP with the below update........ I think my answer to your post may have confused the issue. The 70-350 will vignette in full frame mode, you would have to have it either on auto apsc mode or change it to that in the menu. It will then have no vignetting and give you approx 105-525 eqv. You will 'only' have 26 megapixels then but as Mark Galer says that is still more than most APSC cameras It's a great sharp lens and light to carry. I hope this corrects my post. It has been pointed out to me that I didn't answer your question correctly
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    It was the very question the original poster was interested in: does the 70-350 cover more than the APS-C sensor size? Your post doesn't answer that question. Some APS-C lenses do, like the 10-18 f/4: If you put it at around 14 mm it has an image circle which covers a fullframe sensor, so there's no need to use auto-crop and loose a lot of megapixels. If you want to really help the OP (and others with the same question), grab your A7R4, disable auto APS-C, shoot some photos at 70, 200 and 350 mm and post them here so we can all evaluate them to see how much of a usable fullframe image one can get out of this lens.
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    Are you sure your A7R4 didn't automatically switch to crop mode when putting on the 70-350? That would explain why it doesn't vignette.
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    I got it to work, Thad. Connected it to TV, and could see menus. Unfortunately because I was in HDMI output, it locked out the ability to change settings within the camera from LCD to Viewfinder - "unavailable in this mode". So I unplugged the cable, and after a few tries was able to make the adjustment "blind". So the camera shoots and I can now see in viewfinder mode. Gives me enough confidence to pay the 20 bucks or so and also try to replace the LCD. Thanks!
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    A7R4 100-400 GM lens (400mm in crop mode 600mm eqv)
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    WARNING: I've wasted both money and many hours of time, trying to get a similar product, CAMFI II to work with my a9. Their software was buggy as hell across countless software releases, before I quit wasting my time. May have improved by now, but I doubt it. And many advertised features were not supported on Sony cameras. Including but not limited to - Taddah! - focus stacking! Before considering buying the Camranger II product, I strongly recommend reviewing the list of "Unsupported Features" on the camera of your choice. For the a6400, this list includes - Taddah! - focus stacking!
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    Nieblas en el Fitz Roy-PATAGONIA

    Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😉 IMG_3025 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Just google for “Sony Raw codec” download an£ install if you are on windows. For Mac I don’t know sorry
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    Might be this —> Imaging Edge
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    Thad E Ginathom

    Lake Winnipesaukee

    So beautiful! Triple wow :)
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    Common buzzard

    Arriving to the perch.
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    Contemplando la puesta de sol

    @Thad E Ginathom that's not a nice way to talk to a lady. You should have asked her to come a little closer, to achieve the same effect - and maybe more. 😉
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    Another Pretty Face

    Liked the green color of it. It pretty faces is saying that it's not dangerous at all. But I came to know that lizard's body skin, tail, and stool are dangerous for humans. These things carry many poisonous things. So, human has to stay away from lizards to direct touch.
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    Another Pretty Face

    This is Anolis eulaemus. It is endemic to the western cordillera of Colombia but not considered at risk on the IUCN Red List. Sony a6000 w/24 1.8
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    I should have said "Waiting in the woods where deer and other animals hang out for many hours." John
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    Alejandro Espeche

    A7Riii, 200-600, BIF Issues

    The focus on the central zone is always faster. When I give the order to shoot the brain-camera duo there is always a delay, I could not say how much corresponds to each one, but without a doubt the bird advanced a little in that period of time. To lose a part of the bird it has to be too close or too big or I had it too far to the right of the evf, it almost never happens to me. Possibly in an environment with birds calmer or accustomed to human presence this is a problem. Excellent shot by the way.
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    Sony FE 200-600

    I'm not a fan of crop-mode, I've found that I prefer to crop the image after I've taken it, as it gives more flexibility if I want to change the framing of the subject. I've used a 1.4TC with the lens, you lose even more light with the TC so ensure that you have good lighting to offset the tighter aperture and you should get good results. Get a tripod, or at least a mono-pod to help keep it steady.
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    Theristicus caudatus R3 + 100-400
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    King of vultures!!! R3 + 100-400
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    Barrow's Goldeneye

    all: a7rIII, 600mm f/4 GM using camo netting for a blind
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    From the album: Urban

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    A concept I learned in the military and still apply today is the mission drives the gear. If I'm going out to photograph people I'll reach for a portrait lens. If I'm going to go photograph landscapes I'll reach for my wide angle lens. If i have no idea what i might photograph I'll reach for my general purpose 24-105mm lens. I get the most joy out of photography when i have the right tool for the job. I don't think f4 is too restrictive in low light situations given the A7iii's performance. Just have reasonable expectations for that aperture in low light. I believe if you keep the camera profile small and light (hey that's the reason we went to mirrorless, right? then you'll find the experience more enjoyable.
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