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    Fog Rays 1.jpg

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    _GLP5177 [50%] [HDTV (1080)].JPG

    From the album: Japan

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    _GLP4899 [50%] [HDTV (1080)].JPG

    From the album: Japan

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    richard tucker

    More 6400 pics etc

    Now reached the 25,000 mark with the 6400 . I am still very pleased with the 18-135mm lens. Yes still covering Man City home games - I have added a few new links to the bottom of my 6400 page. http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
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    Khao Yai landscapes

    Traveled to Khao Yai, Thailand recently and took some landscape shots. Using the new SEL35F18F: Bloom by RICO Lee, on Flickr With the SEL85F18: Day by RICO Lee, on Flickr
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    Why, oh why, did it take me two or three years to realise this! I have a mixed relationship with Face Detect. I am usually photographing groups of people (musicians on a stage) and I do usually want the focus to be on one of them. And Face Detect usually does its job. With focus zone set to wide it usually detects the face I want, which figures prominently in the frame. Sometimes, though, it goes off on its own trip, and decides that it prefers the face just behind that person, or even someone on the edge of the frame. And then it is going to be a fight, perhaps for the whole concert. So I set a flexible spot. Takes a little longer to get it on my person's face. And Face Detect overrides it! WhyOhWhy can't they have made it work with focussing zones, not independently of them? It would then be so easy to say, "Hey, this guy!" At long last, yesterday, I found my way out of this: turn it off. Such a relief! And the best thing is that Face/Eye Detect is still there, at the touch of a button (a6500, not full-time). Maybe this is one of the simplest lessons to learn. Sometimes they take the longest to realise.
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    I too first envied the realtime eye AF in the newest camera's, without having to hold the eye-AF button as it is in the a6500. Now I've come to love eye-AF on a button. I always have face detect set to Off, to avoid the situations you described. When you then press and hold the eye-AF button, it simultaneously engages face detect. This way face detect doesn't interfere when you don't want it to but it's right there when you need it. Totally agree with your idea that eye/face detect should be affected by zone focussing, makes no sense that it doesn't.
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    Roy Rogers

    Holly Wow man

    From the album: Wonder

    The Ultimate Pano

    © RR

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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    As I was preparing my cam for a coming dive trip, I wanted to shoot video this time with custom white balance, so I assigned M2 for underwater video, but I realized that I can't assign a custom white balance in memory recall modes?! Why is that Sony? This does not make any sense! The whole idea of a custom setting is to have a custom setting! Underwater, we need to set a new custom white balance every 3-5 meters depth. In addition, the idea of having M1 and M2, is to save presets for different shooting conditions. So, while M1 is set for UW photography for example, M2 is for UW video. The first, can be shot with AWB, but the latter needs custom WB if strobes are not used. Please have this issue updated in a firmware, and hopefully also giving us option to assign (Set White Balance) to a custom bottom as well, instead of assigning the whole WB menu! Make our life easy please!
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    Another Pretty Face

    This is Anolis eulaemus. It is endemic to the western cordillera of Colombia but not considered at risk on the IUCN Red List. Sony a6000 w/24 1.8
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    From the album: Wonder

    © Roy Rogers

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    Roy Rogers

    Screenshot (39).png

    From the album: Wonder

    © Roy Rogers

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    Roy Rogers

    Screenshot (34).png

    From the album: Wonder

    © Roy Rogers

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    Roy Rogers

    Screenshot (28).png

    From the album: Wonder

    © Roy Rogers

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    New here

    Hi everybody: Let me introduce me , i am jorge from Santiago,Chile . since a week ago i discovered this forum . i am not new on sony cameras . i had the Alpha A37 but i sold because the camera needed something more advanced as the photo experience was advancing and currently have the A68 since 3 years ,is lightning fast and special for one of my specialties that was sports photography (currently retired) and currently landscape photography.
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    Invierno en los PICOS DE EUROPA

    Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😉 13b by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Thad, thanks for the praise which I feel is undeserved. Because, as a photographer, my experience is still very much limited. What I'm mostly talking about is "applied physics", or "common sense", with the "common-ness" may be a little biased with me being an engineer by education and profession. That said: What I DO like about the second shot is: it has a lot of "depth" in it, with the near range being very present at the left side of the picture.. That's definitely a Plus, imo. The picture does include the nearest range being out-of focus (for obvious reasons), also the near range, the mid-range and also the far range, again out of focus for the same obvious reasons. Again, I'm unable to detect which plane (distance) was supposed to be in-focus. I realize. that posting images here requires compromise in terms of size. But this 2nd picture still lacks focus overall, imho. What's really strange is, that I couldn't even advise to focus more to the near or to the far range. I've highlighted the area which seems to be most "in-focus" to me. So, to be frank, this seems to be a "point-and-shoot" type of shot to me. Nothing deliberate, where someone wanted to convey a specific message. Sorry I can't comment more favorably on this.
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    Christmas Eve in Jackson, WY

    A7RIII w 24 1.4 #sonyalphagallery
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    From the album: NYC

    Stories are Light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Tell a Story. Make some light. Aextheartist at Grace Church, NYC

    © John Christou

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    Withered Leaf . . .

    Sony A99 / Sony 135mm f2.8 (T4.5) STF
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    Thanks a ton for the feedback! It was a little light out, but cloudy. I went for a lighter type shot, because I thought I was going to edit dark, then vintage... However, I guess I shouldn't get in the habit of over-exposure and should shoot for less editing. I'll work on that, and work on making my focusing the picture, rather than the whole subject at hand. Here's another I got downtown:
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    Hi Dimitry, welcome to the forum, and since you're asking for it: 😉 (this is feedback from an enthusiastic, but definitely only amateur photographer): The Cobra is certainly worth shooting, and also looking at. So you picked an attractive sujet already. All Fotos seem a little "hazy" to me. Especially the second one I would consider over-exposed. And I'm also unable to figure out, which spot was intended to be in-focus. Personally, I'd prefer to focus one specific detail, like the rivets on the steering wheel, and let the bokeh do for the rest. But that's really just my personal taste. What I do like is, that you apparently shot from a lowered point of view, which brings out the "lowness" of this sports car. Regards, and a happy Christmas to all who might be reading this. [Edit:] On 2nd thought: if you shoot in "Raw" quality, you'd probably be able to eliminate much of the haziness of your shots, using a good raw converter software. I'm using Capture One (Pro) for Sony, and there are often good deals (bundles) for Sony cameras and Capture One. I'm not affiliated with PhaseOne, the producer of CaptureOne.
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    18-105 is Curving My Images?

    It should indeed only affect RAW-images. Out-of-camera JPEGs are corrected for lens distortion if you enable it in camera.
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    18-105 is Curving My Images?

    Lens distortion is quite normal in zooms, most editing software will auto-correct for it. There’s a setting in the camera, try using that to see if it makes any difference: https://helpguide.sony.net/gbmig/45349331/v1/en/contents/TP0000508284.html?search=Distortion
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    Low Clouds.jpg

    © JBC Photography

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    Devil's Finger.jpg

    © JBC Photography

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    Leftover Color.jpg

    © JBC Photography

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    Good evening to all of you!!This video its a trip with car at north Greece at Thraki mountainsarea that is full of villages with pomaks residents.There are many old traditional hammam bathshere and there that some of those looks abandonedbut there not..So we get there and we make a bath in a placewith no electricity into the night..enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuaZnu6hkA4
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    _GLP5096 [50%] [HDTV (1080)].JPG

    From the album: Japan

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    _GLP4879-2 [50%] [HDTV (1080)].jpg

    From the album: Japan

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    _GLP4846-2 [50%] [HDTV (1080)].jpg

    From the album: Japan

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    Roy Rogers

    Screenshot (1).png

    From the album: Roy Rogers 1

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    A7sii + 24-70 GM

    My new video
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    Helios-44-2 2/58

    An experiment with the Helios, reverse mounted on my A7riii:
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    A7iii dual SD limiting write speed

    The buffer clears at the rate of the slowest card. The faster card will write it quicker, but the buffer won't be released until it is written to the slower card as well. Which is why you see it clear faster writing only to slot 1.
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