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    Tim Driman

    I can see you...

    Hi from South Africa. I am a wildlife and surfing photographer, based in the coastal town of Ballito. (Upper east coast of South Africa). My wife and I were both formerly Canon shooters for 19 years, but we switched to Sony equipment in 2017. My wife specialises in video ( Sony HXR-NX 80), and up to now I have specialised in stills, but that is now changing with the delivery of my SonyA7Siii today! Woopwoopwoop!.😝 In 2017 the Sony A9i just blew me away with it's focus acquisition/tracking, and it's general performance, including its lightness, and comparative cost against my old Canon kit (1DX MKii / 5D MKiv / 7D MKii, and 200mm-400mm f4, and other white lenses) It was Sony vs Canon , and the performance of the Sony A9i / Sony 70mm-200mm f2.8 GM +2xTC just blew me away. I confirmed totally, that it was a major inflection point in the world of modern photography.😲 The big test came on the Zambezi River (Namibian side), documenting the 2017 breeding season of the erratic-flying Carmine Bee-eaters. On our return to SA, I immediately sent all my Canon equipment to our main photographic dealer, with whom we have dealt for many years, and I replaced all my Canon gear with a second A9i body, 100mm-400mm GM , 24mm-70mm f2.8 GM,... But since those days, I have grown incrementally with all the Full Frame Alpha bodies to my present A9ii, A7Riv and, as from today, the A7Siii. I have just traded in my magnificent Sony 400mm f2.8 GM . *I have never been a great fan of long primes, and prefer the versatility of decent long zooms as they provide me with far more versatility for my kind of work, which is in the wilderness areas of sub-Saharan Africa, where we don't know what to expect around the next bush. 😉 My "go-to" rigs are 100mm-400mm GM +1.4xTC (Always), 200mm-600mm G, on a Gimpro Gear - double Pano Head (One for stills, and one for video) , on a Monopod, and next to me, for wider shots, either the16mm-35mm f2.8 GM / 24mm-70mm f2.8 GM / 70mm-200mm f2.8 GM. This is my first post on this forum Sony A7Riv / Sony 400mm f2.8 + 2x TC Location: Okavango Delta (Botswana)
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    Daytime and Nighttime Moon

    This was actually more of an experiment. It is very rare to see clear skies in my area. I grabbed the closest camera and shot these photos handheld. I didn't have time to setup a tripod, etc. I found it interesting to see the same moon in daytime and nighttime. Daytime Moon: Sony A6500, 70-350 mm lens at 350 mm, f/8, 1/2000 sec, ISO 800, handheld, file size reduced for web. Nighttime Moon: Sony A6500, 70-350 mm lens at 350 mm, f/8, 1/1600 sec, ISO 6400, handheld, file size reduced for web. John
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    Florida Brown Pelican

    Taken with a a9ii and a 100-400 GM
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    SW Florida USA Sunset

    The photograph was take. In Pineland FL with a7Riv and a 16-35 2.8.
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    First trip to the field with a a9ii and the 200-600.
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    Sony A6600 First Light

    Sony A6600 with Sony 70-350 mm lens. John
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    Crab Meadow Beach today 10/10/20 with Sony A6600, 70-350 mm lens. John
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    Dolmen Lácara. Milky Way

    Between Aljucen, La Nava de Santiago and Merida is located the Dehesa de Lácara with the Dolmen corridor. Thanks to its conservation and size it is worth a visit. There is only a slight detour from the famous Ruta/Vía de la Plata. The aim is to enhance the tumulus as well as the arch of the Milky Way over the horizon. The surroundings are still worth visiting by day... SONY A7II & SEL1224Gf/4 30s F12mm ISO2000 CAPTURE ONE 20 & ICE
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    Sony a7s3 AF problem

    You're a lot calmer than I'd be after shelling out $3500 for a camera with issues hoping some future phantom firmware update might correct. My 7Sii developed a group of purple pixels 3 weeks after buying the camera but only when rolling 4K. I exchanged it in spite of the dealer saying it's hardly noticeable if you don't know where to look. A camera this new with issues will surely present with other ones outside of the return or warranty period. I'd punt it back to Pittsburgh immediately for an exchange.
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    Is This Battery A Fake??

    My genuine Sony battery (came packed with camera) also has that trash can symbol. Likely one is for the European market (trash can) while the other is for the North American market. On the two batteries it also shows that they're both intended for different regions.
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    I did this photo with the 70-350 G lens. I don't think the 18-200 will be as good. John
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    It looks like I will need to decide between Seagulls or beach. I think Seagulls wins. John
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    a7Riv and 200-600
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    Silly Wabbit

    Sony A6600, 70-350 mm lens. John
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    UAZ Hunter

    Sony 7RM4 + FE 24-105 1/60 сек f / 16 ISO 100
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    Thad E Ginathom

    newbie question

    This is what you are supposed to be doing while that battery is charging! 🤣 And... no doubt it differs in different countries, but there may be regulations that prohibit shipping charged lithium batteries. It's great when you already have a device that uses the same battery: you can have it charged an ready and use the new camera straight out of the box.
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    Olaf W.

    newbie question

    Happens to all of us. How I hate to wait several hours watching the charging battery, unable to start using the new gadget
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    Olaf W.

    newbie question

    I‘m quite sure the manual mentions to fully charge the battery before operating the camera. If the battery has some charge out of the box depends on the time the box was stored and some other factors.
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    A and RX

    Ah hah! A realist! 😀 Well I can't tote around a few hundred pounds of paper anymore ... so the next best thing is a large 12"~13" tablet in dark mode so I don't kill me eyes too early I do like the search and find feature though sure saves a lot of page flipping!
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    Maybe it's time to look towards a different camera. You can't expect a dump truck to fly no matter how long a solution takes, Re: "Might need a firmware update though." and 4K really isn't 4K if it goes into crop mode Re: "Involves 10% crop". Well thought out and documented points brought up here but in the end It might be time to grasp that you can't plow 20 acres with a butter knife if "4K, 120, 4.2.2 can't be compromised" and find a different device to get you to where you need to be. Seems to me 7Siii can't reasonably hit all the points you require unless you start throwing money at it and tacking on additional hardware. This isn't the first time 4k, 120, 4.2.2 has been shot by anyone has it? It begs the questions 1) How was it done before now? and 2) What was used to capture it? If you need to fly trying to do so in a dump truck merely because you have one isn't the best or only option. It's like making the introduction, "Mr. Square Peg meet Mr. Round Hole."
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    Your reply in no way answers OP's questions @Chrissie. You're raising all kinds of arguments against the use of 4k120p that may be totally irrelevant to OP: The maximum bitrate at 4k/120p 10 bit 4:2:2 is 280 Mbit/s or 35 MB/s (H.265 XAVC HS codec). A 160 GB card can record 4571 seconds at this bitrate, or 1h:16min. This is a much lower bitrate than 4k/60p 16 bit (600 Mbit/s), so I don't see why an external recorder couldn't handle this. Might need a firmware update though.
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    From the album: Musicman1 Images

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    A and RX

    Actually I am quite surprised already ... so much in these little packages these days I grew up with Sony docs literally since I was a kid cuz Mom did business with Sony and the engineers and techs in Japan were quite the group back then ... so I enjoy reading them 🙂 The professionally done tube shows are good no argument there, but have to pick and choose to not waste time And hey at least I enjoy reading user manuals ... my girlfriend in college enjoyed reading her absolutelyhugeonitsownstand dictionary every day, good grief. Anyway, hopefully little gems will surface after exercising my retinas.
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    A and RX

    More like distant relatives: cousins would at least share the same mount, siblings the same sensor size.
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    Utah Landscape

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    Flowers With Bee

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    I got my a7iii very recently. Today I thought I'd put on one of my Nikkors to see what the result would be. I always knew Nikon glass was top notch. I think the combination of the a7iii with the Nikkor lens rendered an excellent image. The peaking feature for focusing was also very cool to use. The photo was taken in my backyard.
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    Hi, ive just moved from an Olympus OMD To Sony A7r iii body. I am using my my olympus om zuiko Lenses with a Novoflex adaptor. Heres a shot of the Moon with my 300mm f4.5 on a solid tripod. I am really pleased with the camera, i can now use my olympus full frame lenses to the full. i take landscape, macro and astro photographs and use manual focus. I Use M or A modes. I prefer to work this way from my Olympus OM1 days 🙂 cheers stuart
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    No, it is not possible. The a6000 does not have that feature. And for the cameras that do... Please note that it is not quite as simple as powering the camera from the USB port. What happens is that the battery powers the camera, and the USB power charges the battery. This means that there must be power in the battery, and it will run down while the camera is being used, just... slower than without the USB power attached. For true external power you need the dummy-battery device for all these cameras.
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    Greenfinch and Goldfinch standoff

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    Sydney Opera House at dusk, shot with Sony A7R IV + Leica 50mm APO Summicron-M lens (Novoflex adapter). December, 2019. #sonyalphagallery
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    Bside123 Barn Fire Almost Over SONY SLT A99-V SONY Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70mm f/2.8 Zeiss SSM @ 40mm
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    Sparrows by Wietse Jongsma, on Flickr[/media]
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    Spinning Tunes - Vinyl Lives!

    The "Dead A-Mount" Sony SLT-A99V Sony T* 24-70mm f/2.8 ZA SSM
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    Amedea 2015 09 036

    If she was my sign language teacher,, i would learn nothing at all.
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    Amedea 2015 09 030

    From the album: Amedea

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    Amedea 2015 09 034 Modifier

    From the album: Amedea

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