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  1. From the album: Flowers

    Shot raw in bright daylight and Lightroomed it into this version.
  2. Lioneye

    Snake Eye

    From the album: Zoo Day

    Test shots for first day with new a6300 and Sony 70-200 f/4 G Depth of field was challenging as I was shooting through glass up fairly close. I hope the eye is sharp enough.

    © Lioneye Photography

  3. From the album: Zoo Day

    Test shots for first day with new a6300 and Sony 70-200 f/4 G Striking blue hen in the aviary. I like the bokeh.

    © Lioneye Photography

  4. From the album: Zoo Day

    Test shots for first day with new a6300 and Sony 70-200 f/4 G The big cats were sleeping this morning so I had to grab what I could. Just a yellow flower that I liked on the garden path.

    © Lioneye Photography

  5. Spent a month in Peru shooting this short travel film. Shot with A7sii, a6300 and Mavic Pro. Would love for everyone here to check it out. Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, In November I bought a 3 months old A6300 (so still under warranty) and two brand new lenses: E 10-18 f/4 OSS and E 35mm f/1.8 OSS. I don't know if it is normal but with both lenses I cannot select AF-A - AF drive speed - AF drive tracking. All these features are greyed out and when I try to select them a Lens error shows up saying "Invalid with this lens". Face detection in video seems to work. I have also tried Eye AF and it seems to work as well. I am not sure that everything is working properly...any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello friends! I am in the market for a new camera and I have decided to go with Sony. I was wondering how things were looking in 2018 in regards to these Sony cameras. I have the option to either buy: Sony A6300 for 800 euro from a dealer (0 shutter actuations but no receipt or warranty) Sony a6500 for 1366 euro brand new from Amazon I've seen the overheat tests between the two and unfortunately most of the time the a6300 turns off and the a6500 keeps going until it runs out of battery or at least reaches the 30 minute mark for those who have the 30 min limit. I understand they moved
  8. Sony A6300 + Sony 30mm 2.8
  9. The last video from a series about Father Frost. Holidays ended, but not for his. The kind lord of winter and a frost comes back home to themselves to gain strength and to prepare gifts by New Year. Thank you for watching!
  10. A problem started occuring half a year ago. I was shooting some landscape when the autofocus points just freezes on display. I was changing shoot mode and still nothing. Cannot even access the menu or pics folder. Anyone know something about this, it become quite annoying.
  11. Most unfortunately I may need to return my Sony a6300 that I recently acquired. I notice a distinct tilt of my images when using the EVP (also when I upload them) but images are straight/level when I view them on the LCD screen. I'm a committed EVP lover so this is highly disappointing to me. I actually purchased another a6300 and had to return it to Sony for this issue and this camera (another a6300) was a replacement. Has anyone experienced this issue? So disappointed. Thanks much.
  12. Hey Sony Alpha family, I recently just formatted a card in the camera & since then the screen has been flashing upon start up & non of the buttons are responsive. I took out the card to see if that was causing the issue, but starting up with the battery alone has the same effect. Screen kept flashing & I could not do anything with the camera. When I turned it off, the flashing just continued. Anyone else experienced this before?
  13. Hello, I've been having a problem when recording with my Sony A6300. The problem is that every time I start recording, it automatically stops at the 20th second. I've tried to change the settings and see if the problem has to do with that but no, I even bought Sony's sd xc I U3 64GB memory card and nothing has changed. I would like to know if somebody else has this problem and how it can be fixed.
  14. Penza City Lights on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v Shot from 2014 to 2017 on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v / and few scenes on BMPC 4K / Panasonic GH5 Moon shot on Sony A6300 + Russian MTO 1000mm f8 and Sony 30mm for stars background.
  15. Hello, everyone! My name is Misty I just got a Sony a6300 a week ago today. I was wanting to upgrade to the Sony a7iii from my Nikon DSLR cameras (D600 and D300; I've also had Canon DSLR cameras in the past), but I couldn't catch it in stock. Since I needed a new camera for VBS at church last Saturday, my husband ran me up to our local Best Buy last Friday and bought me the 6300...so, I'm a week in! I do hope to be able to grab the a7iii later this year for my birthday in November or at Christmas, but I am loving the 6300 so far and will definitely keep it as my back up camera/teaching m
  16. Sony "smart remote control" could be a tool for anyone who wants a "fast" field monitor, BUT this application IS NOT WORKING with profiles like Slog2/3. Thus this application become completely useless for any professional or enthusiasist or even an amauter videographer. SONY has to improve this application. We have paid thousands dollars/euros to buy these cameras and you give us a completely useless application. Please update "smart remote control"
  17. So when I upload to premiere my frame rates are never accurate. If I shoot in 29.97 and 120 everything will say 29.97 and sometimes I've even had it say 59.94 when I didn't even shoot that frame rate. Why is this not importing correctly??
  18. Hello friends! It's strange to compare camera and phone, but my friend and I decided to do this test. The camera module in the iPhone SE - IMX315 was very good! In some scenes, the pictures were very similar. https://youtu.be/LvchV2XJPyo Tell me what phone you are using and someone has already tried the new Sony XZ Premium with the IMX400 module?
  19. Importing video into my PC and constantly having to deal with all the thumbnails that the a6300 like to create for all my shots is annoying. Can this be disabled?
  20. Doesn't matter if it's 4k or not, the camera refuses to do 24fps. It can do 4k 30fps, and 120fps at 100mb/s, but not 4k. Really frustrated with this issue.
  21. Hiya, I'm really enjoying the quality of video from the a6300. I made a video of a trip to Tokyo Disneyland, but when I look at the published video in Youtube the maximum resolution available to view is 1440p. Why is this? My settings: L20M 16:9 XAVC S 4k 24p 100M Super 35mm Creative style - vivid I import the clips into imovie then export to Youtube. I'd like it in 2160/ 4k. Any help, or redirecting to a more appropriate forum (I'm new, sorry) would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you - Tim
  22. Hi Sony Alpha Forum! I purchased a Sony a6300 a few weeks back, its a great little camera. I have had a request about live streaming. I said i would look into it but I actually couldn't find a definitive answer online! My question is "Is it possible to set up the Sony a6300 for live stream (Facebook, YouTube etc) and if so what software and hardware would I need to make this possible. I also want to connect an audio feed so the audio quality is straight from the PA rather than external camera mic". Thanks in advance! Mo.
  23. Hello All, Does anyone know of a battery grip for the A6300 that does not have the required wire connection on the side? I use the Meike and have had trouble with the cable getting caught on my bag or just getting in the way while shooting. Thank you in advance of your replies. A post Happy Holidays to all. Markoe
  24. Hi everyone! I've had the A6300 now since September, switching from Canon 70D. Something I have really experienced is how slow it is. Starting up takes several seconds and switching from my custom modes or to other modes, like manual to shutter priority seems quite slow. I've noticed it's slower after filming a lot so I guess that has to do with the buffer but it's still surprisingly slow, even when I haven't filmed and switching. Is this just how it is, a bit slower because of all Sony stuffed in it or how are your experiences? Also, sometimes with like focusing or waking up from slee
  25. I have an a6300 and recently purchased a HLV-F43M for added flexibility, and enjoy it. I thought that this flash could be used off-camera and be triggered by the a6300's built-in flash. I tried the procedure in the flash operating instruction book, but could not get the camera and flash to pair up and show the "WL" icon. Is my assumption about compatibility wrong? Do I need an adapter/trigger? Or do I just not know how to follow instructions? Is there a tutorial you know of? All help appreciated.
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