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  1. Hello friends! It's strange to compare camera and phone, but my friend and I decided to do this test. The camera module in the iPhone SE - IMX315 was very good! In some scenes, the pictures were very similar. https://youtu.be/LvchV2XJPyo Tell me what phone you are using and someone has already tried the new Sony XZ Premium with the IMX400 module?
  2. Hi everyone! I've had the A6300 now since September, switching from Canon 70D. Something I have really experienced is how slow it is. Starting up takes several seconds and switching from my custom modes or to other modes, like manual to shutter priority seems quite slow. I've noticed it's slower after filming a lot so I guess that has to do with the buffer but it's still surprisingly slow, even when I haven't filmed and switching. Is this just how it is, a bit slower because of all Sony stuffed in it or how are your experiences? Also, sometimes with like focusing or waking up from sleep mode if I haven't used it for more than 10 seconds seem a bit slow too. It's like the "brain" can't keep up. Thanks for all help and advice!
  3. Sony "smart remote control" could be a tool for anyone who wants a "fast" field monitor, BUT this application IS NOT WORKING with profiles like Slog2/3. Thus this application become completely useless for any professional or enthusiasist or even an amauter videographer. SONY has to improve this application. We have paid thousands dollars/euros to buy these cameras and you give us a completely useless application. Please update "smart remote control"
  4. So when I upload to premiere my frame rates are never accurate. If I shoot in 29.97 and 120 everything will say 29.97 and sometimes I've even had it say 59.94 when I didn't even shoot that frame rate. Why is this not importing correctly??
  5. Importing video into my PC and constantly having to deal with all the thumbnails that the a6300 like to create for all my shots is annoying. Can this be disabled?
  6. Doesn't matter if it's 4k or not, the camera refuses to do 24fps. It can do 4k 30fps, and 120fps at 100mb/s, but not 4k. Really frustrated with this issue.
  7. Hiya, I'm really enjoying the quality of video from the a6300. I made a video of a trip to Tokyo Disneyland, but when I look at the published video in Youtube the maximum resolution available to view is 1440p. Why is this? My settings: L20M 16:9 XAVC S 4k 24p 100M Super 35mm Creative style - vivid I import the clips into imovie then export to Youtube. I'd like it in 2160/ 4k. Any help, or redirecting to a more appropriate forum (I'm new, sorry) would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you - Tim
  8. Any recommendations for a good - hopefully under $700 gimbal, or a really good stabilizer for a lot less, for an a6300? Preferably, I would also be able to use it with an a7ii as well. I plan on primarily using an a6300 with either the 10-18 OSS or the 16mm pancake or the 12mm rokinon. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello Guys, I've got a problem with my a6300. I tried to connect it with an external monitor, but it always says: No HDMI Signal. I changed the HDMI cable, but the result was the same. I also tried different cameras and all of them are working, except the a6300. So I got my hands on to another monitor. It's a bit better here, I can see the camera options and the live view but the picture on the screen is pink, unusable for work. I tried different cameras again and they all worked. I also connected the a6300 to the monitor of my computer and it worked perfectly. Could you please help me?
  10. I am seriously looking at trading in my canon 60D and buying an a6300. A few questions i have though are: -Is there a battery grip that is coming out for the a6300? I know there is one by Vivitar for the a6000 but it does not work properly on the a6300. i want to be able to buy a dedicated grip for the a6300. -Does the fotodiox ef to e mount adapter work well? seeing a lot of good reviews on B and H but wanting some opinions from here. i have a good collection of canon lenses that i would love to use on the a6300. -is it worth getting the 16-50mm kit lens? what intrigues me is the power zoom function, and the good focal length range. i have a canon 16-35mm f2.8L mk I though, so is it worth the extra $ to get the kit lens? I do a lot of mixed photography and video work with the 16-35 being my main workhorse. -what are the ESSENTIAL accessories to get with the a6300? things that you absolutely NEED to get the best out of the camera. Thank you SO MUCH in advance guys! Masi
  11. Hi Sony Alpha Forum! I purchased a Sony a6300 a few weeks back, its a great little camera. I have had a request about live streaming. I said i would look into it but I actually couldn't find a definitive answer online! My question is "Is it possible to set up the Sony a6300 for live stream (Facebook, YouTube etc) and if so what software and hardware would I need to make this possible. I also want to connect an audio feed so the audio quality is straight from the PA rather than external camera mic". Thanks in advance! Mo.
  12. Hello All, Does anyone know of a battery grip for the A6300 that does not have the required wire connection on the side? I use the Meike and have had trouble with the cable getting caught on my bag or just getting in the way while shooting. Thank you in advance of your replies. A post Happy Holidays to all. Markoe
  13. Camera: Sony A6300 Lens: Sigma 24-105 f/4 Art - 105mm, Sony 50 f/1.8, Sony DT 30 mm F2.8 Macro SAM. Shot in 24fps for 4K and 120fps for 1080p.
  14. Sony A6300 + LA-EA3 shot 1 - Sigma 24-105 f/4 Art - 105mm, 1/125, f4, ISO 800, NF shot 2 - Sony 50 f/1.8 - 1/125, f2, ISO 200, NF
  15. Hi there! New to the forums though I've been an avid reader of SAR. I wanted to share my thoughts on my newly purchased a6300 which I am loving so far. If you're interested, take a look here and would love to know if you have any questions/comments! http://journal.hellomikee.com/sony-a6300-review/ A couple photos from my review:
  16. Before pressing record on my A6300 the image on the LED looks quite neutral, but then once I am recording the image style changes subtly. Does anyone else experience this and know how to make the pre-pressing record view look like it will when I press record? I have set all to Manual mode and removed all auto-features. I have tried using different 'creative styles' and the neutral style but even the neutral style, once I press record the display changes colors subtly. Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to fix this.
  17. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I want to know how I could trigger movie recording on two a6300s simultaneously? Does the Sony remote or any other third party remote or trigger allow this? And if so, does anyone know how accurately they can be started together? Many thanks for any help and suggestions cheers!
  18. Hi, So, a friend of mine just bought the a6300 and we went out to test it. Filmed at 4k, some parts at 120fps 1080p, all exported to 1080p. Color correction was with magic bullet film. Here you go:
  19. I've been trying to figure out good audio monitoring options for the a6300. I still can't believe they didn't include a headphone jack, but I like the camera enough that I've been trying to work around this shortcoming. Here are my findings: Shotgun Mics The (now discontinued) Shure VP83F has a built-in headphone jack. Beware there is a cheaper VP83 (no F) that does NOT have a headphone jack. It's cheaper because it doesn't have the built-in recorder that the VP83F has. As far as I know, the VP83F is the only shotgun mic of this type with a built in headphone jack. I've switched to the VP83F and can confirm this works as a headphone solution for the a6300. Lav Mics The Sony UWP and Audio Technica System 10s have headphone monitoring outs built into the receivers. I don't believe the Sennheiser G2 or G3 series have headphone jacks on the receiver units, but you may be able to use a splitter on the audio out as a solution. If anyone has experience with this I'd definitely be interested. I know a splitter like this (http://amzn.com/B000068O5H) works on the audio out of my H4N to plug one into my a6300 and one into headphones. Zooms and Other Recorders One option I've seen is people using a Zoom H1 with a 3.5mm mic to monitor and record audio. You can purchase a multi-coldshoe mount like this http://amzn.com/B00HTWF8M2, attach a mic up top and the Zoom to one of the sides. The Zoom H1 and H4N (and probably other ones) only have one line out/headphone out jack. You can use a splitter (http://amzn.com/B000068O5H) on the line out and use an aux cable or male to male adapter to connect to the a6300 with one end of the splitter and use your headphones on the other end to monitor audio. Of course, you can also just record using the Zooms and sync in post later, but the splitter does allow you record your mic audio directly to your footage. An Adapter First, I've tried this adapter with an hdmi to micro hdmi converter that has an aux out jack: http://amzn.com/B00YC7U0NE I could not get the aux out to work with headphones. I didn't have the VGA connected to any video source (like a monitor), so maybe that's why audio didn't work. I was hoping this would work because you can connect an external monitor via the micro hdmi out on the a6300, and the a6300 will deliver audio to that monitor and you can use headphones if the monitor has a jack for it. Recording Two Mono Audio Sources (ie a Shotgun and Lav Mic track) on the same footage! Using a splitter you can actually record two tracks to the same footage. If you plug the splitter into the a6300 mic jack, you can now record one audio track to the left channel and another audio track to the right channel. For example, you can plug a shotgun mic into one end of the splitter and a lav mic into the other end. When you look at the audio bars on the a6300, they should each be different volumes from each other. In post, you now have two audio tracks with your footage that you don't have to sync. You'll just have to mute the channel you don't want to use (left or right) and apply the channel you do want to use to the other side. While recording, you can even monitor one of the options, or possibly both with separate ears but that might not be so useful. The Splitter... When I mention the audio splitter in all of these suggestions, I'm suggestions a specific one. The one I suggest has two mono female ends (left and right signal), that combine into one stereo male end. I believe most headphone splitters actually will split one stereo signal into two stereo signals, and this will not work for anything I've said above. Also, if you're trying to work audio with an iPhone involved, they use different audio tip called TRRS. This may require all different type of adapters too (I believe Rode actually sells a few specific to the iPhone). I don't know enough about audio science to really dive into this, but just be aware of the different audio connectors out there. It'd be great if anyone has anything to add to this or point out anything I missed. It's a unique (...okay, frustrating) situation to have such a great video camera without built-in headphone monitoring, so the more info out there the better!
  20. So I’ve been lurking a bit, and posting just a bit, and I hear a lot of complaints about the a6300 not having IBIS and how awful of Sony because of that. And then I hear people explain that the a6300 would have to be much bigger if it had IBIS, and that would make the camera just like the larger A7RII, etc., and cost so much more, too. So, OSS in the lenses allows the a6300 to be smaller, while IBIS in the A7RII allows for non-stabilized lenses to be utilized, but it’s bigger. I get it. It’s the trade-off. Yet still every day someone rants at Sony for the a6300 not having IBIS. I googled optical stabilization and it seems (to my less educated brain) that IBIS requires actual moving parts inside the camera to stabilize the image on the sensor. And that these mechanical parts take up lots of room inside the camera. And that also costs more. So here’s my question… is it really possible mechanically, or electronically, to actually put IBIS in the a6xxx models without swelling the size, weight and cost up? or do we just live with the trade-off? Thanks for your time
  21. Here's a video I shot about a week after the a6300 was released. We went to Sardignia, Italy for a week to review a Ducati and film a separate motorcycle adventure on an enduro bike. Here's a short review. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer. Gear Aside from a few GoPro shots, the entire video was shot with the a6300. The Sony 18-105 G OSS PZ lens was primarily used, with a few shots on the 35mm 1.8 OSS. Had a Ritz variable ND filter for both. Mostly shot in 4k, with a few shots at 120fps at 1080. For audio, I used the Rode Videomic Pro and Sennheiser ME2 lavs into a Zoom H4N. Heating I probably shot around 3-4 hours of footage each day, in 4k at 24p. I never had any overheating issues. Aside from a few speak-to-camera shots, I never recorded clips that were over 2 or 3 minutes, and outdoor temperature was mostly in the 70s. Stabilization All shots were handheld and having the OSS was a huge help. For panning shots, warp stabilizer effect in Premiere really made some of these shots shine. No way I could have done it that smoothly. For me personally I think it's better to have the compactness over IBIS, especially since there are some great OSS lenses available for apsc e mount. Battery Yes, the a6300 has awful battery life. It was inconvenient to have to swap batteries so often and interrupt shooting. I went through about 4 batteries each day, which meant I also had to charge 4 batteries each night. What I love about the a6300 battery though? II knew that I could charge the battery via a USB charger. What I found out way later was that you can actually power the camera with a USB charger while it's in use as well. It won't charge, but it will run power off of a portable USB charger. I definitely would have done this if I had known at the time. Much more peace of mind having a 5000mah run power to my camera than the 3... maybe 4 mah that the sony battery has. (at least it feels that low). Audio WHO FORGOT TO PUT IN THE HEADPHONE JACK!??!?! It's by far the biggest shortcoming of this camera for me. I had great luck with the Rode Videomic Pro, but monitoring would have helped so much to make sure I knew I was getting what I needed. My experience with Sony's is that even if the audio bars don't go to red, if they get close the audio might still clip. Just make sure to test your mics, and maybe shoot closer to the audio bars being in the middle than closer to the red. Overall Such a great video camera. When on motorcycles for 12 hours a day, having something this light does wonders for the back. It's really awesome to travel this light while still being able to shoot 4k with an apsc sensor. It also doesn't attract much attention, especially good in public areas and restaurants. I've heard slow mo not get a great rap, but I thought the 120fps 1080 footage came out well for what I shot. It was also nice to be able to set one of the memory dials for a photography mode so I could quickly take photos as well. If anyone is interested I can post a few stills as well. Anyways, that's just a quick overview. I'd be happy to go in depth on any details if anyone has any questions. My question to you audio guys I shot a lot footage of Jamie, the rider, whizzing by on his motorcycle. Would something like this be better shot with a stereo mic than a shotgun mic? I'm considering picking one up, as I think it could really add some vibrance to the scenes that aren't speak-to-camera.
  22. I am new to Sony Alpha cameras. The promotion video of the A6300 by Sony made it look fairly simple to record video. There were these green little boxes floating around a subject (e.g. the dog on the beach) and they followed the subject when it was moving. Unfortunately I fail to see these green boxes when recording video. I would like to track a subject when filming and really struggle finding out what would be the right settings. I used a large af point to select a person I wanted to track and then pressed the record button in film mode (film stripe icon). But obviously the af point won't move, so I don't know if the camera is really tracking the subject. This might sound a bit weird. But I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed regarding the focus possibilities so far. In another clip I filmed a person in a mirror. As the person is twice in the frame (in front of the mirror and mirrored) the camera is having big issues with deciding where to focus and jumps back and forth all the time. But I am sure it is my fault. I would kindly ask someone to please help me with setting up the camera for filming people properly. Thank you so much in advance! Can anyone please recommend me how to set the camera to record a video with a moving subject (a person) and how I can actually see while recording if the camera tracks this person?
  23. I'm not sure what setting I change or when I changed it but my a6300 now sounds like it's bracketing shots every time I take a photo. ISO is set to AUTO DRO/AUTO HDR is set to off Picture Effect and Picture Profile is set to off I hear it when I put the drive mode into single shot. I've tried resetting the defaults but that didn't seem to fix anything. Anyone else having this problem or anyone know how to fix it?
  24. Hey Guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been a fan of sony for a long time. I currently am in love with My RX100 MKIII, but am itching to get something with interchangeable lenses and beginning the transition into better glass. My wife and I love to travel and take cinematic style video of our adventures. I'm not so concerned with being a gallery photographer, as I am taking stunning video. This leads me to where I am now. If you had to choose a camera to take with you on trips, that would be your workhorse for both stunning photos and incredible video, do you choose the A6300 or A7s? I've read every article imaginable on both cameras, but I can't seem to reach a decision. What are your thoughts, and what would you choose & why? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers,
  25. Hey guys, I'm looking at the a6300 for shooting as a stereo pair to create stereo photography (and video). As such, I have a bunch of obscure questions I'm hoping to find some answers for...or directions as to where to find them! A) Do you know if there is a way to sync the shutters on these cameras so that they fire at exactly the same time? I'm aware there is probably no way to genlock these cameras, but is there a way to at least sync shutter when recording video? Can a remote be used to start recording video across multiple cameras? C) Is there a connection to plug in a remote, or is the remote only wireless? D) With the video on these cameras, is it possible to record at full 4:3 rather than a cropped 16:9? Do you know if any external hardware exists which can be used with the a6300 which enhances it's video capabilities? Thanks for your help!
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