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  1. We have spent our money for Sony equipment and today we needed some of the playmemories apps. We tried to connect but we got this message : "Signed out since the service is not distributed in the Country/Region of your account." For God's sake. We cannot download anything of the apps for our Sony a6500 a7s II along with a6000. What a shame for Sony. I m waiting for an answer and a solution. We are customers and we demand equal rights. What do you mean by "the service is not distributed in the Country/Region of your account" ? It is just a software app. We stopped our project since one of our coloborator have used to work with sony apps. If you have not this service available in some countries then WHY YOU SELL YOUR PRODUCTS THERE ?
  2. Sony "smart remote control" could be a tool for anyone who wants a "fast" field monitor, BUT this application IS NOT WORKING with profiles like Slog2/3. Thus this application become completely useless for any professional or enthusiasist or even an amauter videographer. SONY has to improve this application. We have paid thousands dollars/euros to buy these cameras and you give us a completely useless application. Please update "smart remote control"
  3. For video, the best sony lens (and not expensive) is the 18-105mm f4 by far . Great stabilization, nice quality, a lens made especially for video (but also goos for photography as well).
  4. After many tests : 1) improve IBIS. IBIS is not at all great especially for video. I tried a6300 with both the lens kit 16-50 and the 18-105 (IS on, on both lenses). Then I tried the same lenses at a6500. NO DIFEERENCE at all. At least in video shooting. 2) Improve low light performance (especially the noise reduction algorithms). You told us that there is a new CPU processor in this camera. But low light performance has no difference from sony a6300. 3) In video mode, let us see (in a sqaure on screen) where we focus when using the touch screen focus. Touch screen options need some improvements. Cheaper cameras have better functions. 4) An option to use shutter button as video record button when in video mode (but i think this is impossible due to electronics design internaly). 5) Ok, I know now that this is perhaps TOOOO MUCH, but it could be nice if we had 4k 50/60 fps recording even for a limited time of 5 or 10 minitues. B) B) B)
  5. Another video at hard low light where the problem is obvious (check at full screen between 0:35 ~ 0:45. Notice the building at the bottom (and bit left) part of the screen). The problem is also there at lower ISO but it's hard to see it due to youtube compression. Bright the video in your screen as much as you can to see the issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHROgRa-pG0 Please Sony, can you tell me why this is happening ? Is it a problem of my camera or a general codec compression problem in low light (becouse the problem is only at low light). Any other idea ?
  6. It seems there is a ghosting effect at low light. Propably codec have to be improved. Improve more low light performance in next firmware. Please check this video :
  7. Hello I have just bought my new a6500 and since I m shooting video in interior and low light I discovered this problem. When camera is at 4K 25fps(or 30fps) in extreme low light there is "ghosting" problem. The same problem exist if you using a spot light to light only a part of your portrait while the other elements of the scene stays dark.. It seems like a sensor or most propably codec problem. Please check the video below. 4K, 1/50, sony 18-105 f4, iso 1250~2000 (no picture profile) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zlrlpNQcIE It seems we need a new firmware.
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