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  3. 16-35 for landscapes ... 200-600 for birding ... and the 90mm for macro
  4. I have to agree the feel of the camera with a big f2.8 lens is a little cumbersome. I have sort of gotten used to it over the years. We travel a lot and the size of the Sonys suit us. I'm sure you will find a buyer for your Sonys. Have fun.
  5. I too have had all of the A7r's up to and including the A7rIII. But the truth is that I've never really bonded with the ergonomics. For my physique, the camera without the battery grip is unusable, and add a GM lens and the grip once again becomes a necessary add-on. So while the additional pixels would be nice, I'm not going to drink the Kool-Aid, and in fact have opted for less pixels, but a more ergonomically in tune body—for my purposes—with the Panasonic S1r. With it, I enjoy the added benefit of being able to seamlessly use my Leica SL lenses. But now I have to find a home for my A7rIII and a host of GM lenses.
  6. I preordered from B&H in NYC. My wife and I have been using A7's since the first A7R came out. I'm a resolution person so looking forward to the new sensor. Anyone else considering?
  7. For portraits I would look at the 85 1.8. Good focal length for headshots. Most people are comfortable with people shooting their portrait from that distance.
  8. A7R, purchased 4 or 5 years ago, A7Rii, purchased 2 or 3 years ago. Just preordered an A7Riv.
  9. When you look at lenses on the Sony website, you need to filter for e-mount and full frame lenses. Sony lenses I use often are: 24-105 mm and the 100-400 mm with 1.4x or 2.0 teleconverters. I also have the 16-35 mm, 70-300 mm, and 90m mm macro, which I use less often. John
  10. According to the docs on my Hoya filter, if you go too far in the dark or light direction, or your FL is too short, you will get this. The Hoya has marks that show how far you can go before the problem happens.
  11. This might sound like a silly question, but is it possible to view movie previews as a simple (clear) image, instead of the blurry clip with the ugly film strip graphics on top? I’m shooting with an A7II. I film a lot of painting progress videos and it’s crucial that each shot matches the one before it exactly. With my old Nikon, the movie previews presented as a clear image so I could go back and forth and fine tune my camera position if it got bumped or anything. With my A7II, it’s hard to tell what the video even is, never mind making those kind of adjustments. Honestly, it’s enough of a concern that I may not be able to shoot with this camera after all. It looks so dorky anyways, haha.
  12. There are really cheap Adapters of this type out there, and they are cheap for a reason. Chances are high, that tiny metal chips or flakes may have lodged in the contact area of the body, causing this malfunction. Even though you claim that this area is "clean" (to the naked eye), I would advise to thoroughly wipe the contact area of the body with a microfiber cloth regardless. This error message indicates, that communication between lens and body is interrupted, when the lens is, in fact, physically attached. This may be caused by malfunction inside the body, malfunction inside the lens, or malfunction in the contacts. Since the contacts are the only area accessible to you, I would definitely want to make sure that this is not the culprit, before sending off body and/or lens to a possibly expensive repair.
  13. Should I send the lens for service? https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9l7rn9m22ma40r/sony24.mp4?dl=0 Doesn't happen with tamron 28-75
  14. Yes I have the same problem with the lens. All of a sudden the lens seem to be having problems focusing and making a funny noise. We were away on vacation at time and I was getting very frustrated with it although I was able to use it. This was the only lens I had with me so I had to use it. It became more frequent and once I just shook the camera and lens and it stopped for a bit but then started again. I have since bought another lens and have not used it. If I shake it the lens rattles a bit. Where did you find a video to take the lens apart? Have you been able to get to fix it?
  15. About 4 months ago I bought the A7III for vlogging purposes and something recently happened. I dropped the camera and ever since then nothing has been the same. All my settings went away and had to be re-programmed, there's been a VERY visible shaking in the footage (not a slight shake from steadyshot being off, but the camera literally jumping in place) And even more noticeable is that every so often, the ISO or lighting or SOMETHING changes and the camera just stops recording at random. When reviewing the footage at the cut off place, it goes really dark and then stops recording. It's not like I dropped it from a cliff, it was around a foot drop but ever since then it's just not been the same. Any ideas if this could be in the settings or is the lens or even worse the camera itself?
  16. Last week
  17. Oh yes, I suppose it would be! Now I feel silly!
  18. Although it is too late as the O.P. has sent this to Sony for a fix, here is something to consider. Perhaps it is the kit lens. The kit lens retracts when turned off to store in a minimal size, then it extends when the camera is turned on. I can hear it attempt to extend, but then halt. In the circumstance shown in the video, I would attempt a power on with a different lens to eliminate the possibility of damage to the extension device of the kit lens. This is a common issue with older point-and-shoot cameras that also extend the lens housing for use. Oh... You sure you had a good, fully charged battery?
  19. Yes, and in locked position there is very little room for wiggle, almost none. Contacts on both camera and lens are clear, dry, no dust, no corrosion.
  20. Is the lens is fully inserted, keep twisting until you hear the click?
  21. Well, something is starting to get worse, a few minutes ago I got "invalid because lens not attached" when trying to change from manual to auto focus. Lens is not dropped, all contacts look clear and not bent, both from camera and from lens side. So, it is a lens, more probably than the camera? Thanks again.
  22. Do make sure that your camera is in focus mode: manual. Most lenses don't have direct manual focus override. If that is the case, definately sounds like a broken lens then... Good you have warranty! Haven't heard of many of these breaking. It's better and more durable than the 16-50 kit lens at least.
  23. First, thanks for the reply. Yes, it is happening in all modes, bought it secondhand but with warranty. Manual focus is not working, just checked it (I forgot about it , all canon lenses I have used had focus button on lens itself so it kind a slip my mind to try). I can see on screen slider that is moving when rotating ring on lens, but picture itself is not focusing. And another thing, after turning off camera, it wouldn't turn on until I removed lens and put it on charger. It was not charging with a lens on. With M42 adapter and lens it was both charging and functioning properly. Without autofocus, of course.
  24. Also happens with the camera in Auto (green) mode (check PASM dial)? Bought the 18-55 new or second hand? Sounds like a lens issue to me unless you accidentally put the camera in A or M mode and dialled in a really small aperture (high aperture value), but from your post it seems like you know what you're doing regarding the aperture. Does manual focus still work, and can you adjust the aperture manually? That way you can at least verify that both mechanisms are still in good order.
  25. I have had experience with the Meiki A9 and Vello BG-S6 used with my a7rIII. I first got the Meike, primarily because it also comes with a separate intervalometer (that only works when the grip is attached). After a year the joystick controller on Meike fell off (lost) and the shutter release button began to stick. It performed reasonably well though the fit was not as secure as the Vello, which is much the same in look and detail but with better button action and a more secure. For what its worth the Vello/camera combination turns on much faster than the Meike. No experience with the Sony grip and in principal I refuse to pay the high price.
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