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  2. I also find them essential. It would have been nice as a freebie, for sure. Maybe on some level it would be an admission that for some of us, the cameras are actually too *small*. Once you feel the camera with the grip, it just feels right, even if it looks odd. Having it go across the width of the camera (and adding another tripod socket) would be nice, too. Since the 4 series has a larger grip, they'll need a new version for that series... https://www.bradleyhanson.com
  3. Hi, I hope you can help me with clear image zoom. I heard about this function just a couple of days ago, I have had an a6000 for a couple of years, but only used infrequently ! I can't seem to get clear image zoom working. I have changed the zoom settings to Clear image zoom and assigned zoom to custom button 2 as I've seen on youtube videos, but I'm unable to see the zoom scroll option, camera just takes a regular photo. Which mode should the camera be in ? As you can tell, I am a novice still ! Any ideas where I am going wrong please ? Thanks Trevor
  4. I got one of these shortly after I got my a9, it makes a huge difference. They are hopelessly overpriced for what they are, I think they should have included this grip free with every a7, a9. When using the heavier Sony lenses, I found the full size grip to help a lot with the balance, especially if I am going to be shooting a lot of vertical shots.
  5. Hello- I'm new to the forum, but a veteran photographer who started in Seattle but now based in Minneapolis. I've been photographing weddings all over the world since 1999. I started in film, of course, but I gave that up very reluctantly. I've used nearly every camera system and since switching to Sony almost 3 years ago, it's been the first camera system that I like *more* with time. Enough of an introduction... I don't know if my hands are larger than normal, but I've always found most mirrorless cameras to be too small. I started with the original A7 and the Zeiss 55 f1.8. It was instant love, even though the grip was far too small. I now have an A72 and two A73 bodies. I've tried the Sony battery grips, aftermarket grips, etc. The 3 series no longer needs two batteries because of the long life of the Z batteries, and I wasn't in a hurry to make the camera heavier as I carry three of them to weddings and portraits with prime lenses. Enter the lowly Sony GP-X1EM. I always thought they looked weird, were overpriced and was worried about getting access to the battery. The short story is that I charge my cameras via micro USB now and the grips stay on. I found two of them (new, too) on ebay for $89 each. Time to try. LOVED THEM, especially with the 85 f1.8, which feels perfectly balanced now. If you get pinky cramps at the end of a gig, you need this grip. I do wish the grip went all the way across the bottom so the camera was easier to set down, but a minor gripe. I've been very happy with Sony, love the lenses, and now the grips fixed my only complaint: the ergonomics and lack of space for the pinky. I plan to share more, but wanted to say more about the grips, which don't get much love... To see more of my work, visit my portfolio of weddings, portraits and landscapes here: https://www.bradleyhanson.com
  6. I'm going to be traveling to Morocco next year. The widest lens i currently have is a Batis 18mm. I've never used a 12-24mm before, should I consider picking one up for this particular destination? I'm sure the lens is great for architecture and landscape but how about street photography?
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  8. Or a Jupiter 3. A Russian copy with the same character. Much cheaper to find. The Jupiter 8 is f2 and similar Sonnar copy.
  9. isha1

    Señor Azul

    I like except the BG is too sharp. I blurred the BG 50% with Movavi Photo Focus.
  10. The Swans are still in the Northeast. Soon, they will fly south for the winter. Sony A7RM4, 70-300 mm lens
  11. For some settings, you do have to be in a specific mode. In addition to Raw mode, another example is Movie mode. There are some settings that require you to be in Movie mode. If you are interested in the details of all of the menu settings of this fantastic camera, I recommend Gary Friedman's "The Complete Guide to Sony's A7rII".
  12. Both produce great camera's so to each their own. Let me try to let you follow my reasoning for buying an a6000 some years back. First of all, the fundamental question in this specific Sony versus Nikon case to me should be more like: 'Do you recommend a mirrorless camera over a DSLR?' For the obvious reasons my answer would be 'yes', but at the time my primary reason to go with mirrorless was to get the best possible image quality in the smallest possible size. The smaller my camera/lens combo, the bigger the odds I bring it with me. My reasoning then was that I couldn't justify the price and bulk of a fullframe system so I went for APS-C instead. Then it comes down to brand: - Nikon: didn't have mirrorless APS-C at the time. They now introduced the Z50 but it uses the huge Z-mount so it will never be really compact. Lens options will be very limited for the near future. - Canon (M-mount): autofocus wasn't great at that time and lens options very limited. If you ask me now I think M-mount is a dead end and in the long run Canon will only maintain the new R-mount. - Fuji: great option and viable alternative to Sony. Didn't like the EVF-hump in the XT-models much (don't like that hump in A7x either). I didn't research Fuji extensively at the time as the price/performance ratio of the Sony a6000 was so good. If you really like oldschool manual controls you might want to look into Fuji. - Sony: was rapidly expanding their mirrorless lens lineup and seemed totally committed to the E-mount system (A-mount was pretty much left to die). The a6000 was (and still is) exceptional value for money and I really love the form factor. Many people complain about the a6xxx-cameras being too small but at least they have something of a grip (which most Fuji camera's lack). If you read this far, you have the same preferences as I did and if your budget is limited then yes, I recommend the Sony a6000.
  13. I am entering recommended camera menu settings for the A7RII. I located a recommend setting for the camera from photograph life.com. I plan to initially set it to this website, but I will look for other recommended settings , compare and maybe change the settings. As I was entering settings, the setting that were in the instructions stated that they could not be set and you had to be in , example RAW or some other Mode setting. This brought me to my question.....Do you have to be in a SPECIFIC MODE when you enter the camera menu settings?
  14. I experience the same frustration. The work arounds are not viable for my work flow. I shoot tethered to a tablet while shooting interiors. Often the camera is in a position where I cannot be near it because of reflection, mirror or space around the camera. I take multiple exposures, so touching the camera to turn something off/on or touching the flash trigger to turn off/on can introduce potential misalignment from frame to frame. I need to be able to trigger my camera remotely for both my ambient and flash frames. Having the camera automatically show what it predicts a flashed image to be in the EVF is a terrible handicap. I need to be able to meter the ambient and expose for highlights in a scene and when the flash trigger is on and connected, it does not allow me to get that realistic view. I understand why Sony has this setup because it can be helpful in studio situations where you know you'll be shooting at SS/200 to kill the light, which usually leaves the EVF dark, but there are a lot of other situations where turning this off (and leaving it off) would help the workflow of other professionals just as much. Sony- please fix with an update so we have the choice to use it or not!!!
  15. Check the input jack where it goes into the camera. When running an external monitor and mic setup on mine at first brush the jack didn't seat all the way in due to having to go through the base of the supplied cable strain relief. The jack plastic kept it from seating all the way & only get connection to one channel. I use right angle jacks as strain reliefs for mic & headphone cables. One I had to trim away plastic to get a secure & full connection through the Sony supplied cable strain relief. I did manage to find another brand of jack not needing modification. Also, verify actual two channel output from the Tascam. Insert the Tascam jack into a stereo port duplicator jack you can insert headphones into the other port. Easy test.
  16. my a6500 makes a slight noise when I turn it on and again about 1 second after I turn it off,its like a slight knock is this normal ? thanks
  17. Hola,la primera recortando un poco de cielo,salu2 de Felipe 😉
  18. Hola,es una pena ese sol tan fuerte lateral sup.que hace que quede muy en sombra algunas zonas sobre todo en la primera,salu2 de Felipe 😉
  19. If you're coming from a DSLR you'll likely be used to a viewfinder, which the a5100 lacks. For me this difference alone would be reason enough to go for the a6000. Image quality is pretty much identical. If you shoot movies on occasion, the a6000 has continuous autofocus while shooting, the a5100 doesn't. The main advantages of the a5100 are compactness and price, though the a6000 isn't big either, especially compared to a DSLR.
  20. Hi There, I know both a5100 and a6000 have been in the market for a few years now. Been a Nikon D3100 user since 2012 and no complaints so far. I just feel like exploring on some other options as well. Just do photography as a personal hobby and mostly for family affairs. Anyone who has any feedback about Sony a5100 and a600? I've been reading this review and learning a few things but sure want to confirm with the real users out there. 😁
  21. Or if you want some real character try the Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZE or ZF wide open on an adapter.
  22. Hi. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere here on this forum. Im am totally new to this!! I've just started to shoot some video on my A7iii, and have attempted to use an old vocal microphone I have here at home. I can only manage to get audio on one channel through the external mic, that was using a XLR fitting to a 6.5mm mono jack which I reduced with a fitting to a 3.5mm Stereo jack. Is the problem here the fact that the xlr to 6.5mm jack cables only come in a 6.5mm mono? I tried this same cable with a 3.5mm mono jack and got no sound at all through the external mic. Or am I correct in thinking that the Sure Mic that I have only records in mono and that I will have to centre the sound in Final Cut Pro? Thanks, Cotter
  23. Hi everyone, I just switched from Canon to Sony and I can't get my Paul C Buff cyber commander to work with the Sony hot shoe. I have to use a sync cord otherwise the strobes won't fire. Silent shooting is off and I tried with wireless flash turned on and off. I even bought a brand new cyber commander but no luck. Has anyone else been able to make this combo work?
  24. How I can setup the back button focus? I had it on my previous camera (Nikon D750) but don't know how to do it on this one. Also, if someone can explain what exactly is the DMF for? I'm a bit lost...
  25. Wonderful morning on the Vapec hill, two day of backpacking in Slovakia
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