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  2. I am shooting at Slog2 in S-gamut3.cine at 12800. With this photo attached, there is a weird inverted color look on his neck. I tried many ways to fix it in post, but nothing is working. It's god awful looking! There are other examples of this with the same person in different shoots. Is there something wrong about using such a high ISO at slog2? Even though this is at the "Dual-ISO"?
  3. Taken with a a9ii and a 100-400 GM
  4. The photograph was take. In Pineland FL with a7Riv and a 16-35 2.8.
  5. You're a lot calmer than I'd be after shelling out $3500 for a camera with issues hoping some future phantom firmware update might correct. My 7Sii developed a group of purple pixels 3 weeks after buying the camera but only when rolling 4K. I exchanged it in spite of the dealer saying it's hardly noticeable if you don't know where to look. A camera this new with issues will surely present with other ones outside of the return or warranty period. I'd punt it back to Pittsburgh immediately for an exchange.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hey Peeps, I have been trying to get my Sony A7SIII To record Prores RAW with the Ninja V in 60fps. I can record in 30fps & 24fps, but not 60fps. When I select it in the camera menu the Ninja screen goes out and back to the Ninja V default screen and says no input connected. As soon as I select 30 or 24fps the Ninja display starts to display my camera feed. So question, is there a special cable or SSD that is needed to record the Prores RAW 60fps? I'm using the Western Digital 1TB 3D Nand Sata SSD Model# WDS100T2B0A in case it matters
  8. I got Google Chrome (hangouts, facebook, etc) and OBS to recognize it. No luck with Zoom, Discord, and Skype so far. The problem is getting apps to ask System Preferences to allow the Camera in Privacy. Unfortunately there's no way to force an app to do this it only asks you when opening/installing the app or it doesn't.
  9. As you have compared to another camera which does not misbehave, it looks like a fault. I think you should take it up with the supplier. Vague hopes that something might put it right in the future might remain just that.
  10. Do you mean that ‘cross-hatch’ effect ? I’m wondering its a moire effect from light hitting his hair at just the right angle, Try using a smaller aperture to see if that helps
  11. I have a wet cleaning kit too, though since getting the arctic butterfly I have not needed it. If there is moisture on the lens, droplets etc. then the wet cleaning is the way to go. If its just dust, which for me is most of the time, then the butterfly gets rid of it every time and is much quicker.
  12. I use a full frame sensor cleaning kit. It's simple and works very well. Just take your time. Here's a link to what I use. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K8MTQGY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. UPDATE My friend just got his own a7s3 and we tested it out and everythig worked fine on his. So bad copy for me 😕 firmware update might help to fix this in future.
  14. Hi all, for the life of me I cannot connect my iPhone to the A7S3 to use as a remote using ImagingEdge. I have tried every method available to me. Can anyone point to any known problems or am I missing something not documented anywhere. Thanks
  15. How do I access Tracking Duration in the settings of the A7RIII?
  16. No one has this problem on their setup, or has seen this before? Any help/input would be much appreciated!
  17. Don't be squeamish. Learn to do it yourself. Likely cost $40 each time for a cleaning not considering the time it takes to drop off & pick up the piece only to have something contaminate it again 3 days later. In 5 years I've done mine maybe 8 times.
  18. Last week
  19. Has anyone managed to successfully use the "View on TV" feature? I am unable to get it to connect to a Roku 3. I recieve this error. I'm not exactly sure what "DMR" is. I can't locate any information online. Is this a feature of the camera I can turn off? Also, the "Ctrl w/ Smartphone" feature won't connect to my Samsung Note 8 using Sonys Imaging Edge Mobile app. So far no luck with WiFi on this thing. I'm new to this camera as of yesterday and the viewing the camera on a TV is important for what I need it for.
  20. I use this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1394915-REG/visibledust_19313124_ab_724s_arctic_butterfly_super.html
  21. Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😏 A7_08250 by freme_3, en Flickr Sony ILCE-7M3FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS ƒ/16.0 82.0 mm 1/125 400
  22. Dust on the sensor happens all the time with mirrorless cameras. Best to get a routine in cleaning it regularly. First try in-camera dust removal (will shake sensor using IBIS-mechanism, hoping dust will come loose). Usually this doesn't help much though. Second, try a rocket blower. Hold the camera with the mount pointing downward (so any loose dust in the housing will fall down and not land on the sensor) and use the rocket blower some 10-20 times. Works best if you hold it close to the sensor, but be careful not to hit the sensor with the tip of the rocket blower. This usually solves 90% of the problems. Lastly, you might consider a wet clean of your sensor. If you don't feel confident about doing this yourself, best let a specialized camera store do it: it's a routine job for them. I'd strongly suggest to stay away from those gel sticks as there are plenty of horror stories to be found on the net: gel residue being left on the sensor, or the adhesive on the gel stick being so strong it takes away more than just dust...
  23. My genuine Sony battery (came packed with camera) also has that trash can symbol. Likely one is for the European market (trash can) while the other is for the North American market. On the two batteries it also shows that they're both intended for different regions.
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