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  2. Pieter

    long exposure question

    I think I've found your solution: your ND filters are not 8 and 4 stops, but 3 and 2 stops respectively: to get the stop number, take the Nth root of the ND number, where the answer should be 2. So 8^(1/3) = 2 and 4^(1/2) = 2. Combined you only have 5 stops of ND, not 12. A correct exposure should then be 1/25 sec × 2^5 = 1.28 sec instead of 164 sec! The numbers on ND filters are designed such that you can easily calculate the correct exposure time. Don't think of a number of stops, just multiply everything: 1/25 sec × 8 × 4 = 1.28 sec. The MM+/- number is just a realtime exposure meter compared to a 'desired' value of 0. Point your camera somewhere dark or bright and you'll see this number go down and up. Nothing is compensated for, it's just a reading.
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  4. SnappyMilt

    Apps for A7iii

    The Sony Apps work on the original a7 line and the a7ii line, but not on the a7iii line.
  5. I’ve just gotten my first Sony body coming over from Nikon. I purchased the 50mm 1.8 as first general purpose lens and to test the camera. I’m now looking to get a wider angle but keeping budget lower currently. I shoot mostly landscapes and nature while hiking and throw in some travel images. Has anyone used the newish Samyang 24mm 2.8 lens for landscapes? I am looking at purchasing that or the Zeiss 24-70 f4. Coming from zooms on Nikon I found I mostly just shoot towards the wide end of a 28-75 and compose my images based on that. I will likely add the 70-200 f4 later on for landscapes as well. Thoughts on Samyang 24mm 2.8 new vs Sony 24-70 f4 used? Any votes for the Sony 28mm f2 and add the wide angle converter to 21mm? Thanks
  6. Sebast

    long exposure question

    thanks for your reply. yes ISO was fixed. it seems when I switch from A to M modes the only thing that changes on the back display is the Exp.Comp changes from just a +/- number to "MM+/- number. then in M mode if I change the shutter speed, the MM+/- compensates for it. very frustrating. I just can't find a way to shut this off. Maybe this is just a flaw in the a5100??
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  8. Pieter

    long exposure question

    If you are in manual mode and have ISO set on 100, by definition can there be no auto exposure compensation by your camera: all three exposure variables are fixed by your manual settings. Your math is correct: if you meter 1/25sec at f/11 ISO 100, if you add 12 stops of ND the same exposure requires 164 seconds (or 2 mins 44 sec). Are you sure you stacked the two ND filters properly? Was your ISO fixed at 100 when you did the metering in A mode? Unlikely to be your problem as this would have caused under- instead of overexposure. Just trying to isolate your problem.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cBAICAiI74 Hi everyone, I have a Sony Zeiss lens (SAL50F14Z) that wobbles very badly. I tried to send it to Sony for repair, but the Sony repair center just sent it back and claimed that the wobble is *normal*. I personally do not believe it is normal, as I don't recall having this wobble before, and my other Sony Zeiss lens doesn't have that. Could the community give any recommendation what I should do? If this is really normal, then it's a big design flaw from Sony!
  10. Ilya

    Last summer days

    August end by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr
  11. Does anyone use the Sony Apps on their A7 series? I watched a video last night with a gent shooting a landscape using an App that created an ND effect in the sky, it allowed him to adjust placement of it and also softness of edge to avoid lines - when he pressed the shutter the camera took 2 images that it then merged and saved the results as a RAW file in camera. It looked very interesting but I would like to know if anyone on this site is using it, what they think of it and will it work with the A7iii? Thanks, Ian
  12. Iansky

    Sony A7iii

    Images taken with my first ever Sony - the learning curve begins!
  13. A pity, thank you for your reply!
  14. Bob Sky

    Portraits on loxia 2.4/85

    Very good results. For me is the AF very important, therefore I would prefere the Zeiss Batis 85mm.
  15. Bob Sky

    Some portraits with my new A6000

    The 2nd is the best, then the first. Very nice pictures.
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  17. Sebast

    Bulb mode on A6500

    I had same thing happen today... then I realized that I had set to bracket image instead of single shot mode. that fixed it for me.
  18. Love to Cook

    Travel lens

    I am taking the Sony prime 35mm with us on our travel to Europe. you might want to take a look at 2 see if it meets your needs
  19. I am shooting with a5100. New to long exposure. I am using 8 + 4 stop ND filter. In A mode shutter speed metered at 1/25 for scene. ND timer app says 2:43 for this. Switched to M mode and bulb mode. Shooting with ISO at 100. Way overexposed. Live view shows only a few seconds for appropriate exposure time but I am trying to smooth a waterfall and want longer time. Problem I think is the camera keeps adjusting the exposure compensation. In menu it is greyed out unless I change to Auto ISO. I tried changing aperture from 11 to 16 to increase my shutter length. Is there a way to shut off exposure compensation in manual mode. What am I missing?
  20. Hi there, I am completely new to Sony cameras, All the picture profiles appear as PP1, PP2 etc... Ca I give them specific names just to better remember my settings? Thank you in advance
  21. Thanks tinplater, I am very happy with the first use - great value for money.
  22. I was a long time Adobe CC Suite person and I have admit I was never a big Lightroom person. It's probably because I spent a lot of time in Photoshop and I even took a couple of Photoshop courses in college. I never really catalog my photos, but I have started with Capture One. I left the Adobe CC Suite universe totally, for I was finding it silly paying a monthly subscription to a company. It almost made be feel like I was working for them on commission. Lightroom work is now done in Capture One now though like I said I never used Lightroom all that much. Photoshop work is now doin in Pixelmator Pro - I know people have complained about Pixelmator Pro not have very good color correction, but that is why I use Capture One plus I am now organizing my files. Premiere / After Effects is now done in FCPX and Motion 5 - To be honest I like FCPX better for it's easier to storyboard/edit than Premiere and the only edge I give to Adobe is Affect Effects for it seems more robust. Though Motion 5 does the job without to much added work. My Impressions so far with Capture One is very positive and yes I do know I replying to kind of an old thread.
  23. Strider64

    Sony a9 with 42MP

    I for one went with the Sony A7RM3, for I figure I'll sacrifice a little bit of speed for more resolution. It's nice to be able to crop a little and still be able to do large prints. Besides it gives wildlife a fighting chance in not getting pictures taken of them. 😁
  24. OK I am sure this is a daft question.But my excuse is I am new to DSLR's. I have upgraded to a Sony A65 from a canon IXUS 95.I only use the camera to take detailed photos of drums and guitars. With IXUS 95.I could fit more of the subject within the LCD.Photo would be of what I saw in the LCD. With the A65 I have to stand back to get the same amount of subject content. This is obviously due to the different lense spec.Am I correct? However when I look through the "viewfinder" on the A65 there is MORE subject content vs subject content in the "LCD". I would be very grateful if someone could explain this to me. Is it camera settings? Thks in advance.
  25. I have recently purchased the Sony 85mm f1.8 to use on my A7iii for portrait work and had the opportunity to try it out yesterday when we were in Bath celebrating my wife's 65th birthday. It was an overcast day but we found a suitable area and I used some fill flash to lifet her from the back ground. The eye focus is amazing and never missed a beat locking on very quickly. This is one of the images
  26. jamescooper


    Want to know about Aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  27. Hi Thanks for the reply.Sony Alpha A65 Camera originally came with a CD rom. I would just like to get CD rom Heres the site support https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/a-mount-body-slt-a60-series/slt-a65
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