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  2. LiveShots

    Pocketwizard to trigger a Sony a7iii

    PocketWizard Utility (for firmware) is at http://wiki.pocketwizard.com/index.php?title=Getting_Started
  3. LiveShots

    Pocketwizard to trigger a Sony a7iii

    What PocketWizard do you have ? What firmware level ? Make sure both ends of the cord are fully plugged in. There is some software to download that allows you to check firmware level and upgrade if necessary. You don't need to turn on remote control. My PocketWizard III has Beta firmware 1.212 and works with my a9.
  4. I want to trigger my A7iii with a Pocketwizard. I bought what I believe was the right cable, plugged it into the camera and the PW. When I test fire the unit, I see the PW attached to the cameras red light blinks every time I test fire the unit but it does not trigger the camera. In the cameras 6000 pages of menus, I have turned "remote control" to the on position, but still no photos. Open to all suggestions.
  5. Great to know. thanks, John
  6. sixzeiss

    70-300 mm FE lens for Macro?

    At least on paper its going to be OK. The 0.31x reproduction ratio is probably good enough. The Sony macro lens has reproduction ration 1.0x (3 times larger), but for many not too small things, 0.31x would do the trick. I use a Zeiss Milvus 50mm macro lens, many times at 1:3 (0.33x) ratio, and I find it to be good.
  7. I'm planning to buy the Sony 70-300 mm FE lens for wild life photography. I heard it works well as a macro lens too. Has anyone tried it for macro photography? John
  8. LiveShots

    in app, STAR TRAILs

    I think there are some free Apps on the Apple App-Store that will convert AVI files on OS-X.
  9. A6000 user here. I recently spent all night doing star trails with a couple of A6000. On one I used the Star Trail app doing movies for a couple of hours. However, Lightroom doesn't really like these .avi files and when I just put them on my Mac, and play them using VLC, I get a still frame which only pops out the star trails at the very end of the brief movie clip. Is there any way to see an actual slow progression with Mac software?
  10. aphovasse

    Long time Sony fan

    Long time Sony fan here, have had 6 of them so far! (3 RX100s and 3 A6000) I love the quality and the ease of using them. I have some questions regarding in-app software and not sure where to go!
  11. The last standalone version LR 6.14 also supports this lens.
  12. Yes there is. At least in adobe classic cc, subscription version.
  13. Goodmorning, I'm the owner of a Sony FE 24-105. I edit my pictures in lightroom. Does somebody know if there is a lenscorrection available already for lightroom?? Judith
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  15. Chrissie


    A9, 100-400GM, ISO 800, 1/500, F5.6, 400mm, hand-held, manual focus
  16. Chrissie


    A9, 100-400GM, ISO 800, 1/2000, F8, 212mm, hand-held, manual focus
  17. Some shots of a Red Kite, against the backdrop of a patch of rape just being harvested. A9, 100-400GM + 2.0 tc. 1/3000 F11 800mm ISO 800 Click on images to view higher resolution images.
  18. I'm sure you can find something for around $100. There's not really a set price range for used A-mount cameras in the consumer range. A lot of people bought them in the sale and ended up never using them. Now, they're selling them for whatever they can get for them.
  19. Thank you, that's an another option.......by the way, what price range we are talking about?
  20. Getting it fixed outside of warranty will cost more than buying a replacement. People are dumping their APS-C A-mount cameras so you can find any camera up to A68 really cheap.
  21. The service can see the error code. If it's an engine then it can be replaced there.
  22. how you got it rectified? or replaced the body?
  23. Exactly! Almost as my drive motor in A77 .
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