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  2. WOW!!! thankyou for ALL the advice.
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  4. Hello, I am experiencing similar issues, I thought that my device (S10e with Android 10 indeed) was somehow defective (but I seem to remember everything worked smooth connecting to my Sony HX400V). So I can speculate that there's something specific to Android 10 and the a6400. But I found some steps that can help, try before connecting to: 1) Turn on wifi and GPS on smartphone 2) Turn on wifi on camera 3) Turn off bluetooth on smartphone and camera 4) Turn off any battery saving setting on the smartphone 5) Prolong the timeout for screen saving on the camera at least to 30 second or 1 minute Point 1 and 2 is mandatory, 3 can help reducing radio interference but I think that point 4 and 5 really make the most difference: for some reason the connection needs some time to be established, and battery saving on smartphone and camera can break the process. If I do the above steps, it can take up to 15/20 seconds for the connection to establish, but without them it's almost constant failure... Hope it helps, Mario
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  6. Not a lot of difference between the R3 and R4 besides the added MP and the resulting detail. An ISO range of a camera doesn't show how noisy its sensor is. There is a big difference in the last 6 years from the R1 to the R4. Sony increased the resolution while simultaneously decreasing the noise at high ISO. This was once thought of as a trade off. I want that new tech in the APS-C sensor. I always shoot in raw but looking at the a6000 menu there is an option when shooting JPEGs to down rez to 12MP and 6MP. Perhaps they could also do something like that with raw images? Since SD cards are big and cheap and HD space per gig also very cheap I can't understand why anyone would want to throw away data, but to each his own. I think for all photographers there are those instances where you are at a special time and place and you would like to have the utmost in rez to capture the scene. That is why I want to have that extra detail and sharpness. Its also nice to be able to crop and print large. Not that it solves all my wants but for now I would settle for IBIS pixel shift since all that is needed is a software update.
  7. Hope soon to move over to Sony from Canon at the moment I use CF cards along side SD cards in the 7D MK II but what would/do you use in your Sony A9? Obviously you need a big card to take what I assume would be a lot more images at 20 FPS RAW (if you hold the shutter down) I don't go over 64GB on a card as I would rather change that card for a new just in case anything larger has a problem and you loose everything (never had a card fail but you never no) I also take it that you would need the UH-II type card in one slot on the A9? Have to admit I do like the Lexar cards and see that some are still available. Any advice/input? Thankyou, Russ.
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  9. Ciao a tutti, ho avuto in regalo una datata sony a330 e sto iniziando a prenderci confidenza. Buona luce a tutti
  10. That's interesting, haven't seen the Samyang before. Would you say it's much different from the Zeiss 55mm in terms of image quality and performance / worth the price difference?
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  12. ISO-range of A7Riii and A7Riv are the same (100 - 32000), as is the dynamic range: https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-a7riv-versus-a7riii-dynamic-range/ Even though I like the absolute sharpness and detail when I pixel-peep my photo's, it hardly serves a practical purpose. It's like the whole 4k - 6k - 8k discussion in video-world. Yes you'll see the difference if you're sitting at half a meter from your 65" TV, but who does that except the guy who just bought a new TV? What would be an interesting concept though is if there was a native 'low-res' mode incorporated in high-res cameras. If enabled, it would still read the full high-res sensor but downsample the RAW-file to a lower resolution. That way you'd still have the ISO-performance of a full-sensor readout but stored in a lower file size RAW if you don't need all this resolution. I might even consider buying such a camera.
  13. Ok, I've just tried short-cutting shutter and autofocus and it works perfectly :-)
  14. Pieter, You are correct, my pixel density math was wrong. Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe we are near the limit of pixel density right now but my guess is that after 6 years of Sony staying at 24MP mark, there is room for improvement. And that is by looking at how Sony has evolved the A7R line sensors which gives me hope that they can still squeeze more resolution into the APS-C sensors. A question for you: If you believe your prime lenses could resolve way more detail, why wouldn't you want a camera of the same size and weight that could capture that? I have always wanted the best quality I could get out of any system. In the past that usually required either a larger format camera, lots more money spent on glass or using very slow ISO's. With the newer A7R4 sensor they have managed to increase both resolution and ISO speed at the same time. For me the only downside seems to be bigger files which is fine by me as hard drives per gig are as cheap as they have ever been.
  15. I don't shoot video and don't have that camera, so I should keep my mouth shut, right? But there's a chance in a million, a shot in the dark, that a menu setting called HDMI Info. Display just might do what you want. On my humble a6500 it is Setup Menu 4 -> HDMI Settings -> HDMI Info Display -> On/Off
  16. I had a go CIZ last year. Some piccies here. http://duxfordfotogallery.co.uk/ciz-fotoalbum/4594707448?
  17. Err no. The pixel density of the A7Riv would translate to a 28 MP (effectively 26 MP) APS-C camera. Your math is off: should divide by crop factor squared (check A7RIV in APS-C mode). For all practical purposes this equals the 24 MP already in your camera. Ergo: you already have the latest technology in your camera (if you measure tech level by pixel density, not even considering those tiny 40 MP smartphone sensors). But to each their own: you may wish for a seperate A6xxxR-line but please let the A6xxx-line stick to a more sensible 24 MP. I too like the small form factor but don't want more MP even though my primes can indeed resolve way more.
  18. My a7R4 on a DJI Matrice 600 drone won't display "REC" and "STNBY" on the external monitor on the ground (DJI CrystalSky Ultra 7.85), so when I tell the Sony to start and stop video recording, it does the start and stop, but I can't tell when it's recording or not. I see "REC" and "STNBY" on the a7R4 LCD, but when the camera is in the air, that's no help. I've been to some YouTube videos but they haven't given me a Sony menu solution. Anyone here know where in the Sony a7R4 menu to produce a non-Clean HDMI signal going to an external monitor?
  19. Pieter, You answer your own question why: " absolute best image quality despite bigger file size and more noise on pixel level." Given my experience with 35mm, med and large format I know what increased resolution looks like even with much smaller prints of 8x10 and 11x14. In this case its certainly not marketing crap. Its a real world improvement. If you are using the kit zoom then perhaps there is not much more to resolve but again I'm using quality prime lenses and I know that in my case a newer sensor with increased MP would be capable of resolving more detail into the image file. If you were talking about cell phone cameras which have tiny sensors, vastly inferior glass, digital zoom etc. then I agree there is not much achieved by adding more MP's. This is a different case entirely and is simple math. The A7R started as a 36MP camera, the next iteration was 42.4MP. The latest is 61 effective MP's. If you use the same pixel density of what they already have that would translate to a 40.6 MP APS-C sensor. I want the current technology in my camera. Photos are not always viewed from what you think is the optimal viewing distance. There is a misconception out there that MP needed are tied to end print size needed and that high MP's are only used for billboard sizes or to crop. That is the BS salesman jargon! People with experience use their eyeballs and can clearly see the difference of higher MP sensors and quality glass. When I was referring to the A7x I meant the R line as well. Two other reasons I like the smaller Sony's are they are much less assuming than bigger cameras. You can more easily blend in with any other Joe tourist and not be noticed while shooting. Also you inherently get much better depth of field at equivalent focal lengths (same field of view). Great for quick street stuff and many landscapes scenes. Having shot many years with manual focus I don't need to have faster AF tracking. What is currently available is great. The high ISO capability and dynamic range of today's digital cameras are already way beyond what film could ever do, I don't need more of that. Long ago I learned how to hold my camera steady so I don't need IBIS (unless it offered pixel shift) which people don't understand does not freeze your subject. You guys have the rez you want and have plenty of bells and whistles already so you should be happy. Simply for what I do, I want more resolution in the same form factor.
  20. Hello you all! I'm trying to make an automatic turntable for object 3D scanning (photogrammetry). I use this connector to interact with camera multiport: Sony pinout on Multiport For now it's working well, I use some custom electronics to trigger the shutter connecting trigger pin to GND. But it only work with the self-timer activated. It makes my scan process really slow then (even with the 2sec selftimer) Do you know a way to use directly the trigger pin (I mean, instantly?) If some people are interested into a 3D scanner turntable, we built it for cheap and we can share it, it's wifi remotely controlled, wood and basic gears, and can handle 40kg! Thank you
  21. I was also going to mention the A7x's. 24mp is absolutely fine for me, image quality is great and it's more than big enough for any print I would ever want to do. Until then, I don't see a need for more. For what it's worth, I previously owned a Pentax K1 (36mp). It was nice to have that additional crop-ability but it was entirely unnecessary for every scenario I would use my photographs (currently).
  22. Hi, many forums and the "pros" once were certain that the star eater issue makes the Sony A7 Series unusable for astrophotography but I always had good results with my Sony A7rII. So I recently went ahead and had it astromodified. The thick IR-Block Filterglas was replaced with a thin Baader substitute that lets IR Light down to the h-alpha line and the sII line through to the sensor with high transmission. The results can be seen in detail on my google drive link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SrdJ7tJbEUwN5KcbXsfpKaesq8KltzmY/view?usp=sharing I could write a lot of things that make the A7rII not the perfect camera for astro but suffice to say, it is still bloody capable. Cheers and CS, Ben - Instagram - AstroBin Technical stuff: Acquisition: Imaging telescope or lens : Meade SN-8 Imaging camera : Sony a7rII astro modified Focal reducer : TeleVue ParaCorr PLU1106 Filter : STC Cyclops Optics STC Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter Dates : May 28, 2020 Frames : STC Cyclops Optics STC Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter : 39x300" ISO640 Integration : 3.2 hours Darks : ~50 Flats : ~50 Avg. Moon age : 5.67 days Avg. Moon phase : 32.16% Bortle Dark-Sky Scale : 8.00 Processing was done with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Aries Productions Astro Pixel Processor APP and Adobe Photoship CC 2018. Stacked with sigma kappa clipping 3/1. Light pollution could not be removed automatically in A.P.P. and had to be done manually in Lightroom with local adjustments and a lot of fiddling. Both images have reduced star sizes with a minimum filter applied to masked stars. The masked stars color’s were also tweaked in order to bring them close to the feel of a normal broadband rgb distribution with colors between either aqua and blue or yellow and orange. I did however not manage to create a mask that includes the faintest and smallest of stars. If you look closely you see how the star colors are a little off, the smaller the stars get
  23. Honestly, why do you need more MP? 24 MP is plenty for any kind of print you may ever want to make if you factor in optimal viewing angle. All these bells and whistles you speak of result in a vastly better image than just boosting the MP-count would (better AF and subject tracking, better low light ISO-performance, etc). Higher MP is just marketing crap unless you plan to heavily crop or print billboard size and stand with your nose against the canvas. For good reason the A7x you refer to has actually stuck with 24 MP ever since the first version. It's the A7Rx line which has received MP boosts because this line is ment for just that purpose: absolute best image quality despite bigger file size and more noise on pixel level. It's ment for those people who plan to crop their images or print billboard-size. Here's one hoping Sony's future A6XXX-camera will still have 24 MP but even better AF and (dare I say) 1-2 stops better ISO-performance.
  24. Hello I have an a6000 with the sigma 30/2.8 prime lens. I am shooting video with face detection. I see that the face detection will create a gray box around the subject, but does that mean that the camera is focusing on that, or that it just detects a face? If i have press the shutter the box will turn green, but my worry is that when pressing the shutter down when shooting video it will create camera shake. So is there a way to see what the camera is autofocusing on and tracking while shooting video?
  25. My Sony A6300 won't turn on After factory reset! After the reset, came the message to choose the Language and also that the battery is exhausted, I turned off the camera and replaced it with another full battery and I couldn't turn on anymore. I tried a day without battery to reset the internal battery did not solve. I already tried to install the firmware, but the camera does not appear on the computer, the orange light next to the cable door is on. I appreciate any help!!!
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