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  6. Agreed and when used with LAEA-5 with the right body camera it's AFing...So... it's a no brainer here.
  7. There are 2 things that you need to take into account. According to what you say, you have an APS-C e-mount A6000 and you would want to 1- Buy a 300 USD LAEA-5 adapter 2- Buy a DSLR full frame lens of 400 USD Well I think you make multiple mistakes here. The first one being that the LAEA-5 won't bring you no advantage against a LAEA-3 on your A6000 body Second would be, why would you use FF 24mm or 28mm which would give you an equivalent of 36mm to 42mm field of view ? And moreover they are heavy DSLR FF lenses. You would shell out loads of money that you could p
  8. Happy Sony SLT user here since 2012 with A58 entry level camera + KM d7D. Moved on in 2016 with A77m2, and continued in 2018 with A99m2. Eager to try A7Rm4 and A9m3 with LAEA-5 to compare both against A99m2 😋
  9. Hi Dr John, a question for you regarding the 70-350 les. I’ve just brought this lens and noticed the steady shot menu in the camera is greyed out (a6000) and was wondering if you have the same situation? I’m sure the oss is working but can’t tell via the camera menu settings, would greatly appreciate if you can advise me on this issue, regards Garry
  10. Sony Sony 100-400 GM Lens Problem Well, I did get to the bottom of this issue with my Sony 100-400 GM lens. After much testing and consulting with my local Camera Store, we concluded that the lens alignment seemed off and needed repair. It went to Sony for repair. And the repair turned out to be an expensive repair. I got it back from the Sony Repair facility yesterday and tried out on a target on which I originally noticed the optical defect. And yes, it is improved, BUT not eliminated. Please see the attached image showing three shots of the same light post. The left side is s
  11. Have a read at that link I posted, some good ones there. Filters always affect image quality, but good quality filters have such incredibly small influence that - in my opinion - the influence is negligible. Some people however just don't accept anything that might affect image quality. Filters are not for them.
  12. Can people post examples of good quality filters that don't affect image quality?
  13. Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😉 IMG_0046 by freme_3, en Flickr
  14. Hey, thank you for responding to my question. yes, I did try again with a fully charged battery, but it seems like the camera OS is gone and the camera just turns on and the live view just comes on for a couple of seconds and then its gone...
  15. Y Thank you everyone for the advice. So I was able to get the Sony a7 iii from greentoe from authorized sony dealer with a year of warranty for $1520 shipped and taxes included, great deal (since I am in Michigan, that means $1430 before taxes). Super excited for my first full frame sensor and mirror less I have narrowed down few lenses for my first purchase. I am trying to not go crazy and get only the ones I know I will use regularly. 1. Tamron 28-75 - seems to be a great all around lenses. Price is higher than my other options below, and I seem to gravit
  16. I think not. The eye focus belongs to the AF system (it works automatically if activated). The focus peaking is a great means of assisting manual focusing in my opinion and can be used and be effective for most subjects. It will highlight vertical lines (or almost vertical) being in focus if the camera is horizontal, and horizontal lines if the camera is in portrait (vertical) position, so one can turn the camera to whichever position would be better to focus manually (even to a diagonal position) and then turn it back if necessary to the intended position for the photo (portrait or landscap
  17. It's not possible: that green square is an autofocus-confirmation box. If autofocus is disabled, the camera is not searching for eyes/faces so there won't be any green boxes. Focus magnification on the eyes might help in your case, though you need a model standing fairly still for this to work.
  18. Hello everyone, i'm wondering if it's possible to use, in Manual Focus, the lovely green square on the eye or on the face as it happens when using AF.. I think can be interesting and can work maybe better than focus peaking! What do you think about it?? Ale
  19. α7r ii | Sony FE 35mm | f/22 | 10 sec | ISO 50
  20. Hi guys I just brought the Sony 70-350 zoom for my a6000 and noticed the OSS menu is greyed out and not usable. Does anyone know if that is the case or is my lens faulty? I’m thinking that because the oss switch is on the lens it by passes the menu, but not sure and can’t tell if it’s working on OSS or not, any ideas? Regards Garry (gnr2)
  21. I have the same issue with my A7RIII - I looked at my raw files out of the camera and they all had this bull's eye. I'll try the same Shading Comp setting. I was also using compressed raw files - I know there have been some issues with compressed raw images and originally thought this was related. I'll have to go see if I can find any of them - I think I trashed them all because the bull's eye was so stark it made them unusable. *edit: added my camera model.
  22. I see the pattern in the hair, but only really noticeable at 300%? I don’t notice it in the fox fur.
  23. while I do t recommend the kit lens, you could do worse. If you are only having one lens, I’d suggest the Tamron 28-75mm. Should be good for anything you’d do. But for product shots you don’t need any fancy lenses with the A7iii. Get some flash that you can take off camera or bounce off a white wall or paper or whatever.
  24. You can, with a Metabones or Sigma MC-11 adapter. Results may vary in terms of autofocus, so check the web a bit on which adapter works best for your lenses. The adapters aren't cheap however and some of your old lenses are designed for APS-C format, so maybe you'd be better off just selling those and buying E-mount glass. Since you're not new to photography I assume you know the pros and cons of primes and zooms, and you know which focal lengths you like. I don't know your budget, but Samyang offers some cheap but great value for money primes, like the 45mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/1.8.
  25. Even though your battery was at 40% have you tried charging it and trying again?
  26. The hold may not be as comfortable as the cabin, but I'm told it is heated. Our baggage is not subjected to -40C or worse of the outside sky.
  27. Quite. That would be an ordinary camera taking ordinary pictures. You might notice that other pictures do not have stuff reversed right to left. What I can't understand is why selfie (phone rear) cameras take mirror images. Whoever started that? it is a nonsense!
  28. Hey guys, New to team Sony!! Just wanted to ask if anyone is using any alternatives for HDMI cables other then the generic Atomos ones to record 16 bit raw on the Atomos Nija 5. I know it needs to be hdmi 2.0 type A but are there any other requirements? I know that Atomos make their own expensive one but do I need to buy that? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  29. Thanks for the response ! I was , sort of , getting used to that idea, .....reluctantly ! Cheers Wally
  30. I'd lay odds it's not the camera. You are used to seeing your face reflected and so mirrored. Using a camera you get to see what everyone else sees, it's your expectations that are mirrored..
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