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  2. Make a little sketch of this situation and you'll find the answer by yourself. SCNR P.S.: to make this sketch true to scale, remember that a giant sequoia can attain up to 95m in height and up to 8m in width.
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  4. Would a fish eye lens be good to use? I hear they can distort so perhaps just a wide angle prime lens then. Has anyone shot any big trees and if so what lens did you like? Thanks for your help, Frank
  5. I own both an A6500 camera and also a NEX-3N for backup. Because I recently bought a new primelens I had to update the firmware on both cameras. With the A6500 there was not a single problem. But attempting the same procedure with my NEX-3N resulted in an error message. See attachment. Downloading the photo's by means of USB (Mass stoarage) is not a problem, so there must be a connection between camera and PC. Does anyone recognize this and perhaps know a solution? For instance by means of use of the programfile on my SD-memorycard?
  6. Stick to the 55mm. Just keep shooting, and donโ€™t be knackered by gears.
  7. crysmeth

    Introduction/Lens buying decision

    No Shame :) .. GAS happens to everyone. I've owned before the lenses below 1635GM, 2470GM, 70200GM, 14 Rokinon f2.8, 15 Laowa f2, 28 f2, 50 f1.4 Sigma, 55 f1.8, 85 f1.8, 135 Rokinon, and a bunch of Voigtlander lenses... Of course, I don't own them all at the same time.. but it's through the constant buying and selling and exploring... I'm putting them here not for ego purpose, but to indicate that everyone goes through GAS :) ... We won't know which lenses we like until we try it. We can rent them, borrow them, buy them ... I now know which focal I like, which type of Bokeh, which weight preferred, which brand, AF / MF, etc... and still we're constantly exploring :) ... Now, I'm completely satisfied with my 24GM, 50 f1.4 Zeiss, and 105 f1.4 Sigma ART. Completely satisfied until the next new lens out that is... hehe..
  8. Dondeando

    Girl Passing By

    A6000 w/Batis 85 /1,8
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  10. steve of stonehenge

    Introduction/Lens buying decision

    I do not shoot astro much but I feel f2.8 may not be fast enough. I have a f2 24mm Zeiss Batis I would probably use for astro. As for the 35mm end of the 16-35 G Master, it would work although I would use a longer lens like 50mm or 85mm. I pretty much use the 16-35 for landscapes, although you could use it for street photography too.
  11. No should have been 709 thanks for the help
  12. The warmer tones aren't not always bad, sometimes it even looks better. But as you know, thats not the point of AWB. As can be seen in my 2 examples the greens are not green and often enough the blue sky is more to the magenta then blue. I dont like it at all. Maybe someone will find a solution for it or Sony is reading this forum.
  13. Sony is a bit funny with WB ... right now, with lots of Autumn colors, I get no love with AWB. And in general its never really right, often OK, but does not cope well with non-normal situations. And the typical Sony solution is to solve such problems with another menu setting! Its a lost cause ... IMHO.
  14. I don't have any personal experience in video, but this seems to be more than just an introduction into the matter. Hope this helps. BTW, are you sure about the rec702 ??
  15. Thank you all for your detailed information and knowledge. Iam aware that the WB is just a guess from the camera and that the camera maybe doesnt have all the information it would need to set the correct WB. With my grey card I get better results overall, yes. But that should not the be necessary for okay-ish WB for travel and walk around. Some variation in WB wouldnt bother me either. But, like I said already, the AWB gets way to warm/yellow in different lighting conditions. Not only in sunny daylight. Its around ~500K to warm. Just recently I discovered the "PRIORITY SET IN AWB" Option. I set it to white and indoors its just perfect the most time. (If you want to see the difference here is a link: http://enthusiastphotoblog.com/2018/02/23/sony-a7riii-priority-auto-white-balance/ ) When changing this option from "White" to "Standard" it seems its exactly what happens under different lighting conditions. I would need this function for ALL circumstances, not only for artificial lighting. But it seems this isn't an option right now?
  16. Never loose sight of the important fact that both the exposure meter and that average white balance โ€œ think โ€œ in monochrome. The exposure meter is looking for mid tone grey in a presented scene and adjusts settings that will capture that grey in the best contrast available. That implies the blacks will be black and the whites will be white but the blacks and white will contain detail. The white balance as already mentioned also looks for mid tone grey and when it gets that right or wrong it sets the colour cast you see or not see. So remember, green grass, skin tones, tarmac all are mid tone grey if they dominate an image they will be the colours that ,if correctly exposed , will look right and sometimes others can be off a bit. That is why all editing software has means to correct white balance either in Jpeg or Raw. Now of course non of that explains the yellow tint you are seeing but does explain the variation in shots.
  17. Yeah, to stop the Sony choosing a AWB setting you need to set the WB manually. If its sunny, set Sunny, if its cloudy, set Cloudy ... and so on. The fine tuning can help adjust for any bias that might exist in the system. But that is not your problem. The AWB is trying to guess the correct WB setting by making the scene overall neutral (yellow-blue and green-magenta) so if you have a dominant color (autumn leaves) then it will probably get the WB wrong. If the camera can guess what the scene is, then its AWB guess will be better. Grey cards help.
  18. jonas

    Considering switching from Fuji

    Hi FW 6400 was the maximum I would shoot and accept with my X-T2. The Sony is a better camera when it comes to low light, but your question is maybe how much? From my understanding you currently own the X-T2? Unfortunately I haven't got the best lenses yet on Sony to do a direct noise comparison (real world), but when I receive my Sony FE 55 F1.8 I can give you a response. I currently have the 24-105 and the light is so low in my part of the world now that every "candid" shot inside is around 6400-12800, which is too noisy. The best thing about Fuji are their manual control dials (iso, shutter, aperture) which is fantastic when you change different kind of lightning fast. What kind of lenses do you currently have? Maybe investing in a better more light hungry lens is a better option?
  19. Apoorv Umate

    sony a6300 .arw file not giving details

    on a mac book pro , it works but i have dell xps 15 with 8th gen i7, still no luck
  20. I would be grateful if any could suggest reading matter or website , that will explain about shooting in a given codec, why it has to be (,or does it?.) get converted to rec702 and do you convert if you want to output in 4k and so on. I understand mostly what the various components are its their relationships to one another that is abit of grey area to me. I hope this make sence to someone and I dont get my heat bitten off for posting this.
  21. can you please tell us if you use a fixed one; cloudy is a favorite catch all one; will the same shifts take place?
  22. carney2

    Getting started

    I learned long ago that depending on the manual was not a good idea. For my last 3 cameras (two of them Nikons) I went to books written specifically for the camera. It's an extra $20-$30, but I've never been disappointed. I purchased the Sony A7 III a few weeks ago and went to Amazon for this book https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1681984121/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It has been very helpful, and I've thrown in a few YouTube videos on specific subjects such as bracketing for HDR.
  23. thefsb

    Considering switching from Fuji

    Why not rent some Sony gear and find out for yourself?
  24. I had a similar problem because my computer was very slow in processing the large RAW files. Have you tried to view the files on a different computer?
  25. Dondeando


    A6000 w/ Batis 85 1.8
  26. Yes I am. The problem is the camera gets the WB right in, lets say about, 3 of 10 pictures/Scenes. Then I would have to change the fine tuning again. That's not really satisfying. In my attached pictures it would have been possible, but not in the forest between these two locations (because of the shadow and not sunlight lighting). These strange White Balance shifts also occur often when shooting close up's of people. Suddenly the WB gets way more yellow. I really dont get what is going on with the WB. Sometimes it's spot on but way more often it's warmer then it should be. It's driving me crazy the last weeks. ๐Ÿ˜•
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