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  3. It IS a folder, kind of. It's called a PACKAGE. Control+Click, right click, whatever click to get inside. For AVCHD you'll need to do this a few times. AVCHD then yields > BMVD then yields > STREAM folder which contains video. (This will help anyone finding a mega huge file (likely a package) without a clue as to why it's so big, what's inside, and how do I get to the goods.)
  4. Sorry friends. But I do not know why the link should not have worked Olaf? Have even tried it myself, was just with wetransfer... Anyway here is a new link to Sharepoint. Thank you! Example Pictures
  5. I totally support the idea that electronic shutter should have the option not to be in silent mode. I just got my A7 IV and it is rather uncomfortable not knowing the shot is successful or not and to proceed further.... Sony please do something... thanks.
  6. He posted a link that didn't work and which I've removed. @thokiPlease post a working link what you have in mind.
  7. Yesterday
  8. If it's on the outside of the front element, it may be damage to the lens coating and if it's on the inside of the front element, it could be lens separation. In any case, try a gentle and thorough cleaning as Pieter suggests and if that doesn't clear up the problem, return the lens for a refund or ask for a deep discount on the selling price.
  9. Would certainly help if you shared the pictures you liked for reference. You're not giving us much to work with...
  10. I figured it out.. really annoying. So above peopled mentioned its in Private\AVCHD which is correct but AVCHD is not a folder. it looks like its own file that opens with quicktime player. when you double click the file, it will open quicktime player with all of your footage.
  11. Hello, I have a Sony a7iii and I am having autofocus problem in video mode. I'm trying with a Tamron 28-75 lens. My lens and camera are up to date. When I tried my lens with my friend's a7iii, there was no problem. so the problem is with my camera. I can't focus in AF-C mode, it's too late and out of focus. The problem persists even though I made changes in the AF drive speed menu. I think it's a software problem. What do you think is the problem?
  12. Hello people have the opportunity to create cool images for a company's website. Only I do not have so much experience... and meander through with the auto function of the camera. Now I got a few pictures for reference. These have once created a photographer for the company, but I do not know him and I know nothing else how he shot the pictures. So now I was handed a Sony alpha 7iii and told to take quality pictures. What setting do you think he used? What lens do I need to get there? Thanks friends! I really need support
  13. Is it on the outside of the front element or in the inside? Difficult to see on the picture. If on the outside, I'd try a gentle but thorough cleaning with lens cleaning liquid and an optics cloth: could be grease/muck. Defects like this shouldn't affect sharpness much but they do show up in bokeh balls if you shoot wide open. Unless the defect was mentioned in the advertisement of the lens, I'd certainly try to get a refund. Defects like this should give you a serious price cut.
  14. Looks like fungus, but that‘s unlikely. Probably some glue residue from the manufactoring process. You should give it back.
  15. I just bought a second hand FE 70-200mm GM lens. But I found a "weird scratch" on it. Does anyone know what's that mark in the picture? Does that affect the picture? Thank you!
  16. Last week
  17. The scenery is spectacular and I think the aerial style works very well here to bring the audience into the environment. The quality of the work is great. On another side, I find the shots are too short and disappear before I can fully connect with them and fully enjoy the scenery. Because they are so short the randomness of the order becomes too noticeable too. I would suggest longer shots and a reordering that can possibly create a sort of narrative just through the order of the shots. A feeble narrative is better than no narrative. Categorizing shots based on their location and scenery type is an idea to try out for this purpose.
  18. I Get the same issue with A7 IV, at longer exposure, live view dosnot change above iso 2500, did anyone figure out why?
  19. A7 IV manual mode, Live view setting is on. I dont undersrand why raising the iso over a certain number does not affect live view display brightness, althoough reviewing pictures taken shows over exposure. While live view doesnt show over exposure see video 20220521_234618.mp4
  20. Anybody have a solution? Tried all of the above, but alas to no avail. Also got it back after faulty buttons. (but not the dial)
  21. Ran into this exáct same issue and tried to figure it out how to get rid of this for weeks now. I think I just finally, finally found some settings that at least brings it to a minimum. These are the settings I did/have: Choose NTSC if you did not yet (instead of PAL) Menu 1: Aspect ration 16:9 Menu 2: File Format: XAVCS 4K Record Setting: 30p 100M AF Drive Speed: Fast AF Tracking sens.: Responsive Choose Manual (rotation wheel): Set shutterspeed to 1/60 (=2x30, the advised sh.speed) Set F to 4.0 Set ISO to 'auto' And Exposure you can play with a bit (I chose -0.3) Now, for the very first time when I pan from right to left, I get an acceptable video movement.... Important to know: By choosing '30p 100M' your lens/camera will start to zoom in a tiny little bit when pressing the record button... No idea why, but only that it is so... If you don't like/want that you can turn the Record Setting to 24p, but.... I couldn't get 24p working with a smooth movement while panning from right to left (or viceversa).... If anyone does, pls feel free to let me know.
  22. Ran into this same issue... When you set Record Setting (menu 2, page 1) to '24p/100M(super 35mm)' it won't happen anymore..
  23. Hi, There are weird grey parts on clips I shot with my Sony Alpha 7S III, see images attached, ever experienced this? Thank you in advance for your help
  24. Coming back here after a few months now. The camera still does not power ON with its batteries. Frustrating situation not to be able to use such a great tool anymore. Curious to see if anybody in here had similar experience with their sony carema and willing to offer new suggestions? Many thanks to all.
  25. that makes a lot of sense, thank you so much for your reply!
  26. Hey gang. Thanks. Sorry, my brain didn't come up with just removing my flash from the hotshoe so I could flip the LCD screen up and over to see what actually happened when I hit the shutter button on the remote. I am coming from a NEX-6 which didn't have the ability to flip the screen out like this.. or at least I wasn't aware it could do that. I am happy to say that YES, it DOES zoom/track the eye as soon as you hit the button! For reference, I am using the Sony RMT-DSLR2 IR remote. Thanks again, Jeff
  27. Sorry for the late response! I rarely use silent shutter so yes, it's off. If it's the shutter's fault, shouldn't those lines be visible regardless of whether or not I shoot in uncompressed RAW? As it stands right now, the pattern disappears as soon as I use compressed RAW.
  28. which Sony alpha cameras have specifically bird eye af tracking?
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