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  3. Using Chrome on Windows, if I go to the forum home page it tells me I am not signed in, but if I go to a specific forum I am.
  4. Of course now I’ve ordered mine it can’t come soon enough. I looked at all other possible options for non-native lenses and none made sense. I even looked at other compact but somewhat lenses with another body like the Nikon PF lenses and the Fuji 200 f2 but those didn’t really make much sense either. The good thing about getting the Sony lens is there a ton of options for how to use it with the teleconverters and different bodies (A9 for the best possible AF, A7RIII for cropping if subject is really far away or even A6500 if necessary).
  5. Yes I’m also interested in that too. I ordered mine on January 12. The reason, apart from the huge cost, that I took a long time to decide on the purchase, was figuring out how to travel with it in terms of both flying and hiking along with my other gear. Is that a consideration for you?
  6. Thank you, I'm interested to see if there is any true discernible pattern based upon location and retailer.
  7. Amazing! What was the exposure?
  8. tinplater

    Back Button Focus for A7 III

    When I go to custom key setting and choose multi-slc center btn I get 22 pages of options for what you can set the multi select button to...just toggle right or left through the pages, up and down for choices. AF On selection is page 5/22
  9. In lightroom I can import from any slot. I also see them both, I can choose in lightroom from which slot to import. Is your usb output set right in the menu? USB connection should be set to "mass storage" You find this setting in the menu, toolbox. If your setting is right, try another card.
  10. The only other options I can think of are Auto Switch Media, set that to ON. If that doesn’t not work then I suggest you buy an SD card reader/adapter for your computer. It will transfer images faster than the camera anyway.
  11. Do you have USB set to Mass Storage or something else?
  12. Dondeando

    Rainbow Hopper

    Sony a6000 w/Batis 85 1.8
  13. Yesterday
  14. lamontcranston

    A6000 Choosing Kit Lens

    Another vote for the excellent Sony 18-135. You might have to stretch your budget a little bit but you won't regret it. It's a superb little lens that is lightweight , compact, and has excellent reviews. It stays on my A6000 permanently.
  15. Try using AUTO ISO and increase your speed to at least 1/125 for your handheld shots and see it that doesn't show improvement.
  16. Hi I bought an sony a7iii recently. I tried to photograph my friend near a white neon light and weirds moving green light appears in my sensors and scrapped the photo i took. I used the samyang 35mm 1.4. I always use this lens, and never seen anything weird. I don't know if it is a kind of optic effect caused by the neon, it seem to be, but when I turned the light off, there were still some colors in my sensors but they were like peach and blue instead of green. Dont know if anyone can help me with that, Im afraid that my camera or lens may have a problem. Here's some pictures : and sometime there's was no green colors at all. Heres some videos : With the neon light on : With the neon light off :
  17. Thank for the answer. Yes I tried it, but it doesn't work. If i have a SD card in the slot 1, it show me the photos on the SD card in the slot 1 and if I don't have any in the slot 1 et one in the slot 2, it doesn't show anything on my computer. I don't know if its normal ...
  18. tinplater

    Alternative 70-200 2.8

    I really enjoy using my full frame 70-200 F4 on my A6500. I would not recommend adapting a zoom tele if you need fastest possible autofocus. I did not become fond of my 70-300 and sold it and I really disliked the 24-240.
  19. I view the new AF real time tracking as a very important feature, along with animal eye autofocus. Latter coming to the A7III, I keep my fingers crossed a future update may include the new AF system.
  20. Mark K

    Alternative 70-200 2.8

    Adapted 70-200 from latest offerings won't disappoint you.
  21. Singingsnapper

    Fading Light at Busan S

    Have massive amount of dust on my sensor at the moment which isn't budging so using large apertures. This was taken with A7R3 and FE 12 - 24 f/6.3 15mm 30s ISO 50 Taken in the eastern part of Busan, South Korea
  22. 100-400 GM, 1.4 TC, 10-18, tons of batteries,
  23. Did you try this ? https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1720/v1/en/contents/TP0001661949.html?search=Slot
  24. Thank you 2xbass for the response. This is very helpful. Do you mind sharing from which retailer you decided to order? I ordered from Crutchfield on January 4, 2019. For those interested, I will share updates on the process as it progresses.
  25. G'day I have an A35 and A55 both with the same problem. Neither can seem to focus. It seems to think that the scroll under the shutter button is being moved as the shutter speed is constantly changing. I can't access the menu as any menu I open will close almost immediately after being opened. For whatever reason my Sigma 10-20mm lens works fine but my 3 Sony lenses and my tamron lens also does not work. Thanks for any help
  26. Having recently bought an A7r III I had the same problem. The problem wasn't that it wasn't displayed, but that it was overlaid by two many other things. Go to Menu/Camera 2, and Disp is on page 5/9, I think. There are separate settings for the back screen and the viewfinder. Histogram is probably checked. Try unchecking everything else, then moving right and down to confirm. You can go back and forth to the Display settings to determine what else you want to see (one can't have both the level and the histogram for example). Mike.
  27. Hi, first, sorry for my bad english. I bought the sony a7iii and i bought a 64go Sandisk UHS-1 U3 V30 SD card. I got an error message when i put it in my camera and after looking on the internet i saw that they were people having problem with the 128Go version of the sandisk card and that i was working if they put it in the slot 2, what I did and its works ! But now, when I try to transfer my photos and video on my computer with the USB cable, the computer doesn't see the card. So i was wondering, is there a way to transfer photo and video from the slot 2 with the USB cable or it only works for card in the slot 1 ? The slot 1 doesn't work with my card so its annoying. Thanks you !
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