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  2. A7III. Google Translate helped me understand your question but if you want to increase the chance of a proper answer, better ask in English next time as this is an international forum.
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  4. Hello A9ii users, I got my A9ii a few days ago, and its great. One thing I recognized is a quite loud double "Clack" sound when the camera is switched on. (And one "Clack" sound when it is turned off). I guess the IBIS is responsible for this sound, but is this behaviour normal? Thanks for your experiences...
  5. The same thing has happened to my camera. I bought it brand new (body only) in December 2019, and now its February 2020 and it has stopped working. The screen acts like it is turning on but then it flashes with a few colors then turns back off again and repeats this cycle. Sometimes the camera won't turn off and the battery has to be removed. Can anyone help me if they've had the same problem or know how to fix it? I am not using a metabones adaptor so it can't be this issue.
  6. Buongiorno a tutti, sono nuovo nel forum, mi presento, mi chiamo Stefano. Sono un Nikonista convinto e sto valutando di passare a mirrorless, perchè ultimamente oltre alle foto mi capita sempre più spesso di dover fare video, per hobby faccio interviste per food, quindi piatti, ricette e chef. Io attualmente ho Nikon d750 Nikkor afs 14-24 f\2.8 Nikkor afs 24-70 f\2.8 Nikkor afs 70-200 f\2.8 Nikkor afs 50 f\1.4 Sigma Art 35 f\1.4 Flash Nikon sb-900 Nikon Moltiplicatore AF-S TC-20EIII Scatto sempre con focali molto aperte, il mio problema più grande è il peso e l'ingombro, ma se ricomprassi ottiche come ho attualmente della sony credo che il peso sia identico, poi mi farebbe comodo durante le videoriprese poter utilizzare la messa a fuoco touch sul live view. Fatta tutta questa lunghissima premessa nel sito sony ho messo a confronto alcuni modelli, ma mi da pochissime informazioni, dato che c'è notevole differenza di prezzo, mi date un consiglio rapporto qualità prezzo (in virtù delle mie necessità descritte sopra) quale di questi modelli mi consigliate? A9 II A9 A7R 61 MPX A7R 42,4 MPX A7 III A7R II A7R III A7R IV A7 (questa mi sembra più debuluccia rispetto alle sopra citate) Ringrazio tutti in anticipo per le risposte, e scusate il pipone, ma sono veramente indeciso e per me è un grosso cambiamento, la mia paura più grande è trovarmi bene con l'ergonomia, cosa che odio nelle canon ad esempio.
  7. Hola,salu2 de Felipe 😏 IMG_51031 by freme_3, en Flickr
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  9. Hi , I have the 16 mm fisheye converter for the 28mm f2 lens.Does anyone know what filter holder system is suited for this lens ? The dimensions of this converter : (W x H x D)89 x 58.5mm (3-5/8 x 2-3/8in.). I need to attach an ND filter to it. Thanks !
  10. Ok Pieter thanks for the help I appreciate it and it seems like very good advice. Thanks
  11. The 55-210 is roughly the same size as the 18-105. It's narrower but extends when zooming (the 18-105 does not). Have a look here: https://camerasize.com/compact/#691.360,691.702,691.446,691.90,ha,t In all honesty, the 16-50 gets a lot of criticism but during the time I used it I actually got really decent results. I replaced it with the 18-105 which is quite bulky. However, since I got the 18-105 I rarely use my 55-210 anymore as the zoom range is quite versatile. The 18-135 even more so. In your case however I'd keep the 16-50 and 55-210 for now: the 16-50 is a joy to use when travelling light and the 55-210 can come in handy on occasion. Learn to use those lenses and your camera and in time you might feel the lenses you have are lacking in one way or the other. Only then will you know where exactly they are lacking and what to look for. But if your primary concern is size, weight and convenience, the 16-50 might actually never need replacement.
  12. Thanks for the reply Pieter. I'm getting good shots with the 16-50 and does seem portable so I will.keep.it. The very new to this so I don't know the size difference between the 55-210 and 18-105. The salesman said I was better off with the 55-210 not sure he was correct for the type of shooting I will be doing mostly landscape. Looking for best image possibile while being easy to transport via biking and hiking.
  13. Do you leave this setting on all the time or just whwen you are shooting people? Does it maake any difference?
  14. Make sure that you have all the latest firmware for your camera. Do you have a UV filter on the lens ? There was an issue that someone had with a UV filters that caused distortion on this lens, wondering if this could be an issue with certain lighting conditions and if that distortion affects how it focuses.
  15. The 16-50 is very easy to travel with as it fits a large jacket pocket, so in that sense it's bested by no other lens. If you really want something as small as possible, you made the right deal (tho maybe an RX100 would have made sense as well in your case). The 18-135 is fairly small for what it is but a lot larger than the 16-50. The 18-105 is even larger, mostly due to a big front element.
  16. Hi guys first post here as a noob. I purchase the alpha 6100 wkit lens 16-50 and 55-210. I explained to the salesman that I was looking for something to start with kinda like an all in one lens to get going. A friend told me originally to look at the 18-105 and the salesman sold me on the kit. Hopefully this wasn't a bad mistake compared to the 18+105-135? I mostly shoot landscape sunrise sunset pictures and videos. Often while hiking and biking so looking for something to travel with easy as possible. Am I better off selling these lenses and getting something else? Thanks for the help
  17. Well, firstly, take it to your local sony dealer, and ask them, then depending on what they come up with, either you will get a quick solution, or need to send in for warranty repair. Good Luck
  18. So we have an "undeniable" shutter firing, as identified by you by its sound, yet no apparent picture was taken. Let's settle for now on the undisputed observation, that a sound was emitted. The internet is full of reports from SonyAlpha users about such sound phenomena after power down, and a wide range of explanations is being given. The most detailed and plausible explanation of which (in my view) was given by this guy. Of course you are free to believe any other explanation, which you may find when searching for the following key words: Note, how those key words focus on the observation, leaving out their interpretation.
  19. No, the camera didn’t take a picture. But the sound was undeniably of shutter firing ! And it has happened quite a few times before too, after I switch the camera off.
  20. Maybe we should first confirm, that the shutter indeed fired, after you switched off your camera. What makes you believe, the shutter fired? Did the camera take an additional picture? Or did you possibly interpret a "sound" from the camera as a shutter firing? Please provide more detail.
  21. Hi ! I was wondering why the shutter fires even after switching off my A7RIII. Kindly enlighten me on this
  22. Dondeando


    Andrea again. A6000 w/24 1.8
  23. I wish you hadn't cut off her chin but yes certainly a nice test photo,
  24. For using BackButtonFocus you need to change two parts. 1. 1/6 AF Shutter OFF 2. 1/10 AEL with Shutter Auto If you put the AF only on the AEL-Button it is still on the Shutter-Button. That means: Pressing AEL-Button for BackButtonFocus ist overwritten by pressing the Shutter. My A7RIII runs perfect with Focusfield enlarged flexible Spot or wide.
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