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  1. Hi Everyone, I've had my A7rii for a few years now and I love it! But recently, the Fn, center, playback, and d-pad buttons have stopped working. The scroll wheel around the center button also doesn't work. The camera has 200,000 or so shots on it (mostly from the previous owner) but the body has worked flawlessly for a few years. I sent the camera to a local retired camera tech, but he wasn't able to fix it because "Sony cameras are hard to fix unless you're a certified technician." I know he replaced some parts but I'm not sure which ones exactly. This topic has been posted about a few times now, but no forum seems to have a real solution on it. Mostly just "I sent it in to Sony and it was magically fixed." I have the tools and patience to tear into this thing to fix it, but I don't know what to try next. Has anyone come across a part (or parts) that fixes this issue? Or is it true that Sony is really the only one who can fix it? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
  2. Can anyone tell me what is used to secure the model dial on a A7R2?. Mine will not stay attached and falls off easily. The inside of the wheel appears to have some kind flexible adhesive, but its is slippery or waxy, and doesn't appears to be an adhesive at all. Thank you
  3. I need to replace the top mode dial (the "select manual, aperture priority, auto, etc." dial) on my A7r2. I have the replacement Sony part. Can't figure out how to switch it out though! Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks and thanks again.
  4. Hi, i'm a newbee here Sometimes i use this combo (A7rII and 85GM) for architecture and street photography.
  5. is it just me? I have been trying to use the newish Sony tethered software ,Remote, but cannot get it to see my A7r2. Tethering works perfectly well with Capture one but all I get is a message telling me to change usb to remote which , obviously , it already is set to. the other parts of the software , viewer and edit work ok on already downloaded images The original Sony remote pc software also finds the camera with no issues.
  6. Hey guys, i want a lens for my a7r2 to make some sick astro shots any recommendations? i thought about the Sigma AF 1,4/20 DG HSM A Sony FE-Mount
  7. Raging wild fire in California. The ashes covers large part of sky, and gives a strange hue. Sunset in the distance glows in unusual cherry red. Not a happy day for those who lost their houses 30 miles from where this photo was taken earlier today. Cross my fingers for those brave firefighters.
  8. Still loving my A7R2.... just finished a surfing trip to Maldives aboard a boat for 10 days... we were parked a fair distance from the surf break and longest lens I had was my FE 4/70-200 G OSS. While I got some OK shots I could crop into... nothing was close enough. I borrowed our surf guide's Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 A022 with Canon mount and used it on my Metabones EF-E mount....... even at 600mm there was still a lot of wasted real estate in the pixels, and although I used a monopod to carry the weight, it was very hard to stop even tiniest movements on a rocking boat... but still managed to get some magic for my mates when I wasn't surfing. Original frame reduced to 10% size, and then crop into 1:1 frame to 1800x1200px. 1/800th sec, f11, auto ISO 800, manual focus trying to lock into the distant area for faster shooting (although automatic focus still worked) Probably should have stayed at at least 1000th sec. Very happy I got some useable closer shots.... older blokes can still have a lot of fun!
  9. hi guys, just bought a sony A7R2. i was a canon user so i already have lots of canon lenses... i decided to use canon glass with the fotodiox. have read some reviews and looked really good. just got my camera and the adaptor so i was testing the camera and it kept freezing the camera. especially when i try to select 24fps. that is just odd! but i found someone on the internet that apparently had the same problem with an A7S2. does anyone have an A7R2 and uses the fotodiox and does not have this problem? i keep asking myself if this is a problem with my adaptor or every fotodiox. ps: didnt had the budget to buy the metabones.
  10. I've just made the switch from a 5D3 to an A7R2. I'm using a Metabones MkIV adapter so that I can use my Canon glass. I'm really struggling to understand how to achieve a true preview of the exposed image. On my 5D3 I could hold down the DoF button and view the rear screen. The camera would stop down the lens, but boost the brightness so I could clearly see what would be in focus and what wouldn't. By zooming into the image, this gave me fine-grained control over focus - I could pick the furthest object I needed to be in focus and ease the focus until it was just in acceptable focus, thus maximising my depth of field. On my A7R2 with Setting Effect set to On I can assign a button to trigger Shot Preview. This appears to be equivalent to DoF preview. The camera stops down the lens and boosts the brightness of the image to compensate. I can then see what is in and out of focus. However I cannot magnify the image with this button depressed and pressing the button when already magnified has no effect. So how can I get a preview that shows me accurate DoF and allows me to magnify the image to focus?
  11. two 4k time-lapse clips done a few weeks back. A7R2 with Batis 85mm and Sony 28mm. Clip 1: Dubai Marina & JLT https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jiABqCrdsT0 Clip 2: Cape Town https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2tu4piFNM1A
  12. I just rented an a7R II and some lenses so I could make a wiser purchase decision on how to upgrade from my a6000. On the a6000 I can set the focus to a central point and that is what I get. When a bird is in brambles or a tree, that is how I can focus on it, ignoring the clutter around it. Sometimes I use DMF as well. The a7R II, however, even when set for a central spot is using multiple little green squares inside the central, bracketed point. I can't figure out how to get a simple, small central focus point. Who can steer me to a solution? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi on Saturday , not for the first time, I gave up trying to use the eye focus on my A7r2. It matters not which lens I have fitted, but the acquisition of a face square and the eye focus square are random to say the least. Given the praises that have been sung over these focusing aids I have to assume I have something not set correctly. I was taking 20-30 images of 50 models at speed so I tried both continuous and single focus modes, full focus area and zone are and even centre area. I have face recognition turned on and eye focus assigned to c3 button. I was shooting with studio lights at f8 _ 1/160 _ iso 100 all day . Is there a focal length that works better, I see videos of people using all sorts of focal lengths and still saying how brilliant the eye focus is. I found standing in roughly the same place and the models the same that the face recognition was totally random when it appeared. The images them selves are fine , in fact every one is in focus so thats not a issue. What are the aperture and other parameters that you have found that allow the camera to regularly find faces never mind the eye focus?
  14. The waxing gibbous moon was rising, illuminating thin clouds and silhouetted by my friend on top of Chahar volcano in Inner Mongolia, China. Beyond the clouds you can vaguely see the milky way where the constellation Cygnus was soaring upwards. A7R2 + Laowa 15mm F2, ISO640, 30s, 2-panel panorama. 500px.com/haitongyu
  15. I have not had my 7RII for very long but I am not new to digital photography (I probably qualify as an "old fart"). I do mostly portrait photography, in studio and outside. I use AF-C with EyeFocus on the AEL button and that works well. Now, if I am working outside, I may be further away from the model or I may want to take a quick photo of a car passing by (or whatever). In that situation, EyeFocus will not work and that's very annoying because the camera is not focussing properly when hitting the EyeFocus button since there is no eye to focus on. What would be a good setup/setting to be able to focus in both types of situations? EyeFocus on AEL (as it is) and use another button for another type of focus? Or can I leave the shutter half-press to normal focus (it is currently off) and use the AEL button only when I want EyeFocus? Any insightful advice will be appreciated.
  16. In my latest blogpost i´m taking the Canon 85mm 1.8 for a testride again, this time with the Sigma MC11 Adapter on the mighty Sony A7rII. See why this is another great affordable Canon lens which you can use on your Sony which gives you great looking 4K Video and very sharp photos with very nice bokeh! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=2764
  17. I shot this image titled "A Thousand Rooms" at an abandoned hospital in NY with the Sony A7R2 and the Canon 50 1.2 Lens. I wanted to show how painterly you can create with this camera, it's tones are gorgeous out of camera and a joy to play with in photoshop because it's high resolution and the tonal range in shadows. Thank you! Hope you enjoy! Follow my work at facebook.com/vincentminorphoto or instagram/vincentminorphoto
  18. Finally found some time to finish my latest blogpost with video about 1 day i had with the amazing Sony A7rII. Read my full experience using the A7rII with the MC11 + Canon 70-200 F4L, Sigma 24mm 1.4 and the FE 50mm 1.8 on the Megapixelmonster. Get some chips and beer and enjoy! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=2558
  19. Is it possible to see the focus point that was used to take a picture when playing back picture on the camera? (like in the picture below) For example, if you are taking a picture of yourself with a tripod and want to check where focus was made to be able to adjust. Or if you only want to understand why focus was not as expected let's say.
  20. I went to see BWB featuring Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum and Rick Braun at the Lyman Center. I brought along a Sony a7r2 mounted with a 70-200mm 4.0 along with a Batis 85m 1.8. Most images were shot at 6400 ISO as the light was somewhat on the dim side. Did shoot wide open on the 70-200 and on the Batis, I tried f stops between 1.8 - 3.5. In the raw images, the Batis is noticeably sharper and also has better color and contrast. Really like that lens the more I use it. Surprisingly, focusing was pretty darn respectful - set on continuous, face recognition on. Here is the link to the full set of images https://stillsandvideo.squarespace.com/blog/bwb Here's one sample from the set:
  21. With the newly announced a68 with 4D autofocus, it got me wondering as to wether the A7R2 has Sony's 4D autofocus technology like the a6000, a77 and a5100?
  22. mytakeontech

    Snow Play

    Here are some photos from a recent trip to Big Bear, CA. A7R2 with the 55 f1.8
  23. Hi all, New member to the forum here. I have a question regarding the a7r2. I recently disposed of my Canon 5dMk2 to get something lighter and full frame as arthritis in my left hand requires a lighter camera. Here's my dilemma. I held back from disposing of my Canon "L" lenses ( 17-40, 24-105 and 70-200 f4) as my understanding is that they will work perfectly on the sony regarding autofocus. When I eventually purchase the Sony would I be better off if I sold off the Canon glass and invested in Sony glass - some of which doesn't exactly get stellar reviews for the cost/quality relationship or use the Canon lenses instead. I would be primarily using the 17-40 as landscape photography is my thing but would also use the 24-105 as walkaround. I should also mentioned that as I own a NEX 7 I already have two fully automatic adapters - a Fotodiox and a Viltrox. Any advice would be welcome.
  24. Chance to win Sony A7RII, Cannon 5Ds or Nikon D810!!!! http://froknowsphoto.com/giveaways/jigunda/?lucky=130375 Your welcome.
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