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Found 75 results

  1. Hey guys, i want a lens for my a7r2 to make some sick astro shots any recommendations? i thought about the Sigma AF 1,4/20 DG HSM A Sony FE-Mount
  2. Still loving my A7R2.... just finished a surfing trip to Maldives aboard a boat for 10 days... we were parked a fair distance from the surf break and longest lens I had was my FE 4/70-200 G OSS. While I got some OK shots I could crop into... nothing was close enough. I borrowed our surf guide's Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 A022 with Canon mount and used it on my Metabones EF-E mount....... even at 600mm there was still a lot of wasted real estate in the pixels, and although I used a monopod to carry the weight, it was very hard to stop even tiniest movements on a rocking boat... but still managed to get some magic for my mates when I wasn't surfing. Original frame reduced to 10% size, and then crop into 1:1 frame to 1800x1200px. 1/800th sec, f11, auto ISO 800, manual focus trying to lock into the distant area for faster shooting (although automatic focus still worked) Probably should have stayed at at least 1000th sec. Very happy I got some useable closer shots.... older blokes can still have a lot of fun!
  3. Is it possible to see the focus point that was used to take a picture when playing back picture on the camera? (like in the picture below) For example, if you are taking a picture of yourself with a tripod and want to check where focus was made to be able to adjust. Or if you only want to understand why focus was not as expected let's say.
  4. Raging wild fire in California. The ashes covers large part of sky, and gives a strange hue. Sunset in the distance glows in unusual cherry red. Not a happy day for those who lost their houses 30 miles from where this photo was taken earlier today. Cross my fingers for those brave firefighters.
  5. Spotted this scene last night strolling along southern California shore.
  6. is it just me? I have been trying to use the newish Sony tethered software ,Remote, but cannot get it to see my A7r2. Tethering works perfectly well with Capture one but all I get is a message telling me to change usb to remote which , obviously , it already is set to. the other parts of the software , viewer and edit work ok on already downloaded images The original Sony remote pc software also finds the camera with no issues.
  7. Captured sunrise on Christmas Day, at Point Reyes, California Happy New Year to all.
  8. Hi, i'm a newbee here Sometimes i use this combo (A7rII and 85GM) for architecture and street photography.
  9. benoit


    Viktoria Y. at the JAM Hotel in Brussels Portrait in natural light with a silver reflector from below Sony A7R2 | Zeiss Batis 85mm f/2.8 / 1/200s / iso 200 RAW development and post processing in CaptureOne 11
  10. i have always had a issue with, even when using the fastest cards the time it takes my A7r2 to present the preview , but i have always the centre zone area or the full area for focusing , but today I used centre and small flexible spot focus points and I am surprised to see how much faster the pre view appears . virtually instant, why on earth is that happening, very happy but surprised
  11. For picture of the week consideration: NH112 over Alaska Taken with A7r2, 35 f2.8, composite of 3 shots Other pics from the trip at https://wildpromise.smugmug.com/IASLC-2017-japan/
  12. The smoke from california wild fire softened the edgy rocks in the back ground, with morning sunlight shedding on dry grass
  13. Catch the sunset in the valley before smoke set in from California wild fire
  14. PHW


    A kitty walking down in late afternoon.
  15. We are having a torching heat wave in southern california right now. The sunset, behind a hazy seascape, is fully soaked in bloody mary.
  16. Partial sun eclipse over cloudy sky in southern California
  17. The waxing gibbous moon was rising, illuminating thin clouds and silhouetted by my friend on top of Chahar volcano in Inner Mongolia, China. Beyond the clouds you can vaguely see the milky way where the constellation Cygnus was soaring upwards. A7R2 + Laowa 15mm F2, ISO640, 30s, 2-panel panorama. 500px.com/haitongyu
  18. I have not had my 7RII for very long but I am not new to digital photography (I probably qualify as an "old fart"). I do mostly portrait photography, in studio and outside. I use AF-C with EyeFocus on the AEL button and that works well. Now, if I am working outside, I may be further away from the model or I may want to take a quick photo of a car passing by (or whatever). In that situation, EyeFocus will not work and that's very annoying because the camera is not focussing properly when hitting the EyeFocus button since there is no eye to focus on. What would be a good setup/setting to be able to focus in both types of situations? EyeFocus on AEL (as it is) and use another button for another type of focus? Or can I leave the shutter half-press to normal focus (it is currently off) and use the AEL button only when I want EyeFocus? Any insightful advice will be appreciated.
  19. Dear friends, Been rather detached from the forum for many reasons, one being that I had no real problem with my Sony gear... Nevertheless, lately, and "shooting" birds (in the kind way), I have found my A7R2 rather lazy when firing in the high speed mode; it will fire 5 shots at once, but then stop and even with the button pressed I have to wait for what it seems to be ages till it fires once more, and even then it will shoot when it decides, not when I want to. My actual memory card is the Scandisk Extreme Pro 128 gb. So my question is simple; will the newest and fastest Sony SF-G UHS-II solve my problem to an extent? I know that with such a short buffer and 42 + GB files, I can't expect it to improve much, but any improvement might be worthwhile... Since I will be visiting the US by the end of July, it might be the best option to purchasing this new memory, but need to know before I leave Spain. Thank you all and best regards, Spanish Flyer
  20. hey guys im going to buy a A7r2 and i wonder what lenses you would recommend for landscape photography im thinking about the ZEISS Batis 2.0/25 E-Mount or should i get the ZEISS Batis 2.8/18 E-Mount i would love to hear your thoughts
  21. Hi on Saturday , not for the first time, I gave up trying to use the eye focus on my A7r2. It matters not which lens I have fitted, but the acquisition of a face square and the eye focus square are random to say the least. Given the praises that have been sung over these focusing aids I have to assume I have something not set correctly. I was taking 20-30 images of 50 models at speed so I tried both continuous and single focus modes, full focus area and zone are and even centre area. I have face recognition turned on and eye focus assigned to c3 button. I was shooting with studio lights at f8 _ 1/160 _ iso 100 all day . Is there a focal length that works better, I see videos of people using all sorts of focal lengths and still saying how brilliant the eye focus is. I found standing in roughly the same place and the models the same that the face recognition was totally random when it appeared. The images them selves are fine , in fact every one is in focus so thats not a issue. What are the aperture and other parameters that you have found that allow the camera to regularly find faces never mind the eye focus?
  22. Huge 40 MB RAW files from A7rII challenge previous storage and backup workflow schemas. Here is what I use currently. Nothing special, but it's simple and works well for me. Background -- I'm a ballet photographer, shooting about 20-30 full length ballets around the world per year. My current run rate is about 2 TB of RAW photos per year. My main camera is Sony A7rII, average file size is abt 41 MB. I've used different scenarios, but currently using following one. 1. I import all photos from SD cards to Lightroom. My PC has super fast M.2 512 GB SSD storage and also 10 TB HDD. I keep my Lightroom catalogue and all previews on M.2 SSD and all RAW photos on 10 TB disk. I've tried also to import last "hot" shoot to SSD, but I did not encounter big performance increase, but added manual routines, moving later files to slower 10 TB drive. 2. All shoots are organised into collection sets and collections in lightroom, all photos are properly tagged during the import and additional specific tags are added later. So its easy to find everything later and track down to specific collection. 3. All photos on 10 TB HDD are backed up to Synology NAS, RAID 5 DiskStation (4 x 4 TB disks) fully automatically by Cloud Station Backup 4 software (Synology). 4. Selected directories from Synology NAS are backed up to Amazon Glacier for added off-site security. I use fully automatic Glacier Backup app for Synology. This setup is fairly easy and automated. I do not have to copy directories from one storage device to another. Lightroom catalogue is also very simple. This method is good for photographers having photo archive less than 10 TB, which is maximum size of single HDD.
  23. Hello, Here's the link of my review of the Sony A7R2, with plenty of my favorite photographs. I am hoping you guys will love the images. Feel free to share via social media! http://www.atamadnan.com/2017/03/23/sony-a7r2-review-a-stellar-workhorse/
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