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  1. Looking for some advice or if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong. I recently switched from canon to sony a7rii and have been shooting with the zeiss 24-70 f/4. One issue that I've run into on a few ruined landscape timelapses is that somewhere after 10-100 photos the camera seems to readjust the focus and then the rest of my 100-500 images are out of focus slightly and soft for the rest of the duration. I typically shoot in aperture priority or manual depending on the time of day, but I have no idea what is going on from focusing and clicking start on my intervalometer to the when the images be
  2. I am trying to set up continuous autofocus without pressing the shutter, and can only get it to work on one of my 4 sony A6000's. For the life of me I cannot figure out what is different about the settings on that one camera that will enable the lens to refocus without pressing down the shutter when I move the camera around to different subjects. I have tried different lenses, and they all will continuously autofocus on just that one camera. All of the sony a6000's have been upgraded to version 3.2. Thanks for any ideas/help.
  3. Hi all, I'm a long time reader / first time poster with a quick question about autofocus for video on the A7rii. This topic is covered a lot online, and I'm clear on how to use AFC with video (currently on wide). It works pretty well. The only issue is, often when you're shooting, you can't really see what the camera is focusing on until you review the footage on a larger screen. Peaking works of course, but only in manual focus mode. Sometimes face tracking does what I am saying, by drawing a while box around a face. Obviously if I hold down the shutter, I get a gr
  4. I've been having problems with the clarity/ quality of the pictures that my a6000 produces. The pictures that the camera takes doesn't appear to me to be of high quality, not very clear/ sharp. In fact the pictures often look worse than those taken by my Samsung galaxy S6. To test the camera I initialised it, resetting it back to its factory setting. I then used a tripod and the playmemories control function in the app so act as a remote shutter, to completely eliminate camera shake. I used the auto mode to take some test pics but the quality of the pictures did not impore. The pi
  5. Is there a remote which engages the auto-focus? Using the 2/10 second delay seems simply to trip the shutter at whatever the focus is set at. I'm trying to get sharp images for a self portrait, but can't get the autofocus to lock on me once I walk from the camera to my sitting position. Open to IR/wifi/wired solutions
  6. I have a new Sony A77 II. When I first used it, it beeped whenever it focused, and it prevented me from taking an out-of-focus shot. After a few days something changed. Now it no longer beeps, and it will take photos in as well as out of focus. When I press the shutter halfway it still auto-focuses though, and the viewfinder indicates focus. The camera and the lens are both set to auto-focus. "Audio signals" on the camera is set to "On" (toolbox menu 1). I have tried this with a Tamron lens, as well as with the Sony lens that came with my older a57. I assume I have changed some menu se
  7. I just rented an a7R II and some lenses so I could make a wiser purchase decision on how to upgrade from my a6000. On the a6000 I can set the focus to a central point and that is what I get. When a bird is in brambles or a tree, that is how I can focus on it, ignoring the clutter around it. Sometimes I use DMF as well. The a7R II, however, even when set for a central spot is using multiple little green squares inside the central, bracketed point. I can't figure out how to get a simple, small central focus point. Who can steer me to a solution? Thanks in advance!
  8. I have a Sony a6000 that I have had now for a year. I wanted to buy my first lens since it only came with the kit lens. After some research I settled on the Sony 35mm f1.8 Prime Fixed lens. I took it out this past weekend to a butterfly house thinking I would get some great shots of the butterfly close-up as well as some good portraits of my grandchildren. I did get some good shots but many of my shots were out of focus, more than usual. I was using auto-focus with WB set on daylight since light was coming in through the glass, ISO 100. My exposure was off-I had my aperture set low to bl
  9. I'm new to my Sony A7III and for the most part happy, but recently I've noticed after I take a picture and move somewhere to take another, the green focus point has moved and I have to use the joy stick to recenter it. I like to keep it centered for those run and gun type of shots. Any suggestions? Thanks very much!
  10. Hi, I have a A6000 with a SEL35F18 lens. About a week ago I noticed the camera/lens will not focus on anything that is further than 4 meters away. It says on the display it is on infinity. It’s like the sensor on the focus ring needs resetting or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you Jacques
  11. Hello there, sony shooters! It is my first post here. I searched a lot but I couldn't find any solution related to my problem. So it goes like this: I have Sony A7s II and I had attached 50mm f/1.8 lens on it. When I was switching my camera to continuous autofocus, it was starting to hunt for a focus, never mind it was night or day, it was at 1.8 or 9, it was hunting for a focus hopelessly. Then I bought Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 and again, it started hunting for a focus. This happens if camera is standby and I press shutter button for focus during photo. But if I switch it on video mode, ever
  12. Hi there, I have an original A7 for which have two FE Zeiss primes and the FE 70-200mm G. All works great, incredibly sharp pics. I also bought a A6500 body recently as well, mainly for use with the 70-200mm but obviously making it an effective 300mm with crop factor (I always felt 200mm was a bit short). The a6500 is clearly a good camera, but when I use the zoom lens, it is impossible to get a sharp photo. I have used the DMF focus setting and the camera is never able to get the image in focus. In fact, the focus peaking can't even find a sharp edge. I have tried switching off lens stabilisa
  13. Using the lens on a A7riii body and aperture won’t adjust (just reads F—) and lens won’t focus. I receive an error message indicating lens is either not attached correctly (it is) or not compatible (it’s a Sony lens). My other lenses (70-200 and 50 mm prime) work perfectly. Any advice? Thanks in advance for your time.
  14. i have always had a issue with, even when using the fastest cards the time it takes my A7r2 to present the preview , but i have always the centre zone area or the full area for focusing , but today I used centre and small flexible spot focus points and I am surprised to see how much faster the pre view appears . virtually instant, why on earth is that happening, very happy but surprised
  15. Twice now my camera has basically shut down all focus options, informing me the lens is either not attached properly or the camera does not support the lens attached. As I am only using Sony lenses (the GM 85, 70-200, Sony/Zeiss 35 1.4, or 55 1.8, and Zeiss Batis 25) this message clearly wrong. The camera, purchased through the Sony Store (since closed), is under warrantee so Sony has me send it to Precision Camera for repair. Both times the camera comes back in fine working order but Precision Camera does not give any detailed information as to why this focus problem occurred. (The Sony
  16. Dear friends, It is ever so easy to shift the camera, focus on the subject and make a composition prior to taking the picture that I don't understand why the camera does not keep the light conditions as well when shifting to the frame you want to take... it would be so nice! I know that if you shoot in manual and have a fixed ISO, that would happen, but that is not the case. I normally use auto ISO and adjust the needs of the photo I want to shoot, depending on the shutter speed and the aperture to be used (fast shutter for moving subjects such as birds and wide open for small depth of f
  17. I have not had my 7RII for very long but I am not new to digital photography (I probably qualify as an "old fart"). I do mostly portrait photography, in studio and outside. I use AF-C with EyeFocus on the AEL button and that works well. Now, if I am working outside, I may be further away from the model or I may want to take a quick photo of a car passing by (or whatever). In that situation, EyeFocus will not work and that's very annoying because the camera is not focussing properly when hitting the EyeFocus button since there is no eye to focus on. What would be a good setup/setting
  18. Hi on Saturday , not for the first time, I gave up trying to use the eye focus on my A7r2. It matters not which lens I have fitted, but the acquisition of a face square and the eye focus square are random to say the least. Given the praises that have been sung over these focusing aids I have to assume I have something not set correctly. I was taking 20-30 images of 50 models at speed so I tried both continuous and single focus modes, full focus area and zone are and even centre area. I have face recognition turned on and eye focus assigned to c3 button. I was shooting with stud
  19. I am curious about how the Auto function to adjust the background focus works. The function is only available when Quality is set to jpeg (e.g., Fine) and not for RAWs. But adjusting the background focus is a function of aperture, distances and focal length, so why is it not available for RAW files? I mean, one can certainly do that manually in P or Manual modes (adjust the aperture that is). so does that mean that the Auto function is adjusting the background focus some other way (e.g., post processing)?
  20. Learning cureve with A7rii I am in autofocus single (AF-S, Flexible spot medium I am set up for back button focus. I am not sure how to move the focus point around. If I try to press on the wheel buttons to move the focus point, the functions I assigned to those buttons are enacted instead of moving the focus point. Also, there is a flashing group of symbls on the LCD: something that lloks like two parentheses, a hand, a camera and an explanation point. Have no idea what that means. Thanks in advance Steve
  21. I wish Sony would come out with a focus stacking app. How great would that be for macro? You could select your close and far focus points and just hold the camera steady while it automatically refocuses to get everything in-between sharp and in-focus. Then it would reassemble in-camera, and ideally export as raw. Not only would this be a game-changer for macro, but it would be incredible for landscapes and many other types of photos. And it seems so simple. What do you say, Sony?
  22. Started to learn the features of the A6000 and found out about back-button focusing and ability to configure multiple button on the Alpha. It is set up using the AEL button and but would like input from the members on ... 1. do most use back-button option 2. it appears that it can help with battery use since camera is not always focusing as one is composing 3. is single shot AF the primary 'dafault' for members 4. I understand one can use it as continous AF but I am uncertain how I do this Thanks, Bob
  23. Hi. You are my last resort point. Here is 10-seconds video https://youtu.be/93gD5DzY0hk for demonstrating an issue. Camera can't shot for some reason. There is no Sony service center in my city and the warranty period is over. Therefore, I search for independent solution. If anybody has any ideas, how it can be fixed, please, let me know.
  24. I have an A7R set up with manual focus, using the af/mf/ael button set to af/mf for focus rather than touch on the focus button. I also have focus set to flexible spot. I'm trying to figure a way for the focus area rectangle to be permantly showing - as in, say, DMF focus - so I can see where I'm focusing. At the moment it only shows when the back button is pressed and focus starts. The main objective is to be able to use the af/mf/ael switch to switch between back button and one touch hold focus. If there's another way to achieve that but I'd still really like to be able to see my focus r
  25. I have my camera setup for back button focus. It is an a7ii I recently purchased. What I found the last few times I used it is that if I am in autofocus, turn the camera off, then when I turn it back on it’s automatically set itself back to my. If I activate af again it works fine. Any ideas?
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