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Found 16 results

  1. I would like to power the camera during a timelapse so that batteries don't run out. But when I plug a USB charge cable in to its charge port, the screen automatically goes to the USB file transfer mode, as if I was trying to connect it to a computer to pull off the photos. Is there a way to keep it operating in shoot mode while providing power via the charge port?
  2. Hi, I've just bought an A7ii and it doesn't seem to be able to charge the battery. When charging, the orange LED comes on after two or three seconds. It's then on for about nine to ten seconds before turning off. This happens with the supplied cables/pack and also others I have tried. It's a consistent nine to ten seconds it is on for, does this mean anything? Is this a camera or battery problem? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Tim
  3. I have an a7 with Sony VG-C1EM battery grip which worked great for about 6 months but now loses power angling the camera down or just bumping it when turned to portrait. I put tape on the back of the batteries to make them more snug but that made the cam not power up at all. Im not sure which of the 4 contacts are shifting during movement. When I return to using a single battery in the camera without the grip it has no issues whatsoever. I purchased the grip from Bestbuy about a year ago for $248 so I would like to get at least a few years out of it if not much longer. Any experience with this issue and any solutions that have been discovered? Greatly appreciate any help in advance
  4. Found this a photo show, it's brilliant takes 4 batteries and 4-6 sd cards. easily found in your bag and not expensive . http://www.mindshiftgear.com/products/gp-4-batteries-cards
  5. Hi folks. First time poster here. Just got my A7ii. Haven't done any serious shooting with it yet, but first impressions are good. Just love the way it feels in my hands. A couple of concerns right off the hop, though. Here's one of them: To make the battery go a little longer, I'd like the monitor to remain off at all times except when in playback mode. So when shooting, I'd like the EVF to activate as expected, when I put the camera to my eye. And when I'm done shooting, I want the EVF to go off and the monitor to remain off. Now, I know at least part of this can be accomplished in the settings. Monitor can easily be switched to off. This is great while in shooting mode, and I can only assume that is saves some powet. But the problem is, if I want to go into playback mode or tinker with settings, I'd have to either do this with the EVF or temporarily turn the monitor back on (an inconvenience to say the least). It makes no sense to have to use the EVF while in playback mode. I assume I must be missing something. Can it be accomplished?
  6. I'll be traveling with my Sony gear and usually like to bring about (10) batteries with me. Is there an easy way to protect the batteries from themselves, protecting the contacts and getting these through airport security? Are there any small cases that will hold about four or so batteries in one case? I've just been putting them in small baggies and wrapped with a rubber band but this might not work for airport screening. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Markoe California USA
  7. I have my A7R2 in air plane mode to save on battery power but what else is sucking the battery down when not in use and switched off? does any one know how long memory, copyright info etc is stored if the battery is out? is it stored on a eprom or is there a backup battery inside ?
  8. Has anyone tried USB battery packs with the A7sII or A7rII? Can they power the camera or charge the internal batteries when the camera is not in use? Thanks.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum but have been coming to this website for quite some time. Last night I experienced some very weird behaviour with my Sony A7R II and an unexpected 'Battery Exhausted' error message coming up. There was some sort of battery drain issue, but I can't be certain what. I documented in great detail what exactly happened and wrote it up on my website. I will continue to update my post with any new information when and if something else happens with the camera. If you have experienced anything similar, please share your story in case this is something that Sony needs to address. http://www.kyleandrew.com/my-a7r-ii-is-dead-or-is-it/
  10. I was on a trip last week with my A7Mk2 and a few lenses. I had the Mk1 before this and generally use my A7 with Leica lenses and my first foray into the world of Sony lenses was after recently purchasing the 24-240 which I though would make a great travel lens, this was my first trip with it. Optically I'm pretty happy with the lens and the versatility it offers is fantastic. However, (there had to be one didn't there!) I found that I was hardly able to go through a couple of hours shooting (taking only a dozen or so shots) before the battery reduced from 100% to 20%, is this normal? It doesn't do that with my Leica lenses so I'm wondering if all the electronics in the lens is causing excessive battery drain? Before you answer I'll make these points : Wifi was off (Flight mode On) Camera left in 'On' mode with Pwr save at 1 min Viewfinder/Screen set to auto but with bottom click of dial set to 'Display off' I was wandering around the street of Granada with the camera slung across my side One last thing, it was very hot, ambient temp around 40C Any comments/observations welcome. Thanks
  11. Hello, everyone. First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Daris Alfafa, or refillable, 17 years old from Indonesia. I'm new to this forum and I think I hope joining this forum would help me understand and learn new stuff about photography in general and Sony alpha gears. So the problem that I'm facing here is, I have 2 batteries for my Sony A6000. However, one day, I dropped one of the batteries from about 3' to a hardwood floor. After that fall, it won't charge at all. When I charge the battery, the charging LED will light up for quite some time (I'd say about half a minute), then it will turn off after that, indicating that it's not charging. I can't get the camera functioning with that particular battery. I know this is not an urgent problem as I have 2 batteries, but I'd like to ask a few questions. 1. Is the battery damaged? What are the chances? 2. If it's damaged, is it possible to fix it? 3. What should I do if you can't really fix it? Thanks, I would appreciate your help. I mistakenly posted this on the wrong section. Apologize for that, can you move this thread, anyone?
  12. First of all, I never experienced that a battery was dead in three days when the camera was not even turned on. I have no explanation for those cases that were reported. Understanding the energy consumption of the A7R II helps to optimize the settings and to extend the battery life. Measuring the power consumption under various conditions gave the values below. The lens used on the camera was a Batis 2/25mm. The lens cap was on for a dark screen and off for a bright screen. Mode/Function (mA) Camera off (1.3) In sleep mode (1.3) Camera on and finder and monitor off* (241) Monitor dark or deactivated and LA-EA4 adapter on (250) Image review (253) Finder off, monitor dark or deactivated (295) Finder dark and monitor off (295) + Airplane Mode off (WiFi and NFC on) and remote control on (295) + Silent Shutter on (297) + SteadyShot on (315) Monitor bright (330) Finder bright (365) Finder bright, shutter release half pressed, AF on (400) Finder bright, shutter release half pressed, AF active (430) * Deactivating the monitor doesn’t shut it off. To really shut it off: Menu -> custom settings (wheel) -> tab 4 -> Finder/Monitor set to “Finder (manually)“. Now the monitor is really off. Only on a A7R II a toggle button can be defined, it doesn't work for any of the other A7 models: Menu -> custom settings (wheel) -> tab 7 -> Custom Key Settings -> C4 button set to “Finder/Monitor Select“ The C4 button has now become a toggle that switches between finder and monitor, so either the monitor or the finder or both become powerless. (You may use a different button as well). Start up times: After a battery change: 4,35 s Wake up from sleep mode or turning the camera on: 0,9 s. Conclusion: 1. Even when the camera is turned off, it drains the battery. The battery is empty after 33 days, even when the camera was not turned on. It is advisable to remove the battery when the camera will not be used in a longer period of time. 2. It makes no difference if the camera is switched off or if it is in sleep mode. Wake up time and battery power consumption are the same. 3. Airplane mode (WiFi and NFC off), and/or remote control off have no significant impact on battery life. 4. SteadyShot and AF increases the power consumption somewhat when the shutter release is half pressed. 5. The AF uses more energy while active. It is not a good idea to turn Pre-AF on, this results in a constant drain of battery power. 6. A brighter screen (monitor or finder) uses more energy than a darker one and the finder more than the monitor. Shutting off the monitor (as described above) helps to save energy. (When you don’t look through the finder, both, finder and monitor are off). 7. Keep “power safe start time“ reasonably short (one minute recommended). 8. Just a note: the AF system of the LA-EA4 adapter uses less energy than the internal AF system of the camera. 9. Setting auto review to off saves time and power. With optimized settings, one fully charged battery will hold up to 600-800 shots. I had recently a shooting with 750 images and 15 minutes footage of 4k video. I had to change the battery once and the second had still 51% at the end.
  13. I'm new here! So forgive me if this has been posted before. Well one of the shocking experience when I first got the A7 was the less than stellar battery life. Wifi is one of the culprit which I have switched off unless needed. I have discovered that you can switch off the LCD monitor (well somewhat) by assigning a custom button to it. Basically it shuts of any preview unless called upon. It's not full off as the usual info still shows up in the black-screen. Hopefully it would reduce further drain. Note: this is not the same as FINDER/Monitor setting.
  14. Apologies in advance for my newbie question. I want to purchase a spare battery for a Sony a6000. There seems to be a tremendous price range on Amazon. I've seen them as low as two for $26.99, and as high as $49 each. Is there a difference in the batteries? Are there any specs one should look for before purchasing? Thanks for your help with this.
  15. I purchased my A7s II about a month and a half ago from B&H and have had this problem from the beginning: the camera will stop recording on its own almost immediately after hitting the record button. It does this at random (most but not every time I record) and I'm not sure if it is a problem with the settings (doubtful) or if it's a defect in the camera. In the video, I am recording with the XAVC S HD format at 24p 50m. The viewfinder is off and the monitor is set to manual. The memory card I am using is the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-1 64GB 95 MB/S Speed class 30 Card. Also, the A7s II does this with a full battery and a dying battery, so that isn't the issue either. The trouble is, it is too late to exchange/return it with B&H and I have decided not to have it repaired under Sony's warranty after reading the horrendous reviews of Precision Camera Repair, who it seems is known for destroying cameras that they are supposed to repair. This is extremely frustrating and any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jarred VIDEO: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4oZVoP3o9pw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. Hello everyone. I own a A3000 I bought new around one year ago. I must say, I have been very satisfied with its battery life, which has been very solid... until now. My current problem is that the battery doesn't charge up if I don't continuously check whether the orange light is glowing; often times, such light turns off after a few minutes, or it starts flashing, and the battery stops charging. I just left the camera on for an all-nighter only to find it this morning at 39%. This never happened until now, and I never replaced the battery nor the cable. I checked the battery and it looks fine: no dirt or fingerprints (as I never remove it from the camera). It also doesn't seem like a temperature issue, as the camera is charging in my house, where there are 15 degrees, and away from the sun. The only thing I can think of, different from what I usually did upon charging the camera, is that it is plugged with my new 70-210mm lens on it. I can hardly think of a reason why this would influence the process, though. I'm quite distressed now, as I am leaving in two weeks for a trip in Africa, and if the battery abandons me there I might as well hang myself. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I read around the internet it is quite common, but no solution I found seems to work for me. Thank you sincerely, Ted
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