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  1. Hey folks, Does anyone know if there is a microphone gain control on the a6000? The built in audio is not that great. If I use the Sony shotgun mic the audio clips really badly. I have looked through all the settings and have not been able to find a gain control. Is there one? Also, searching online I have not been able to find anything either.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this DSLR camera, I want to use it as webcam in addition to normal photography but I hit a snag... I have this annoying blue rectangle in my HDMI output and I can't get rid of it in any way (I have tried multiple modes, turning of any sort of facial detection and automatic thingimagic but it didn't help) I have latest firmware (3.21) and I use movie mode because of HDMI output compression in other modes. Thanks
  3. Greetings, I've had my Sony A6000 for at least 5 years, but for the last year or so, I've been randomly facing this issue where my focus appears to be continuously partially pressed. What that does is I am not able to do anything (click on anything else) other than clicking the shutter button to take pictures. Here's a picture of what it looks like As you can see, my camera is just on, but it behaves as if I partially have the shutter button pressed. In the past, i've assumed that maybe my button is partially pressed, and I try to pull it awkwardly, sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't. This has become more of a problem recently and has made my camera almost unusable. Has anyone else faced this issue?
  4. Does anyone know what are the settings that are applied in the various SCN modes? I have a different camera now (A7iv) and I'd like to define a few sets of settings that mimic some of the SCN modes that my A6000 had. Is there a description somewhere of exactly what settings are applied in the various Scene Selection modes?
  5. Sony a6000 used as a webcam with CamLink and dummy battery. Every time I start the camera I get a "No Memory Card. Cannot Play" error. The only way to bypass is to half-press the shutter button. Issue is the camera is in an inconvenient place to do this every time. I've tried to stick several SD cards in and just leave it, but that doesn't work. Error remains, and half-press solution is the only thing that works. Seems the camera is not starting in capture mode, but in playback mode. Can I change settings to start in capture mode? (I leave it in Movie mode) I don't have a Release w/o Card option in the settings. Is there something similar? Any other workaround so I can simply turn on the camera and go? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey Folks, Last week I received the Samyang 85mm 1.4 and it is my first manual lens. I coupled it with my a6000. On the first day with the new lens I captured a great moment with my 9 month old daughter. Hope you enjoy this shot as much as I do 1/160, f1.4, camera mounted bounce flash I had to compress it for upload here, the original file looks much sharper (the eyes are in perfect focus).
  7. Hey everyone. I purchased the a6000 a while back and used it for a few. Before I returned it I noticed that some bars on the video feature were under exposed. There were about 3 to 4 bars. I decided to record the video and put it in my lap top just to make sure if it was the cameras screen or something, But as soon as I saw the footage on the computer the bars were in there as well. I returned the camera because I ended up buying the a6500 anyways. Since its a new camera and newer model i forgot about the issue. Later down the road of using the camera I noticed the exact same problem come up on this camera. It is very odd I have done some research and looked for similar situations as mine but so far nothing. Basically I get about 4 horizontal bars that go across the frame of my video that look underexposed. Please take a look at this frame I captured at an event. If you look at the screen shots carefully. You can see the bars are in the exact same position.
  8. I tried to do the firmware update on my a6000. I got a message that said aborted, remove and replace battery and start again. When I put the battery back in, the camera wouldn't turn on. The red light by the battery compartment stayed on even when the camera was turned off. The only time the red light goes off is when I remove the battery. I tried other batteries and had the same issue. Suggestions, please. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have the Sony 55-210 F4.5-6.3. It's an okay multi-use lens, but want to upgrade and looking at the following fullframe lenses. Which, if any, would you recommend? I shoot wildlife, scenery, and people at variable distances in nature and at events. I'm looking for a good balance of quality and versatility. It would be most helpful if anyone can make comparisons between two or more of these. Sony FE 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G Sony FE 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello everyone first time poster here. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the zeiss 16-35mm f4 on the A6000? I'm between that and the zeiss 24mm f1.8. I've been able to find many photos taken with the 24mm, which have been extremely sharp and the color is great. I haven't been able to find pictures taken with the 16-35mm on an A6000 and am curious as to whether the IQ is as good. Any suggestions on which one or experience with either lens would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I have a a6000 and the Minolta 3600hs flash. I also have the hot shoe adapter to it will work on the camera. I have been on a couple portrait shoots since getting the adapter. My problem is it seems like the TTL doesn't always work. Every time I use the camera the mode on the back just says on not auto. I used to be a canon shooter then moved to mirorless for the size. I used hot shoe flashes a lot on those dslrs with no issues. Even when I change the flash compensation in the camera settings nothing seems to change.
  12. I recently completed 2 albums, both are the Muir Woods Redwoods, truly an enchanted forest. Each album photographed on a separate day. I only use the a6000, the 1st day I used my Rokinon 12mm f.2. I really like the lens, super sharp, lite weight - compact, very reasonable price. It's all manual so I set the a6000 on manual and adjusted accordingly each photo. It was a sunny day. The 2nd day I used my Zeiss 16-70mm f.4 only. I don't care much for it. Being mostly a night shooter I bought a fast Rok 21mm f:1.4 for nights. This was a cloudy, foggy as usual day. I was shocked by the amount of purple ca each shoot had and not just at the edges but in the dead center. It seemed that when branches were against blue sky the camera couldn't differentiate either on the cloudy day or the sunny day. So I'm asking if anyone knows what happened, that I got the same result, under such different circumstances and if you have any shooting tips you use that could help w the color aberrations. I would like to control it during the photographing You can go to my whole album by clicking on my name Coast below This is a photo w the Rokinon Muir Woods National Monument, on a sunny day, wide angle by Coast, on Flickr This photo is w my Zeiss on the cloudy day Cathedral Grove, Muir Woods National Monument; San Francisco Bay Area by Coast, on Flickr thanks for any help and tips
  13. I have had my a6000 for about 8 months and have used the 16-50 lens that came in the kit. It seems to do well in most situations that I have encountered except for maybe low light. I want to buy my next lens to be a compliment to that but am unsure of what is the best thing to get. Does anyone have advice of what they would get as their first Sony lens purchase?
  14. I encountered two problems with my a6000, and didn't find specific solutions to either here. I wrote up the solutions I did finally work out here: http://www.telirati.com/2016/05/telirati-tips-1-sony-raw-noise-and.html The bricking problem was particularly scary. I thought I had a doorstop. Considering how easy it is to do, I'm surprised Sony doesn't have a returned merchandise problem because of it. The updater should be improved to prevent it.
  15. Hey folks, taken on a walk with my dogs in Zoutelande in the Netherlands. No other people around, just the chair and the boat perfectly aligned (found it that way). Sony a6000 with 35mmf18. f5, 1/4000. It was my first holiday with a camera better than iPhone and my first take with lightroom. Looking for feedback on composition and post processing to learn. Feel free to comment, any tips are highly appreciated ! Quality of image is not that good, probably because it was rendered from smart preview in lightroom (traveling without external hdd). Best Daniel
  16. Just upgraded from my NEX F3K to a6000. On my NEX F3 and on the a6000 Monitor(movable lcd screen), if I'm over or underexposing, I see a +/- and a number next to it in format "x.x" . If exposure is right, I get a simple "0.0". However, in the a6000 viewfinder, I have a long graphical depiction of the under/over exposure--like a long scale with 0 in the middle. I wish I could get the simpler +/- and a number in the viewfinder to take its place. I have looked through every menu customization and can't find how to change it , or if its even possible. I thought it is possible because in watching Gary Fong's B&H video on the a6000, he was projecting up to the screen what I think is his viewfinder, not his monitor and its there. I could be mistaken though. Any clues? Thank you.
  17. Hi I’ve been using a Sony A600 for more than a year and I would like the possibility of taking time-lapse. A saw two options: - The playmemories app for $10 - Getting a multi-port to 2.5mm converter and then any intervalometer, total around $20 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KWWWHUM http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250926445909 Does anyone tried both? Do you now advantages and disadvantages of each method? Many thanks
  18. Hello there. I've got a hard one. Any ideea how to shoot night sky light trail photos with a sony alpha a6000 without using the app? Sony tells me that I can't buy the app in my country. Thanks a million!
  19. Anyone tried the above combination? Would you kindly record a video to show how the auto focus speed is like? I mainly shoot food, environmental portraits + landscapes, so the zoom and fast aperture in that range would suit my needs. Thanks!
  20. I have been using Sony a6000 for a month or so now, and I have used it on a paid gig (3 days long) for some shots, and it worked great. Today, while shooting I changed the frame rate from 60fps to 24fps, and immediately after that I started to notice that the screen showed terribly darker. As soon as I started recording video though, the exposure changed and the footage became very bright. I played the recorded footage back on the camera and it showed what I was seeing while recording. However, anytime I stopped recording, the screen showed much darker exposure. This had never happened before. I tried googling on my phone but couldn't figure out, which setting I had accidentally changed. Then, I wanted to look at the histogram to see what to believe. I swear I have seen the histogram before on a6000, but in this case, I couldn't see the histogram either. I tried flipping through the menus, or display button (wheel, up) but I couldn't get the histogram to show. One other weird thing, if I popped up the flash, the non-recording screen was as bright as while recording screen. I went through bunch of settings on my camera and they all looked good. So my question is: 1) What setting is causing my screen while not recording to be really dark, and not give the right exposure? 2) Where do I turn on the damn histogram? Much thanks.
  21. A number of people have made videos and forum posts with their criticisms of the upcoming Sony a6300. But I didn't find the entire set of questions that I had about the camera. (Which I think is weird given Sony's penchant for nasty, A7RII/RX100IV-style overheating problems and the a6000's own little "Gotcha!"s). So I created my own set of videos. Hard Questions is the second one in a series and it asks: 1. How much 4k will we actually be able to shoot? 2. Wifi remote video (still) doesn't work on the a6000... will it work on the a6300? (And why doesn't it work on the a6000 again?) 3. People have already used this camera: Why has nobody compared the body to the a6000? In terms of feel... weight... etc... 4. Legacy issues: Sony's ancient wifi suite, and menus that haven't changed very much since the NEX5 six years ago. Will there be anything new in that department? Or are we looking at more of the same. So here it goes (video below). My first post on SAR. Hope you enjoy it. Happy to be here.
  22. I have read reports that with center focus point selected, this lens does AF with phase detect on A6000. Is it true? Because if it is, I won't sell it at a very low price and use it with the A6300 which I plan to buy!
  23. I must admit i really do enjoy using my little a6000 and even love the cheap feeling little 16-50 kit lens that came with it. I have set the camera up to my liking and only have a few gripes that i really wish the predecessor would have had (fixed)!!! The one thing that i did right away was to disable all the functions on the control wheel on the back of the camera so i could only use it for my shutter speed in manual or exposure comp in aperture mode without accidently changing iso, and focus mode , drive mode which i did a lot before disabling the right, down, and left side buttons of the wheel. When i am out and especially with cold fingers i find the control wheel so aggrivating and tiny with such a low profile that its really hard to feel and turn the wheel.. why in the hell would sony not put a bigger dial on there or make it protrude more with more of a positive click when turned???? I am venting but Geesh it would be such a great little camera if they would fix that stupid little wheel...... What do you think?
  24. Just the right amount of sun to brighten up this long exposure of a small waterfall flowing into the headwaters of Stevens Creek in Cupertino California. The Heliopan Vr ND is amazingly sharp and color cast free even at 6 stops!
  25. Hello, everyone. First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Daris Alfafa, or refillable, 17 years old from Indonesia. I'm new to this forum and I think I hope joining this forum would help me understand and learn new stuff about photography in general and Sony alpha gears. So the problem that I'm facing here is, I have 2 batteries for my Sony A6000. However, one day, I dropped one of the batteries from about 3' to a hardwood floor. After that fall, it won't charge at all. When I charge the battery, the charging LED will light up for quite some time (I'd say about half a minute), then it will turn off after that, indicating that it's not charging. I can't get the camera functioning with that particular battery. I know this is not an urgent problem as I have 2 batteries, but I'd like to ask a few questions. 1. Is the battery damaged? What are the chances? 2. If it's damaged, is it possible to fix it? 3. What should I do if you can't really fix it? Thanks, I would appreciate your help. I mistakenly posted this on the wrong section. Apologize for that, can you move this thread, anyone?
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