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Found 162 results

  1. Hi I what take photos in fashion/miss univers I have Sony a6000 and lens E50mm F1.8 sos SEL50F18 it is good lens for this?
  2. I'm an underwater photographer and i'm wondering if I can set up exposure bracketing (in any of the 3 or 5 shot configurations) while I have an external flash connected? The bracketing works fine without the flash connected, but as soon as I turn it on/connect it, the bracketing stops working. Perhaps there's a particular set of setting that need to be configured to allow this to happen, or perhaps it's just not possible. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. I cannot get digital zoom on my 55-210 lens mounted on a6000. Please help.
  4. I recently bought V860II-S flashpoint/godox flash for my a6000 and it work really well on camera. But I can't make it work off camera as a optical slave. Does a6000 pop up flash not capable of triggering off camera flash?
  5. Hi, I've been using a Sony a6000 for years and love it, but it has recently developed a very irritating problem. The shutter has become slow and hesitates when I try to take a picture, often resulting in a 1-2 second delay between me pressing the shutter and it actually taking the problem. Similarly, on bracket modes and continuous shooting, it no longer fires evenly and consistently. Instead, it will take pictures sporadically, often with long pauses between shots. I mostly shoot wildlife (which tends not to sit still), so this type malfunction is extremely difficult to work with. I am aware the some lenses or high ISO settings can cause shutter delays, but I am using the same lenses that I have always used as well as the same settings (I have three lenses, and it does this for all of them). So this seems to be an actual problem that the camera has developed (to the best of my knowledge I have not changed any settings, but if someone knows of a setting that would cause this, please let me know and I'll check). I have also tried several batteries and memory cards, and it does this for all of them. Additionally, I have tried setting the camera to back button focus, but this does not make a difference. Finally, my camera has also developed a glitch where, after taking a picture, it sometimes shows the photo for a brief fraction of a second, rather than the two seconds it is set to. This glitch is sporadic, trivial, and may have nothing to do with the more serious shutter problem, but I thought I'd mention it in case they are connected. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks PS I travel with my camera a lot and was traveling when I first noticed the problem, so it has been through quite a few airports, cramped cars, etc., but to the best of my knowledge it has not been dropped or otherwise physically abused.
  6. I am trying to apply the newest firmware update to my A6000 but it appears Windows 10 won't follow through on the process. The camera's USB storage is also not recognized by either my desktop or laptop (both win 10). Any suggestions or work arounds that anyone might have to upgrade my firmware? Also, my camera is currently not saving pictures to JPEGs that will open....hence my desire to upgrade the firmware....any additional suggestions? thanks in advance, Miguel A. Jax, FL
  7. Hi All New Sony user so please excuse my ignorance here. Simple question, I can't seem to be able to connect my Mac running OSx 10.13 High Sierra to my Sony. I am wanting to get some applications and check the firmware etc, but I simply cannot get the software wo recognise the Mac is connected. The camera says USB connected, but nothing registered on the Mac or any Sony apps. Any pointers please? Thanks
  8. Decided to present you some footage of our last trip in Spain (San Sebastian - Bilbao - Mallorca - Valencia) Filmed with Sony A6000; Zhiyun CraneM; Dji Mavic Air Thanks for watching!
  9. heyiamnate

    Some portraits with my new A6000

    Hey guys ! As you can see Im new here. A couple of days ago I moved from Nikon DSLRs to Sony a6000 and I just love it ! Wanted to share some portraits with the a6000 and the kit lens 18-50 f3.5-5.6. Sure is a beautiful piece of glass . So, what do you think ? Best regards from Israel
  10. Hi I have the a6000 and a Nikon dslr. On my Nikon I can programme a button to allow me to toggle between aperture and shutter speed to allow me then to alter either setting with the control wheel. Can this be done with the a6000 instead of using the dial switch on the rear, this is a bit fiddly for me? Thanks
  11. Howdy - Question, I have a Sony a5000, 5300 and 6000 (e mount) and I'm looking for an adapter for the Sony e mount so I'm able to use my Nikon 1 Nikkor Lens (Nikon 1 Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8 and Nikon 1 Nikkor 11 - 27.5mm). I believe the Nikon's are G mount lens and I've read multiple articles with different suggestions. Any and all help would be much appreciated. And I'm looking to keep it a low cost as possible. Appreciate it! Cheers, Btlyle (@sonyatlanta)
  12. Hi All, I'm curious about your opinion of the a6000. I currently have the basic a5000 and, honestly, have been impressed with its performance using a 55-210mm lens. I can get gorgeous images with terrific bokeh, I like the size, and I'm not bothered by some grain. I currently have the 16-50mm and 55-210mm lenses, which have served my photo avocation needs just fine, and would like to continue using them with a better camera. I've been looking at the A7, A7ii, a6500 and a6000. I'm not crazy about the idea of having to start buying full-frame lenses for the A7 and A7ii, although I understand both will accommodate my current e-mount lenses. So right now, interestingly, I am leaning toward the economical a6000, mainly because it has an optical viewfinder, fast 11 fps continuous shooting, hybrid AF, and the 24 MP sensor. I tend to shoot a lot of close-ups and portrait shots, not usually in low light. Do you think I need the full frame sensor to "take my images to the next level?" And do I need the internal 5-axis in-body image stabilization in the a6500? My impression is that the Optical Steady Shot stabilization in my lenses is good enough. Would they be notably better with in-camera stabilization too? Thank you!! Here's are a couple of pictures I shot yesterday: butterfly cemetery sunset
  13. Hello all. I'm having one heck of a time trying to use my new flash gear. It doesn't matter if I attach a TT685s flash directly to the camera's hot shoe or use the X1Ts trigger, all of the images are significantly under-exposed. The flashes certainly flash but that's about it. I'm thinking I have a wrong setting in my A6000 but I can't figure out what it is. The camera's flash works fine but the Godox flashes do not work properly. They fire but the image is several stops underexposed. I am absolutely stumped . . . I've spent hours working on this!! YI yi yi. (All of the devices firmware is up to date.). The A6000 does communicate with the TT685. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello I am shooting with an a6000 and have a question regarding face detection. I am shooting a group of people and the camera detects 3-4 faces, without face registration. Is there a way to toggle between the detected faces? For example I don’t want to focus on the person at the far left, I want to change focus to the person in the middle. I am asking for a direct way, not a workaround, just a quick and easy way. So that means no face registration either. Thanks in advance PS: I am currently doing workarounds like recompose, lock-on AF etc, looking for something more efficient
  15. Hello, I'm new to photography but I will attend photography classes/lessons because I want to learn more and become better.. I really like almost any kind of photography but mostly street, landscapes, cityscapes, astrography, light trails, star trails and timelapse videos.. I use the Sony A6000 with the kit lens (16-50mm) , a Neewer 35mm F1,7 and a Goko 70-210mm F4 and all I want to ask is If I can use any of these lenses for astrography/star trails and If yes whice lens.. Also, any recommendation of any lens that is more appropriate for this kind of staff is more than welcome. Thank you
  16. Hi all, This is my first post here, but why not introduce myself first? Relatively new Sony user. Have an A6000 with the 16-50 and 55-210 kit lenses. I mostly shoot wide landscape, but am venturing into portraiture and I take the occasional wildlife/tighter landscape shot... So, looking for a trio of lenses. I'm thinking a prime and two zooms, or just three primes. Not sure. I like the flexibility of the zoom but realize that primes tend to be sharper, which I like for my landscapes. Looking at the Rokinon 12mm F2 for UWA landscapes or the Sigma 16mm (which I've heard great things about). And then a 24-70, and then maybe a 70-200 for the zoomed-in shots. Not too sure. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Cheers! Jack.
  17. elenichatzo

    Greek Landscapes

    1) Thessaloniki 2) Athens 3) Kallikrateia, Halkidiki 4) Zagoroxoria, Ioannina https://www.flickr.com/photos/elenichatzo/26473151597/in/dateposted-public/
  18. Hi All, I posted this question in an underwater photography forum, as that's my focus, but didn't have much success in getting responses. Maybe it's too technical a question, but I thought i'd try again in different forums. I'm working to understand how my a6000 works in detail with the aim of (possibly) making my own LED TTL converter. At the moment I use the a6000 with its internal flash to trigger a set of underwater Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes using my optical cables. I either use the strobes in manual or TTL mode. The TTL is reasonable, but not always perfect. I wanted to understand how the a6000 TTL system works, so I connected a little oscilloscope to my hotshoe x-sync pin and used the other channel of the oscilloscope with a photodiode to monitor the flash. See attached 2 screen grabs for two flash types - Fill Flash, Rear Sync. I also did a slow sync, but it's result was remarkably similar. I wasn't able, in any case, either Manual, Aperture priority or full automatic, to witness any pre-flash whatsoever from the camera's internal flash. Does the a6000 meter TTL during the exposure? Am I missing something here. Welcome any insights, comments or suggestions to be able to run another oscilloscope test. Cheers!
  19. I'm trying to use the FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander with my Sony a6000 and it's giving me the error message 'This accessory is not supported by the device and cannot be used. Please verify the compatibility with the device.' When I had tried using it a couple of days ago I didn't get this message. I've attached my flash as well, which is the HVL-F45RM and I didn't get this error message. How can I get it so this error goes away so I can use the Wireless Radio Commander?
  20. OK, I've been having a problem with dark areas on images taken with apertures of about f11 and smaller for a while. There are at least 2 very noticable areas of dirt on the sensor, but despite my best efforts to clean it on several occasions using a wet cleaning kit (swabs, sensor fluid etc. - you probably all know the drill) but unfortunately the dirt seems to be encrusted on the sensor and will not budge. Does anyone have any thoughts on other techniques that I couls use to remove the dirt that may be more effective? Thanks in advance.
  21. garryknight

    Going In One By One

    From the album: Colour Street

    People outside a shop wait to go in one by one.
  22. garryknight

    The Touch of Gold

    A little girl high-fives the Golden Lady at London's Piccadilly Circus. After about 11 years of doing photography, and especially street candids, I bought an A6000. I also started shooting mono for the first time. I've a feeling it will take me some time getting good at it, though.
  23. In need of some advice. I currently own an a6000 with a speedbooster that allows me to use Canon EF on my Sony. I currently use a canon 35 f2 and the 50 f1.8. I’m in college and work part time but want to start shooting senior portraits, events, and selling prints to make a few bucks here and there. But I mostly post to Instagram right now. I have no problem shooting in full manual mode with manual focus lenses on my a6000. But with the announcement of the new A7 III I’m wondering if it’s worth it for me to invest in a serious performing full frame body. I’ve always wanted the A7R2. But I’ve heard the a7 III is extremely good. The only thing that’s holding me back is the price for Sony glass. I have roughly $2500 to spend on a new body and glass at the moment. Not really much more than that. I guess I’m asking will it make a massive difference on the quality of my images if I invest in the a7 III with a kit lens? Or should I wait and save up until I can afford a nice lens like a GM series. I need advice on where to go from here before I buy another used canon lens and adapt it to my a6000. Thanks
  24. Hi, I own an A6000 and an A7m2. I'm tired of opening beautiful shots only to find huge dirt marks on them! Yes, I can generally clean the images via software... However, I do a lot of event photography (celebrity red carpet, etc.) and it's time consuming and sometimes difficult (e.g., if the smudge is near an eye) and there's time pressure to upload images immediately after events. Is it possible for ILC cameras to have a user-selectable sensor dust cover? When in a hurry one could bypass the dust cover while changing lenses but when time permits one could use it! I'm so fed up with having to clean images and clean the cameras' sensors that I'm seriously considering an RX1R2 or RX10m2!
  25. Greetings! I'm from Germany, so my English might be not the best - sorry for that I have got some seroius problems with my Alpha 6000 and my 3 lenses (12mm Samyang, Sony Kit 16-50mm and Sony SEL 18-105mm) and searched nearly the whole internet and YouTube - I still have no idea what's the problem, so mabye someone here can help me. My problem: ALL pictures with EVERY lense in EVERY mode and all the various settings are unsharp. It's not like an ISO-noise. I got the feeling that the camera sometimes doesn't even focus the right way (and that for the "superfast autofocus"...). I tried really everything and gone through all the theory, so I know what I should do to get good pictures in the different modes, but even the Auto-Mode is really really bad in picture quality (it's unsharp, colors got a too high saturation, ...). Before this I used a Nikon D5300 with a Kit-lense and the pictures were perfect, far better than the ones I get with A6000 So my question is: What I am doing wrong? Is there some major setting I didn't see or could it be that my camera is damaged somehow? I bought it a few weeks ago and I am on an Englandtrip right now (so I expected to have fun with the camera and the pictures...) and since I bought it the pictures are not really sharp I thought it might be a setting problem, so I wanted to give it a try, but now I am totally done, I have no further ideas. Thank you so much for reading my post!