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    • Greetings. Lent my a-6000 to a friend (for last time). On return, tried to transfer files to PC. Found that new files on the SD card had been renamed starting from DSC00001. When files transferred to the PC using Play Memories ALL the files were renamed started from 1, even the previously recorded files. On putting the SD card into a reader, found there were two directories on the card 100MSDCF and 101MSDCF. I feel that he fiddled with the New Directory and the Reset sequence settings but he is not sure. Both directories had images in them, but the 100MSDCF one had the original numbers DSC09454 to DSC09999  and 101MSDCF had only DSC00001 to DSC00041 The time stamp between DSC09999 and DSC00041 are in sequence so the two directories are in sequence. I changed the "Select REC folder" to 100MSDCF but that makes no difference as the file names DSC09454, etc, they still showed on the camera screen as DSC00001, etc. I have tried renaming the 1,2,3,4, files back to 09455, 09456,  but though I can see the 'new' names via the PC, the camera screen still shows ALL (even the previous ones) images as 1,2,3,4, etc. As in the past, the camera seems to remember the file numbers if you format the SD card, my question is where does it record the last file number so it can continue with the next number.  I thought it would "see" the last recorded number and continue from there. But the number must be recorded somewhere in its own system memory.  Is it possible to reset the file numbers to continue from my previous series? Any help would be much appreciated. CDK   PS Had the counter reached 99999, (99 thousand and, 999) I would have understood the file numbers flipping back to 1  (OR does this happen at 9,999 which then would explain flipping back to 1)
    • Hi - I have an intermittent bug in my a7riii. When I try to review an image, the image will only stay on the screen for a moment and then return to the shooting mode.  When the fault happens, however, likewise, if I press the menu button the menu will only appear for a moment and then return to shooting mode as well. I have noticed that when the fault is occurring that the image review button seems to be ultra-sensitive. I shoot in manual only. The fault seems to be independent of ambient temperature or duration of use. I've switched out memory cards as well, but the fault still happens from time to time. Also, I've removed the battery, turned the camera power switch off and on, push all of the other buttons a few times, waited a few minutes, reinserted the battery, and sometimes that fixes it, other times it doesn't. Yes, the firmware is upgraded to the latest version. Additionally, I just noticed that on July 4th, when the camera failed me for large part of the day, that a bunch of the image files from that day are labeled with the prefix "BTP" instead of usual "DSC" (see attached sceenshot). The numerical order starts with the the BTP prefix and then changes to the DSC after I had the trouble with the image / menu screens disappearing and the camera resumed operating normally for the rest of the night. I've searched online and in the Sony manual for what BTP might mean to no avail?  I've had no problems since, but am anxiously waiting for it to happen again so I can video record the problem before sending it into Sony. In the meantime, anyone have thoughts? Thanks, Bob
    • Howdy - Question, I have a Sony a5000, 5300 and 6000 (e mount) and I'm looking for an adapter for the Sony e mount so I'm able to use my Nikon 1 Nikkor Lens (Nikon 1 Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8 and Nikon 1 Nikkor 11 - 27.5mm). I believe the Nikon's are G mount lens and I've read multiple articles with different suggestions. Any and all help would be much appreciated. And I'm looking to keep it a low cost as possible. Appreciate it!  Cheers, Btlyle (@sonyatlanta)
    • Hi all,  I just moved from canon to Sony and my wide-angle lens Sigma 12-24 DG (not ART) is not recognized anymore from mc-11 (F - -) mounted on Sony A7iii. Could you please suggest me another wide lens with the same range at very cheap price? Or if you have any suggestions how is possible to made to work my Sigma 
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