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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I own an A6000 and an A7m2. I'm tired of opening beautiful shots only to find huge dirt marks on them! Yes, I can generally clean the images via software... However, I do a lot of event photography (celebrity red carpet, etc.) and it's time consuming and sometimes difficult (e.g., if the smudge is near an eye) and there's time pressure to upload images immediately after events. Is it possible for ILC cameras to have a user-selectable sensor dust cover? When in a hurry one could bypass the dust cover while changing lenses but when time permits one could use it! I'm so fed up with having to clean images and clean the cameras' sensors that I'm seriously considering an RX1R2 or RX10m2!
  2. I created an account to warn everyone who will listen. The last few months have been a nightmare come true. To give you some background, I am a semi-professional landscape photographer who has been shooting for about five years. I purchased a Sony a7s in late 2015 and shot for roughly a year and a half before my camera needed a wet cleaning. I had a few welded dust specs that dry methods could not remove. I, like many others, feared giving my sensor a wet cleaning, so I looked into other options. I came across the sensor gel stick for Sony cameras and saw that it had a few good reviews and was being sold by one of the popular photography educators (a simple google search for Sony sensor gel sticks will lead you to his site). I decided to give it a try. I ordered direct from his site. From watching videos, it seemed like a foolproof method. I placed the gel stick on the first dust spec, expecting it to be removed without issue. To my shock, the gel stick stuck to the sensor. I immediately panicked and pulled the gel stick off with a fair amount of force and to my horror, it left a large smear of residue. At this point, I stopped thinking clearly and placed the gel stick on one of the sticky pads, thinking that it would make the gel stick usable. I proceeded to place the gel stick on the sensor once again, and to my dismay, it stuck to the sensor once again. I don't think I've been so angry and shocked in my life. I waited until morning to cool down before I shot an email to the photographer. He proceeded to refund my account and told me a simple wet cleaning would fix the problem. He said that the problem was that my sensor had never been wet cleaned, so the gel stick would stick to it. Not wanting to take any chances, I sent my camera into Sony's repair service provider. I received my camera back after a few weeks. To my dismay, the sensor was clean but it had a few new dust specs, plus there was a very faint mark at the bottom of the sensor. I thought maybe they didn't get all of the residue. I sent it back in, but received it in roughly the same condition. I concluded that the only way forward was for me to remove the specs and mark myself. I decided that since I would be doing the wet cleaning, I might as well give the gel stick another try on the dust specs since the sensor now had two wet cleanings performed on it. To add insult to injury, the gel stick left more marks, though not as bad as the first time. That was the last try for the gel stick. I went ahead with a wet cleaning. I used a few different products to remove the residue and dust. The mark was unable to be removed. At that time, I realized the mark was not residue but rather a scratch. The scratch is located exactly where I first placed the gel stick. I sent the photographer an email about this and received no response back. The product is still being sold on his website with the same disclaimer that he is not responsible for any damage from use of the product.
  3. Hi Guys, First post ever in a forum of any kind, so here I go. I bought the Sony A7 iii about 2 months ago, I have shot only a couple of times, and i had found that it is a great camera, I really love it , but when I went to my editing room , after a long while I had notice that my footage have some kind of weird spots, I didn't notice at the moment because I was shooting through the view finder , So yeah i have this spots in my footage and I don't know, if it is the sensor or lens that I should clean it , or some kind of malfunction in the lens or sensor , so if you please guys can you help me , I will really appreciate it . I am going to attach a screenshot so you guys can see what I'm talking about. One of the pictures is just the normal footage and the other one it is just a little more with contrast so you can see what I am talking about. I need also to clarify that I have never touch or clean any think inside the camera like the sensor. Thanks for any help or recommendation you can give me. Azon
  4. Can anyone give me insight as to what might be going on here? It's happening across multiple lenses soIi'm thinking its a sensor issue...
  5. Purchased an indipro regulated Sony dummy battery to female barrel connector for a shoot in June from Hot Rod Camera. I was planning to power my camera off of the power out on the handles for my Tilta G1 gimbal. Tested very briefly in store (30 sec) and it worked fine. Took the rig out for this shoot the next morning to a remote location several hours away. Set the rig up and all was well for about 10 minutes, at which point the camera crashed and burned completely. The screen went completely pink and upon any attempt to reboot it would either show solid pink, or a confetti of rgb on the screen in video mode. In photo mode it would give an image that was slowly overtaken by green and magenta noise the longer the camera stayed on. Nightmare. Needless to say the shoot was a complete loss and I took the part back to Hot Rod. They put a volt meter on both the handles (power out) and the cable, but neither showed any voltage issues at that moment. The cable was a little higher than the advertised voltage but I suppose within tolerance. I just cant believe that it could be anything else when the camera I had had for just over a year (1 week out of warranty!) with no issues, could be a complete and total loss after 10 minutes of using this new product. Hot Rod spent several months going back and forth with Precision Repair (Sony's repair house) but got nowhere. Indipro won't take any responsibility without outside confirmation that it was their product. I'm to the point that I've taken this on myself, and after having sent Precision three emails in two weeks, I've yet to hear a word from anyone there. The fact that Sony's authorized repair facility is this unresponsive and opaque in their process is totally unacceptable to me. I can't believe a company this established has such massively unhelpful customer service. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Is this a total fluke? This is my 4th Sony camera, and 1st that's required any real maintenance, but if this is how things are handled I'm out...
  6. Anyone tried using 'Aero-Clipse' solution along with Sensorswab Ultra 24mm swabs to clean their sensor? Neither Ball photo techs nor myself could successfully clean the a7rII sensor without leaving streaks! Ball said the problem was the solution, they usually use the regular of flammable 'Eclipse', not the non-flammable 'Aero-Clipse. To get rid of the streaks, I spoke to Lenspen who recommended their FilterKlearII flat lenspen using their normal circular pattern technique along with breathing on the sensor. Worked like a charm. Just got to make sure and do an in body sensor cleaning after which you leave the camera 'on'. This stablizes the sensor rather than leaving it loose. If you've successfully cleaned the sensor without streaks, what did you use and how did you do it?
  7. I was shooting on an indoor event and suddenly this happens... I know I've read about an article before on canon's but it never registered in my mind. Today it reminded me... I want to share my sad experience so that maybe I could warn others or maybe sony should do something to improve their technology in the future. :( Anyone here know how much it will cost me to replace the sensor or maybe I should get a new one? I think it will be expensive thank you!
  8. Hey everyone. I purchased the a6000 a while back and used it for a few. Before I returned it I noticed that some bars on the video feature were under exposed. There were about 3 to 4 bars. I decided to record the video and put it in my lap top just to make sure if it was the cameras screen or something, But as soon as I saw the footage on the computer the bars were in there as well. I returned the camera because I ended up buying the a6500 anyways. Since its a new camera and newer model i forgot about the issue. Later down the road of using the camera I noticed the exact same problem come up on this camera. It is very odd I have done some research and looked for similar situations as mine but so far nothing. Basically I get about 4 horizontal bars that go across the frame of my video that look underexposed. Please take a look at this frame I captured at an event. If you look at the screen shots carefully. You can see the bars are in the exact same position.
  9. Hi all. I've got a purple cast on the bottom of my sensor in my a7s2. It isn't really noticeable if you use conservative ISO levels (say below 10,000) but at around 12,800 or above I can start to see this purple haze at the bottom of images. So some quick examples, first of a night sky at 12800,16000 and 20000 ISO... http://ulterior-motive.com/shared/a7s2/iso-12800.jpg http://ulterior-motive.com/shared/a7s2/iso-16000.jpg http://ulterior-motive.com/shared/a7s2/iso-20000.jpg And a few ISO's hgiher, 25600 and 40000 ISO http://ulterior-motive.com/shared/a7s2/iso-25600-dog.jpg http://ulterior-motive.com/shared/a7s2/iso-40000-dog.jpg To clarify, this doesn't seem to be light leaks as I've tried back tape. I have the camera on default colour profiles and nothing unstandard configured. Are others seeing this at such ISO levels ? Anyone want to go shoot a shot or two into the night sky to check ?
  10. Hello I have just bought my new a6500 and since I m shooting video in interior and low light I discovered this problem. When camera is at 4K 25fps(or 30fps) in extreme low light there is "ghosting" problem. The same problem exist if you using a spot light to light only a part of your portrait while the other elements of the scene stays dark.. It seems like a sensor or most propably codec problem. Please check the video below. 4K, 1/50, sony 18-105 f4, iso 1250~2000 (no picture profile) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zlrlpNQcIE It seems we need a new firmware.
  11. Hello, I have a problem with sony a7s. my video camera in video mode , presents 3 fixed yellow lines when I go into photo mode , these lines are not .. but I noticed that in some of the photos shows slight yellow halos .. apparently the sensor has no problem , I tried with different optics ( 24-70 canon and FC canon 50mm ) ... does anyone know how to fix this ?
  12. Hey all, Came to the forums seeking some help. I bought my A7s used for a good deal a couple months ago and it's been great. I normally just used it in ideal lighting conditions but felt like testing out it's use in low light since that's one of it's strongest selling points. Unfortunately, the levels of noise I'm getting in the blacks and shadows is completely unusuable and totally different then others who have posted their noise tests online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXnEVou6Lc for example). Here is some footage I just shot static on my porch. Not a particularly bright night at all mind you. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9eK_xmGZsW3Nnl4eU5mank2TDg&usp=sharing PP: Cine2 (S-Log was giving me even more noise) Color: Cinema Lens: Rokinon 35mm @ 2.0 24fps, 1/50 shutter. X AVCS codec C0001: ISO 3200 C0002: ISO: 40000 C0003: ISO 80000 C0004: ISO 160000 I'm wondering if I could possibly have a sensor issue on my hand and could use input. Thanks for your time.
  13. I am getting these weird streaks in some pictures and a line across the middle of the pictures. Wondering if anyone else has run into these issues? The streaks seem to happen when looking into a bright light source. My guess is a bad sensor and I am noot looking forward to peering into the Sony customer service department.
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