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Found 105 results

  1. Hi Guys, I just wanted to share a Behind the Scene Video I've made back in 2014 and some recent Fashionshoot with a german actress well know for the Netflix Series "DARK"
  2. I created an account to warn everyone who will listen. The last few months have been a nightmare come true. To give you some background, I am a semi-professional landscape photographer who has been shooting for about five years. I purchased a Sony a7s in late 2015 and shot for roughly a year and a half before my camera needed a wet cleaning. I had a few welded dust specs that dry methods could not remove. I, like many others, feared giving my sensor a wet cleaning, so I looked into other options. I came across the sensor gel stick for Sony cameras and saw that it had a few good reviews and was being sold by one of the popular photography educators (a simple google search for Sony sensor gel sticks will lead you to his site). I decided to give it a try. I ordered direct from his site. From watching videos, it seemed like a foolproof method. I placed the gel stick on the first dust spec, expecting it to be removed without issue. To my shock, the gel stick stuck to the sensor. I immediately panicked and pulled the gel stick off with a fair amount of force and to my horror, it left a large smear of residue. At this point, I stopped thinking clearly and placed the gel stick on one of the sticky pads, thinking that it would make the gel stick usable. I proceeded to place the gel stick on the sensor once again, and to my dismay, it stuck to the sensor once again. I don't think I've been so angry and shocked in my life. I waited until morning to cool down before I shot an email to the photographer. He proceeded to refund my account and told me a simple wet cleaning would fix the problem. He said that the problem was that my sensor had never been wet cleaned, so the gel stick would stick to it. Not wanting to take any chances, I sent my camera into Sony's repair service provider. I received my camera back after a few weeks. To my dismay, the sensor was clean but it had a few new dust specs, plus there was a very faint mark at the bottom of the sensor. I thought maybe they didn't get all of the residue. I sent it back in, but received it in roughly the same condition. I concluded that the only way forward was for me to remove the specs and mark myself. I decided that since I would be doing the wet cleaning, I might as well give the gel stick another try on the dust specs since the sensor now had two wet cleanings performed on it. To add insult to injury, the gel stick left more marks, though not as bad as the first time. That was the last try for the gel stick. I went ahead with a wet cleaning. I used a few different products to remove the residue and dust. The mark was unable to be removed. At that time, I realized the mark was not residue but rather a scratch. The scratch is located exactly where I first placed the gel stick. I sent the photographer an email about this and received no response back. The product is still being sold on his website with the same disclaimer that he is not responsible for any damage from use of the product.
  3. Hello, I have a problem on my A7S device. When I perform the white balance. Here is what I have: Do you have an idea?
  4. Penza City Lights on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v Shot from 2014 to 2017 on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v / and few scenes on BMPC 4K / Panasonic GH5 Moon shot on Sony A6300 + Russian MTO 1000mm f8 and Sony 30mm for stars background.
  5. When I take photos with both my old A7s, and my A7sii Adobe does this auto grading to the images after importing them into Lightroom (also into Photoshop). Normally the images are crushed by 1-2 stops, and contrast and saturation is added, ext. Settings: Raw, Large Files, 3:2 SLog-3 (but have tired different Picture Profiles on my A7s and still did the samething) I had an issue with it auto cropping the images, but switched it from 16:9, to 3:2 in camera and it was fixed. I'm hopping its some setting I'm over looking. Anyone know why it does this, and know how to turn it off? I feel like I'm spending time trying to get back-ish to neutral instead of just editing the image. Thanks!
  6. When I take photos with both my old A7s, and my A7sii Adobe does this auto grading to the images after importing them into Lightroom (also into Photoshop). Normally the images are crushed by 1-2 stops, and contrast and saturation is added, ext. Settings: Raw, Large Files, 3:2 SLog-3 (but have tired different Picture Profiles on my A7s and still did the samething) I had an issue with it auto cropping the images, but switched it from 16:9, to 3:2 in camera and it was fixed. I'm hopping its some setting I'm over looking. Anyone know why it does this, and know how to turn it off? I feel like I'm spending time trying to get back-ish to neutral instead of just editing the image. Thanks!
  7. Hi there! I thought, I'd share some of my newer landscape-pictures I shot with my almost one year old A7s. I switched from a Canon 5Diii to the Sony A7s, regularly using my old Canon lenses and some newer Sonys. One of the first pictures I took with my new camera. It's Austria's Hallstatt Village. Also, since I own the A7s, I really got into night-photography. Here's Europes "highest" church at the top of the Dobratsch-Mountain in Carinthia, Austria, and some other random shot at the Sommeralm in Styria. I'll add more from time to time
  8. hi new here. I'm a beginner. Love vintage lenses. Photo taken with A7s and Olympus OM 200mm f5
  9. Hi there, I had a shoot in Florida two weeks ago and shot with my A7S I and A7S II. The weather wasn't terribly humid but definitely more humid than where I am in California. On the first day of the shoot, towards the end of the day the LCD and the viewfinder on my A7SII both went black. The camera was still functioning as I was recording through the HDMI to external recorders but the LCD wasn't so we obviously couldn't make changes to the camera. The following day, my A7SI had the same thing happen where the LCD and viewfinder both went black as well. I had no idea what was going on but since the same identical problem happened to the two bodies, I was thinking maybe it had something to do with the humidity. I got back after the shoot and sent both in for repair. The A7SII is under warranty and the A7SI is not. Precision Camera sent the A7SII back to me which I received today with a note saying that they are "returning unit unrepaired. unit is 'beyond economical repair' due to corrosion". They A7SI is still getting looked at. I called Sony and they said they would escalate the situation and have someone call me back. A quick search on the web revealed others with a similar problem although most of the ones I found were situations where they dripped liquid on the LCD. Here's the Question: I'm just writing to find out if anyone had this problem before and if so, if you had any success dealing with Sony to replace or repair their cameras? I did not expose either camera to liquid and only to mild humidity so I'm bummed at the idea that this would not be covered by warranty. Feels like we should be able to use these cameras in mildly humid conditions. Again, these conditions were not extreme. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance. max
  10. Hello everyone, I've a Sony A7S II and noticed a strange flicker on some highlight area when I recorded a footage. Camera settings below: A7S II + Sony Zeiss 35mm F/1.4 Recorded in full frame 60p 50M S-Log2 1/100s f/5.6 The flickering problem is seen on the windows of one of the building's facade. Exact location of the problem is seen in the screen grab at the end of this post. While these are the footages that's having the problem. Problem is most apparent when videos are downloaded (5.5MB each) instead of streamed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gd802gfudikbzqd/TESTFLICKER_RAW.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/836neifw6dmzvxl/TESTFLICKER_GRADED.mp4?dl=0 Does anyone know what may be causing this to happen? Much appreciate any comments and ideas to resolve this. Thank you! Ray
  11. Having some issues while shooting video with my A7s, which I've only had for about 4 months or so. There are these downward moving color shifts that go from warm to cool that show up in every clip. They are much more noticeable against whites, and a little hidden against blacks but definitely still there. The lenses I'm using are a Sony 28mm f/2 lens, and a Vizelex ND throttle adapter with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 and 105 f/1.8. The issue happens with any of these 3 lenses so I'm pretty sure it's not the adapter or Nikkor lenses causing the issue. Video settings are MP4 and 1440x1080 12M. Any insight as to why this might be happening and how it could be fixed are greatly appreciated.
  12. My canon lens's image stabilization isn't working ONLY when recording video in 24fps. In every other frame rate the image stabilizer will work for both photo and video. Image stabilizer works for photo when video is set at 24fps. Does anyone have a similar issue?
  13. Hey all, This may be a dumb question, but how can i remove the side doors that protect the mic jack/hdmi port etc on the a7s? Cant seem to find anything online nor in the manual... help? Cheers
  14. Hi I'm looking for advice on the best audio options for the Sony a7s ii. I film mainly documentary style footage and more corporate interview style films. At the moment I am either thinking of getting: 1. Sennheiser radio mics, Zoom h4n and then a Rode top mic for natural sound. I've use Sennhesier and the Zoom before and it works well but it's more of a hassle to record it all separately and sync. OR 2. The Sony K2M kit, which comes with a top mic. This seems like a more hassle free option as I can put it on top of my camera, but I don't know how good the quality is recording into the camera. (Or whether it's any better than the Rode top mic which is way cheaper!) Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or any other suggestions for options I should look into? Thanks
  15. Hi there, So today when I was reviewing some pictures that I took with my A7s I noticed a strange faded strip that runs vertically along the lower left hand side of the frame. It's as if the brightness of this small patch has been brought down. It's not small as it's about 150 pixels wide and goes about half way up the frame. This is the second time that I have noticed this issue. I had the same problem with a number of pictures that I took last week. Both times it's been very specific frames on a tripod that haven't moved much, but the issue is identical. The first time it was a warm day of about 25 degrees C, today it was -5. What is especially strange is that it will appear and disappear between pictures taken on a tripod in the same spot. I can see no reason why it's there or why it disappears. The only constant is that both times it's happened it's been after I've been doing long exposures for a bit. I've tried briefly to recreate it but have had no luck. I've been shooting on Canon FD lenses adapted to fit my A7s. The first time I was shooting with my 50mm but today was with my 24mm. I can't see anything wrong with the lenses or the adapter. It also seems a bit too straight for it to be something with the lens. I've attached a couple of crops which show the left side of the frame. These images are the full vertical resolution of the image so you can see how the strips fade away. 1st image - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_UH1Uv2rYdMOUlOX2VqTEppV1E/view 2nd image - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_UH1Uv2rYdMVmdtZzFoZHJoQzQ/view If anyone has got any ideas it would be great to hear from you. Obviously I'm really hoping that this is an easy fix/ solvable glitch, I'd hate to find that this is anything more sinister. Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it. Jamie
  16. I've been using the MF Assist on the A7S in the video recording mode, but I did something and now I can't get it to work again. Even when it's selected in the menu, the MF assist will not zoom in when I start to refocus, despite having done this before. All I want to to have the picture zoom in when I start to refocus. It is working in all other modes, just not video. I'm using a canon lens with a metabones E-EF adapter. Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I have been using the Sony mirrorless system for a while now. I started off with an NEX-6 and now recently I just picked up an a7s used, which i got for a good deal. I mainly shoot Landscapes, Astro and do a lot of Time-Lapse work too. I am looking for an UWA zoom, the Sony native lenses are out of my league. Right now i'm debating between with the Tokina 16-28mm F2.8 and the Tamron 15-30mm F2.8. I'm not considering any of the Canon lenses because of their bad Coma Performance. I read somewhere that the Tamron is not as sharp on the a7r or the a7r II (which I would eventually pick up). If anyone is using any of these lenses along with Sigma MC-11 and could shed some light on them it would be great. My Current Gear list NEX-6 a7s Sony E PZ 16-50mm F3.5 - F5.6 Sony FE 70-200 F4 Rokinon 12mm F2
  18. Some of my old works for the last 12 years. Cameras: Sony A65, Sony A77, Sony A7s, Sony A6300 Thank you for watching!
  19. Hi there, I wanted to share the latest short clip I made from a trip last year to Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. Do turn up the volume for full effect Gear used was a Sony A7s with the Sony 28mm FE combined with Nauticam's WWL-01 wet lens (which gives a 140 degree FOV with little distortion and extreme close focusing) Video was recorded onto an Atomos Shogun in 4k UHD 29.97 in ProRes HQ. All the equipment including the Shogun are housed in Nauticam dive housings. No video lighting was used, only ambient light. Aerials were shot with a Dji Phantom 3 Pro The video has been cropped to simulate a 2.39:1 Anamorphic modern cinema format and rendered in 1080p Sharks are simply not the ferocious man-eaters that movies and the media make them out to be. They are majestic, graceful, beautiful creatures with character. I hope this video will help educate both divers and non divers alike.
  20. Sony A7s vs A6300 quality test in 1080p recording.
  21. Hello there! watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4Up6AtNSlM (RAW FOOTAGE: https://we.tl/2dxvAk7i6I) I got the a7s for like 7 months now. And since day 1 I am struggling with noisy footage. After researching about different PP settings, exposures, grading. I still getting noise (also in daylight), even in my mid-tones. So some people advised me to go to the shop. So I went to the shop. And I told them about this problem. He asked which ISO I do shoot. I said between 800 - 1600/3200. And he answered that I have to shoot at 3200 for best quality. (I already did a lot of shots with 3200, but I thought that I give it 1 more try). But still had noisy footage. So I did this simple test with scopes from premiere. And what I see in my scopes is that in my mid-tones and shadows I see dancing pixels.(watch 0:25) You can see moving pixels in the black background, on the LED light controller (in the colored buttons, and the grey part) and also in the green parts of the mini cactus. I use a7s + 55mm 1.8 Zeiss. (+ Sony SDXC card 128gb 94mb/s) You guys are my last hope. I hope I have explained clear enough to understand for you guys. If you want to see the full discussion check it at: https://www.reddit.com/r/videography/comments/6q4imr/a7s_noisegrain_daylight/
  22. My recently bought A7sii has worked fine up until recently when it stopped allowing me to control aperture. Bottom the screen now just reads f- I use a commlite with Canon range lenses. Since then, I have tested with another new commlite adaptor and still doesn't work. But did work when testing with metabones and native Sony lens This leads me to be very confused! Any ideas??
  23. Hi guys, this is my first time posting on the forum! I'm trying to get more involved in the Sony photography community, so I figured what better way than to share my most recent blog post about my week shooting a professional kickboxing event a month ago? GLORY 37 // In-camera multiple exposure technique // Sony GMaster 24-70 F2.8 vs. Mitakon 50mm F0.95 Dark Knight real world comparison. Any feedback, positive or negative would be appreciated! I'm excited to follow this forum in the future.
  24. Hello all, I am looking for information about the HDMI output on the A7S II that I can't seem to find anywhere else. Essentially, what is the data rate of the uncompressed HDMI signal from the sensor, and does it vary between resolution and frame rates? The A7S II is capable of outputting an uncompressed 8-bit 422 signal via its HDMI port. So many people get so caught up in the color bit depth advantage here, but very few talk about the increased data rate/bitrate that is available. This data rate increase is especially important for me due to the high-detailed, moving images I tend to shoot (a lot of nature footage on a gimbal stabilizer where the entire frame is in focus). High detail, high contrast imagery that moves through a frame tends to get heavily compressed internally by low bitrate codecs, essentially throwing away information in moving parts of the image and hoping you won't notice. (There's a great article by Art Adams at Provideo Coalition about codecs and compression that explains this in greater detail here: https://www.provideocoalition.com/here-are-my-rules-of-thumb-when-choosing-a-codec/) As a rule of thumb, a higher data rate/bitrate equals sharper, better quality footage with reduced blocky artifacts because less compression is being applied and there is a greater amount of data stored within the codec. There is more to this than just data rates (such as the complicated codec algorithms), but we won't go into that here. Essentially, I'm just looking for the data rate of the uncompressed HDMI signal available from the A7S Mk. II, so that I can properly choose an external recorder with the capabilities needed to record this signal at the highest possible quality. If anyone can provide this information, and/or point to where you found the information, that would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
  25. In August, I travelled for one day along the famous Ring of Kerry in Ireland. I wanted to capture some of the vibrance and beauty of the places along the ring. Using a rented Sony a7sii and extra gear, I explored the area for shots. Hope you enjoy the short travel film and can share around as you please. All the best, Nathanael
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