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  1. Dear all. My Flash trigger Yongnuo RF-603C it doesen' t work on my Sony alpha 7R II . Do you know if there is any way i can make them work ? I saw some tutorial that show how to modificate an RF-603N for a sony alpha 6000 . In case it' s impossible can you suggest to me some cheap flash trigger for my sony A7 R 2 ? Thanks a lot. Pika
  2. Hello everyone, in January I bought the sony a99II, shortly after I paired you with the SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 IF EX DG, since it does not focus very well I brought to show it and they told me that it must be done calibration ... BUT, since the dealer (online, shop with headquarters roma) I sold it as a European guaranteed after this thing is It turns out it's actually import. so no guarantees. given the error you should compensate me, but now he just told me that this goal is perhaps not compatible with this machine ...... please someone help me, some have combined without any problems? I have th
  3. Hello guys, My old sony alpha100 died. I want to buy a new one that is compatible with my zooms, and that keeps being so easy (I am really not a proooo) what are your advice? which one should I go for? I was thinking to buy second hand one. Do you think it ts a good idea? Thank you very much, K.
  4. Ok, I LOVE this! Casey Neistat just switched from the Canon 80D to the Sony a7s II for this vlogs. And the title of the video is the "BEST VLOGGING CAMERA Sony vs. Canon" If you don't know who Casey Neistat is. He's basically the biggest Vlogger on YouTube. And until today he was shooting his more than 600 daily vlogs on Canon cameras. Until today apparently that he switched to Sony. This is a HUGE marketing win for Sony. Because Neistat has more than 6 million subscribers on the platform. Big free marketing. I bet the folks at Sony's camera department are pretty ecstatic right now! But Ca
  5. I created an account to warn everyone who will listen. The last few months have been a nightmare come true. To give you some background, I am a semi-professional landscape photographer who has been shooting for about five years. I purchased a Sony a7s in late 2015 and shot for roughly a year and a half before my camera needed a wet cleaning. I had a few welded dust specs that dry methods could not remove. I, like many others, feared giving my sensor a wet cleaning, so I looked into other options. I came across the sensor gel stick for Sony cameras and saw that it had a few good reviews and
  6. On my A7s I noticed that when shooting in SLOG2 if I go up to ISO 8000 the image will have a different noise pattern than if I go up to ISO 10,000 and then down to ISO 8000, same ISO but totally different noise I know that people have reported a similar issue with the A7sii with SLOG3 but what I read was it was believed to only be a bug with that picture profile It's this kind of "Trick" ISO that does something weird to the noise Going up give the ISO a kind of "Dirty" grain but going down to the very same ISO will give the ISO a "Clean" grain I compared Native 3200 to this ISO 8000
  7. Had the chance to work with a model named Clare Cochrane recently whose been getting some good work projects for herself. We were able to bang out a pretty wide variety of images in a short time span, and she is the only model I've ever shot that brought an Axe to the shoot. Seriously. (see the video on the last page lol) Full Gallery here: http://www.kyleandrew.com/in-studio-with-clare-cochrane/
  8. Tara is the third instalment of my Home Invasion series, and it was the most random one so far. We were supposed to shoot in studio but an electrical problem made that temporarily impossible. But she was ready to shoot. So we did. Full Gallery Here: http://www.kyleandrew.com/home-invasion-tara/
  9. I once again shot with Mackenzie, one of my favourite persons to shoot, however this time it was without the assistance of studio lighting equipment. She (and her adorable cat Cleo) is the latest subject in my Home Invasion series. Full Gallery at link below: http://www.kyleandrew.com/home-invasion-mackenzie/
  10. I started a new recurring series on my website this week, where I show up at someone’s home with my A7R II and some lenses, no fancy lighting equipment, and just treat it as a creative exercise in working with what I have on hand. I had so much fun with Heidi as my first subject, and I’m hoping to do one of these every week. She had such a beautiful home, and her beautiful cat Molly even made an appearance in the photos. Honestly it turned out to be a fantastic way to force yourself to be creative without the usual creature comfort of lighting gear. Full gallery on my website: http://
  11. I was privileged and honoured to be able to capture the first moments of this babies life for my clients. For a full gallery of the images, click the link to view the article on my website. Here are a couple of my favourites from the day. Newborn Baby Camille
  12. Hey folks, I recently had the good fortune of working with Ridha Yoshinori in my studio and we got some great shots. She was a bundle of Joy and as usual, the A7R II performed flawlessly. Here are a few of the images, and you can see a full gallery and write up of the shoot itself on my website below: http://www.kyleandrew.com/SFRidha
  13. Hi! I found some nice pictures of a phototour to salzburg I made a while ago in my archives. I didn't publish them until now, so I thought it would be a good idea to do so now. All pictures were taken with the Sony A7 and the Zeiss FE 35 F2.8. You find all pictures and a little story at my blogpost here: Phototour in Salzburg at my blog Cheers Tom
  14. Will have to wait until real users get their hands on the new a7rii to see some raw images posted for us to download and hear about any bugs in the new cam, but here is a short list of the things keeping me from pre ordering what looks like is going to be a great camera. 1. Sony still needs to let us customize a button to toggle between lcd and viewfinder.. I used to own an olympus omd and they have a button for doing exactly that. Sure i know i can go into menu and turn on either auto , lcd, or viewfinder and i actually do and leave it on viewfinder to save on battery power but when some
  15. I captured this Red Footed Booby tonight while we cruising around the Pacific Ocean. This was taken with the 55 - 210mm lens. The birds were hovering above the bridge on my ship, USCGC Stratton, and I thought what the heck I see if I can get a picture. I processed the pic in LR6, only using the shadow adjustment to bring out the underside of the bird.
  16. Taken tonight in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a Sony a6000 and the kit lens.
  17. Sony DSLR-A900 24-105mm F3.5-4.5 ƒ/8.0 24.0 mm 1/30 ISO 800 Shot of the Great belt bridge from beneath while sailing under on a cruise ship. There is 65 meters clearance under the bridge! It is 6,790 metres (22,277 ft) long with a free span of 1,624 metres (5,328 ft),[3] making it the world's third-longest suspension bridge span, surpassed only by the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge and Xihoumen Bridge. More on WIKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Belt_Fixed_Link#The_East_Bridge The Grand Bridge vs. the Smokestack by David Cartagena, on Flickr
  18. Sony DSLR-A900 Sony 20 f/2.8 20mm f/2.8 1/800 ISO 200 Flowers in a field by David Cartagena, on Flickr
  19. Sunset yesterday in Denmark. Shot with the Sony a900 & and Sony SAL20F28. Yes I still use such an old camera ;-) Sunset in motion byDavid Cartagena, on Flickr Another from before the sunset: Same setup. 4 1/2 minutes of colored sky by David Cartagena, on Flickr
  20. Is it possible to take stills with the A7S while recording video?
  21. Has anyone been able to test the A7R II to see if it experiences the same color clipping issues as the A7S and other Sony cameras? I've seen it on both my A7S and my RX100 but It seems to happen more in the blue channel than anywhere else. Someone posted a good example of this phenomenon here: https://vimeo.com/107452261
  22. Hello all, What is the difference between import and US versions? I found a place selling an A7S, import version, for about $1850 brand new. Any help would be appreciated. This could possibly be my jump to the FF crowd. Thanks.
  23. Hey all, i started to post this under an existing topic but figured would start a new one. Anyone else think it has been awful quiet in the news realm for the new a7rii? I mean usually with a new release of moderate changes to a camera upgrade you would think there would be a lot more buzz but seams pretty dead! I thought that sony would let some of their top artisans shoot with the a7rii and post some full rez files for people to pixel peep and stir some enthusiasm but haven't seen hardly anything. On the same not i still have not heard anymore about sony making the uncompressed raw happen
  24. Hello, everyone. First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Daris Alfafa, or refillable, 17 years old from Indonesia. I'm new to this forum and I think I hope joining this forum would help me understand and learn new stuff about photography in general and Sony alpha gears. So the problem that I'm facing here is, I have 2 batteries for my Sony A6000. However, one day, I dropped one of the batteries from about 3' to a hardwood floor. After that fall, it won't charge at all. When I charge the battery, the charging LED will light up for quite some time (I'd say about half a minute), the
  25. I will admit i do love the sony alpha cameras for many reasons, and coming from shooting with Nikon higher end bodies expect quality in my files. Having said that i still find myself at times wondering if my sony will turn on each time i get it out. Let me explain, and i have already said i love shooting with them for reasons of light weight , smaller footprint, EVF, and wifi, but at times when the camera is turned off and in my camera bag i will get it out to start a shoot and turn it on only to have to wait for a couple of seconds while it does whatever its doing, its like i woke it up from
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