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  1. There's a part of me that wants to put a bit of (appropriate) tape on the lens to prevent the zoom ring from moving. Appropriate being one that doesn't leave residue. Of course, I prefer the idea of an adjustment for ring "stiffness." Likewise, I would love it if Sony considered showing the focal length on screen as an option. And, of course, I think companies like Tamron and Sigma, who manufacture lenses for Sony should match the direction of zoom and focus. That said, I would imagine that Nikon, Canon, etc. might want a similar courtesy. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Thanks. That's sad, particularly in a case like mine coming from the Sigma lens, for which the zoom is in the opposite direction. I wish the zoom ring wasn't quite so loose, but guess in time I'll get used to the new lens.
  3. I recently got the 200-600 lens after owning the Sigma 150-600. With the latter, it's rather obvious when the lens is fully extended, but with internal focus lenses like the 200-600, it's more difficult to be sure one's at 600mm without looking at the lens itself. The zoom ring seems rather loose, and I've inadvertantly taken shots at lower magnification than I'd have liked. Is there a way to lock the lens at 600 mm, which is how I use it much of the time? If not, are there any plans to show the focal length in the display/viewfinder?
  4. Thanks. I've had poor luck getting bubbles out of anything I've applied for myself, but if the problem worsens, I'll consider trying that.
  5. My husband and I each had NEX-6 cameras, and each had serious problems with screen delamination. We had one of the two cameras repaired, and replaced one with the A6000 a couple of years ago. My A6000 is showing signs of a similar problem developing at one edge inthe dark area outside of the viewing screen. So for now, it's a cosmetic problem. But I think it's just a matter of time before the "bubbles" make their way to the viewing area of the screen. Of course, the problem developed after the warranty expired. Having invested a lot of money in quality lenses, we are quite unhappy to have a problem like this occur with all 3 of our Sony cameras...and are wondering if we should switch or try another Sony model and hope for the best. Is this problem something Sony owners just have to live with, or are there models with different/better display screens?
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