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  1. Focus is great and quick, but as soon as I go to video the focus stays sharp but keeps running even if the subject doesn’t move. Here’s a link I shot (couldn’t attach the video here) https://imgur.com/a/z4FwBrb
  2. Sony SLT-A65V Camera worked fine one day and then it would not turn on. The only thing it does is 3 red slow flashes followed by 6 red fast flashes, then repeats. Makes no noises and nothing on LCD screen. Only flashing light sequence. Normal nature shooting at temperature about 70 degrees. Normal to average humidity. No error messages. No recent changes. No recent firmware updates. Tried new batteries... still would not turn on. Only red light flashing. I have tried all recommended ways to do a hard reset and nothing works.
  3. Just bought the lens. Test it and very happy until I noticed dark upper corners, worse in the left. It only show up at small aperture (eg F11 F16 F22)and focus at infinity. The smaller the aperture the worse. its worst in my A7II. Less noticeable in the A7RII. No hood or filter attached. Picture shown is taken by A7II: any idea what’s the cause? Please help. Can see the dark corner in EVF while composing and focusing All camera have updated firmware.
  4. Hello, I just got used A7riii and the touchscreen does not work. I have tried updating the firmware, resetting the camera multiple times, changing the setting that has to do with autofocus (yes I'm aware that you have to turn this function on, I've turned it on and off so many times already) I'm not sure what I'm missing. The touchscreen is just unresponsive. I've done everything short of sacrificing a goat. Has anyone else run into this issue before? The previous owner says that they never used the touchscreen so they were not aware of it. Please help me figure it out. It cost a lot of m
  5. From the album: Landscape

    View Baloiya Beach from the Hill

    © Murah Kurniadi

  6. Giacomo


    From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  7. From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  8. From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  9. From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  10. From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  11. From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  12. From the album: Liguria

    © Giacomo Faccio

  13. From the album: Sparkie

    Sony A7RII, Canon 85 1.2II L Lens, Metabones adapter, Phottix Indra 360, Phottix OdinII TTl MIS for Sony.

    © Copyright 2016 William Sparkes

  14. From the album: StreetArt

    © Adrian Neukirchner

  15. From the album: Untitled Album

    my second image doing night shots with a mirrorless. The feature i found to be really nice with these i think the a6300 has this feature also is to set a custom button to (bright monitoring) and when you are under the night sky and in manual mode and hit the custom button you can basically see in the dark which is fantastic for obtaining focus.

    © all rights reserved

  16. From the album: a6000

    Thanks for having a look. Just another shot with the a6000 and little 16-50mm kit lens

    © All Rights Reserves

  17. alandini


    From the album: Trees

    white poplars in the "caldaren" natural park - Gualtieri - Po Valley

    © andrea landini

  18. alandini


    From the album: Trees

    white poplars in the "caldaren" natural park - Gualtieri - Po Valley

    © andrea landini

  19. alandini


    From the album: Trees

    white poplars in the "caldaren" natural park - Gualtieri - Po Valley

    © andrea landini

  20. alandini


    From the album: Trees

    white poplars in the "caldaren" natural park - Gualtieri - Po Valley

    © andrea landini

  21. From the album: Coral Cove Park Jupiter Florida

    Florida Sunrise I took a early morning off while in Jupiter, Florida and headed over to Coral Cove Park. This was my first time there and only had a hour, great location. 30 Second exposure with the Sony A7RII, 24mm Ziess lens on the very compact Vanguard Veo tripod, processed in Capture One.

    © ©Floyd Dean 2016

  22. From the album: Landscapes

    Lugano under sunset from Cross Peak on Caval Dossa area. Down left the cross, you can see the piramid of Monviso, a peak 280km far from where we were! I worked with a graduated ND filter to get a darker sky, then I left the colour as much as were in reality, working on contrasts to have the best effect on the ray coming behind the mountain. Last aspect I worked to are the blacks, that I made darked and deeper.

    © Luca Fontana

  23. From the album: Landscapes

    Just before the night. Pictore took on Caval Dossa peak (1600m) just above Lugano, waiting snow that this year is coming late. I worked hard to give the idea of the true colour there were in front of us, with the night coming in the valley and the last sun of the day lighting the yellow grass of autumn.

    © Luca Fontana

  24. luca.f

    Late View

    From the album: Landscapes

    On our way back from Blinnenhorn we got a great view of Greis Lake just before golden hour. Walking with no track in wilderness is one of the most incredible experience, and this kind of landscape is the reason we explore. I worked hard on colors, to get the best balance between saturation and contrasts.

    © Luca Fontana

  25. From the album: Landscapes

    An hiker make a picture of Greis Lake, with Greis Glacier and Bleinnenhorn (3374m) on the back. The light was just perfect with great contrasts of coulor all around the picture. I also loved the moment for the great proportion, with the long cloud that creates a circle that go to the mountain, than to the long glacier, to the hiker and at the end back to the sky. I tried to desaturate a bit the colors to get a deeper effect on all the picture.

    © Luca Fontana

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