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Found 10 results

  1. Long story short I only need 1 lens to work and function a certain way. I do NOT need autofocus. But it's the new Sigma 14-24mm for Nikon that just came out a little while ago, not many people have it on their radar. I just need it to work on aperture priority mode and be able to bracket photos as well. But i shoot on manual focus at infinite. I'm wondering if only the more expensive adapters like the commlite will work with this function or if the cheaper 99 dollar ones will let me control aperture as well. I care about image quality but if the more expensive adapters are only that pricey bec
  2. Does anyone know if the a6500 is able to remember settings between the separate video/photo functions? I’m running into the problem where I will dial in the settings I want on the video function, take a video, then switch over to Manual (or aperture priority), and readjust the settings to take a picture. When I move back to the video function, my original video settings are now replaced by the more recent settings that were used to take the photo, leaving my frantically readjusting to get back to the proper video settings originally used.
  3. Hi, I'm middle of nowhere in Philippines and my reliable Sony FE 24-240 f3.5-6.4 broke down. Apparently the aperture motor broke down. The problems are: - Camera body (Sony A7sII) does not show aperture (only briefly it comes up to show aperture number and disappears again) - No control of aperture in camera - Aperture stuck in smallest (~f36) - Strange ticking sound inside the lens when attached to body - Focusing works semiok. Probably the camera has problems with lowlight since the aperture is locked at minimum diameter). I have tried: - I have cleaned the contacts - N
  4. So I'm kinda stumped and have made an account here because I'm out of ideas. I have a friend with an A7Rii and a Sony FE 28mm f2 who wanted to capture footage into OBS. So I'm helping him over a call, and the HDMI feed is all good, but no matter whether the camera is in stills or movie mode, no matter whether it's in aperture priority or full manual, the lens aperture refuses to either display or change. Shutter speed and ISO change fine, but the f-stop just displays as (f - -) and flashes orange whenever he tries to change it with the front dial. Am I missing something? Is there
  5. All, I recently purchased a Sony Alpha camera and have a 18-105 mm F4 zoom lens. I want to learn how to do aperture priority photography correctly for landscapes. So here is the first question. If I manually set the zoom ring on the lens to any setting, it will maintain a constant aperture of F4. However, if I use aperture priority mode and adjust the dial on the top of the camera I can adjust the aperture - I can adjust this down to F22. I don't understand how this works as from what I can tell the sensor is right there next to the lens mount and I do not see a shutter or apertur
  6. Hey guys! No matter what I try I can't seem to change my aperture on my a7s ii. I am using the metabones adapter, however, it is up to date with the latest firmware. Anyone got any advice? Cheers.
  7. A question addressed to the A7-specialists: As far as I could find out, the A mode on the A7 (ILCE-7 Vers. 1.10) works as follows: If ISO is not on auto, shutter speed is automatic in the full range, if ISO is on auto, shutter speed is automatic while ISO tries to minimize to 100. As soon as automatic shutter speed would rise above 1/60 s, ISO automatic starts to increase. As a result, automatic shutter speed does not adjust to values above 1/60 s as long as a maximum ISO of 25600 is not yet reached - then it starts to increase further up to 30 s. Is there any way to change t
  8. I have bought 5 different OM adapters all at the low end of price. In all but one case the piece that holds the Aperture pin open does not open it far enough so that when you stop down past 8 or 11 it will not go further. I have tried two Fotodiox, a cowboy studio, FOTEGA and a FOTASY. The FOTASY was the only one that caught the aperture correctly. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I missing something?
  9. Hi Sony Alpha Forum, If you are curious about taking a look at Capture One Express for Sony, then join me for a webinar on the 24th February. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4923230810845237250 There are two sessions depending on your time zone. More about Capture One here... https://www.phaseone.com/en/Products/Software/Capture-One-for-Sony/Sony-Express.aspx It is a completely free application for Sony customers and an excellent RAW converter, based on of course our PRO version. I will take you through the basic steps of adding images, adjusting and final expor
  10. Hi - I’m thinking about getting a fast prime to go with my zooms which are fixed at f4. I’m thinking of the Sony SEL 35 mm f1.8. I realize that on my (ordered) a6300 that the 35mm will be equivalent to about 52mm in full frame terms, but… does the f1.8 have an equivalency also? Does it convert to like a f2.8 or does it stay f1.8 because the ratio to the lens length is the same? (“IF” I understood that correctly?) Also, my lower end zoom is the Zeiss f4 16-70. Does my thinking make sense in wanting this faster f1.8 lens? Thanks All
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