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  1. I’m looking to eventually achieve photos of my products similar to the photo I have attached. Could any of you recommend a lens that can achieve this type of photo to go with an a7R iii? Thanks
  2. I have a Sony alpha-58 with stock lenses(18-55mm and 50-200mm zoom lenses). Now i am considering buying a prime lens and i found these 2: 1. 30mm f/2.8(SAL30M28) 2. 35mm f/1.8(SAL35F18) Can someone recommend me one? Also first one says its a macro lens how is it different from the second? I am open to suggestions even if its some other lens in same price range(sub 200usd). Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I'm middle of nowhere in Philippines and my reliable Sony FE 24-240 f3.5-6.4 broke down. Apparently the aperture motor broke down. The problems are: - Camera body (Sony A7sII) does not show aperture (only briefly it comes up to show aperture number and disappears again) - No control of aperture in camera - Aperture stuck in smallest (~f36) - Strange ticking sound inside the lens when attached to body - Focusing works semiok. Probably the camera has problems with lowlight since the aperture is locked at minimum diameter). I have tried: - I have cleaned the contacts - No physical damage can be seen in the lens Other lenses work fine with the body (Sony FE 55 f.18) so the problem must be in lens. Have you guys experienced similar problems with Sony FE lenses??? Anyway to fix it on your own? I either have no time to sit in a major city for several weeks waiting for it to get fixed by Sony Service center.... if that's not the only choice. I'm really desperate since I'm on my once in lifetime around the world trip. Thanks guys.
  4. Hey everyone, I thought I would post here instead of searching through the forums because I thought I was in a unique predicament. I've had the Sony alpha6000 since May, 2016 and this is my first DSLR. The model is ILCE-6000. I have the E mount 16-50 mm lens and 55-210 mm lens. I'm a pretty outdoorsy guy and I love hiking, bird watching backpacking, trail running, etc. and I enjoy taking my camera wherever I go. In particular, I'm really into wilderness photography - especially birds - as well as landscape photography. Now with birds, I've found I either need to spend at least an hour army crawling to get near enough for a good closeup shot...Or I could upgrade my lens and make my job a bit easier. But I've been having trouble finding a lens compatible with my E-mount. I think there's a Sony E-mount lens that goes to 300 mm, but I'm looking for something a bit more without throwing in my wallet (I think it's around $2000). So does anyone have any recommendations on what to do? I love how compact the Sony alpha is, but I'd like more zoom. Does anyone have any experience with 3rd party lens adapters? Are they worth it? Or should I invest in a camera body that is compatible with more lenses? My mom lives close by and she has a Canon lens that goes up to 600 mm and she would let me play around with it if I found a suitable adapter. Thanks!
  5. I have had my a6000 for about 8 months and have used the 16-50 lens that came in the kit. It seems to do well in most situations that I have encountered except for maybe low light. I want to buy my next lens to be a compliment to that but am unsure of what is the best thing to get. Does anyone have advice of what they would get as their first Sony lens purchase?
  6. I've had the Sony SEL 1018 wide angle lens sitting in my Amazon wishlist for the better part of 7 months while I save up enough money to buy it. When I added it to the wish list the price was ~$750. I finally have enough money to buy it and now the list price is $848! What gives?? Does anyone know about how/when Sony raises and lowers the prices on their lenses? I don't get why it would go up and down. They don't raise the prices on their cameras...
  7. New toy arrived this morning! I'll be doing some real world tests for my own satisfaction mainly over the next few days...but thought I'd start with a size comparison including the Canon 2.8 mkii on it's metabones adapter Let the (unscientific) testing begin! Jon www.jonroberts.co.uk
  8. As someone who is new to the Sony world, I was wondering in anyone has any experience with lenses on backorder. How fast (in the past) has Sony been about getting new stock out to stores?
  9. I have an open doors helicopter ride over Manhattan coming up. I will have a Canon 70D with 70-200mm f/2.8 and a Sony a7r with me. I cannot change lenses during flight for obvious reasons. Does anyone have thoughts on the widest lens for my a7r? I've heard that too wide and you get the copter rotors at the top of the frame. Some of my options are: Canon 17-40mm f/4 (with Ommlite E-Mount adapter, thus no auto focus) Sony FE 28mm prime f/2.0 (autofocus) other?
  10. So last night I went to a reading at a coffeeshop, and wanted to take pictures of the speakers and crowd. I knew it was going to be pretty dimly lit, so took my A7S for its high-ISO capability. I knew I was going to be alternating a lot between wider and longer shots, and didn't want to be swapping primes all night, so opted for a zoom. I don't have any native FE zoom lenses yet, so that left me choosing between adapting my (A-mount) Minolta 28-70mm f/2.8 G lens, or else going crop with my E-mount 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ kit lens. I wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible, since I was going to be taking some close-up images of the crowd, too, so opted for the 16-50 PZ, even though this meant I'd only get about 5MP. The images are just going up on the web for some reportage anyway, so the size limit is no big deal. For what I needed to do, I loved that combo! I don't know if it's physically possible or not, but it'd be awesome if we could get a zoom lens with that same size profile for FF. Either that, or get a crop body with the same ISO capability as the A7S, though that might be the taller order. Anyway, I find this sort of low-profile lens and high-ISO-capable camera to be the perfect marriage for this type of shooting, so would love to see such a combo made possible (w/o the cropping down to 5MP)... I was "only" shooting at about ISO 20,000, so I suppose it might be possible with the A7RII, as the ISO is pretty good on that thing, and the crop factor would still yield about 18MP. Of course, that's another $3200...
  11. This is just fun speculation, not based on any evidence, but . . . What if Sony and Zeiss colluded to delay widespread release of the Batis 85mm until the G-Master 85 was announced? There's some logic behind this. Sony and Zeiss enjoy a partnership where what's good for one is also good for the other, so: 1. If Sony decided to pull the trigger on the GM 85 lens after Zeiss had already announced the Batis, Sony could rightfully fear that the in the interval between the release of the Batis and the release of the GM 85, everybody who wanted an 85mm lens would have purchased the Batis. 2. This would naturally reduce the demand for the GM 85. 3. Customers who bought the Batis might later regret their decision, and express anger at Sony for foisting a superior (allegedly) product on the market only months after they'd bought their Batis. 4. Delaying widespread release (hey, I've already got mine, but I ordered way back in July) would therefore allow the products to compete on their merits, and; 5. With the market still relatively wide open, consumers would be able to make an educated choice of which lens to buy, which is ultimately better for everybody. What do you guys think? Makes sense, right? Again, I just pulled this out of my ass - it's total speculation.
  12. Ok here goes, My kit isn’t great although I’m not a professional either. Camera - A7 Lens - 55mm prime and 24-105mm G also the paper weight 28-70mm that ships with A7 bundle. The plan is to pick up a A7iii and a 100-400mm and add it to my pack. - I hate changing lens’s I’m a dust magnet. Not interested in video overly. Drone is pretty good with that I guess. Im heading away to the far reaches of North Western Australia and think that my current setup will be too short and not really keen on getting up close and personal. Questions I have are. 1. What should I buy first A7iii or 100-400mm 2. Should I ditch the A7 or leave it as redundancy/spare with the 55mm mounted semi permanently as it gives a great pic. 3. Is my lens 24-105mm a waste on the older A7 4. Is the A7iii my answer? 5. What are the cons with what I have and will there be a noticeable difference with the A7iii? Look forward to your help
  13. I am about to get a Sony A7iii and a Panasonic GH5s. I do wedding video and photography, and intend to go into studio setups as well. I want to get three lenses for both cameras. What lenses mount (brand) shoud I get. Sony E mount lenses Canon EF mount lenses Or the panasonic mount lenses The lens focal length is not an issue just the brand/mount No matter the set up Id probably get adapters for either or one of the lenses. I included the canon because they retain resale value after a long time All suggestions are of value Kindest regards
  14. Hi. I’m trying to find an affordable lens for my A7III that I can attach and walk around the neighborhood with. I live in a semi-rural area so I want something that will be good for landscape shots too. Id prefer not to carry around a large lens on my walks. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very appreciative. Thanks
  15. Is the Samyang 10mm F2.8 ED AS NCS CS compatible for the sony a6000? why hasn't anyone recommended this yet for those looking for a wide angle lens?
  16. Good day ya'll! I'm torn between getting one of these zoom lenses for general all-around travel lens. Which one is better regarding sharpness, color accuracy and auto-focusing? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
  17. Hello, since I'm a new member of this community and generally relatively new to photography, I would like to apologise in advance for any mistake.. To the topic now, I'm very keen on street photography. I love capturing buildings and in general i love landscape photography. I want to upgrade my lens so I really don't know which lens should i buy in order to shoot sharp and easily buildings/architecture, landscapes, sky and stars and of course night photos. I really don't know if it would be better to purchase Samyang 12mm f2.0 or something similar.
  18. I've just purchased the following: Sony A7sII and a Metabones V adaptor (Canon EF to Sony E mount) The lens I'm trying to use is a Canon 24-105 IS F4 L When turned on the adaptor light turns blue. (I thought it was meant to turn green but maybe not?) Regardless, I have zero auto focus. The camera is trying to find focus but it can't set on a targeted image at all. Every other control appears to be working, just no Auto focus. Can anyone help?
  19. Hi all! New Sony A7RII owner here. I am looking for recommendations for a tele zoom to be used only on the A7RII. I am pretty flexible in terms of focal length and speed, and mostly interested in optical performance as well as price. Size matters, but it is not the most crucial factor. Basically, I wish to find a fairly affordable lens which gives a flat field and good, even sharpness across the frame, at least at f/8-11, preferably at f/4-5.6, too. The focal length range should cover at least 100-200mm, over 400mm is definitely not needed, and down to even 28mm range is a nice option (as long as the 100-200mm performance is strong). As the mirrorless Alpha system opens so many possibilities and my requirements are not dictated by the numbers on the lens barrel, I am quite at lost. In this focal length range, I have previously used pretty much all the Canon L zooms and many of the 70-300 type consumer lenses in EF mount. I have no experience on their performance on this new body, and I no longer even have access to any of those lenses. For adapted lenses, I anyway prefer a solution that is usable with a dumb adapter ring (Canon EF isn't). The intended use for the lens is mainly tight landscapes and cityscapes. I therefore require the 100-200mm focal length range, and sharpness across frame is very important. May print really big sometimes, and will definitely view big at 4k resolution (and higher as soon as available) including crops. I will certainly use the lens also for detail shots, portraits, and some wildlife and sports. However, sports and birds in flight etc. are no priority, and this need not be the most flattering portrait lens either. Manual focus is just fine, and I currently mostly use MF lenses. Lens speed is secondary, but an f/2.8 lens is interesting. I prefer constant aperture, but it's not a major consideration (and does not rule out the 28-200 type zooms, if there are good alternatives out there). Tripod ring on the lens is good to have, but not a requirement. I travel a lot, walk around and do plenty of hikes, so small size is nice. My initial thought therefore is buying two lenses for this tele-zoom-for-landscapes purpose: one good smaller lens, and one bigger lens with higher performance. If a single lens gets the job done, this allows spending more on it. The short-term budget is perhaps about 1000 EUR/USD (for one lens), but I really don't mind going cheap. I don't think I will spend more than 2500 EUR/USD for the one or two lenses combined, and I may not have that much right away. Good adapter should be included in the price, if it isn't a native lens. I have some adapters, but they may be too flimsy for large and heavy lenses, and I have not tested them on the full-frame body so far. In summary, what's your recommendation for: - Tele zoom covering at least 100-200mm - Sharp across the frame - May be native or adapted - May be AF or MF - As small and light as possible (optical performance more important) - Should not cost much more than 1000 EUR/USD (with high-quality adapter)
  20. Hi everybody, I left my lens uncapped, mounted on my A6300 during sunset, pointed at a window. Next morning 2 serious things happened. 1. The 18-105 PZ lens wouldn't initiate completely. I checked it on another Sony camera and the lens is fine. 2. Live view is OK, so is video recording but when I take a still image, this is what the camera records. Sunset didn't last that long, there's a building blocking it for most of the time. It wasn't super hot inside, etc..
  21. Hi Apologies if theres already another thread out there about this or along similar lines. I am wondering what lens may be best suited out the two. I have a small business as a DJ but I am an amatuer photographer, and like to take pictures and small videos at weddings to give back to the client. These arent services I charge for but still want to give a great looking product back. I am currently torn between the FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS & Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS. These are both within my budget...just.... but i dont want to limit myself. I already have a prime 50 lense but wanted something where i can use the same lense but zoom in and out depending where i am standing. Thanks for your help.
  22. I know this topic is out there in abundance but I wanted to put it in a forum where Sony products wouldn’t be bashed! I saved my pennies and finally switched from a canon 80D, using an APS-C sensor, to a Sony A7iii in September. This was in an attempt to change my hobby into something that might make me some weekend money. Annoyingly I could only afford to buy the Sony with the native 50mm 1.8. Unfortunately, the love affair of had with the nifty fifty from canon was sorely missed. Working as a part time family lifestyle photographer, I found it just lacked.... Something. Anyway, I’ve once again been saving and want your opinions on diversifying the lenses at my disposal. I think I miss the focal length of my crop 50mm, so the highly praised Sony 85mm 1.8 the first lens in leaning towards but would you then chop the 50mm in for a little more towards say a Sigma art 35 1.4. If you were after 2 general lifestyle primes to go with a 70-200 canon f4, what would they be? Thanks for your thoughts and I’m pleased to be joking the community!
  23. Is there any ETA for shipments of the Sony FE 400 mm f/2.8 GM OSS (SEL400f28GM)? Sony's website indicates that online retailers B&H, Crutchfield, Bedford, & Focus have "Preorder "availability, while Adorama denotes, "Backorder". Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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