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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have a Sony a9 and last week I was watching a YouTube video about settings and made a couple of changes although I don't remember which ones though they seemed minor. I already had changed numerous settings from the default ones over past 6 months with no issues. Last week after I made the most recent setting changes, when I tried to upload the RAW files to my iMAC, every RAW file was an exclamation mark inside a triangle instead of an image for the files after I changed the settings but the RAW files that were on the card before I made the changes all uploaded correctly. The mac 'Get Info' didn't recognize the camera or the settings and the RAW file sizes were half of normal. The thumbnails in the iMAC's 'Photos' app looked file until they were uploaded. As a test, I took some new photos using another RAW card and uploaded them and the same thing happened on this same mac and another one so it seems like it is a setting in the camera and not the computers or the cards but I can't figure out what it is. I wrote Sony and they said there is nothing that I could do in the camera to make that happen. I'm not sure that I agree. I'm about the reset the camera to the factory settings, if that's even possible, but wanted to ask here if anyone has had this happen to them or might know what happened? The jpgs all uploaded correctly. I ended up using the Sony Image Edge Desktop program and it let me turn the exclamation point in a triangle images into TiFF files. That makes it even more confusing for me to understand what is going on. Thank you in advance for any help, jmg
  2. From the album: Flowers

    Shot raw in bright daylight and Lightroomed it into this version.
  3. I'm having issue with previewing image in development mode (Adobe lightroom cc 2015 )RAW image look like VGA display .but in library view display fine.can you please tell me how to fix this issue,lightroom cc 2015.5.1camera row 9.5.1cam : sony A7II with Kit Lens(24-70) (camera body firmware 3.0)file format : compress raw DELL i3 laptop (3521) 4GB RAM https://imgur.com/S4NDKdv
  4. Ok so when i shoot i like to use jpeg and raw so i can transfer some of my photos to my phone and do Instagram and such. For the creative style i have always done nutural because I use Lightroom for all of my post processing. When I transfer the full sized jpegs to my phone i usually use snapseed or lightroom mobile to do a small amount of work before I post. I was just wondering what creative style people recommend so there is less work I need to do on my phone. The phone apps are great but they just dont have quite the same cool features as the full lightroom or photoshop. Also i know this camera can somtimes produce soft images no matter what lesn you use so do the creative styles add sharpening or do you have to put the setting in and how much should I use for an ravager image. Thank you! for any ones help
  5. Dear Forum, Its with great pleasure I can inform you that Capture One Pro is now live at www.captureone.com Support is included for the RX100M5 and A6500 of course. Don’t get you can upgrade your existing licence, subscribe or buy a licence outright! Capture One Express 10 (for Sony) is still completely free. So make sure you download today. Enjoy! www.phaseone.com/download David
  6. Hi! I recently started photography and I purchased a Sony a7iii (loving it). I was curious - is there any reason to shoot RAW files when using the send to smartphone function via the PlayMemories app? I know the camera automatically compresses the file into JPEG when sending to the smartphone so it's not actually sending a RAW file, but I wasn't sure if the end quality is better when the original file is in RAW format? Is the transferred file going to be better because the original file started with better (raw) quality? Or should I just save myself the space on my memory card and shoot in JPEG?
  7. Capture One 10.1 Released! At 11am CEST today we released Capture One 10.1. It also includes support for the new Sony A9 and some additional Sony lenses.. • Sony DT 55-200mm F4-5.6 (SAL55200) • Sony DT 55-200mm F4-5.6 SAM (SAL55200-2) • Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS (SEL100STFGM) • Sony FE 85mm F1.8 (SEL85F18) • Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 16–35 mm F4 ZA OSS (SEL1635Z) • Zeiss Distagon T FE 35 mm F1.4 ZA (SEL35F14Z) Here is what’s new! Enhanced Styles workflow Accelerate your productivity with the new Styles & Presets tool. It is optimized to make browsing & managing all your styles quick and easy. Improved PSD support Take advantage of Capture One Pro’s enhanced flexibility for storing Photoshop assets. View layered Photoshop Files in Capture One Pro allowing instant open and edit in Photoshop. Improved Fuji support Redesigned RAW processing for Fuji X-Trans files enables the full suite of Capture One Pro 10 tools. Paired with support for Fuji’s compressed file format you can exploit Capture One Pro to the fullest. Temporary reset of adjustments Gain new control over your creative process by viewing the original RAW file with a click of a button. Long-press the master reset in Capture One Pro while holding the Option / Alt key to see the unadjusted image. Vectorscope Color Wheels Colorists familiar with vectorscope layout of color wheels can now choose this as a preference. Inspired by video editing systems you can align your video editing workflow with adjusting images in Capture One Pro 10. Tokenized Watermarking Token based input allows fast and easy watermarking for image specific information. Emboss the file name, date or collection name to batches of images efficiently. Apple Script (Mac only) Automate tasks more effectively on your Mac. The new Apple Script capabilities in Capture One Pro 10, include: Import, Keywords, Batch Rename and Output Counters. Learn more: www.captureone.com www.instagram.com/captureonepro www.facebook.com/captureonepro www.youtube.com/captureoneprodk
  8. Hello! I recently started shooting RAW so this may be a n00b question, but something that I did not notice before. My pictures that I shot appear much brighter in my viewfinder than once I upload onto my computer. The example below was taken off of my phone so not as accurate, but you can see how much lighter his face is. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
  9. new to this forum... I've updated my a7sii to the v2.1 firmware which I understood supported 4K RAW video recording... Am I misunderstanding? I don't see any new options in the camera's menus. Is 4K video always saved as an .mp4 file? This is a lossy format. Is there no lossless format supported? Can anyone suggest a good how-to video tutorial covering 4K video for this camera? Thanks in advance. -- Dave.
  10. I encountered two problems with my a6000, and didn't find specific solutions to either here. I wrote up the solutions I did finally work out here: http://www.telirati.com/2016/05/telirati-tips-1-sony-raw-noise-and.html The bricking problem was particularly scary. I thought I had a doorstop. Considering how easy it is to do, I'm surprised Sony doesn't have a returned merchandise problem because of it. The updater should be improved to prevent it.
  11. Hello Community members, I am running into an issue with my RAW files on my A7rII. Here are the details: - Capture One Express (C1) and Lightroom (LR) will read the color incorrectly from my RAW files (it displays a deep blue instead of a purple color) - While the jpg files are read with the correct colors in both C1 and LR (I shoot RAW + JPG). - All settings are on defaut in C1 and LR - It happens with uncompressed raw as well Because I use my camera a lot for our own product shoot, color accuracy is important for us. I also use a grey card to white balance the camera. The problem seems to happen for any product that has some sort of purple/indigo color (it happened with a different dress as well). Because of the purple issue, I am kind of having a harder time to trust my camera, as I am afraid it can do the same for other colors. Can anyone help on identifying if there is something wrong with my setting ? I have uploaded the RAW file, the JPG file from the camera on a Wetransfer link (as they are too big to be attached here), as well as a screenshot that shows the RAW and JPG side by side in Capture One to show the color difference. http://we.tl/qlXkH6D9XG Thanks a lot ! Bertrand
  12. Hi, I am wondering if/how the Lightroom camera calibration setting is really important or has significative impact in the post workflow when working on RAWs. my specific body is a A7R2 but that's not really important here. I have always been using the default "Adobe Standard" profile. All my pictures (keepers) are very much worked on in post. My workflow is to adjust all levels to satisfaction, but I have never been paying much attention to the camera calibration setting. Given my workflow, would using a set of "better" profiles, such as http://www.piraccini.net/2011/02/profili-colore-sony-a900-per-adobe-lr.html provide any advantage? I have never expected to have a default JPEG-style rendering on my RAWs and actually assumed that starting from the "most neutral" settings would give me more options as I work on my images. I actually set my camera to Neutral and turned off any highlight/shadow recovery options and adjust levels myself in post. I also absolutely do not care what the image actually look like in the viewfinder/screen, I only use it for focus and exposure - as long as these are good, I will handle the rest in post. Any opinions on this? Thanks, Colin
  13. Just received my a7sii and shot with it for the first time last night. Usually shoot with RAW + JPG (for new models) but didn't recheck my settings and camera was set to just RAW uncompressed. Having a hard time opening them... tried Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One... (all the latest versions). Any help would be most appreciated.
  14. Hi Sony Alpha Forum, If you are curious about taking a look at Capture One Express for Sony, then join me for a webinar on the 24th February. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4923230810845237250 There are two sessions depending on your time zone. More about Capture One here... https://www.phaseone.com/en/Products/Software/Capture-One-for-Sony/Sony-Express.aspx It is a completely free application for Sony customers and an excellent RAW converter, based on of course our PRO version. I will take you through the basic steps of adding images, adjusting and final export. Hope to see you there. David
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