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Found 14 results

  1. In my latest video i´m comparing the Canon 70-200 F4 L vs. the Sony 70-200 F4 G OSS find out in this video which one is the winner! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=2775
  2. I recently attended jazz great Brian Culbertson's concert at the Lyman Center in New Haven, CT. Great show, lots of energy and funk at its finest. Shot this session with an A7rii in manual mode (auto ISO though) and used the new Sony 70-200 f2.8 G Master lens. Visit this link for the full gallery of images and for a video snippet. http://stillsandvideo.squarespace.com/blog/brianlyman2
  3. The last 3 days i have been visiting a Street Artist Festival in Linz, Austria the "Pflasterspektakel" A perfect event to test my trusty Canon 70-200 F4 L again using the MC11 Adapter. Take a look at lots of images with these great street artists! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1945 ‪
  4. Hi all, Has anyone heard any shipping updates on the 70-200 f2.8 GM from Sony or distributors/re-sellers? I ordered mine on July 20th in the US from Amazon. So far Amazon's two updates on arrival time were incorrect. Somewhere I heard they were supposed to start shipping the 1st part of October? Anyone have any other info? Thanks Scott
  5. Added a testvideo to my Canon 70-200 F4 L Review in which i´m showing you how good the 5 Axis Inbody stabilisation of the Sony A7II is working with this lens at 200mm focal length. I was surprised how good the result is on my A7II for video and even Elvis showed up :-) have a look! All shot handheld http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=736 ‪
  6. I recently came into a package deal and I'm wondering if its a good deal or not. Its a newer Sony A7ii along with kit lens, Zeiss 24-70 f/4, Sony 70-200 f/4, and a Rokinon e-mount 14mm f/2.8. All equipment is lightly used, seller has switched to Fuji. Price for package $3000 Thoughts??
  7. Finally finished my Review for the Canon 70-200 F4 L on the Sony A7II! Its packed full with images and a full 10 minutes Video Review covering adapters, autofocus test and more. So get some popcorn and beer and have a look Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven´t allready to be one of the first to know when there is a new video online! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=736
  8. Mountain sheep Best Horns in the Animal world... taken with the A7II and 70-200 f/4 at 200mm f/4
  9. I'm going on a safari to Kenya soon and I don't feel I know enough about taking pictures with my Sony 70-200/f4 (on a A7II). I know it would be better with a longer focal length, but this is what I've got. But to make sure I get as good pictures as possible with my setup, could you give me some hints on settings both for the lens and for the camera that could be useful? I'm guessing it is mostly day time photography from an open car. Planning on getting a bean bag for some support also. Greatful for all help I can get!
  10. Hi, I'm using the Sony 70-200F2.8 (bought SEP/2018 @BH NYC) with my a6500 and a7Riii. The last weeks, I used the lens in temperatures around freezing (0-3'C / 35'F) and I noticed that the communication between the body and lens stopped working after approx 30..45min. AF/F stop changing/... dosen't work anymore. Back home in the warm surrounding, the lens started working again. I went to B&H (Store Manhattan) and they addressed me to the Sony service store in NYC. They checked the lens and according them, the lens is ok. But I can't believe this! I tried it several times, on a total of three Sony bodies and I can reproduce the fault every time. All other lenses (sony/sigma/..) working without any faults in the cold, on both bodies! Any ideas or recommendations? Thx Peter
  11. I started with a Minolta and then switched to Canon. I have a nice line of Canon lenses, to include a Canon 400 f2.8 and a 600 f4, which are fantastic. I am considering switching from a 5D3 to an A9, but I am reading that the A9 will not shoot at 20fps when using a non-native lens. Can someone explain why this is the case seeing that a lens is just something that the camera sees through? Unless this is just a tactic that Sony is using to force sports photogs to use their lenses, instead of the ones they have already spent 10's of thousands on?
  12. So I've been wondering about this for a while now, which 70-200 lens to get for my a6500. i would use it primarily for surfing photography & video, then secondarily for landscapes etc. sony 70-200 f2.8 is out of the question at this time, as it is too expensive. so my dilemma is, do i get a sigma/tamron 2.8 or go for the better AF option but smaller aperture in the sony 70-200 f4? all three models are similarly priced so it's only down to the aperture at this point. thoughts?
  13. Since making the move from Canon, I bought three FE lenses to replace four Canon lenses. None of my Canon lenses were faster than F/4, so I never considered the gripe about the not having enough fast native glass for my new Sony. My only slight regret was loosing the 200-400 focal length when switching over, but realized I didn't use that focal length that often, and welcomed all the poundage I was not carrying anymore. Not looking back at my Canon gear, just loving the extra detail, and all the other ground breaking technology that got me to jump to Sony. 5 FPS, 200mm, 800th @5.6 is fast enough for me this day.
  14. I recently purchased a Sony 70-200 FE "G" lens from a major New York photo/audio retailer only to find it to be unacceptably soft at the corners from wide open all the way down to f8 at 200mm. I know this optic is supposed to be razor sharp and a real performer. I called the retailer, and they agreed to send me out another lens and told me to return the defective one for a refund. I'm currently awaiting the replacement lens for testing. What I wonder, is just what, if anything, stores like this do with these returned items. The lens is otherwise in perfect, mint condition with all paperwork and packaging, and I'm sure to some casual users would pass off as OK. My guess is that items such as this are sent out again to some poor customer in hopes that the next buyer will accept it? I wonder if this lens was some former customer's reject and I ended up getting it. Surely items such as this aren't kicked back to the manufacturer.
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