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  1. Dear fellow Sony users, here are a couple of shots from my recent trip to the German north. I shot with my go-to Zeiss 35/1.4 and my old Canon 70-200/4.0 and a cheap-o EF to E adapter. Enjoy - Critique is welcome! konzty A7II with Zeiss 35/1.4 @ 1/5 @ f14 @ ISO100 A7II with Zeiss 35/1.4 @ 1/100 @ f11 @ ISO100 A7II with Zeiss 35/1.4 @ 1/20 @ f13 @ ISO100
  2. Ilya

    August portrait

    V E R O N I K A by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr Camera: Sony a7rII Lens: Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm f/1.5 (1953)
  3. Ilya


    Yesterday I tried one glorious vintage lens: Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm f/1.5 (1953, M42, red "Т"), see what I have done with it. Camera: Sony a7rII, always wide open. Any comments / feedbacks are welcome. Helene by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr Helene by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr Helene by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr
  4. Ilya

    just a girl

    Yana by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr Lens: Zeiss Milvus 85/1.4 Camera: Sony a7rII Manual focus, outdoor, natural light
  5. Ilya

    Cold evening

    Untitled by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr Untitled by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr Untitled by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr
  6. Hey all, made some pictures with today with my 45mm Contax lens and Techart adapter and this weird ring started appearing. It's not really vignetting in the way that I am familiar - it does not happen with my 55mm 1.8 or the 90mm Zeiss Sonnar mounted on the same adapter, so I'm inclined to think it's lens specific but not sure. I hadn't noticed this in previous use with this lens, and I don't know what could have changed it. It happens at all shutter speeds with efcs turned on and off and it gets a little more pronounced with a smaller f stop as you would expect things to come in to sharper focus. I tried removing the lens hood and UV filter just in case that was somehow showing up even though it never did on the film camera - but that didn't change anything. I'm aware it could be some bizarre refraction issue or something given the beach scene, but it happened last night and this morning on the beach and again not with the other lenses. It's weird.... Any thoughts appreciated.
  7. alandini


    From the album: Trees

    white poplars in the "caldaren" natural park - Gualtieri - Po Valley

    © andrea landini

  8. alandini


    From the album: Trees

    white poplars in the "caldaren" natural park - Gualtieri - Po Valley

    © andrea landini

  9. alandini


    From the album: Trees

    white poplars in the "caldaren" natural park - Gualtieri - Po Valley

    © andrea landini

  10. From the album: Coral Cove Park Jupiter Florida

    Florida Sunrise I took a early morning off while in Jupiter, Florida and headed over to Coral Cove Park. This was my first time there and only had a hour, great location. 30 Second exposure with the Sony A7RII, 24mm Ziess lens on the very compact Vanguard Veo tripod, processed in Capture One.

    © ©Floyd Dean 2016

  11. From the album: Landscapes

    Lugano under sunset from Cross Peak on Caval Dossa area. Down left the cross, you can see the piramid of Monviso, a peak 280km far from where we were! I worked with a graduated ND filter to get a darker sky, then I left the colour as much as were in reality, working on contrasts to have the best effect on the ray coming behind the mountain. Last aspect I worked to are the blacks, that I made darked and deeper.

    © Luca Fontana

  12. From the album: Landscapes

    Just before the night. Pictore took on Caval Dossa peak (1600m) just above Lugano, waiting snow that this year is coming late. I worked hard to give the idea of the true colour there were in front of us, with the night coming in the valley and the last sun of the day lighting the yellow grass of autumn.

    © Luca Fontana

  13. luca.f

    Late View

    From the album: Landscapes

    On our way back from Blinnenhorn we got a great view of Greis Lake just before golden hour. Walking with no track in wilderness is one of the most incredible experience, and this kind of landscape is the reason we explore. I worked hard on colors, to get the best balance between saturation and contrasts.

    © Luca Fontana

  14. From the album: Landscapes

    An hiker make a picture of Greis Lake, with Greis Glacier and Bleinnenhorn (3374m) on the back. The light was just perfect with great contrasts of coulor all around the picture. I also loved the moment for the great proportion, with the long cloud that creates a circle that go to the mountain, than to the long glacier, to the hiker and at the end back to the sky. I tried to desaturate a bit the colors to get a deeper effect on all the picture.

    © Luca Fontana

  15. From the album: Landscapes

    The very wild landscape of Greispass was changed by the dam and the wind turbine. I included these anthropic elements in the composition. Usually people try to avoid everything made by man in landscape photography, but we are part of the world. I also tried my best in contrasts to give the deep effect of the picture and to underline the lines on the right mountain.

    © Luca Fontana

  16. luca.f

    Falling Sun

    From the album: Landscapes

    We were climbing Denti della Vecchia near Lugano when a sublime scenary appears to us, with a orange sun hitting the autumn trees. Mountains on the back are Alps, with Monte Rosa, second peak in europe. I worked hard with ND graduated filter in postproduction, adding nothing to saturation. All the colours seen are as appeared to our eyes.

    © Luca Fontana

  17. ecker

    Streets of Vienna

    Taken with the Sony A7 III and Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8
  18. 342/5000 Hi all Finally I was able to try my Batis 18, the place was not good, the light was not there and there were many people, perfect, the ideal place: D I'm really happy with the result, I shot in jpg with the color profile in black and white. The photos were resized and have a minimum crop. I used the A6300, tomorrow I will try it on the A7R3
  19. Hello Batis 18mm owners and wide angle lens experts Recently I bought this great wide angle lens but was quite disappointed when I checked my first pictures shot with a Sony Alpha 7 II as the lens produced some really weird dots above the sun with aperture 22 (see attached picture). My 10-20mm APS-C wide angle lens on the Sony Alpha 77 produced a much better sun star for a third of the price... ☹️ Did anyone experience the same issue or knows of that issue with the Batis 18mm? Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice, Andreas
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cBAICAiI74 Hi everyone, I have a Sony Zeiss lens (SAL50F14Z) that wobbles very badly. I tried to send it to Sony for repair, but the Sony repair center just sent it back and claimed that the wobble is *normal*. I personally do not believe it is normal, as I don't recall having this wobble before, and my other Sony Zeiss lens doesn't have that. Could the community give any recommendation what I should do? If this is really normal, then it's a big design flaw from Sony!
  21. I recently completed 2 albums, both are the Muir Woods Redwoods, truly an enchanted forest. Each album photographed on a separate day. I only use the a6000, the 1st day I used my Rokinon 12mm f.2. I really like the lens, super sharp, lite weight - compact, very reasonable price. It's all manual so I set the a6000 on manual and adjusted accordingly each photo. It was a sunny day. The 2nd day I used my Zeiss 16-70mm f.4 only. I don't care much for it. Being mostly a night shooter I bought a fast Rok 21mm f:1.4 for nights. This was a cloudy, foggy as usual day. I was shocked by the amount of purple ca each shoot had and not just at the edges but in the dead center. It seemed that when branches were against blue sky the camera couldn't differentiate either on the cloudy day or the sunny day. So I'm asking if anyone knows what happened, that I got the same result, under such different circumstances and if you have any shooting tips you use that could help w the color aberrations. I would like to control it during the photographing You can go to my whole album by clicking on my name Coast below This is a photo w the Rokinon Muir Woods National Monument, on a sunny day, wide angle by Coast, on Flickr This photo is w my Zeiss on the cloudy day Cathedral Grove, Muir Woods National Monument; San Francisco Bay Area by Coast, on Flickr thanks for any help and tips
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