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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, Background : I have a persistent problem with my Sony 55-200, since some weeks ago the auto-focus stopped working. AF works with my 18-55 mm and my 50 mm on this camera, the only lens having this problem is the 55-200. Problem : The AF doesn't work but the lens motor moves and it seems it is trying to focus with no success :/. It goes like that non-stop, even after 5 minutes impossible to focus. I use the lens on MF and it works perfectly, although, in some cases I'd really like to have the AF. You can find the video on this post. Do you have any thought about this problem? Could it be the motor built-in? Can I do something myself to repair it? I could bring the camera somewhere to repair but I am not willing to pay a lot as it is a cheap camera nowadays. Thanks in advance.
  2. It is really annoying that when I am video recording with continuous AF mode and I half press the shutter that my camera does refocus. Is there a way to turn this off??? In the stills menu you can turn off AF with shutter, but this doesn't work for video. I hope there is someone that can help me!
  3. Hello, I own an A7R2 and wondered if there was at least one decent APS-C wide lense (≤ 21 mm fullframe focal length) that is: - a prime - fast (at least F1.8) - with autofocus - E-mount or Canon EF mount (adaptable with a speedbooster or MC-11) - not too noisy (like the Sigma art primes) By decent I mean no chromatic aberration, I don't mind a little vignette or blur on the edge for 1080 video. The only one I found was an APS-C 19mm, I think F1.8, with chromatic aberration. Thank you for your help, Simon
  4. Does anyone know why Sony (or 3rd parties) can't make a better adapter for their A-mount SSM and SAM lenses? For example, the relatively inexpensive Sony 28-75 f2.8 is a really good lens. I've tried several copies and they make sharp, contrasty images. However, the AF on my E-mount bodies (a9 & a6500) is hampered by the paucity of focus points. The limiting factor is obviously not the bodies, and I don't think it's the lenses. It seems to be the adapter!
  5. Hi I have been trying to get Face auto-focus to work on a7III in 4k internally I have tried everything possible to make face detection work in 4k but it just doesn’t work I turned off proxy and set it to 4k 24 fps with 100mb not optical zoom, always connected on mobile page is off and yet it always turns off and if I try switching it on again it doesn’t allow me and I tried it on airplane mode it shows me that it doesn’t work in 4k as the image shows in the attachements however I have seen multiple persons online with it working flawlessly anyone knows an answer to that? thank you
  6. Hello there, I'm currently using the Sony A7III with Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8 FE. It might be a stupid question for you but whenever I am taking video with 'Face Detection in AF' on (AF-C mode, video format: 1080p, 50 fps), the face always has a grey frame on it. But it does not focus to it, I tried so many times but still did not make it happen. I tried focusing on other things, then moved to the face. The frame happened to appear again, but the focus point did not change a bit. I had to press the shutter to make it focus. Is it because of the non-native lens, or is it a problem of my A7III??? Thank you for your kind reply.
  7. Hello, I just bought a set of Meike macro extension tubes for my Alpha 6300. They work fine, with one exception: The AF confirms correct focus (green AF field) even when the display shows that the subject is strongly blurred. Without the macro tubes, the AF is fine. It seems (but I didn't check this thoroughly) that the AF with macro tubes works a bit more reliable with shorter focal length. I didn't have this problem with my (now sold) Canon equipment. Did somebody else stumble upon this problem? Thanks, Robert ...
  8. I was wondering if there are any users with Samyang 14 2.8 AF who could share their opinions. I plan to use it with A7 II and A7r for wedding photography so im interested in 2.8 performance. I found some tests but most photos were taken at f7 to f11 and it was architecture. Thanks for any help.
  9. The last couple of weeks or even months i have been shooting so much with the MC11 adapter. A lot of people asked me how good is the AF-C and Lock on AF. Well, to answer this i went to a medieval festival called "Ritterfest" in Linz, Austria and there i tested both lenses the Sigma 24mm 1.4 and the Canon 70-200 F4 L on my Sony A7II. Also made some additional tests. Grab some popcorn and beer and enjoy the video! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=2267
  10. Hi folks. I'm sure this has been asked somewhere but I tried searching for it and couldn't find it so I'm hoping someone can help me. Since I've owned my Sony A7RIII I've been getting this error message screen that says: "This operation or setting not available as follows Focus Mode Single Shot AF" It will go away if I push any button, but it is getting annoying plus I obviously am doing something wrong. It doesn't seem to matter what lens I use, I get the same message. I would be really grateful if anyone could tell me what's going on here and what I need to do to correct it. Thank you very much!
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