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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I just turned in my camera to service. I was taking photos and some where coming out over exposed when correctly exposing. And over 2000 shutter I could see the curtain or shutter at the corners as shadows or black areas. At 5000 speed and over the photos where completely black sometimes So after handing to service they sent me a picture and said out of waranty because I may have caused it. Such as taking a photo while cleaning sensor. I haven't even put my figures in to that gap before. And never cleaned the sensor. Here is the photo. What may have caused it.
  2. Does anyone know if the a6500 is able to remember settings between the separate video/photo functions? I’m running into the problem where I will dial in the settings I want on the video function, take a video, then switch over to Manual (or aperture priority), and readjust the settings to take a picture. When I move back to the video function, my original video settings are now replaced by the more recent settings that were used to take the photo, leaving my frantically readjusting to get back to the proper video settings originally used.
  3. Hello everyone! Is it possible to remap my VIDEO/MOVIE record button to a Pistol Grip button on my water housing?
  4. After having my camera for a while, it has started to make a louder, almost grinding noise when I take photos. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on wheat it might be? (Dirt, dying, etc)
  5. I've had my Alpha 6000 for about 4 years .. shutter has failed .. is it worth sending for repair or better to buy new camera ? Thank you
  6. Hi, I've been using a Sony a6000 for years and love it, but it has recently developed a very irritating problem. The shutter has become slow and hesitates when I try to take a picture, often resulting in a 1-2 second delay between me pressing the shutter and it actually taking the problem. Similarly, on bracket modes and continuous shooting, it no longer fires evenly and consistently. Instead, it will take pictures sporadically, often with long pauses between shots. I mostly shoot wildlife (which tends not to sit still), so this type malfunction is extremely difficult to work with. I am awa
  7. I know that I can lock the dials/wheels but how about locking one of the wheels? (Not both) Is that possible? I use this on my Nikon while in the studio for example to make sure I don't mess up my flash sync speed without noticing.
  8. Rolling shutter on the RX100M4 has made hand-held video use impossible. It would appear great as an inconspicuous second camera or miniature pocketable option. Sometimes subjects are put off by larger cameras, so having 4k and great raw stills in that small package seemed like a perfect option. But from the first day, rolling shutter, and to a lesser extent poor IS, has made the videos pretty much unusable. I'm still happy with the stills, and I love the apps (don't use HFR much), but as a video camera, it's a total fail. Here's my latest travel video from Ethiopia. To reduce the roll
  9. I'm not sure what setting I change or when I changed it but my a6300 now sounds like it's bracketing shots every time I take a photo. ISO is set to AUTO DRO/AUTO HDR is set to off Picture Effect and Picture Profile is set to off I hear it when I put the drive mode into single shot. I've tried resetting the defaults but that didn't seem to fix anything. Anyone else having this problem or anyone know how to fix it?
  10. Hi everyone! I have a very strange problem with my A7S and I can't get my head around it. For some reason when I use shutter speed dial it just gets stuck looping around the same number and not letting me set the speed to what I want. When set to automatic the speed changes accordingly no problem but when I try and do it manually I keep having this issue. I've also tested the same dial to adjust the aperture and it works fine so I doubt very much it's a hardware issue. I have tried it in all shooting modes and also performed a factory reset but no change. I have posted a vi
  11. You have the A7R2. You have the RX100M4. So what do you do? Shoot the different shutter modes of the A7R2 in super slow-motion with the RX100M4. Click below for some hot Sony-on-Sony action, totally mirrorless. https://youtu.be/v5HyT_KgFT4
  12. A question addressed to the A7-specialists: As far as I could find out, the A mode on the A7 (ILCE-7 Vers. 1.10) works as follows: If ISO is not on auto, shutter speed is automatic in the full range, if ISO is on auto, shutter speed is automatic while ISO tries to minimize to 100. As soon as automatic shutter speed would rise above 1/60 s, ISO automatic starts to increase. As a result, automatic shutter speed does not adjust to values above 1/60 s as long as a maximum ISO of 25600 is not yet reached - then it starts to increase further up to 30 s. Is there any way to change t
  13. It is really annoying that when I am video recording with continuous AF mode and I half press the shutter that my camera does refocus. Is there a way to turn this off??? In the stills menu you can turn off AF with shutter, but this doesn't work for video. I hope there is someone that can help me!
  14. Hi all, New to this forum, in the hope that someone can help solve this mystery. I recently installed PIE (Picture Information Extractor) more out of interest than anything else. But one thing this shows is the shutter count as it is held in the EXIF metadata. I have had my A7II for little over a year and was surprised to see a shutter count of around 14000. I am not a professional and do take loads of images but not that much. Now I looked at a number of images taken on my holiday last year. The first image has a shutter count of 2207, the last taken 16 days later, has a count of 7535
  15. I know DSLR after so many shots you need to replace the senor. However, been mirrorless doesn't have shutter, does it still have some kind of counts after so many shots the senor need to be replace? I'm very new in mirrorless camera.
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