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Found 5 results

  1. Rolling shutter on the RX100M4 has made hand-held video use impossible. It would appear great as an inconspicuous second camera or miniature pocketable option. Sometimes subjects are put off by larger cameras, so having 4k and great raw stills in that small package seemed like a perfect option. But from the first day, rolling shutter, and to a lesser extent poor IS, has made the videos pretty much unusable. I'm still happy with the stills, and I love the apps (don't use HFR much), but as a video camera, it's a total fail. Here's my latest travel video from Ethiopia. To reduce the rolling shutter, I set the camera to 1080/30p, down from 4k, but still, the results are just unacceptable. The stills from the A7R2 came out great, and the footage shot from that camera also had better rolling shutter control. But I need a better small option for a second camera. Anybody have any suggestions? Thinking about the a6300, but heard that has rolling shutter issues. Maybe the delayed Nikon DL?
  2. The new Nikon DL compacts look pretty sweet. They're probably packing the same Sony sensor found in the RX100iv, but it looks like the implementation may be even better. The one with the most attractive lens, for me, the 24-85mm, is also the cheapest at $650. On paper, these have everything the RX100iv does, but you lose an EVF in favor of a touch screen, and wifi for bluetooth only. They've got built-in time-lapse, HFR, 4k video, OSS and electronic OS, and Nikon say they've eliminated rolling shutter, which is a huge problem on the RX100iv in 4k. Not sure you power it with USB (probably not). That, and the fact that I've already got a zillion backup batteries for my RX100iv means I probably won't be switching, but still . . . Has Nikon bettered Sony in the premium compact? The 24-500 version looks arguably better than the RX10ii. If I were buying today, I'd probably get the Nikon. Your thoughts? http://nikonrumors.com/2016/02/23/nikon-dl-cameras-specs-comparison.aspx/#more-102482
  3. Can any of the flash lights Sony makes for the Alpha or Nex series be triggered by the RX100IV...? Since I'm unwilling to buy the A7SII without BSI sensor and its various issues, I figured I'll get a pocket cam that's decent at video to use until the A7S III gets released. But I'm held up by having trouble finding any usable info on Sony flashes (or any other flashes) that can be used with it, given that it doesn't have a hot shoe.
  4. Here's a couple of shots of Manta Rays I took recently at Lady Elliot Island in Qld, Australia. Such beautiful animals! They are shot on my Sony RX100II with a Recsea housing and Ultra Wide wet lens. All natural lighting. I also took a video here: Cheers, Rowan
  5. Hey everyone, Nothing spectacular, just getting used to the RX100 IV and testing the slo motion capabilities. I have found that 240fps is about as high as I would go to keep the quality as high as I would need it, especially if I'm going to use this as a broadcast b-roll or b-camera. Mostly it'll be used for the family, so the quality is pretty rock solid. Everything was shot at 240fps in PP7 (S-Log2) 1600iso. I graded everything in PPRo CC with James Miller's LUTs. I was pretty surprised at how good his LUTs are at pretty much wiping out the noticeable noise that you get with the 1600 base ISO. I've actually shot more footage at 3200 ISO and from a production standpoint I'd be confident in shooting that hight and getting completely usable footage. Anyway... first post here... be kind https://youtu.be/lMu7F6jbiTg I obviously can't figure out how to embed a video... www.ajleitch.com
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