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Found 20 results

  1. I'm trying to get a feel for the 24-70 F2.8 when used for portraits. Would it be possible for any of you to post some portraits you've shot with the 24-70 lens? Thanks.
  2. As someone who is new to the Sony world, I was wondering in anyone has any experience with lenses on backorder. How fast (in the past) has Sony been about getting new stock out to stores?
  3. Hey This is my first post. Just bought my first digi camera less than week ago (Sony a6000 with SELP1650 for 190€). I did try to search but I did not find what I was looking for. If there is already topic about this feel free to link it here and I will delete this thread. So I study communications and me and my friend have a plan of shooting a "0budget" interview/documentary about drugusers life on street. Here in Finland is so dark during these winter months that I need lense that has good F-value. The current lense has f3.5 when not zoomed. What is the cheapest zoom lense that you guys would recommend for my purposes? And how about some cheap wide angle prime lenses for this type of videography? Thank you, FinnishNoob
  4. I am one of the many who is transitioning to mirrorless from the Canon system (6D). I have been researching lenses and it's making my head spin. Until I decide which Sony or aftermarket lenses to get I will use the MC-11 adapter with my current setup. I have always used zoom lenses but am considering using primes with this camera. The biggest obstacle I have is budget. What lenses would be recommended for a new Sony shooter? Also, how are the aftermarket lenses with regards to sharpness/IQ? FYI, here is my current collection of lenses. - Tokina 16-28mm; use for landscape, architecture,etc. - Sigma 24-105mm; used as my general--purpose lens. - Canon 70-200 f/4; considering keeping this if the IQ with the adapter is good. - Canon 100-400; same as the 70-200 - Tamron 90mm Macro; used for macro So my immediate needs would be to cover from wide-angle to around 100mm, Thanks. I am new to this forum and this is my first post. One more day and I can pass out cigars.
  5. Hi all, I currently have the following set of lenses for my A6500: Sony E Zeiss 16-70mm f4 Sony E 35mm f1.8 Sony E 50mm f1.8 Sony FE 85mm f1.8 (recently bought, on its way home) I want to get rid of one lens (will sell it), and I'm doubting betwen the 35mm and the 50mm. As I'm having an allround lens (Zeiss) for general purposes, I think I prefer to keep the 50mm for portraits (whenever I cannot use the 85mm). But in the other hand, I think that the 35mm could help me indoors whenever the Zeiss maximum f4 is not sufficient (yes, I know 35mm is a little bit too much for indoors). My main reason for buying primes was to be able to do really good pictures of my family, so portrait use should be the most common one (action pictures will be done with the Zeiss). Can I get your expert (as I'm quite an amateur) opinion on this? Thanks a lot in advance, Roberto
  6. I have an a6000 and am considering upgrading to the a6500, but I'm curious about the stabilization. I know it is in-body, but is it in anyway dependent on the lens being used? Specifically, will it work with third-party lenses? I do a lot of shooting with Tamron's 150-600mm lens (with Sony's LA-EA2 adapter).
  7. Good morning, I've recently got the "Sony a7 III" camera body as a present. I'm a little bit lost when it comes to lenses and I would really appreciate some advice on which lens to get based on my needs (if possible). I'm a painter, and once I finish my paintings I take photos of them, whether if it's for posting on art websites to sell them, social media to promote them, etc. I also want to make art prints out of the photos I take of them. I've recently started filming videos while I paint to show the process and teach other people painting techniques. So, to sum it up, I'm looking for quite a versatile lens: - Take photos of paintings once they're finished (to post on art websites to sell). - Take photos of paintings once they're finished (to make prints out of them. I paint large scale and small scale paintings). - To film videos of the painting process. I've read that for taking photos of paintings it's better to get a macro lens, but I don't know how that'd work when I need to film videos. I also heard a prime lens could be a good option. Thank you very much for your time Kora
  8. Hi everyone. I'm pretty new here. I have a Sony A7III and shoot mostly outdoors photography. I'm considering buying a 200-600mm lens but have also heard rumors that Sony is going to be introducing the Sony A7IV soon. I have a 400mm lens that works for most purposes so the longer length isn't that critical and I'm wondering if I should save my money and wait till the A7IV comes out. Has anyone heard when Sony expects to release that camera. If it's going to be fairly soon, I will probably hold off buying the lens, if not, well... Any thoughts you folks might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and it's nice to be here.
  9. Hi everyone! I just acquired a couple of months ago the Sony a6000 to start into serious photography (I used to shoot IPhone and even if I love it, I've always looked for better and true stunning photos), I paired it with the Sigma 16mm F1.4 and love the versatility and the results especially the image quality. I've used primarily as an all-round, travel, every day photography even environmental portraits in low light. I'm very excited since just received the A7III in addition to start in the FF world and I'm just trying to decide the first lens should I buy for, after reading and watching a lot of reviews I narrowed my search to the following candidates: Sony 24-105mm F4 G, very useful focal length range and super sharp, F4 aperture may be compensated by increasing ISO in low light situations. Tamron 28-75mm F2.8, standard zoom lens for landscape, portrait and street photography, the F2.8 and apparently good sharpness is something really gets me. Sony Zeiss 50mm F1.4 / 55mm F1.8 standard primes, the overall performance and good perks of the 55mm are great, but the reviews about the stunning pop ("like magic") of the 50mm image quality really wants me to incline for this lens, is that really good? Sony 24mm F1.4 G Master, in pre-order right now but I really expect an excellent performance and to be a go-to for landscape photography and overkill the previous experience with the Sigma 16mm 1.4 (APS-C). I can just afford 1 lens this year (I won't be buying another lens even after savings) and don't mind to be walking in or out to get the perfect composition, I just want to get the best experience and image quality and start building my lens kit after time. Thank you for the feedback!
  10. Does anyone know why Sony (or 3rd parties) can't make a better adapter for their A-mount SSM and SAM lenses? For example, the relatively inexpensive Sony 28-75 f2.8 is a really good lens. I've tried several copies and they make sharp, contrasty images. However, the AF on my E-mount bodies (a9 & a6500) is hampered by the paucity of focus points. The limiting factor is obviously not the bodies, and I don't think it's the lenses. It seems to be the adapter!
  11. Hi I have a new Sony A7ii with the 24-240mm Sony lens, my first full frame camera after shooting with a Canon 60d. I'm looking to add more lenses to the collection, probably starting with a 50mm. The Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T is the one I want, but can't afford at this time! My budget is low, around $500 or less is better, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a lens to start. I'm ok with the third party manual lenses, realizing I will need an adapter, but finding it somewhat confusing as to what will work on the Sony A7ii. Also interested in a legacy lens, but I can't figure out which lenses will work with which adapters. Any other suggestions for a newbie? Thanks for your help!
  12. A7s and A7rII review by Gabruek www.gabruek.com https://500px.com/gabsriel Hi ! I bought them on the 27th of july 2015 in France (lucky boy about the A7rII !). Disclaimer : I do not shoot in continuous mode, I do not shoot in movie mode. I mainly shoot with primes. This review is only MY opinion. Background : amateur (portraits, landscape, street, abstract), semi-pro (weddings, sports, portraiture, fashion) Digital gear background Olympus 4/3 : E-1, E-400 Olympus micro 4/3 : E-P1, E-PM2 Canon : 30D, 40D, 6D Nikon : D80, D5000 Fuji : S3 Pro Sony : A200 Sigma : Dp1s Lenses I use with the A7s and A7rII 16-35mm f/4 28mm f/2 55mm f/1.8 90mm f/2.8 Canon 70-200mm f/4L Commlite AF adapter Canon to Sony : no phase detection, no AF with Canon mount primes... 7 month of carefull thought : I wanted 2 bodies, one for personal use and one for pro use. I built different purchase scenarios : A7s or A7rII + Fuji X-T1 A7rII + Nikon DF A7s + Nikon D810 A7s + A7rII I ran for the last one. I still think it's the best choice of the list. But I also think a new purchase scenario would be even better : A7rII (for personnal and pro use) + Canon FF (for pro use). I would buy a Metabones adapter + Sigma Art lenses on the Canon body. I would get the benefit of a light (but powerfull) mirrorless camera + a classic pro look and ergonomics of a DSLR. I prefer the "Canon look" to the "Nikon look". And if I want dynamic range, I go for the Sony. But today I would not know what Canon DSLR to purchase. Maybe a (cheap) 6D. Canon has to release a game changing DSLR...especially on the low light portion. A7s pros lightweight body, I prefer it to the A7rII light files clean files (low noise) very good AF in low light the ev compensation dial eye AF buttons customization tilt screen A7s cons not good color "look" not possible to choose a minimal shutter speed in A mode (like the "std", "fast", "faster" modes in the A7rII) Adobe, and Capture One color profiles for A7s are not A7s color profile, forced to create own profile or open the raws in Sony's Image Data converter, which is slow and not an Adobe product... functions ergonomics and menus (the physical ergonomics is ok) very slow start-up viewfinder not good for people with glasses buttons customization (require a long practice to find your own layout) no tactile screen : it's very boring and time-loosing to move the focus zone manually… battery life EDIT : flash sync speed A7rII pros tough body image quality very good AF in daylight, OK AF in low light the ev compensation dial buttons customization Eye AF possible to choose a minimal shutter speed in A mode resolution : tremendous cropping potential, less lenses needed nice contrast and color look THE viewfinder tilt screen AF accuracy : the best I've ever seen, better than any DSLR I ever tested (included Nikon D810) A7rII cons heavy Adobe, and Capture One color profiles for A7rII are not A7rII color profile, forced to create own profile or open the raws in Sony's Image Data converter, which is slow and not an Adobe product... functions ergonomics and menus (the physical ergonomics is ok) very slow start-up viewfinder not good for people with glasses requires a good pc or mac (with ssd if possible) buttons customization (require a long practice to find your own layout) no tactile screen : it's very boring and time-loosing to move the focus zone manually... requires very fast sdxc card : 150Mb/s minimum, the 95Mb/s is not fast enough lenses seems softer in the corners than on the A7s, especially the 16-35mm, a sensor problem ? battery life EDIT : flash sync speed Sony FF E-mount system Pros small and light. The lenses are not all small and lightweight, but in overall this is smaller and lighter than DSLRs more discreet, you do not look like a pro photographer, juste a hobbyist or even a tourist evf IMO now better than ovf : live histogram, able to have a look at the exposure, in low light, focus peaking, zebras, focus magnification, you do not see the real world but you see your picture of the real world, etc. image quality, the A7rII is ok now concerning the colors and the contrast Eye AF excellent prime lenses, Zeiss look, and the Sony 90mm 2.8... legacy lenses support, sometimes even with the AF "innovative", I mean that Sony is keeping up to make better and better MODERN cameras, even if it's not an easy path Sony FF E-mount system Cons you do not look like a pro, it's a true problem with some clients zooms are not good IMO, not as good as other brands zooms very pricey, especially the lenses. I'm not sure I would recommend the (cheap) A7 or A7r functions ergonomics REALLY sucks, lacks of tactile screen ok for the upcoming firmware upgrades of the A7rII, but it seems A7/A7s/A7r will be forgotten... Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Fuji have a lot of faithful fanboys, it seems that this Sony system is under too much pressure and the trust is not there yet Not a mature system yet, but now not far to be. The learning curve for this system is very long compared to the other systems. IMO that's why a lot of people (haters) on the Internet say that the Sony mirrorless cameras are made for geeks and hobbyist, not photographers. I think that it's just that these camera are difficult to handle, because of the functional ergonomics. But if you take the time to learn how to use it perfectly, these cameras are GREAT. battery life, same problem than smartphones in general, because evf is a screen afterall Lenses overview 16-35mm : not a good lens, way too pricey for this almost poor IQ. Ok mounted on the A7s but not on the A7rII (corners are too soft, even at f/8, maybe a sensor architerture problem ?) 28mm : very light, almost cheap, and nice lens 55mm : very nice and lightweight, but I don't see this ultra sharpness a lot of people are talking about on the Internet 90mm : holy moly...the best lens I've ever used, except the focus ring, not enough "click" when changing AF to MF position. It switches in the bag... The Tokina implementation is way better. Canon 70-200mm f/4 : bought it second-hand at 270€ . It is good enough, and cheaper than the 1330€ Sony version… Lenses I will buy : Samyang 135mm f/2 or a Sony/Zeiss AF equivalent, a 35mm f1.8 AF, a 85mm 1.2 AF or not AF (Speedmaster), some legacy lenses of course Lenses I'm struggle with : 35mm 1.4, too heavy, too big, too much expensive...waiting for a reasonable 35mm 1.8. For me It will be a street photography lens, so I want it as small and lightweigh as possible. Sony/Zeiss A-mount 135mm f/1.8, seems not working well on e-mount system Lenses I will not buy : Batis 25mm, Batis 85mm, Loxia 50mm, Loxia 35mm (because it's too expensive for a f/2.0 lens), Melvis lenses, Sony zooms
  13. Zeiss wasn't exactly forthcoming with my question about availability of the BATIS lenses here in the USA, but at least they cordially responded with a version of "shut up and keep waiting." Dear Jonathan, Thanks for your inquiry. Like with all high-end products, the request for the new BATIS lenses is much higher than the production capacities. Within the next months, the backorders will be cleared in the succession of order income. The current delivery is around 3-4 months after order income at the moment. We already shipped many items of the BATIS lenses to the US, which all were directly handled over to the end customers by the dealers. Please contact your photo dealer directly for an estimated delivery date. Of course, we cannot know on which position your dealer put you on his waiting list. With best regards Bertram Hönlinger _________________ Carl Zeiss AG Camera Lens Division Kundencenter / Customer Care Center / PHO-VC Kundensupport / Customer Support Bertram Hönlinger Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22 - 73447 Oberkochen Telefon/Phone: +49 7364 20-6175 Fax: +49 7364 20-4045 Email: bertram.hoenlinger@zeiss.com http://www.zeiss.de/photo Carl Zeiss AG, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22, 73447 Oberkochen Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates: Dr. Dieter Kurz Vorstand: Dr. Michael Kaschke (Vorsitzender), Dr. Hermann Gerlinger, Dr. Ludwin Monz, Dr. Matthias Metz, Thomas Spitzenpfeil Sitz der Gesellschaft: Oberkochen, Deutschland Amtsgericht Ulm, HRB 501 555, USt-IdNr: DE 811 119 940 We object any claim that might be derived from the statement containted in this email. Any not authorized disclosure or distribution of this email or its content or parts of its content is forbidden. ______________________________________________ Ihre Anfrage (Absender: ) vom 21.08.2015: I have both Batis lenses on pre-order from Adorama, since June, and would like to know when I can expect them to ship. I have been waiting patiently for more than two months now without any word. Please advise. Thank you. [ ref:_00D20MWc0._50020p2XGz:ref
  14. Hi there, Long time lurker/first time poster here. Before anyone gets all up in a hoot, I do know and understand the obvious differences between these lenses i.e. price, AF/MF, aperture etc... that being said I am currently trying to decide between the 2. I need something on the long end and price is not a huge concern for me at the moment. I am wondering if anyone has experience with both of these lenses and how they stack up in terms of IQ, sharpness, CA, bokeh etc... I own many manual focus lenses and while auto focus is always welcomed in my book it is not a must. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  15. I've had the A7s since it came out in July. I have been using the Sony 28-70mm zoom. I've also adapted some old Canon FD's which give a cool look. They've been fine but the quality doesn't blow me away and I recently shot an event and because of the full-frame, it was very hard to get close ups that I needed. I was looking for a zoom to replace my 28-70 with a bit more range, more on the telephoto side. I have looked over almost every full-frame e-mount lens made which isn't that many. There's also a bunch of a-mount which I'd be open to adapting to the a-mount. I came from Canon before this and saw the visual difference of buying cheap lenses and nicer lenses. What would you recommend for a nice wide range zoom for the A7s? I'd be open to a Sigma or Tamron if they were nice. I've actually had some really awesome Sigma's so would like that. Also, I only shoot video with this, would adapting for a-mount be an issue? What's the difference between the $200 and $350 adapter for the a-mount in terms of shooting video? I don't do fast action shooting, it's mostly set up a shot, shoot it, move on. So I don't need super quick auto focus as you would for sports or something. Thank you!
  16. Hi Guys, my girlfriend just wrote this little review, hands-on for the zeiss touit lenses she was using in asia on her a6000 on our blog. http://passportsandlenses.com/zeiss-touit-lenses-on-the-sony-a6000-a-review/ Since i saw a lot of people asking if they are worth their high price tag i hope it is alright if i share so you guys can have a look. It is a little non-tech since she's not as interested in fancy gear as we guys are! Have fun and let me know if you like it! Alex
  17. I recently purchased a Sony 70-200 FE "G" lens from a major New York photo/audio retailer only to find it to be unacceptably soft at the corners from wide open all the way down to f8 at 200mm. I know this optic is supposed to be razor sharp and a real performer. I called the retailer, and they agreed to send me out another lens and told me to return the defective one for a refund. I'm currently awaiting the replacement lens for testing. What I wonder, is just what, if anything, stores like this do with these returned items. The lens is otherwise in perfect, mint condition with all paperwork and packaging, and I'm sure to some casual users would pass off as OK. My guess is that items such as this are sent out again to some poor customer in hopes that the next buyer will accept it? I wonder if this lens was some former customer's reject and I ended up getting it. Surely items such as this aren't kicked back to the manufacturer.
  18. I recently moved up from my NEX 5n & 7 to an a7 and now have the kit lens plus the 70-200 G zoom. I really need a wider lens and it looks like the Sony 16-35mm Vario-Tessar T FE F4 is almost the only choice out there other than a short prime. In reading reviews on this lens, it don't really sound that great to supposedly be a "Zeiss". Do any of you Guys own this lens and what is your opinion of it? Is it actually made by Zeiss or is this just a Sony-made lens that somehow uses the "Zeiss" name?
  19. After buying a a7 recently and really looking at the very meager array of Sony lenses available, I'm a bit under-whelmed. I am amazed that Sony has put out so many "a-7" models but so few Sony (not mega-buck Zeiss) lenses to go with them. I'd really love to have something in a Sony full-frame like my SEL18200 that was so handy on my NEX 5 &7. I wonder if there's lenses such as this and maybe a reasonably priced wide angle or two coming any time soon?
  20. I'm curious, has anyone used both the A-mount (FF) Zeiss 24mm F2 and the E-mount (APS-C) Zeiss 24mm F1.8 lenses from Sony? If so how did you find the performance to compare? Is one sharper than the other, focus quicker than the other, etc.? I like the idea of the A-mount just because I can also use it on my A-mount cameras (including the FF models), but since I use my a6000 more than anything these days, I'd probably settle for the e-mount (faster and less $$) if it performs as well or better than the a-mount lens. Thoughts?
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