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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys! I've run in to a bit of a problem, I want to make a short film and I will probably need to use my A7ii and I wanted to build out a nice rig for it but just realized that its so outdated that there is no cages for it. So my question is, If I would buy a cage for the A7iii because there is plenty for that, could my A7ii fit in it? I know that the A7ii is smaller because of the np-fw50 battery, so in theory it should fit with a little extra room left in the cage. Also if you guys have any cage suggestion I should look at I would appreciate it:)
  2. Hey, I really need advice here because I'm clueless I have owned my Sony a7iii for over 3 years now. For about a year now, I've been noticing a loss of quality in the pictures. At my last wedding, however, the pictures were so horrible that I couldn't hand over many of them. People in the pictures are sometimes completely out of focus and even though I used face detection and eyes auto focus. F/2.5 was used. They are shot with a sigma 35mm 1.4 dg hsm. There are pictures of the same shoot that I took a few seconds later with the same settings, but they turned out relatively sharp. For this post, I've converted the image to jpeg. Pay particular attention to the man in the picture. They were not moving fast or anything just standing there and smiling but he is totally blurry. And even she is not very sharp. I also notice that a lot of my pictures are super noisy. Even with low iso and in relatively good lighting conditions, for example in the middle of the day. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing something wrong because something like this has never happened to me in 5 years of photography. In addition, I also notice in the recently photographed pictures that my presets, which I have put together over the years, do not look good on the pictures. Although I would certainly have more than 10 presets that used to fit perfectly for the lighting situation and circumstances. I have often checked whether my pictures were really taken in RAW or whether I accidentally took pictures in jpeg. But no, I always had shoot in RAW. Maybe someone has had the same problems and can help me further. I am grateful for any advice. My equipment used: Sony a7iii (Version 4.01) Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art dg hsm (Version 2) RAW uncompressed Settings: ISO 50 Shutter: 320 F/2.5
  3. Hello! I was hoping I could get some advice about my Sony A7r lll. I bought it a couple weeks ago and I am concerned there may be something wrong with it. It is a certified refurbished unit and it only had 1 picture taken according to the shutter count. QUESTION 1 I shoot RAW (ARW) & JPG simultaneously and I am noticing a lot of bright random colored pixels in all my RAW images, but not in my JPG images. I would assume this is just noise from using higher ISO (about 4000-5000 ISO) but I would think I should see the same thing in my JPG images. I have attached some comparisons. You will notice that the ARW images look darker, more saturated, and they have terrible noise, accompanied with random colored pixels. QUESTION 2 I also feel and hear something moving in my camera body if I slightly shake the camera. Is this just a byproduct of having in-body image stabilization? QUESTION 3 I was shooting some video today and I noticed subtle horizontal banding in my display and the recorded video (seen in the last image/screenshot circled in red). The banding travels upwards. Settings are listed below.. File Format: XAVC S HD Record Setting: 30p 50m - Changing this didn't help Silent Shooting: Off - Changing this didn't help e-Front Curtain Shutter: On - Changing this didn't help Anti-flicker Shoot - Changing this didn't help This one is especially odd since I have shot both photo and video in the same conditions previously, with no issues. Now I cant do anything to get rid of this banding. This happens in auto for photo mode and video mode. I suspect I may have changed a setting somewhere without realizing it, which is causing this problem. Are these signs that I got a faulty unit or are these things normal? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello - I am new to the forum. I have a Sony A7iii. Have had it for a month. Used it extensively in various modes. As of yesterday when I set it to Manual Mode nothing happens when I try to take a picture. I'm wondering. What did I do for this to start to happen? Just starting to try to figure it out but haven't found any tips online. I'll go thru the settings tomorrow to see if I can figure it out but appreciate any advice people have.
  5. I was following a YouTube tutorial and made some setting changes and saved them to the 1 on the MR (Memory Recall) Memory. Does anyone know how to clear those settings? Location: Camera Settings I menu, Page 3. Thanks!
  6. Thoughts on DxO PhotoLab vs. Lightroom. I currently have LR6 and don’t want the monthly cost to upgrade my LR, can anyone tell me their thoughts or opinions on DxO PhotoLab? Current users that have switched from LR-is it basically the same/different? What do you like/dislike?
  7. I just received my Sony a7iii less than a week ago. When attaching and taking some test photos with a newly received Sony 70-300mm lens, suddenly the f-stop was displayed as "F--", and there was no image visible on the display, or EVF. I turned off the camera and reconnected the Sony 90mm lens, and same thing, F-- for the fstop value. Since this occurred with two different lenses, the problem seems to be with the camera. I tried a reset in the menu, but this did not work, none of the menu items would work. So I removed the battery for about 30 seconds, replaced it, and it's been fine for a couple of days now. Has anyone else seen this type of glitch in the a7iii?? I did see one other thread regarding the F-- issue. I'm inclined to return the camera to amazon, especially since the box that it was shipped in looked to be in bad shape, bad enough I took photos of it. -Thanks
  8. My new Sony a7iii shakes every time on startup , is this normal? from day one every time I turn on my camera it vibrates like quick yet noticeable vibration like a kick inside the body, and it make a less stronger shake when turned off. is this normal? should I ask for another camera?
  9. It is really annoying that when I am video recording with continuous AF mode and I half press the shutter that my camera does refocus. Is there a way to turn this off??? In the stills menu you can turn off AF with shutter, but this doesn't work for video. I hope there is someone that can help me!
  10. Hi, wonder if anyone is familiar with this, A7Riii has 42mp sensor while A7iii is 24mp, what effect does pixel size have on low light video, besides the obvious max ISO limit, thank you
  11. What picture profile or customized profile is comparatively better for street photography? I have seen some Fujifilm user doing great with street photography and portrait. Is there any way to get that colour out of my Sony a6400? Is there anything to do with my white balance by customizing it? if yes then what is the setting? I need this help. I would be kind enough if someone help me. Thanks.
  12. Hi there, My Sony A7iii is only outputting the right channel throw the headphones, however, the audio meter shows levels in both channels and the clips come out in stereo. Any idea on what the problem could be and how to fix it? Thanks, Carlos
  13. I shot some pictures at my Super Bowl party Sunday, and decided to try shooting them in RAW format if that's the term. When I put the SD card into my computer, it didn't know what to do with them. How do I view my pictures when taken in RAW?
  14. Black Friday is now about 17 days from now. Does B&H or Adorama offer some real good deals on this day, or is it all hype?
  15. Yesterday I ordered the Sony a7iii camera body. As I was ordering it, several levels of insurance policies were offered, which I did not buy as money is tight. My question is whether I should have bought one of them. First camera, so not sure what is the norm.
  16. Hi everyone! I just acquired a couple of months ago the Sony a6000 to start into serious photography (I used to shoot IPhone and even if I love it, I've always looked for better and true stunning photos), I paired it with the Sigma 16mm F1.4 and love the versatility and the results especially the image quality. I've used primarily as an all-round, travel, every day photography even environmental portraits in low light. I'm very excited since just received the A7III in addition to start in the FF world and I'm just trying to decide the first lens should I buy for, after reading and watching a lot of reviews I narrowed my search to the following candidates: Sony 24-105mm F4 G, very useful focal length range and super sharp, F4 aperture may be compensated by increasing ISO in low light situations. Tamron 28-75mm F2.8, standard zoom lens for landscape, portrait and street photography, the F2.8 and apparently good sharpness is something really gets me. Sony Zeiss 50mm F1.4 / 55mm F1.8 standard primes, the overall performance and good perks of the 55mm are great, but the reviews about the stunning pop ("like magic") of the 50mm image quality really wants me to incline for this lens, is that really good? Sony 24mm F1.4 G Master, in pre-order right now but I really expect an excellent performance and to be a go-to for landscape photography and overkill the previous experience with the Sigma 16mm 1.4 (APS-C). I can just afford 1 lens this year (I won't be buying another lens even after savings) and don't mind to be walking in or out to get the perfect composition, I just want to get the best experience and image quality and start building my lens kit after time. Thank you for the feedback!
  17. Has anyone had and issue with their Sony camera flickering outside? I've been scouring the internet for the last 2 days trying to figure it out and have yet to find anything. Im shooting on a Sony a7iii, with a Sigma 100-400 Canon. MC-11 adapter. All of which are updated to the newest firmware. The issue only happens when shooting 1080, 120fps. 60, 30, and 24fps work fine. My shutter speed is the correct 1/250. ISO is manually set, and so are white balance, and all other settings. Nothing is set to auto. Here is the link to an example video: https://youtu.be/dKlSIuqQIAc. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  18. Hello all, i am looking forward to buy a Sony a7iii, in Bangalore, India. i found the authorized shops from the Sony website, and went to the stores, their was difference in the price between every shop and one particular shop was ready to sell the Sony A7iii body for 1,30,000 rs /-, and this shop was listed in the Sony Authorized dealers Iam so confused is it the original product or a grey market product, Can any one help me with the camera serial numbers for India, or How to identify the camera is original or a grey market or Counterfeit.
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