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  1. By the way, SEL18200LE price tag new is in the 600-700 EUR. It is pretty close to the Zeiss 16-70 f4... which can also be bought used, but being very careful as there were bad copies overthere (decentered, ...), at least in the past.
  2. There are two versions of 18-200. I've heard that the older one (silver instead of black, fatter and heavier) has better IQ. Is this right?
  3. Right again... as said, I will give a try to the 85mm and then decide if I keep it or if I follow your advice and get a Zeiss 24mm. - If I go for the 24mm, then for sure I keep the 50mm and sell the 35mm (as 24 and 35 too close and I want to have a portrait lense) - If I keep the 85mm, depending on how narrow I feel it is, I will decide on keeping the 50 or the 35. If too narrow (which I guess it is), then I will keep the 50mm for being able to shoot portraits when there's no option to shoot them with the 85. If not, I will consider to keep the 35mm for social and sell the 50. Thanks again for all the useful insights you've given to me (and for yout quick replies). It was a pleasure and be sure I will use this forum again for any other doubt I have during my learning process on photography (you can bet your money that I will have hundreds of them).
  4. I love how the portrait pictures shown in this video look like. Not sure about how much postproduction work they have, but they were shot with an A6500.
  5. And as my small kid doesn't like to stand for photographies, I also think that an 85/130 will allow me to take pictures of them from some distance, so he/they don't realize I'm shooting.
  6. Fully understand your point, but I'm more interested in portraits of single person (my wife, my son) or small groups (my wife and my son, or two sons very soon). For social pictures I think I can live with the quality of the 16-70. I look for the swallow depth of field and razor sharpness when taking pictures of my wife and or son/s. And for these situations, I think the 35mm still gives not the best perspective of faces, etc. You make me think again and again... Will give it another thought.
  7. Thanks both Jaf/Pieter for your suggestions, highly appreciated. I was very tempted in the past about the Zeiss 24mm, as I was in the thought that my 35mm was too narrow for general purpose pictures. In that moment I decided to go for the 16-70 because my wife is not so passionate about photografy, so I was in the need of having a polivalent lens which we can use without havint to switch lenses continuously. I'm pretty sure that whenever I go out with my wife and my son (+second son arriving in September), the 16-70 will be there attached to the camera, not the 35mm. So the other lenses I want to have are really for portrait use. I love what I've seen in reviews/samples about the 85mm. As an amateur, I had to do some investigation about the best focal lenght for portraits, which seems goes from 85 to 135 in FF eq. I saw best results where from 105 to 135mm, so hence my decision to purchase the 85mm (around 130mm in FF eq). As this is really narrow, I wanted to keep the 50mm (75mm in FF eq) which is close to that good range for Portraits. I don't have the feeling they are so close in terms of focal length. Now your expert comments make me think again if I took a good decision when buying it. I will give it a try, and if not very happy with its very narrow focal length, I will seriously consider to return it and buy the 24mm. In any case (being the 85mm or the 24mm my new lens) and as I really want to sell one lense (not because I need the money, it is a matter ok staying with a reduced number of lenses), seems that the 35mm will be the one to sell due to my personal situation. Thanks a lot for your advice, as said, really appreciated. I've also bought the Godox TT350S to learn more on lightning, which is something I really need for improving the quality of my pictures. Maybe the Godix will also help me to get goid indoor group pictures with the 16-70.
  8. I just bought the FE 85mm f1.8, which has incredible reviews and still some kind of affordable price tag... willing it arrives home soon. Have you consider that option? It's more expensive than the ones you mention, so if there are budget constrains, then maybe it's not the lens for you...
  9. Hi all, I currently have the following set of lenses for my A6500: Sony E Zeiss 16-70mm f4 Sony E 35mm f1.8 Sony E 50mm f1.8 Sony FE 85mm f1.8 (recently bought, on its way home) I want to get rid of one lens (will sell it), and I'm doubting betwen the 35mm and the 50mm. As I'm having an allround lens (Zeiss) for general purposes, I think I prefer to keep the 50mm for portraits (whenever I cannot use the 85mm). But in the other hand, I think that the 35mm could help me indoors whenever the Zeiss maximum f4 is not sufficient (yes, I know 35mm is a little bit too much for indoors). My main reason for buying primes was to be able to do really good pictures of my family, so portrait use should be the most common one (action pictures will be done with the Zeiss). Can I get your expert (as I'm quite an amateur) opinion on this? Thanks a lot in advance, Roberto
  10. +1 for the Zeiss 16-70... from my point of view, it is the lens which fits better with your needs (current ones, and maybe future ones due to its flexibility).
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