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  1. You make some interesting points about them not wanting to steal the thunder from the A7R2, but I think if they've already got a developed product (and does anybody have evidence that they do?), they wouldn't wait to release it. The A-mount market is out there. Sony realizes that they're not going to steal many users from Canon/Nikon with that mount, so they're only selling to existing users. So in that sense, any A99ii wouldn't really compete with the A7R2, flagship of the FE mount, which is arguably the most exciting thing in photography right now. So I see no reason for Sony to intentionally delay any release. But Sony's been woefully translucent about the future of A-mount, and surely must know that they're bleeding users because of their lack of development or even clear commitment. The only conclusion I can draw is that they themselves haven't decided on the mount's future. Why else the secrecy? It makes no marketing sense. Even if they were going to stop releasing new bodies, it would make sense to announce it, and if they were going to continue, that announcement would also make sense. So the only conclusion is they haven't decided yet. But if they do have a finished A99ii, I can't imagine them just sitting on it.
  2. I'm enjoying my 90, and it'll do for portraiture until I get the Batis, whenever that may be. It's worlds better than the 100mm f/2.8 for A-mount. Shooting portraits with it, and my a7r2, the detail is . . . well, you can almost say it's too much. I've never shot with such a combination, and it's going to take some getting used to. I still have the Zeiss on order, and I wonder if the rendition will be a bit more flattering, and a bit less "clinical."
  3. I think the issue is reflecting poorly on Zeiss in that it's exposed their poor control over production and inventory.
  4. You can always hope for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.
  5. Hi Peter. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote Zeiss and asked them the same question, and got a response back that indicated that demand had far outstripped production capacity and that current new orders were expected to ship within 3-4 months. I shared that letter with SAR, who published it a couple of days later. Within hours, I got a snarky (and I think uncalled-for) email from Zeiss telling me that I'd disclosed confidential information. Really? Anyhow, Andrea redacted the previous SAR post, and then coincidentally within 24 hours, Zeiss publicly posted basically what they'd told me in my email. They also said that they'd increased production capacity and that early preorders would begin to ship within 4-6 weeks, depending on allocation and factors beyond their control, putting the onus on the retailer to provide further information. Obviously I'm impatient too, and I think Zeiss finds itself in an unexpected position that is negatively impacting sales and its image, but in the long run will be forgotten.
  6. You can set the back control wheel to change ISO but not the exposure compensation wheel up top.
  7. I've taken my a99 to -40 weather and it performed just fine. If it's warm enough for rain, no need to worry about keeping your camera warm, just try to keep it dry by placing it inside a plastic bag. For super cold weather, I've used adhesive toe warmers placed over the grip, top by EVF and underneath the lens mount. Not only will they keep the camera and battery warmer, but they feel good on your hands. Be sure to put these on before going into the cold because they don't work about 1/2 the time. http://www.amazon.com/Grabber-Performance-Toe-Heater-Adhesive/dp/B00Q1IO89O The places I've been (Alaska, Mongolia, Siberia) are all really dry so condensation wasn't much of an issue. But I did put everything into a giant ziplock before I went back inside, just in case.
  8. Yeah I noticed that Sony made two of them that are supposedly U3 but one is supposed to be better (more expensive) than the other. Curiously, the B&H website you posted lists it as U1, even though the sticker says otherwise. I'm having no troubles using my San Disk extreme pro U3. Sounds like you should return that card and try another one.
  9. Use the control wheel on the back of the camera to move the around the portion that's magnified.
  10. Please "Me Too" this idea on Sony's suggestion page, so that Sony will be convinced to make a focus-stacking app for macro shooting. http://community.sony.com/t5/Join-the-Inspiration/Focus-Stacking-App-for-Macro-Shooting/idi-p/520648
  11. I'm a huge fan of the RX100 cameras and have had every version, so I was going to get the Mark 4 no matter what, but the killer difference for me was the HFR (high frame rate). That said, at 960 FPS, image quality is pretty poor, as you can see in my video. Even focus is difficult, as you can see in my video (sorry). 480 FPS is slightly better, but still not that great. When you get to 240 FPS, you get HD quality and things start looking pretty good. I guess it's up to you to decide how you're going to use it, and if it's worth it to upgrade. But I was surprised by the poor image quality at those higher frame rates, and am sure that's something Sony will address with future versions. They pretty much have to. But on the plus side, the (5-minute limted) 4k video is great, and the stills quality is absolutely amazing for such a small little camera. I'm happy with my upgrade over the Mark 3.
  12. Zeiss wasn't exactly forthcoming with my question about availability of the BATIS lenses here in the USA, but at least they cordially responded with a version of "shut up and keep waiting." Dear Jonathan, Thanks for your inquiry. Like with all high-end products, the request for the new BATIS lenses is much higher than the production capacities. Within the next months, the backorders will be cleared in the succession of order income. The current delivery is around 3-4 months after order income at the moment. We already shipped many items of the BATIS lenses to the US, which all were directly handled over to the end customers by the dealers. Please contact your photo dealer directly for an estimated delivery date. Of course, we cannot know on which position your dealer put you on his waiting list. With best regards Bertram Hönlinger _________________ Carl Zeiss AG Camera Lens Division Kundencenter / Customer Care Center / PHO-VC Kundensupport / Customer Support Bertram Hönlinger Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22 - 73447 Oberkochen Telefon/Phone: +49 7364 20-6175 Fax: +49 7364 20-4045 Email: bertram.hoenlinger@zeiss.com http://www.zeiss.de/photo Carl Zeiss AG, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22, 73447 Oberkochen Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates: Dr. Dieter Kurz Vorstand: Dr. Michael Kaschke (Vorsitzender), Dr. Hermann Gerlinger, Dr. Ludwin Monz, Dr. Matthias Metz, Thomas Spitzenpfeil Sitz der Gesellschaft: Oberkochen, Deutschland Amtsgericht Ulm, HRB 501 555, USt-IdNr: DE 811 119 940 We object any claim that might be derived from the statement containted in this email. Any not authorized disclosure or distribution of this email or its content or parts of its content is forbidden. ______________________________________________ Ihre Anfrage (Absender: ) vom 21.08.2015: I have both Batis lenses on pre-order from Adorama, since June, and would like to know when I can expect them to ship. I have been waiting patiently for more than two months now without any word. Please advise. Thank you. [ ref:_00D20MWc0._50020p2XGz:ref
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