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  1. Hi there guys, I set up a shoot with a skateboarder here in cape town to see how well the A7 can handle fast paste shoots. Since this is the topic most people complain about with mirrorless cameras it handled surprisingly well. Head over to my blog to read it all and see the pictures: http://passportsandlenses.com/about-skateboards-comfort-zones-and-af-systems/ Let me know what you think and how you think the sony's can hold their owns against DSLRs. Best, Alex
  2. Wow, these look great! I'm currently using my Sigma 1.4/35 on my a7, but jeez this is a hell of a bulky combination. I was also in the voigtländer lenses but lets see what the new zeiss 35 and the 28mm can deliver!
  3. Hi there guys, I did this little video from the latest shoot my girlfriend shot in cape town: http://passportsandlenses.com/cape-town-a-fashion-shoot-with-the-olympus-omd-em-1/ I used my a6000 + 24-70/4 with a phottix variable ND-filter. Grading with DaVinci really gave me the creeps, but well you got to start somewhere. Let me know how you like it. I must say i really like the video-quality this small, nifty little thing delivers! Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi Guys, my girlfriend just wrote this little review, hands-on for the zeiss touit lenses she was using in asia on her a6000 on our blog. http://passportsandlenses.com/zeiss-touit-lenses-on-the-sony-a6000-a-review/ Since i saw a lot of people asking if they are worth their high price tag i hope it is alright if i share so you guys can have a look. It is a little non-tech since she's not as interested in fancy gear as we guys are! Have fun and let me know if you like it! Alex
  5. Hi Alex, i own the a6000 so i can just recommened that one to you! I do not have any comparisons to the Nex7 to offer but i must say everything the a6000 has to offer works fine! he autofocus is fast and predictable enough to let me use it for professional sports shoots on my trip to cape town next month. The viewfinder, even though not as crisp as in the a7 is also pretty usefull. I covered a lot of it on my review, if you want to see some more real world pics: http://passportsandlenses.com/sony-a6000-a-little-review/ Let me know if it was useful for you! And all the best with your final buying decision! Alex
  6. I got the 70-200/4 for my A7 aswell and its beautiful to use. I was also worried about it being just an f4 but it works just fine! And bokeh is very smooth even with f4 aperture. I have a few shots on my blog if you guys are interested: http://passportsandlenses.com/how-to-take-pictures-of-your-girlfriend/ All the best, Alex
  7. @Cheatah good point! All you guys in here are mostly doing is math, what does it have to do with photography? Noise is definitly a part of photography so deal with it! Im owning the a6000 and the a7 aswell and im not bothered with the noise perfomance at all! If there is grain (and it is there, starting to get noticable at about ISO 2000 on both cameras) it looks alright and doesnt hurt the picture at all! I mean sure if youre doing studio work or stuff like that you dont want noise, but then youre also shooting at ISOs where no modern camera will let you down in noise perfomance. And if youre shooting in low-light a picture with no noise at all will look super artificial. So in my opinion we photographers should stop talking about numbers and start talking about pictures! # Please guys no offense, and if youre definitly need low-noise pics at high ISOs (above 6400) there are specialised cams out there (a7a, Nikon D4(s)) but in my opinion most ppl do not shoot above that professionally so that noise might be an issue!
  8. Very good review phillip. I also went for purchasing the novoflex adapter for my Nikon-Sigma 35mm. And it is a breeze to use even though you have to guess about the aperture!
  9. Hey guys, since some of you liked the style of my review about the a6000 and i did another, slightly humorous one about my new A7! I took it with me on a trip to plaque last weekend. I hope I can give you some info about the camera. If you need additional information please let me know, i'm eager to help! All the best, Alex
  10. Hi Guys, i just started with my first review about the a6000 and i would love you guys to read it! Let me know if you miss anything and please let me know about your opinions about that great little camera! http://passportsandlenses.com/sony-a6000-a-little-review/ All the best, Alex
  11. Hey Folks, i'm pretty new to this forum so i thought i'll just share two stories how i experienced travelling with the a6000 through thailand and cambodia. I bought mine exactly for this trip since i didnt want to carry around my D600. Let me know if you got questions or got anything to add: http://passportsandlenses.com/hello-bangkok/ http://passportsandlenses.com/walking-with-tourists-in-cambodia/ All the best, Alex
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