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  1. I have several oddball (cheap lenses) purchased for fun (way too many 50's, Lensbaby, etc), but every time I have made a compromise for purely budgetary reasons, I have ended up regretting it and ended up spending a lot more money in the long run on incremental upgrades. Beg, borrow, steal....do what you can and get the G Master; it's just that good. I just picked up the 85 about a week ago. I hemmed and hawed over the price difference between it and the Zeiss, but all it took to convince me to spend the extra $600 was taking one shot with each lens wide open. 1.4 to 1.8 may not seem like much until you actually take the shot. Same goes for the 24-70. I shoot that thing all the time at 2.8 and never worry about lack of sharpness. Now I didn't own the 24-70 Mk2 when I left the Canon world, but nearly every other zoom I have owned had to be stopped down at least a stop before I was satisfied with it. Few things bum me out more post shoot than looking through my shots and thinking that things could have been sharper.
  2. Wow..... Did I really just read a complaint that a $5000 kit didn't properly compete with a Hasselblad rig? How come my Honda Accord get's stuck every time I try to go off-roading? Now I may be wrong, but I haven't seen Sony make a press statement that the A7RII is the greatest camera in history and the only thing you will ever need (haven't seen Canon or Nikon make those claims either). Is the A7 series a well executed concept? Yes. Are the G Master lenses fantastic? Hell yes (own and shoot with both of the currently released models)! Is is a great combination for 90% of what I shoot? Sure. Have I used it in the studio? Yes. Would I chose it over my medium format system? ....No. Does that mean that it's a piece of junk that I regret purchasing? Not at all. I had to make a fair amount of adjustments to my work flow with moving from Canon to MF, but I got over it. Same when moving to the Sony. .....Just switch over to AF-S when shooting at small f-stops and quit complaining.
  3. I'd love to see your shots after you've tweaked them a bit. On a side note, I became completely enamored with the ultra wide look after picking up a Laowa 15mm (the angle was great, the files were sh#t due to a complete lack of sharpness at any setting) and actually stopped by B&H during my last trip to NYC to try out the Voigtlanders. As none were available, I ended up buy the 85 GM......not the least bit unhappy with that purchase. That being said, I'd love to see more of your work to see what the 10mm is capable of.
  4. As someone who is new to the Sony world, I was wondering in anyone has any experience with lenses on backorder. How fast (in the past) has Sony been about getting new stock out to stores?
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