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  1. nico909

    135 STF + A99 .

    Hello, There some shots I made with the 135 STF. Enjoy.
  2. Dear all. My Flash trigger Yongnuo RF-603C it doesen' t work on my Sony alpha 7R II . Do you know if there is any way i can make them work ? I saw some tutorial that show how to modificate an RF-603N for a sony alpha 6000 . In case it' s impossible can you suggest to me some cheap flash trigger for my sony A7 R 2 ? Thanks a lot. Pika
  3. I recently attended jazz great Brian Culbertson's concert at the Lyman Center in New Haven, CT. Great show, lots of energy and funk at its finest. Shot this session with an A7rii in manual mode (auto ISO though) and used the new Sony 70-200 f2.8 G Master lens. Visit this link for the full gallery of images and for a video snippet. http://stillsandvideo.squarespace.com/blog/brianlyman2
  4. Hi all, Decided to share some photos I took with my recent purchase - a Soligor 135mm f2.0. If you're looking for an ultra fast, ultra sharp, lightweight and compact tele.. well keep looking. Apart from being an f2, this beast of a lens is heavy (metal and glass only) and quite unwieldy when mounted on my A7. Still, what it lacks in terms of handling and sharpness wide open it more than makes up for with character and build quality, so I absolutely love it. Enjoy DSC06209 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr DSC06179e2 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr DSC06160e1 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr
  5. Greetings, I have a question about my A7ii. (or a6300) Is it possible to shoot tethered from my Sony directly to my Sony z4 Tablet. I have allready tried Play memories, but the picture transfer is realy slow and the liveview is also not the fastest I want a quick way to Check my Photos on location without carrying my Laptop. I would like to have a wired solution for this problem. Also is there a good way to use the z4 as Video Monitor? So i don't have to buy a Atomos or the CLM-FHD5. Thanks in advance. Lukas
  6. how high you can set your ISO before your image becomes Grainy?
  7. In my latest Video i´m showing you that Face Detect AF is also working with Canon Mount lenses on the Sony A7II with affordable Adapters from Viltrox and Fotga and not just the Sigma MC-11 Adapter. This could be something that you probably didn´t know. Get some chips and beer and have a look! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1425
  8. Looking through a Telescope , it opens up entire new world . There is always the “ WaW “ factor , I can’t believe that I’m actually seeing this. Since my childhood I’m addicted to the night sky and its glory above . This Self-portrait image under the MilkyWay was captured in Jabalshams ( Mountain of Sun ) in Oman on 26th September 2016. Notice the Milky Way starts to disappear near the horizon because of the light pollution from Al-Hamra nearest city, if we don't act from now, this glory will be part of history. Jebel Shams or the Mountain of Sun as called in english is the highest Mountain of the country and reaches elevation of 3009m at the north summit. The temperature in summer, is around 20 °C (68 °F) and in the winter it drops to less than 0 °C (32 °F). Single exposure image at 20Sec, ISO6400 Sony A7S with Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8.
  9. I am wondering how many of you guys run a blog. Me and my wife started a travel/lifestyle blog and most of the photos are with my Sony A7R2. http://crepesandcameras.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/co-incidentally-colombo.html Do subscribe, like/ share/comment.
  10. Portrait shot with Sony A7RII + 24-70 G-Master 1/160s, f3.5, ISO 1250, No Flash www.twotwentystudios.com @two20studios Thanks
  11. Hey guys, so recently I've been noticing a glitch in the video footage I take with my a7ii that usually occurs approximately once for every 5 minutes of video. Here is a sample of what it looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRWsAvMqkeE&feature=youtu.be I've been recording with XAVC S @ 60p 50M. The SD I use is a Sony 64GB SDXC 94MB/s U3 Class 10. I wouldn't expect this to change anything, but I am using the 50mm Rokinon 1.4 lens. Any ideas on what this could be? It is extremely frustrating, especially when I take longer videos for timelapses :/ Any help or advice you can offer would be amazing!
  12. Just a few Head shots. Let me know what you all think.
  13. If you don't know Magic Lantern, it is basically an hack for Canon cameras that manages to exploit a ton more functions of which the cameras are hardware-capable but firmware-limited by the manufacturer. I've used it extensively on the Canon 5D mk II, and at the time it transformed a nice camera in a nearly perfect one. I think Sony should hire the hole lot of the guys behind Magic Lantern, or at the very least should take a page or two from their book. Specifically, features that Magic Lantern adds to Canon cameras and that I'd very much like to see in a future Sony camera (or in a firmware update...yeah, just kidding) are: Magic zoom A magnified view of the selected focus point that you can switch on and off just with an half-press of the shutter button. And yes, it works with legacy lenses as well! Cropmarks A simple bitmap mask, user selectable and user uploadable, that can show in the finder/lcd a different crop (16:9, square, etc.). Obviously shooting in RAW you will still have the ability to undo the crop, but it is extremely useful for compositional purposes. Bulb timer I think there should be a Sony app somewhere for this, but come on, the ability to go over 30s it should be built directly in firmware. With Magic Lantern you can select exposures up to a length of 8 hours! Remote Similar to the "Touchless shutter" Sony app that lets you wave your hand in front of the eye-sensor to start an exposure, with Magic Lantern you can trigger an exposure either: Optically: waving the hand in front of the eye sensor Audio: snapping your fingers; can be useful for shooting bullets piercing fruit Motion detection: this is awesome. The camera can be set to shot all by itself if it detects motion in the frame (or, alternatively, changes in the exposure levels). It works with legacy glass Trap focus: you focus where your subject should pass, and wait. When it will be in focus the camera will shoot all by itself. REALLY useful not just for sport, but even for street photography with MF lenses, given it works with legacy glass. With Magic Lantern all this options are even configurable, so you can fine tune the sensitivity to your specific needs. Stack focus Similar to the system implemented by Olympus in the E-M1, and working obviously only with AF lenses, this will automatically calculate how many frames you need for sharpness front to back and it will then shoot them. You will still need to join the pictures in the computer, but it removes human error from the equation. Auto exposure on zoom This is awesome. Independently from the kind of mode you're into (M, A, S, P) the camera will temporary switch to A when you zoom in to focus. This way even if you're using an f/stop of 16, or the focus point is aimed at a location that is quite dark compared to the rest of the well-exposed scene, the camera will amplify the signal and focusing becomes a breeze. Increase sharp contrast Similar to the "Auto exposure on zoom", this will pump contrast and sharpness to the max to facilitate focusing only when you zoom in to focus. I hope someone at Sony will listen...
  14. I've been trying to figure out good audio monitoring options for the a6300. I still can't believe they didn't include a headphone jack, but I like the camera enough that I've been trying to work around this shortcoming. Here are my findings: Shotgun Mics The (now discontinued) Shure VP83F has a built-in headphone jack. Beware there is a cheaper VP83 (no F) that does NOT have a headphone jack. It's cheaper because it doesn't have the built-in recorder that the VP83F has. As far as I know, the VP83F is the only shotgun mic of this type with a built in headphone jack. I've switched to the VP83F and can confirm this works as a headphone solution for the a6300. Lav Mics The Sony UWP and Audio Technica System 10s have headphone monitoring outs built into the receivers. I don't believe the Sennheiser G2 or G3 series have headphone jacks on the receiver units, but you may be able to use a splitter on the audio out as a solution. If anyone has experience with this I'd definitely be interested. I know a splitter like this (http://amzn.com/B000068O5H) works on the audio out of my H4N to plug one into my a6300 and one into headphones. Zooms and Other Recorders One option I've seen is people using a Zoom H1 with a 3.5mm mic to monitor and record audio. You can purchase a multi-coldshoe mount like this http://amzn.com/B00HTWF8M2, attach a mic up top and the Zoom to one of the sides. The Zoom H1 and H4N (and probably other ones) only have one line out/headphone out jack. You can use a splitter (http://amzn.com/B000068O5H) on the line out and use an aux cable or male to male adapter to connect to the a6300 with one end of the splitter and use your headphones on the other end to monitor audio. Of course, you can also just record using the Zooms and sync in post later, but the splitter does allow you record your mic audio directly to your footage. An Adapter First, I've tried this adapter with an hdmi to micro hdmi converter that has an aux out jack: http://amzn.com/B00YC7U0NE I could not get the aux out to work with headphones. I didn't have the VGA connected to any video source (like a monitor), so maybe that's why audio didn't work. I was hoping this would work because you can connect an external monitor via the micro hdmi out on the a6300, and the a6300 will deliver audio to that monitor and you can use headphones if the monitor has a jack for it. Recording Two Mono Audio Sources (ie a Shotgun and Lav Mic track) on the same footage! Using a splitter you can actually record two tracks to the same footage. If you plug the splitter into the a6300 mic jack, you can now record one audio track to the left channel and another audio track to the right channel. For example, you can plug a shotgun mic into one end of the splitter and a lav mic into the other end. When you look at the audio bars on the a6300, they should each be different volumes from each other. In post, you now have two audio tracks with your footage that you don't have to sync. You'll just have to mute the channel you don't want to use (left or right) and apply the channel you do want to use to the other side. While recording, you can even monitor one of the options, or possibly both with separate ears but that might not be so useful. The Splitter... When I mention the audio splitter in all of these suggestions, I'm suggestions a specific one. The one I suggest has two mono female ends (left and right signal), that combine into one stereo male end. I believe most headphone splitters actually will split one stereo signal into two stereo signals, and this will not work for anything I've said above. Also, if you're trying to work audio with an iPhone involved, they use different audio tip called TRRS. This may require all different type of adapters too (I believe Rode actually sells a few specific to the iPhone). I don't know enough about audio science to really dive into this, but just be aware of the different audio connectors out there. It'd be great if anyone has anything to add to this or point out anything I missed. It's a unique (...okay, frustrating) situation to have such a great video camera without built-in headphone monitoring, so the more info out there the better!
  15. Can any of the flash lights Sony makes for the Alpha or Nex series be triggered by the RX100IV...? Since I'm unwilling to buy the A7SII without BSI sensor and its various issues, I figured I'll get a pocket cam that's decent at video to use until the A7S III gets released. But I'm held up by having trouble finding any usable info on Sony flashes (or any other flashes) that can be used with it, given that it doesn't have a hot shoe.
  16. Hello friends! I suggest to look at one of my works filmed in 2013 with the Sony A77v and Sony A65 cameras. To shoot the movie at the confidential scientific enterprise of NIIFI in the city of Penza, Russia. This enterprise makes sensors for the space industry. Their products are used including in the international space station (ISS). https://youtu.be/2pWSq9WTJhk Thank you for watching! There is a lot more interesting filmed with cameras by Sony soon
  17. Just curious if anyone out there has ordered or plan to buy this thing. If it works, it will solve big problems for me. I have lots of Nikon F mount lenses I would love to put on my A7Rii and my wife uses an A7R. B and H is taking preorders. It's expensive ($400) but would save me buying a long telephoto lens. Any thoughts?
  18. This is just fun speculation, not based on any evidence, but . . . What if Sony and Zeiss colluded to delay widespread release of the Batis 85mm until the G-Master 85 was announced? There's some logic behind this. Sony and Zeiss enjoy a partnership where what's good for one is also good for the other, so: 1. If Sony decided to pull the trigger on the GM 85 lens after Zeiss had already announced the Batis, Sony could rightfully fear that the in the interval between the release of the Batis and the release of the GM 85, everybody who wanted an 85mm lens would have purchased the Batis. 2. This would naturally reduce the demand for the GM 85. 3. Customers who bought the Batis might later regret their decision, and express anger at Sony for foisting a superior (allegedly) product on the market only months after they'd bought their Batis. 4. Delaying widespread release (hey, I've already got mine, but I ordered way back in July) would therefore allow the products to compete on their merits, and; 5. With the market still relatively wide open, consumers would be able to make an educated choice of which lens to buy, which is ultimately better for everybody. What do you guys think? Makes sense, right? Again, I just pulled this out of my ass - it's total speculation.
  19. I take a fair amount of Macro photos and focus stacking is an important tool I have for some time worked with Adapted lenses such as the Printing Nikkor 105mm F 2.8( A film scanner lens optimized for 1:1 Magnification). Now to use the the printing nikkor I have to focus stack. I do this using the Cogniysis stack-shot. It would be would be wonderful to have an app that allows for focus stacking( up to 200 shots would be ideal) using the FE 90mm F2.8 lens as the focusing helicoid is much more accurate than a focusing rail. Now Olympus can supply this facility for its Cameras but Sony can't. Yes I can go a pay for the app the sony has put out......but I paid €4000.00 for the Sony A7rii plus the Fe 90mm F2.8 and Sony think its OK to charge me another €4.99 for an App that will allow my camera to stack a mere three images. Come on Sony Get real: your executives wouldn't accept going to a restaurant and paying $US$600,00 each for a meal only to be asked, after paying the bill, to pay an extra US$5.00 for a plastic tooth pick. So why are you treating your customers in a similar fashion?
  20. From the album: Colour Street

    People outside a shop wait to go in one by one.
  21. From the album: Mark Galer

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  22. Mark Galer


    From the album: Mark Galer

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

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