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  1. Hello, new to the forum, I come to you in a Time of Darkness: I recently bought an extremely cheap used A7R, that has been working perfectly fine for a month. I used it yesterday for a couple of timelapses (using à third party plugin battery thing), no problem. But this morning aouch almost all my pics have terrible bugs... If I use a shutter speed under around 1/30, the lower third of the image is very over exposed, regardless of the settings. (https://flic.kr/p/EQq1fh ) This phenomenon gets worse as I rise the camera, and better/disappears when I shoot from up above. When I use a slow shutter speed, 1sec or more, the whole picture is wierdly messed up ( ).... I'm kind of desperate... Tried with différent Lenses, reseting.... First I thought the shutter was broken, but with the wierd colours on the long exposures... No clue. Plus it was working perfectly yesterday... Has it happen to anyone here? Anyone has an Idea? Will it cost thousands to fix? Should I just pick up another hobby like fishing?
  2. Hey, I was wondering if there is a custom key setting on the Sony a6000 that lets us change between 60fps and 30fps ? Like that, while shooting video, it would be great. Thanks
  3. My first test of the Sony A7R III with the Sony GM 85mm 1.4 and available light ƒ/1.4, 1/160, ISO 1600 Photo on Flickr
  4. Dear all! I like to hike through the Swiss Alps and taking pictures of the breathtaking landscapes and nature. My Sony A7Rii and its SEL24240 are always packed and ready to go. Best regards from Switzerland, Andy https://www.bolliger.tv --- Hiking Tour 30th september 2017 --- --- Bettmeralp, Valais, Switzerland --- Bench with nice panorama Multi-layered Hills Aletsch Glacier / UNESCO World Heritage
  5. Hello! 4 years ago I filmed timelapse with the Sony A77 and Sony A65 cameras. Final material was built in a format 4K. For many reasons open access in the maximum quality to this video I could just now. Please rate the video. But consider that I did it in far 2013
  6. Sony A7s vs A6300 quality test in 1080p recording.
  7. How long Sony A6300 could record for in 4K 24P at 100 Mbps to the SD card Sony SF-64UX? At the ambient temperature of 29 degrees Celsius (84,2 degrees Fahrenheit) we did't catch any overheating issues. We've done this tests several times and one of them is shown on this video.
  8. I am one of the many who is transitioning to mirrorless from the Canon system (6D). I have been researching lenses and it's making my head spin. Until I decide which Sony or aftermarket lenses to get I will use the MC-11 adapter with my current setup. I have always used zoom lenses but am considering using primes with this camera. The biggest obstacle I have is budget. What lenses would be recommended for a new Sony shooter? Also, how are the aftermarket lenses with regards to sharpness/IQ? FYI, here is my current collection of lenses. - Tokina 16-28mm; use for landscape, architecture,etc. - Sigma 24-105mm; used as my general--purpose lens. - Canon 70-200 f/4; considering keeping this if the IQ with the adapter is good. - Canon 100-400; same as the 70-200 - Tamron 90mm Macro; used for macro So my immediate needs would be to cover from wide-angle to around 100mm, Thanks. I am new to this forum and this is my first post. One more day and I can pass out cigars.
  9. Hey Everyone, so im having a problem with my Sony a7II and trying to figure out what is happening. it seems like it could be a light leak but when i shoot it in auto the light streak disappears. i notice this happens when i am shooting manual in bright daylight. iv tried to cover the E-mount with tape but it still appears. here is the link to sample photos. https://imgur.com/tMEpf0s https://imgur.com/VbHiofThttps://imgur.com/0Bf47TZ any help would be awesome. thank you!
  10. My recently bought A7sii has worked fine up until recently when it stopped allowing me to control aperture. Bottom the screen now just reads f- I use a commlite with Canon range lenses. Since then, I have tested with another new commlite adaptor and still doesn't work. But did work when testing with metabones and native Sony lens This leads me to be very confused! Any ideas??
  11. I have owned a Sony Zeiss 24-70/2.8 SSM lens for about 6 years. Since I bought it (new), I have told myself the sharpness at the corners is normal. Maybe I have been trying to justify the cost of the lens, but I want to know what you think. I also want to hear form other SAL2470Z owners. What do you think of the lens you own? Does it look like this in the corners? (For full resolution version, click here.) This shot was handheld with a Sony a900 at ISO200, 1/500sec, ƒ7.1. I made sure to turn off any distortion correction in Capture One, and turned the sharpening down to zero. Note the smeared details at the corners. For what it's worth, no amount of correction in Capture One fixes this issue. Everywhere else in the image is amazingly sharp and always has been. It's just the corners that annoy me. If this were a $500 lens, I'd maybe get used to it, but it was over $1200 and that stings. I've also noticed that even a single filter causes terrible vignetting at the corners at 24mm. Again, I've told myself this is normal, but it sucks when I use a polarizing filter for a landscape and I end up with black corners at the widest focal length. You can see it slightly in this shot. Apertures smaller than ƒ8 are much worse.
  12. nico909

    135 STF + A99 .

    Hello, There some shots I made with the 135 STF. Enjoy.
  13. From the album: Concert Photography

    Concert photography in a different way... I mounted my third body (a cheap Sony a5000 with an 8mm fisheye) above the stage to get this shot, and I was using the Sony timelaps app to get a shot every 30 seconds, and this one turned out as the lucky shot. The band in this shot is called "The Blue Onions" and there are Germany's #1 Blues Brothers Tribute Band. You find more of my work at http://www.mariotti.de and the you finde more shots from this concert at the bands homepage at http://www.bluesbrot...-aschaffenburg/

    © Andreas Mariotti

  14. From the album: Black and White

    Anti Social Behavior

    © Dan M Lee Photography

  15. From the album: Colour Street

    People outside a shop wait to go in one by one.
  16. From the album: Birds In Flight

    Captured using the Sony A7RII with Sony 70-200 F4 FE lens. 140mm / F6.3 / 1/2000 / ISO 400 (auto ISO). I used the Wide Focus Area with Continuous Focus. This turned on focus tracking. I then used the back (AF/MF) button to turn on focusing and activated the shutter in bursts as the bird flew. The tracking worked excellently. About 90% of all my shots were in sharp focus.

    © Dave Soldano Images

  17. From the album: Mark Galer

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  18. Mark Galer


    From the album: Mark Galer

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  19. From the album: Mark Galer

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  20. Mark Galer


    From the album: Mark Galer

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

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