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  1. Thanks so much for all the replies, especially that excellent pdf firemist. I did call a filter, I guess because it looks like one, but it's not a filter, it's a close up lens.
  2. Has anyone tried this close up filter on their Sony full frame lenses? I'm looking for an affordable alternative to a macro lens. This comes in a 72mm thread, so I can use it with my 24-240 lens. They are pricey at $200 so I'm looking for feedback. Alternatively, has anyone used extension tubes with any success for macro work? That's another option. Thanks
  3. That worked for now - thanks so much for the tip. I'll see if it's a long term problem.
  4. Over the last few days the Auto feature that switches from viewfinder to monitor has been glitching. Sometimes when I turn on the camera, only the viewfinder lights up. Sometimes it's the monitor first, and when I put my eye up to the viewfinder it comes on, but when I take it away the monitor does not come on - which makes it a pain to review the photos or change settings. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. thanks
  5. I am reading from this thead that there is no real advantage to upgrading? I've had my Sony A7ii since August 2015 and have yet to update the firmware. Any reasons why I would have to update?
  6. I'm happy to report I got the rocket blower today and it did the trick. I'm relieved I didn't have to swab the sensor, although I realize that is probably inevitable. Thanks for all the tips.
  7. I am reading this thread with interest as I need to clean my sensor for the first time on my Sony A7ii. I was quite surprised at how dirty the sensor got, this being my first mirrorless camera. I am always extremely careful when changing lenses, but it got some dust spots that won't shake off with the camera cleaning mode. I'm going to try the blower first, but I feel I may have to move to the swab. The Arctic Butterfly is quite pricey, so I think I will try the swabs first. Thanks for the tips.
  8. Many, many thanks to all who have chimed in on this thread. I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. I am now the proud owner of the Minolta Rokkor 1.4 50mm lens, which along with the FotodioX adapter, has provided me with lots of fun and challenges. I also have a Minolta wide angle prime coming any day now. I'm still experimenting, but having the peaking colours for focusing is wonderful and the low light performance is impressive. I'm still in the market for more legacy lenses, but these two will keep me busy for now. Time to list and sell my Canon EOS crop sensor lenses, to raise a bit more cash!
  9. steve of stonehenge - great tip! I haven't assigned any of the C buttons yet as I'm still getting used to the camera and seeing what I use most. But if (when) I get some manual lenses I plan to do that. thanks!
  10. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Marc Contaxtonikon - beautiful images! Thanks for posting. What adapter did you use for that lens? steve of stonehenge - My Canon lenses are all for a crop sensor, so I understand I won't be able to use them on the Sony A7ii, even with an adapter?
  11. Hi I have a new Sony A7ii with the 24-240mm Sony lens, my first full frame camera after shooting with a Canon 60d. I'm looking to add more lenses to the collection, probably starting with a 50mm. The Sony 55mm F1.8 Sonnar T is the one I want, but can't afford at this time! My budget is low, around $500 or less is better, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a lens to start. I'm ok with the third party manual lenses, realizing I will need an adapter, but finding it somewhat confusing as to what will work on the Sony A7ii. Also interested in a legacy lens, but I can't figure out which lenses will work with which adapters. Any other suggestions for a newbie? Thanks for your help!
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