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  1. I was curious about using the RX10m2 for shooting short films. I have been using an A7s and an A5100. I like the A7s, i havent really been utilizing the low light to its ability, I havent needed it. The a5100, I am not a huge fan of as it overheats a lot and quickly. The A7s never overheats. Would the RX10 ii have the overheating issue? Is this meant to be more of a video camera like the A7s? Or is it a stills camera that just can do video like the a5100? I really want the 4k ability of the RX10 2 and to have 2x cameras at the price of one A7s. Would that work? Would the RX10 be worse for video (disregarding the lowlight and sensor size and lens options). Thank you
  2. Thank you! I would love that lens but it is out of my price range. Would something like the link below be nice image quality? http://store.sony.com/fe-24-240mm-f3.5-6.3-oss-full-frame-e-mount-telephoto-zoom-lens-zid27-SEL24240/cat-27-catid-All-Full-Frame-E-Mount-Lenses I know that the Zeiss's would be the best bet for image quality but it would have the same range as what I currently own. Has anyone had luck adapting a Canon EOS lens while maintaining auto focus? How much of an AF lag is there? Would it be able to AF while shooting? Thank you
  3. I've had the A7s since it came out in July. I have been using the Sony 28-70mm zoom. I've also adapted some old Canon FD's which give a cool look. They've been fine but the quality doesn't blow me away and I recently shot an event and because of the full-frame, it was very hard to get close ups that I needed. I was looking for a zoom to replace my 28-70 with a bit more range, more on the telephoto side. I have looked over almost every full-frame e-mount lens made which isn't that many. There's also a bunch of a-mount which I'd be open to adapting to the a-mount. I came from Canon before this and saw the visual difference of buying cheap lenses and nicer lenses. What would you recommend for a nice wide range zoom for the A7s? I'd be open to a Sigma or Tamron if they were nice. I've actually had some really awesome Sigma's so would like that. Also, I only shoot video with this, would adapting for a-mount be an issue? What's the difference between the $200 and $350 adapter for the a-mount in terms of shooting video? I don't do fast action shooting, it's mostly set up a shot, shoot it, move on. So I don't need super quick auto focus as you would for sports or something. Thank you!
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