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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there! New to the forums though I've been an avid reader of SAR. I wanted to share my thoughts on my newly purchased a6300 which I am loving so far. If you're interested, take a look here and would love to know if you have any questions/comments! http://journal.hellomikee.com/sony-a6300-review/ A couple photos from my review:
  2. Anyone interested in the Sony FE 28mm F2? I just finished editing my youtube review for it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1nB2OeZBj0ULTIMATE VIDEO REVIEW Let me know if it was useful
  3. Finally here is my Review for the brand new Sony FE50mm 1.8. In this 10 min. Video i´m taking a deep look at this little beauty covering the focus and image quality with lots of image samples. So get some spareribs and beer and take a look! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1215
  4. Get some chips and beer, my latest review video is ready on youtube and on my blog with lots of images! This time i´m testing the new firmware update 3.10 for the Sony A7II with a Canon 70-200 F4 L shooting some skaters and other moving objects with the AF-C mode, have a look! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1004
  5. https://danmleephoto.wordpress.com/2017/04/05/sony-a99ii-part-review-part-wtf/ I posted this to my blog about the A99II, just some initial thoughts.
  6. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I did a comparison of the Hasselblad X1D, Fuji GXF, Sony a7R II, Leica M, and Fuji X-Pro2: http://www.romeobravophoto.com/medium-format-battle/ Then I sent back the Fuji GFX, and did another Fashion Editorial using the X1D, a7R II, and a Leica Q - while my wife used a Canon 5DS-R: http://www.romeobravophoto.com/hasselblad-x1d/ An excerpt from the first comparison: "After the first day, I was very disappointed. The image quality – the big reason for buying a big sensor camera – was not remarkably better than my smaller-sensor cameras! I also noticed artifacts when lifting the shadows on some of the GFX files (that did not show in the shots taken with the X1D and Sony a7R II). The images from the Leica M240 and the Sony a7R II held up VERY well in this part of the comparison. When I brought the comparison images up on my 1440p computer screen, I asked my wife to pick which ones were from the medium format cameras. She was never 100% correct." Then I started to use a 42" 4k HDTV... "I could finally see the 3D depth, tonal gradation, and gradual fall-off that medium format cameras are known for. " The bottom line is... I really couldn't tell the difference between the Hasselblad X1D and the Sony a7R II until I started viewing the shots on a 42" 4k screen. I created a Flickr ablbum here, so you could compare all of the shots I took (for both comparisons, plus others) in higher resolution: https://www.flickr.com/photos/romeobravophoto/albums/72157684149425073 Thanks!
  7. Hello, I hope this is the correct forum for this. I recently migrated from a Canon 70D with a variety of basic lenses and I got decent at using that, however I wanted to enter the 4k Video Market and portability market for vacactions/trips. I love to travel. So I got the a6300 a week ago with the kit lens 16-50mm and wanted to see if anyone would be willing to look at my photo gallery and tell me what you think. I'm still learning all the proper exposure/settings/iso/apeture etc, by no means am I advanced. I keep reading the a6300 is super sharp and far superior than the 70d but out of the 4 days of photos I've shot I'm not happy with any of them and debating whether to take the a6300 back for a refund. This is my last ditch effort to get some advice on why my photos all look pixelated when zoomed in, super grainy, etc. Or if it's just the kit lens, I shoot in manual mode mostly because I really want to understand it better. Thank you. not sure on rule on posting links so if you want to browse my site index of the photos please let me know I will post it, thank you so much.
  8. I just finished my image-heavy review of the A7rIII after almost a year of ownership. Also provided some tips regarding color science and post-processing in the review, as well as a selection of some of the images I've made with the camera. Check it out: https://indergaard.net/2018/10/09/sony-a7riii-review/
  9. Let´s take a trip to 1993 in this video review for the Minolta APO 100-300mm Tele Zoom Lens https://dsphotosblog.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/minolta-apo-100-300mm-video-review/
  10. Sony recently gave us Sony A7II owners an amazing christmas present :-) The Firmware Update 2.0. This free firmware update transforms the A7II in the little brother of the A7rII, which allready has Phase Detect AF. In this first part of my 2 part review i take a look how good the Sigma 24mm 1.4 Canon Mount with the Commlite Adapter works in Single and Continues Focus modes. https://dsphotosblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/sony-a7ii-firmware-update-2-0-review-part-i/
  11. Get some margaritas and pudding, put your best 70´s dress on and watch my latest Video Review for the vintage Minolta 50mm Macro QF 3.5 on the Sony A7II! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=674
  12. Hey folks, I recently had the chance to test drive the iPad Pro to see if such a device had a place in my own workflow. My feelings are a mixed bag. All tests done with this unit were done using my Sony A7R ii taking images for editing or feeding them to the iPad Pro wirelessly. Full review here Thanks for checking it out, if anyone has any questions about the unit, I'll do my best to answer despite it no longer being in my possession.
  13. Hey folks, I got the chance to spend a couple of weeks using the Apple iPad Pro and integrating it into my daily tasks. It was tough trying to decide whether it was just an expensive (and awesome) toy or a legitimate tool made for serious working professionals. My review can be found here: http://www.kyleandrew.com/review-the-apple-ipad-pro/
  14. A7s and A7rII review by Gabruek www.gabruek.com https://500px.com/gabsriel Hi ! I bought them on the 27th of july 2015 in France (lucky boy about the A7rII !). Disclaimer : I do not shoot in continuous mode, I do not shoot in movie mode. I mainly shoot with primes. This review is only MY opinion. Background : amateur (portraits, landscape, street, abstract), semi-pro (weddings, sports, portraiture, fashion) Digital gear background Olympus 4/3 : E-1, E-400 Olympus micro 4/3 : E-P1, E-PM2 Canon : 30D, 40D, 6D Nikon : D80, D5000 Fuji : S3 Pro Sony : A200 Sigma : Dp1s Lenses I use with the A7s and A7rII 16-35mm f/4 28mm f/2 55mm f/1.8 90mm f/2.8 Canon 70-200mm f/4L Commlite AF adapter Canon to Sony : no phase detection, no AF with Canon mount primes... 7 month of carefull thought : I wanted 2 bodies, one for personal use and one for pro use. I built different purchase scenarios : A7s or A7rII + Fuji X-T1 A7rII + Nikon DF A7s + Nikon D810 A7s + A7rII I ran for the last one. I still think it's the best choice of the list. But I also think a new purchase scenario would be even better : A7rII (for personnal and pro use) + Canon FF (for pro use). I would buy a Metabones adapter + Sigma Art lenses on the Canon body. I would get the benefit of a light (but powerfull) mirrorless camera + a classic pro look and ergonomics of a DSLR. I prefer the "Canon look" to the "Nikon look". And if I want dynamic range, I go for the Sony. But today I would not know what Canon DSLR to purchase. Maybe a (cheap) 6D. Canon has to release a game changing DSLR...especially on the low light portion. A7s pros lightweight body, I prefer it to the A7rII light files clean files (low noise) very good AF in low light the ev compensation dial eye AF buttons customization tilt screen A7s cons not good color "look" not possible to choose a minimal shutter speed in A mode (like the "std", "fast", "faster" modes in the A7rII) Adobe, and Capture One color profiles for A7s are not A7s color profile, forced to create own profile or open the raws in Sony's Image Data converter, which is slow and not an Adobe product... functions ergonomics and menus (the physical ergonomics is ok) very slow start-up viewfinder not good for people with glasses buttons customization (require a long practice to find your own layout) no tactile screen : it's very boring and time-loosing to move the focus zone manually… battery life EDIT : flash sync speed A7rII pros tough body image quality very good AF in daylight, OK AF in low light the ev compensation dial buttons customization Eye AF possible to choose a minimal shutter speed in A mode resolution : tremendous cropping potential, less lenses needed nice contrast and color look THE viewfinder tilt screen AF accuracy : the best I've ever seen, better than any DSLR I ever tested (included Nikon D810) A7rII cons heavy Adobe, and Capture One color profiles for A7rII are not A7rII color profile, forced to create own profile or open the raws in Sony's Image Data converter, which is slow and not an Adobe product... functions ergonomics and menus (the physical ergonomics is ok) very slow start-up viewfinder not good for people with glasses requires a good pc or mac (with ssd if possible) buttons customization (require a long practice to find your own layout) no tactile screen : it's very boring and time-loosing to move the focus zone manually... requires very fast sdxc card : 150Mb/s minimum, the 95Mb/s is not fast enough lenses seems softer in the corners than on the A7s, especially the 16-35mm, a sensor problem ? battery life EDIT : flash sync speed Sony FF E-mount system Pros small and light. The lenses are not all small and lightweight, but in overall this is smaller and lighter than DSLRs more discreet, you do not look like a pro photographer, juste a hobbyist or even a tourist evf IMO now better than ovf : live histogram, able to have a look at the exposure, in low light, focus peaking, zebras, focus magnification, you do not see the real world but you see your picture of the real world, etc. image quality, the A7rII is ok now concerning the colors and the contrast Eye AF excellent prime lenses, Zeiss look, and the Sony 90mm 2.8... legacy lenses support, sometimes even with the AF "innovative", I mean that Sony is keeping up to make better and better MODERN cameras, even if it's not an easy path Sony FF E-mount system Cons you do not look like a pro, it's a true problem with some clients zooms are not good IMO, not as good as other brands zooms very pricey, especially the lenses. I'm not sure I would recommend the (cheap) A7 or A7r functions ergonomics REALLY sucks, lacks of tactile screen ok for the upcoming firmware upgrades of the A7rII, but it seems A7/A7s/A7r will be forgotten... Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Fuji have a lot of faithful fanboys, it seems that this Sony system is under too much pressure and the trust is not there yet Not a mature system yet, but now not far to be. The learning curve for this system is very long compared to the other systems. IMO that's why a lot of people (haters) on the Internet say that the Sony mirrorless cameras are made for geeks and hobbyist, not photographers. I think that it's just that these camera are difficult to handle, because of the functional ergonomics. But if you take the time to learn how to use it perfectly, these cameras are GREAT. battery life, same problem than smartphones in general, because evf is a screen afterall Lenses overview 16-35mm : not a good lens, way too pricey for this almost poor IQ. Ok mounted on the A7s but not on the A7rII (corners are too soft, even at f/8, maybe a sensor architerture problem ?) 28mm : very light, almost cheap, and nice lens 55mm : very nice and lightweight, but I don't see this ultra sharpness a lot of people are talking about on the Internet 90mm : holy moly...the best lens I've ever used, except the focus ring, not enough "click" when changing AF to MF position. It switches in the bag... The Tokina implementation is way better. Canon 70-200mm f/4 : bought it second-hand at 270€ . It is good enough, and cheaper than the 1330€ Sony version… Lenses I will buy : Samyang 135mm f/2 or a Sony/Zeiss AF equivalent, a 35mm f1.8 AF, a 85mm 1.2 AF or not AF (Speedmaster), some legacy lenses of course Lenses I'm struggle with : 35mm 1.4, too heavy, too big, too much expensive...waiting for a reasonable 35mm 1.8. For me It will be a street photography lens, so I want it as small and lightweigh as possible. Sony/Zeiss A-mount 135mm f/1.8, seems not working well on e-mount system Lenses I will not buy : Batis 25mm, Batis 85mm, Loxia 50mm, Loxia 35mm (because it's too expensive for a f/2.0 lens), Melvis lenses, Sony zooms
  15. I purchased the AT-X 90/2.5 Macro after a lot of research. At the time, there were no short-tele Macro options for the Sony E-mount system. The Tokina seemed like the best option. I recently sold it to replace it with modern optics but I did enjoy this lens very much while I owned it. I used this lens with the Fotodiox Canon FD- Sony E adapter. Build Quality One of the things I like most about this lens is it's construction. It does extend when focused at its minimum distance, however it is quite small focused at infinity which makes carrying and storing the lens convenient. It's made entirely of metal and the coating is durable. It's light, despite the metal construction but very dense. Focus is smooth, the aperture ring is clicky and has a good amount of resistance, and the bayonet mount is secure. All around it's a well engineered optic. Also, I think it looks cool. Much cooler than some other legacy lenses. It's a vintage lens with the right amount of contemporary aesthetic. Looks are important to me. Features The macro capability is limited to 1:2 which is great for most wildlife, however it will be limiting if you intend to shoot very small insects or other tiny things. Still, the resolution of the a6000 is good enough that cropping to 3000x2000 px (50%) is not an issue - and gets essentially 1:1 magnification. The manual focus ring is the best mechanical feature of this lens. The Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM was what I used before I switched to Sony. The AF is quite good but for macro it's almost useless and the weakest feature of these modern AF macro lenses is their manual focus ring. They have a short throw and are very imprecise and just generally feel terrible. Focusing manually with the AT-X 90 isn't frustrating or tedious - it's lovely. Image Quality The color, resolution, contrast, and out-of-focus aesthetic is very good. Chromatic aberration is present at f/2.5 but is almost completely gone at f/4. Sharpness at f/2.5-4 is good; f/5.6-f/11 is very sharp. Diffraction is noticeable beyond f/11. I'll let the photos say the rest. *These photos were shot in RAW with Neutral picture style, processed in Lightroom for color and exposure correction only. Contrast and sharpness are set to default. Pay attention to high contrast areas and the out-of-focus highlights here: This image is strongly backlit. Note the retention of contrast: This sample shows how details like spider's silk and the fibers on plant leaves are resolved: I just like this photo: Pay attention to the quality of background blur and subject sharpness: This lens is not great for astrophotography. Note the chromatic aberration around stars: With foresight and practice, this lens can work well for sports events, despite manual focus only. I think this image is at f/5.6: Verdict I like this lens. As far as legacy glass goes, this is by far the best I've used (among several). It holds up well compared to the Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM with the exception of wide-open chromatic aberration. If you like old-school lenses or also want a good macro lens for your 35mm SLR, I highly recommend this lens. Pros: Compact Good image quality Very sharp at 5.6 Good build quality Good value on used market Precise and smooth manual focus High contrast Cons: Chromatic aberration wide open Not so sharp beyond f/11 Only 1:2 magnification (0.5x) Not quite as good resolution as modern macro lenses Lastly, take a look at the attached image. It is backlit and has plenty of fine detail as well as some bokeh. It's a challenging scene for any lens and I think it does very well. Note that it is compressed to fit under the 1000kb attachment limit.
  16. I just thought I would share my review of the Sony a7ii for anyone that might be interested, I've included a few sample images in the review as well for anyone that is curious. http://shutterdiscovery.com/review/sony-a7ii-review/
  17. Hi Guys, my girlfriend just wrote this little review, hands-on for the zeiss touit lenses she was using in asia on her a6000 on our blog. http://passportsandlenses.com/zeiss-touit-lenses-on-the-sony-a6000-a-review/ Since i saw a lot of people asking if they are worth their high price tag i hope it is alright if i share so you guys can have a look. It is a little non-tech since she's not as interested in fancy gear as we guys are! Have fun and let me know if you like it! Alex
  18. Hi Guys, i just started with my first review about the a6000 and i would love you guys to read it! Let me know if you miss anything and please let me know about your opinions about that great little camera! http://passportsandlenses.com/sony-a6000-a-little-review/ All the best, Alex
  19. Hi there guys, I set up a shoot with a skateboarder here in cape town to see how well the A7 can handle fast paste shoots. Since this is the topic most people complain about with mirrorless cameras it handled surprisingly well. Head over to my blog to read it all and see the pictures: http://passportsandlenses.com/about-skateboards-comfort-zones-and-af-systems/ Let me know what you think and how you think the sony's can hold their owns against DSLRs. Best, Alex
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