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  1. I currently shoot A9 and A6500 but I've owned both the A7 and A7S. I found the A7 a joy to shoot with. There's something special about the weight/feel of that camera. It's great for general photography of stationary or slow moving subjects in good light. The A7S produces beautiful images but they cannot be cropped as much as the A7. However the A7S is a much better video camera especially in low light! It produces clean 1080P but if you need 4K you'll have to use an external recorder.
  2. Does anyone know why Sony (or 3rd parties) can't make a better adapter for their A-mount SSM and SAM lenses? For example, the relatively inexpensive Sony 28-75 f2.8 is a really good lens. I've tried several copies and they make sharp, contrasty images. However, the AF on my E-mount bodies (a9 & a6500) is hampered by the paucity of focus points. The limiting factor is obviously not the bodies, and I don't think it's the lenses. It seems to be the adapter!
  3. Do beta testers get early access to rumors?! Either way I'll be a beta tester for you!
  4. Thanks for sharing these images! I'll definitely make use of this capability... when I eventually can afford an A9. In the meantime, my A99ii is no slouch in the tracking department!
  5. The SAL 16-50mm f2.8 is an SSM lens so it does work well on A6xxx bodies via the LA-EA3 adapter. Images are high quality! However, so are images from the E PZ 18-105mm G. This is currently one of my favorite (and thus most used) lenses on my A6300. It is a BEAST! IQ, range, convenience, smooth power zoom for video... A BEAST!! It definitely lives up to its "G" rating! Yes, it would be great to have f2.8 but in practical use I rarely miss it! I also have an A7S, A7M2 and lots of good glass but the A6300 with the E PZ 18-105mm gets more usage (portraits, events, video) than any other combination.
  6. Love the list. Agree with just about everything. However, what you've outlined is not a realistic upgrade to the prosumer a6500, it's actually a new PRO APS-C line. Let's call it the A7xxx line. With the features you've listed this line would start at $2,000+!! In their usual style of concurrency (e.g. A6000, a6300 & a6500 coexisting) Sony could/should keep the A6xxx line separate for those who don't need (or want to spend the extra $$$ for) the features of the A7xxx line.
  7. I hope they don't integrate the vertical grip! I prefer having it separate so one has the option to go as small and light as possible if/when necessary/desired!
  8. How to count? Mechanically at first then electronically as film cameras were increasingly outfitted with electronic capabilities. NOTE: The counters were not available for external viewing but the manufacturers or their authorized repair agents could get to them. Because of auto winders, motor drives and large capacity film backs, film cameras could go through a lot of shutter actuations real quickly! And since they were/are not mirrorless each actuation meant that a lot of parts (shutter, mirror, etc.) were in motion! Many pros could easily shoot 10+, 36-exposure rolls at a time. That adds up to a lot of wear and tear on all-mechanical or electro-mechanical parts.
  9. The item is Sigma AML72-01 Close-Up Lens (Black)I bought it on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NIHBN0S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Not true! I've been shooting pro since the pre-digital (read FILM) days and even then savvy shooters were aware of and concerned about shutter count (actuations)! I'd say it was even more important then because those cameras had more moving parts. Manufacturers typically warrantied their pro-gear in the region of 300,000 to 500,000 actuations.
  11. I currently own the 70-300 & the 24-240. I used to own the 70-200. For full-frame A7xx it's tough to beat the 10X zoom, 24-240 as a general purpose lens! However, for my APS-C A6300 my general purpose lens is the PZ 18-105G. I can't say enough good things about that lens! I opted for the 70-300 over the 70-200 because of the extra reach and similar IQ. The 70-300 also is better for close focus work. I use a Sigma magnifier that gets it even closer, so much so that my FE 90macro is gathering dust.
  12. If you shoot RAW you'll get better results using the free Capture One (Sony version) or even Sony's free RAW converter. Lightroom imports and presents Sony RAW files using the Adobe Standard profile rather than the Sony camera's standard profile. You can find profiles for Sony cameras online. Import to LR for better results.
  13. To get an accurate count, go to this site and follow instructions: http://tools.science.si/index.php
  14. FYI, Minolta MC/MD glass CAN be mounted on the A-mount. Search for Minolta MC/MD to A-mount adapters. e.g. https://www.amazon.com/Fotodiox-Adapter-Minolta--Mount-Cameras/dp/B0048A8CDU/ref=sr_1_14?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1476903757&sr=1-14&keywords=minolta+mc%2Fmd+to+a-mount+adapter http://www.ebay.com/itm/AF-Confirm-Adapter-for-Minolta-MC-MD-to-SONY-ALPHA-MA-mount-A77-II-A99-A580-/181971075794?hash=item2a5e5242d2:m:mQCt_K4OS4Zdvw4iKL7UZRg
  15. Nice work! Are you using autofocus with the Sigma 35, or manual? LA-EA4 I presume....
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