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Found 7 results

  1. I've got a Sony FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS that's not mounting onto my a7riii body. When I align it, then turn to lock it in place, it doesn't "click" into place, so the camera can't recognize the lens. Other lenses (FE 3.5-5.6/28-70 & FE 1.8/55) are mounting just fine. I've tried cleaning the mounting rings on both the camera body & macro lens, but still no luck. Any advice?
  2. I just received the Sony A7 iii. I have a set of Rokinon Xeen e-mount lenses that I would like to use with the A7 iii but I am unsure if the mount will support the Xeens. Has anyone had experience with this and care to share? Can the mount support the weight of the lenses or do I need to look at getting a rig and support system? If so, can you recommend a system? Thanks!
  3. Hello Batis 18mm owners and wide angle lens experts Recently I bought this great wide angle lens but was quite disappointed when I checked my first pictures shot with a Sony Alpha 7 II as the lens produced some really weird dots above the sun with aperture 22 (see attached picture). My 10-20mm APS-C wide angle lens on the Sony Alpha 77 produced a much better sun star for a third of the price... ☹️ Did anyone experience the same issue or knows of that issue with the Batis 18mm? Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice, Andreas
  4. I have an A6000. For the past couple of days I have been searching the web for a Nikon F to E-mount full function adapter (AF, Exposure, etc.). I see one for the A6300. Is the A6000 so different that they cant make them compatible? Does anyone know if one exists?
  5. I'm curious, has anyone used both the A-mount (FF) Zeiss 24mm F2 and the E-mount (APS-C) Zeiss 24mm F1.8 lenses from Sony? If so how did you find the performance to compare? Is one sharper than the other, focus quicker than the other, etc.? I like the idea of the A-mount just because I can also use it on my A-mount cameras (including the FF models), but since I use my a6000 more than anything these days, I'd probably settle for the e-mount (faster and less $$) if it performs as well or better than the a-mount lens. Thoughts?
  6. Hey guys. I created my first lens review/real world test. Check it out below if you're interested in this lens. http://www.blakebronstad.com/reviews/2015/7/21/rokinon-12mm-f20-for-sony-e-mount
  7. Shooting automotive races and would a little more 'throw' than my Sony 55-210 offers. Anyone using a teleconverter with the a6000? Still work with AF? -thanks
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