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Found 7 results

  1. I remember the day i bought my first Alpha 100, it was immediately on its launch and i was quite chuffed to have the Jessops 'special edition silver'. It was my first serious camera, and having been a Sony audio devotee for years it was an obvious choice. However, there were times I regretted the decision in the years that followed during which the initial press rave reviews were replaced with a fairly apathetic view of Sony's move into SLR, and it seemed Sony would stay way behind Canon and Nikon, perhaps among the front runners of the also rans was the best they could hope for. Though many a photographer dismissed my Sony with advice to jump ship, the A100 was doing the job I needed and by then I had built up quite an array of accessories and lenses - back then camera shops had loads of Minolta glass you could get for pennies. Turn the clock forward however many years it has been (wow - I just looked it up, 25 years!) and Sony are right up there with some awesome kit. Despite being in from the start i have only progressed as far as a 390 - which I doubt many people reading this would want as their main camera, but it has done the job i need and done it well. I do now need an upgrade as need video. Cameras are not a big enough part of my life to be looking at anything like the current flagship models. To get most bang for my buck I'll be most likely to buy from one of the professional second hand/refurbing sellers. You'll know the type, 50 Sony cameras in their eBay shop and a 99% feedback from Sony camera users. So I won't be looking at just the current models and when you consider the entire range, past and present, it is huge. I keep finding myself reading a spec, thinking this could be the one, then noticing it doesn't have live view or whatever. So, I am hoping somebody reading this will know the range so well that if i give a list of 'must have' and 'desirable' specs, they will be able to suggest cameras of whatever age that fit the bill, and which of them you'd recommend. Sony has a really good accessories compatibility bit on its website, so i can then cross reference suggestions to see which of my external flashes, remotes, grips, lenses etc could still be used. I could have just asked the question without rambling down memory lane couldn't I, sorry about that ? ESSENTIAL FEATURES a-mount hd video external mic live view (doesn't have to be the sony proprietory LiveView, any form of external monitoring) standard tripod and hot-shoe mounts availability in european market STRONG PREFERENCE wifi or other wireless connectivity some form of macro or favourites to allow save & recall of multiple settings configurations evf viewfinder high megapixel (I fancy doing some wallpaper printing) headphone jack multi interface hot-shoe image stabilisation (if you think i'd miss it) In all other respects I am happy if the camera does the job as well as, or better than, the 390, which I'm pretty sure everything with my wish list would. Hope somebody can help with this, many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Has anyone tried out both versions of the Tamron 150-600mm A-mount lens on the A7Rii with the LA-E3 adapter? I have the old version of the lens and I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with both versions about whether there are any differences in autofocus speed or accuracy with the new G2 version of the lens when used in this particular way (adapted onto E-mount). I have read the reviews of the lens and the press releases so I understand the differences in the new version, but would really like to hear from someone who has personal hands-on experience with both versions. Thanks!
  3. I'm curious, has anyone used both the A-mount (FF) Zeiss 24mm F2 and the E-mount (APS-C) Zeiss 24mm F1.8 lenses from Sony? If so how did you find the performance to compare? Is one sharper than the other, focus quicker than the other, etc.? I like the idea of the A-mount just because I can also use it on my A-mount cameras (including the FF models), but since I use my a6000 more than anything these days, I'd probably settle for the e-mount (faster and less $$) if it performs as well or better than the a-mount lens. Thoughts?
  4. Hi, I've been looking into buying a new camera for a while, and am leaning strongly towards the Sony A7 II. I currently only have an old Nikon D80 with a couple of APS-C DX lenses at my disposal, so I don't have any current equipment to take into consideration. This is all for personal enjoyment only, and apart from stills (mainly street and travel photography) I am planning to get into making some videos (starting with a small budget slider and perhaps some adapted legacy lenses, equipment-wise). For stills I would prefer to have autofocus, but my budget does not allow me to buy native FE lenses that cover the wide angle and normal zoom (anything longer is a bonus) I also really want lenses faster than f/4. With this in mind I've been thinking about the current setup: - Sony A7II - LA-EA4 Adapter - Tamron SP AF 17-35 mm f/2.8-4 - Tamron or Konica-Minolta AF 28-75 mm f/2.8 - Minolta AF 70-210 mm f/4 "Beercan" I have read that the LA-EA4 adapter (seemingly by design, as it is mentioned in the manual as I understand) for some reason disables the AF assist light which might make autofocus unusable in low light (for example in a nightclub). I have seen one person mention in a forum that on the A7II the AF assist light DOES actually work together with the adapter, but that the light might be useless with the adapted lenses actually obscuring the AF assist light. I would like to hear from anybody who has direct experience with using the LA-EA4 together with the Sony A7II, and whether the AF assist light works or not? I'm also interested in any feedback on whether it is at all a good idea to rely primarily on A-mount lenses on the A7II. Thank you.
  5. Sunset yesterday in Denmark. Shot with the Sony a900 & and Sony SAL20F28. Yes I still use such an old camera ;-) Sunset in motion byDavid Cartagena, on Flickr Another from before the sunset: Same setup. 4 1/2 minutes of colored sky by David Cartagena, on Flickr
  6. My a-mount dinosaur photo, inspired by Greg Watermann. Inspired and very much anti-E. Shot by my a5100 pocket camera. Why mirrorless adapter, you might ask... As I'm waiting for a99II, I have to borrow A7rII for some shoots in extra bad lighting.
  7. It seems apparent that Sony's strategy is no longer to compete directly in the DSLR market with Canon and Nikon. Their release cycles and statements strongly indicate that Sony seeks to overtake them in overall interchangeable lens camera sales by growing the mirrorless market. In other words, Sony sees itself beating Canon and Nikon not by making a better DSLR (in a market in which the competition has decades of entrenched loyalty), but by developing the mirrorless category. Maybe Sony was taken a bit off guard by the success of the A7 cameras, but they've definitely jumped in with both feet now. I was a loyal A-mount user, waiting, and waiting for an update to my a99. It's still a great camera, but it's far from state-of-the-art now (my RX100M4 blows it away in video quality), and many of the lenses are in desperate need of a refresh. Even Sigma and Tamron (save for the cheapo cropped head-scratcher of a vacation lens they just released) seem to have abandoned the mount. The A7R2 was just too good to pass up, and the fact that I didn't have to sell all my A-mount lenses was a bonus (still using my Sigma fisheye and 500mm, and Zeiss 135 f/1.8). So, money not being an issue, why would an A-mount user not cross over to FE at this point? I can understand wanting to maximize an investment, and riding that gear into the sunset, but if you can afford to, why not switch. I want to try to understand the market. No judgement. To me, the preponderance of the evidence suggests that the A-mount will continue to take a back seat to FE, and is probably approaching the end of its life. Your thoughts?
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