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  1. Thanks a lot Michelb, I have both LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 and regarding focusing they both do the same (that is, they don't focus when I install the 1.4 x Teleconverter)... Problem is, I don't have the type of cash needed to purchase one of the new Sony 400 f 2.8 FE. It seems to me that Sony have left a huge gap by not offering a 300 2.8 FE mount at a more reasonable price. Just wonder if there are other non Sony brands that have an FE connection I could use; it would also have to be a maximum of f4 and 300 mm or more.... Thanks again from sunny Spain ; )
  2. Dear friends, Have been photographing birds for about two years now and the results are generally good to my liking. The Sony 300 G was really a Minolta with Sony stickers. Worked well but was/is quite slow in focusing. I needed a bit more reach so I managed to get a 1.4 x teleconverter (Minolta) Minolta AF 1.4 TELE CONVERTER APO D, but was very dissapointed when I found that the AF does not work with the teleconverter and that is a bummer. I wonder if someone can guide me into finding the best solution to my problem; for example getting a SAL300f2.8G II and a Sony SAL14TC (of course, using the A to EF sony adaptor)... whatever as long as I can use the AF and with the hope that focusing is faster than the actual 300 2.8 G lens
  3. Dear friends, I come from a Nikon based system and had and have all needed with regards to flashes and strobes together with radio triggers (PW Mini TT1, AC3 and three TT5s). Also have two AlienBees 400 and 1600 with all the needed gear, octabox beauty dishes, umbrellas ASO. My problem right now is that apart from not being able to sell the PWizards, I find myself not being able to fire three lights with a universal transmitter and the corresponding triggers with the equipment I now have. I can get the two AlienBees to fire either with one trigger and the other firing with the sensor in manual mode, but I still need a third flash for the background. I have three speedlights SB-900, SB-800 and SB-600, but I can't make them work with the MiniTT1/AC3 mounted on the hot shoe of my Sony. FYI, I do also have a Witstro and Godox X1T to work on exteriors and a small Nissin i40 mini flash, but I don't think I can use either of them in my small studio (garage). The Phottix ODIN transmitter and one receiver works great, but I can't even dream of purchasing two more receivers/triggers for their price and the impossibility to plug them into a Nikon Flash. Any suggestions will be much appreciated, even if it all works manually (a bit of a bummer), but would go for it since I haven't cash to spare for a new and expensive multi radio system. Best regards, Spanish Flyer
  4. Thanks a lot Jaf/Photo, As simple as that! I had it OFF.... And as I have just tried, it even locks the ISO even in AUTO mode. Best regards and thanks again. Spanish Flyer
  5. Dear friends, It is ever so easy to shift the camera, focus on the subject and make a composition prior to taking the picture that I don't understand why the camera does not keep the light conditions as well when shifting to the frame you want to take... it would be so nice! I know that if you shoot in manual and have a fixed ISO, that would happen, but that is not the case. I normally use auto ISO and adjust the needs of the photo I want to shoot, depending on the shutter speed and the aperture to be used (fast shutter for moving subjects such as birds and wide open for small depth of field). Problem here as you might have guessed is that after focusing the subject, as I move the camera to my liking, the ISO changes drastically depending on the different light conditions that frame needs. So, Is it at all possible to "lock" ALL settings, including focus, and ISO as you shift the camera? This must be as automatic as the focus, so you don't need to make any changes turning knobs or wheels, just by half pressing the shutter once... Maybe I'm asking for too much, but it would save a lot of hassle and you would no doubt get a higher percentage of great exposed pictures. Thanks a lot, Spanish Flyer
  6. Dear friends, Been rather detached from the forum for many reasons, one being that I had no real problem with my Sony gear... Nevertheless, lately, and "shooting" birds (in the kind way), I have found my A7R2 rather lazy when firing in the high speed mode; it will fire 5 shots at once, but then stop and even with the button pressed I have to wait for what it seems to be ages till it fires once more, and even then it will shoot when it decides, not when I want to. My actual memory card is the Scandisk Extreme Pro 128 gb. So my question is simple; will the newest and fastest Sony SF-G UHS-II solve my problem to an extent? I know that with such a short buffer and 42 + GB files, I can't expect it to improve much, but any improvement might be worthwhile... Since I will be visiting the US by the end of July, it might be the best option to purchasing this new memory, but need to know before I leave Spain. Thank you all and best regards, Spanish Flyer
  7. Since Sony is not taking the step ( 300mm f2.8 FE mount), I am prepared to purchase this A mount lens for my A7R II using one of the adapters for FE mount. Does anyone have or knows of someone who is prepared or wants to sell his for a fair price? I bet that when I lay my hands in one, Sony will come up with the proper FE mount version, but I cannot wait any longer. Please contact me if you have one or know of someone who does. Best regards, Spanish Flyer
  8. This sounds very promissing from Phottix... Still I will wait & see... http://www.diyphotography.net/phottix-drags-sony-flash-21st-century-bringing-line-nikon-canon/
  9. Additional info I just received from Godox U.K. Even though it is true that Sony cameras can work with the Godox Witstro AD 360 II and the X1T (S), it will only do so in the basic trigger mode, so that once more collapses mi hopes; back to square one
  10. Hi once more michelb and thanks a lot for your cooperation, I'll copy/paste your message, hope you don't mind, and fill-in my comments on it. "I am willing to help but let's work this out step by step and in order to help please answer all of the following questions. For now we will forget about your meter but something tells me we can make it work in Manual mode with your present set-up since the Strato language Sekonic is mentioning in its owner's manual is the same as the Odin (at least for test and trigger) Might be mentioned, but my experience was quite the opposite; I have sent the Sekonic to the rep in Spain in the hope that it is a faulty unit, but have read in different forums that the remote receiver that comes with the ODIN I is not compatible with the Sekonic-Phottix transmitter, but that the Strato II receiver does work; I'd hate to purchase a Strato only to find the same result I can understand your confusion about the Strato triggers and receivers since Phottix is now in its 3rd iteration of these: - Strato which were Manual mode only and i don't even know if they were available with the Sony Autolock shoe I understand that Phottix is starting to be a bit more cooperative with Sony users in the past two weeks or so and they have brought out new firmware that is compatible with Sony cameras & equipment. I will update my Phottix gear when I get a more clear idea on what route to take. - Strato II Multi which were available in separate versions for Canon, Nikon and Sony with one feature that was called Pass-Through TTL which provided the possibility of mounting a TTL flash on top of the trigger that was on camera and this would let the on-camera flash keep its TTL features but the remotes all had to be using Manual Mode. Pass-through with a flash is not a valid option for me, not only because the ODIN does not have a hot-shoe on top, but also due to the kind of photography I'm now doing, shooting through a mirror type glass window, same as Bence Mate's hide method (http://www.hidephotography.com/), so whatever I use must be totally wireless; since the HSS has very short reach, I put my flash/flashes close to the bird feeder, to take advantage of speeds higher than 1/1500 in order to freeze the action. It is also for that reason that I was thinking about the Godox Witstro AD 360 II and the X1T (S) transmitter, with a guide number of 80, so I can place the flash further apart from the birds, to avoid scaring them... - Strato TTL for Canon and Nikon only: these are new and provide basic TTL functions even through the remotes. You probably saw the Strato TTL but could not find the Sony equivalent which does not seem to be offered. Same here, I could find a trigger or transmitter for Sony, but no Strato wireless remote receiver for us. Still, I heard through the grapevine that they are fixing that lack of support for Sony users via new firmware; time will tell Now all of these can work together even with the Odin's but are limited by their original possibilities so a Strato II Multi remote unit can be triggered by an Odin trigger if one knows what he is doing. A Strato trigger can not however trigger an Odin receiver. I heard the same about the Odin receiver, so I guess in the end it would be an ODIN 1 transmitter and a Strato II as a receiver. Let's hope someone tries it out first and confirms our hopes... Hyper synch or its equivalent is a new trick off brand flash makers have introduced that mimics HSS but many are getting uneven illumination even with the expensive units like Elinchrom. Only a dedicated flash will provide true HSS that will not cause uneven lighting through pictures. True HSS with dedicated flash units has a very big compromise in that guide numbers reduce by a lot as you decrease shutter speeds due to the repeated number of flashes this involves. HSS requires a flash to body communication so that it can be effective and this communication does not exist with those Hypersynch units I did manage to make the HyperSync work with my PocketWizards and my AlienBees, but it was a bit of a hit and miss situation, also needed some tests and what is worse, never managed to give me a decent result on speeds higher than 1/1500; banding was too obvious and rendered the picture useless unless I carried out heavy cropping on PS. Back to my questions: 1) Which adapter are you using between your body (A7R2, A7s or A6000) and the Odin ? Brand and model. Brand SONY, model ADP-MAA 2) You mention all your lenses are E-Mount, these are all native E-Mount ( no unchipped lens since the Odin does not work well with unchipped )? Sorry about that, I didn't take into account that there are other brands that make E mount lenses What I meant was that all my lenses are Sony AF (E and FE, depending on the camera, A6000 or the A7S and A7R2). That is, apart from the Sony 70-400 GII where I use the LA-EA4 and EA3 for its A mount. Thanks again for your help. Best regards, Spanish Flyer 3) Did you succeed to make your set-up work in basic TTL mode ? Sorry, missed these two last questions: yes I did and even work in HSS with the Sony flash but for what I'm trying to achieve right now, the flash does not have the needed power. 4) When you tried HSS with the HVL-F56AM (on camera or on The Odin) , was the flash head pointed straight ahead as it would be for direct flash on a camera ? (This unit and some others disable HSS when bouncing the head away from direct )" That is the only way it will work, facing the front 0º... I do however have a small Nissin i40 that works wonders for home or close by situations, since you can angle it in whatever position by pressing the green led button till the left MODE white led starts blinking once more in TTL mode (mind you, there is no magic here, if you point the flash upwards and there is no close by white ceiling, the shot will be underexposed... It's only natural...
  11. Hi michelb, Any suggestions are always welcome! For starters, I'm no expert in the use of flash, but have been using it as an off camera wireless setup for several years and was very happy with it; in that case I was using high end Nikon cameras and lenses and had (still have) a complete set of PocketWizards (1 Mini TT-1, three Flex TT-5's an AC3 and a set of AC9's for my AlienBees AB400 and AB1600). Have, since then sold all my Nikon gear except for a Df and a 28-300 VR I love too much to get rid of.... What I now have are an A6000, an A7S and an A7R2; all my lenses are E mount except the one I use most for my bird shooting, an A mount 70-400 G II (where I use both the EA-LA3 and LA-EA4). My ODIN is all Version 1 and I bought it as a kit for the Sony flash HVL-F56AM and just a few weeks ago I purchased the ill-fated (at leat for me) Sekonic L-478 PX light meter. As I mentioned above, I still keep the AlienBees and the PW's. What I'm trying to achieve right now (but not the only goal) is what I had with the AB's and PW's and that was the Hyper Synch or a flash such as the GODOX WITSTRO AD360 II, so I can get HSS at 1/1000 or higher speeds with enough power to light up a subject 7 m/23 ft away; apart from that have at least TTL and HSS with portraits and relatively close photography, only that and of course if I could trigger the flash/flashes with my Sekonic that would be the cherry on top of the cake....
  12. Thanks for the new info, After having accepted that the Sekonic L-478-PX will not pop the flashes I'm now in the look for a Remote system that is fully compatible with Sony and allows me to fire in TTL mode (at least), but I'm finding it very difficult since as I mentioned before, it seems that the Sony cameras are the "ugly duckling" that no one wants to tackle. I actually found a great and cheap option, the Cactus V6, because amongst other beauties, they can pair different brand flashes to work together in TTL, such as Canon, Nikon, Fuji,Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus, and others, but.... you guessed it, they don't do Sony. Check out: I will continue searching, starting with the Godox christer mentions or Flashpoint and others. Still I find we are being discriminated here having Sony and in a way I understand it after Sony doesn't make up their mind on what type of shoe to "wear"; on my ODIN, the transmitter fits straight on my A6000, A7S and A7R II, with the Multi Interface Shoe,but the receiver has that older Sony/Minolta iISO flash shoe; no wonder not many manufacturers want to get involved... The saga continues... Thanks again, Spanish Flyer
  13. Thanks to all for your suggestions, Regarding what michelb asks, I can tell you that I tried everything in my hand to get it to work; I did get from Phottix the following message, where they state that NO Phottix product at the moment will work with my actual setup (ODIN transmitter and receiver) will work TTL with the Sekonic L-478DR-PX, which is understandible due to the pre-flash (just as you mention michelb). And what is more, Phottix does not have any compatible system for my Sony HVL-F56AM. As I said earlier on, all companies are focused in Canon and Nikon and don't take Sony owners seriously.... So I fully agree with you michelb. Dear Charles, New answer was just posted on your ticket: . Answer: Thank you for contacting us. The Odin for Sony works based on TTL and uses pre-flash, therefore it will not work with Sekonic. The latest Odin for Sony firmware v1.14 allows to use the Test button when using the light meters: Test Button and Light Meters: Pressing the Test button on the transmitter will cause the flashes in A, B and C groups to fire simultaneously. Group(s) turned off will not fire. When the flashes in A, B and C groups are set to Manual (M) mode, pressing the Test button on the transmitter will cause the flashes (which are powered on and on the same channel as the transmitter) to fire an initial low-power pre-flash. The flashes will fire simultaneously at their set manual power levels 2.5s later. This feature allows for light meters to be used correctly. The Odin II is not compatible with your Sony flash (only with Phottix Mitros+ for Sony and Phottix Indra 500). Thank you. Please feel free to contact us in case you still have any question on this issue. Best regards, Phottix Support I now believe that buying a Sekonic with a transmitter for Phottix was just a waste of time and money; It does however seem to work with Canon and Nikon versions having the Stratos II or TTL... Where have I seen that before?? By the way, no Stratos II or Stratos TTL for Sony.... I do like the suggestion storyteller has; the use of a much cheaper Godox X1 is very tentative now that I know my Sekonic will only work by setting the unit to normal flash manual mode, where the meter waits for a flash to pop; funnily enough, I had the grip from Meike, cheap compared to the Sony one and what is great, it comes with a remote trigger unit that works great and at amazing distances... That way I just approach the subject, leave the Sekonic in manual, place it in the right position, facing the flash and press the Meike remote. And Al Pha, you are absolutely right and it makes me feel silly to have gone all the way, purchasing the Sekonic for Phottix as I expected it to work like my old Sekonic L-358 did with my Nikongear and PocketWizards TT1 and TT5 that I still have. Taking the Meike remote with me together with the Light meter will no doubt accelerate the process big time. Cheers to all and best regards, Spanish Flyer
  14. Dear friends, I opened a thread about wireless flash trigger but I got no response. I get the feeling that flash triggering suppliers only bother to make something that is totally compatible with Sony and that pisses me off. It seems no company has taken the more than professional A7 series seriously, being their effort only concentrated on Canon and Nikon. Still, I have purchased a Phottix Odin for Sony mount and a Sekonic L-478DR-PX to make the light meter fire the flash, but it just doesn't work, even though they state that those items work together. Contacting Phottix in HK, they told me to get a Stratos II instead of my Odin receiver, but when I went to purchase it, I could not find a Stratos II for Sony, only and as expected, they had the Canon and Nikon versions (in that order). Can anyone help me out? The idea being to be able to fire the flash in TTl and if needed HSS mode from the meter such as the Sekonic L-478DR-PX (for Phottix? By the way any other meter or flash wireless remote will do as long as they offer TTl and HSS for our Sony A7 (in my case an A7R2 Or is it true that manufacturers consider the sony Alpha gear as a non professional gear? If they do they are in for a big surprise. Anyway let me know how you have managed (or not) to fire your remote Sony flash from a light meter and if you can use the TTL option and maybe even the HSS, so much needed in our photography. Best regards, Spanish Flyer
  15. Dear friends, I used to have Nikon equipment, cameras, flashes and lenses and to trigger the flashes remotely I used PocketWizards TT-1 and TT5; it worked like a charm and to get proper readings I used the Sekonic L-358 with an added PW Transmitter installed inside the meter I could then get independent flash readings at any time. Now with my Sony cameras the PW's only work in manual mode, no TTL or HSS nor the ITTL I used to enjoy. So my following move was to purchase a set of Phottix Odin Transmitter and receiver which work well (most of the times..), but what I was raving for was to be able to trigger the flash/flashes from "a" light meter. SInce the L-358 did not have a Phottix transmitter option I sold the unit and purchased a brand new Sekonic L-478DR PX designed for Phottix as it comes with a built in Phottix transmitter that according to the manufacturer works just fine with the Odin system... For the past two days I've been trying to get the Sekonic to trigger my Sony HVL-F58AM mounted on the Phottix Odin without any luck; changing channels, flash configurations and so on, but it just does not work. I can by all means set the meter to read any flash within a certain time in seconds, and take a reading, but trigger them remotely by pressing the transmitter (as I wanted), just refuses to work. I wonder if anyone has this kind of equipment and maybe knows how to make it work, because I have run out of ideas. I could be doing something wrong, but as I said, after so many tests I should have managed... : ( Best regards, Spanish Flyer
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