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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! I have a Sony a6300. I put it in continuous shooting mode and I would like to get that to work with a remote. But when I press the remote shutter button, it only takes one shot. (It works fine when using the camera shutter.) I tried three different remotes, but I get the same result. I'm afraid it's not possible, but maybe someone has an idea. Thanks!
  2. I have just switch from Nikon and for many years I have used 'control my nikon' software which i needed for photographing artwork in a light tent. I have just started using Sony 'remote' software with A7 III and found it connects fine with a PC first time but always 'hangs' in USB connecting thereafter. I tried with another computer and the same thing happens, only works once. I am thinking this might be a driver time out issue? Does anyone have a solution to correct this. I do not want to use capture one as the sony software is fine for my requirements, if only it would connect each time.
  3. I have had my A7II for a while and I really like it. But there is one issue that makes me so mad I sometimes consider changing camera just because of that. And I just want to confirm that there is no workaround for this that I have missed. The issue is that I'm always use back button focus and that seems to prevent me from taking HDR bracketed images in a good way. The reason is that the camera does not allow to take HDR bracketed images using timer (like the A7RII does) and then you need to use a remote to not shake the camera. However, the remote doesn't allow you to take pictures if the AF is not enabled for the shutter button (i.e. when I use back button focus, the remote doesn't work). Is there a workaround for this? In my opinion ever serious landscape photographer uses back button focus (or manual), so it's a deal breaker to not be able to take HDR in any sane way with this enabled...
  4. Hi, Since an update my remote app is only showing very limited possibilities. Basically I can only press the shutter, and choose between direct shot or 2 sec selftimer. All other options are not available. I've tried updating the camera software, but got the message that it wasn't necessary. I also deleted the app from my IPhone and re-installed it. Any ideas on how to solve this? See attach for a screenshot of my remote. Thanks.
  5. Is there a remote which engages the auto-focus? Using the 2/10 second delay seems simply to trip the shutter at whatever the focus is set at. I'm trying to get sharp images for a self portrait, but can't get the autofocus to lock on me once I walk from the camera to my sitting position. Open to IR/wifi/wired solutions
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I want to know how I could trigger movie recording on two a6300s simultaneously? Does the Sony remote or any other third party remote or trigger allow this? And if so, does anyone know how accurately they can be started together? Many thanks for any help and suggestions cheers!
  7. I really would like to put the remoted app on my Galaxy S4 smart-phone (I already have PM's latest version on it), so that I can use it to control my Sony A7R2, but the only way it seems is to scan the QR code from the bottom of the camera! This is the problem - in that the code is very small and, perhaps not as distinct as it should be - despite my camera only being a few months old. Consequently, all my attempts have failed - I guess as the magnification isnt big enough (or, at least, that's what I presume!). Has anyone had this same trouble? If so, would you mind sharing the resolution of the problem with me please. Anyone who can suggest other rsolutions are also welcome to comment. I must confess that I am very dis-heartened by PM, especially as it won't even work on my new Mac - apparently is too old and crude for the latest OS! (or am I alone in getting a tad P****d off with it!)
  8. I am trying to get a bit of advice. I am trying to find a way to limit the frames captured to two but still maintain the 11fps speed provided by the a6000. I have tried using a couple different apps from the Sony Time Lapse app to a a few third party apps but the best I have been able to do is on a 10 second self time (which I would like to avoid using) I can get a 3 frame burst using the USB tethered to PC app. If anyone knows of a third party app that will give me a limited 2 frame burst or can give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Zak
  9. Hi, I'm looking to get a6000 to replace my 5N. Main use is to shoot my daughter when she's playing sports. She plays as a goalie, so earlier I have just put the 5N to all manual to get the best burst rates. And I've always used a tripod. Now with a6000 & 70-200G F4 (cropped to 105-300) lens I'm also hoping to get a remote. But I haven't been able to find anywhere if it is possible to shoot burst mode with any remote. It doesn't matter if the remote is wired or wireless. Do you guys have any experiences on this matter? Thanks! -Jarno
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