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  1. Don’t forget there is exposure compensation setting in the menu that has nothing to do with the dial one. Make sure that did not get changed somehow, listed as exposure comp, next to setting for exposure steps
  2. adwb

    Pink,Green, Blue Dots

    Raj, her you are this thread will explain all to you and how to fix it https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4175737
  3. Christie, is the network connection not meant ,as with some of the camcorders, to connect to a network for direct download , or live streaming? i don’t have one but it seems a logical reason for its inclusion in the body?
  4. adwb

    Triggering multiple A7r2

    Unsubscribed, childish,
  5. adwb

    Triggering multiple A7r2

    I used to have remote light triggers that also acted as transmitters if switched that way, I dont know if something similar still is available, but on three Pentax bodies in a church it would work like this, On my camera in the hot shoe would be unit 1 in transmitt mode (triggers by the flash signal) , on the two slave bodies ,in receive mode and all on the same frequency, the other two units could be in the hot shoe mount or placed next to the bodes and connected to the remote trigger ports. Worked fine for weddings and so on. I see no reason why that can’t work for you, providing you can find transceivers with the usb plug that Sony uses.. unfortunatly the company I bought from have ceased trading, but the brand Cactus certainly make a transceiver set up for Sony., not sure if it will operate the shutter however. My suggestion would be to contact https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1262559-REG/cactus_dicflawftv6iis_wireless_flash_transceiver_v6.html and tell them what you want to achieve, or Wex/Calumet in the UK
  6. I’m afraid I can’t help you but I also had endless problems and went back to capture one for tethered and some ending work. the real down side was that after I removed it all my Google chrome stopped working and while it opens and can be sen in the task bar there is nothing on the screen, Even Google don’t know why !!!
  7. Thanks for the input, yes I did mean the 70-300 , I did not mention the longer zoom was also a bonus to me as the crop factor would help me as well as clear image zoom
  8. When shooting 4k on my a7r2 I always use the crop mode . Am I right in thinking that the Sony E-Mount PZ 18-200mm Lens (selp18200) which is for e mount crop bodies will therefore work with out any vignette effect? It will, I assume ,be the equivalent focal length of 27-300mm full frame focal length? Since the 70-300 lens is £1099 and the 18-200 at £ 949 is much the same price there is nothing saved but, the power zoom video use will be nice. Is that flawed thinking on my part or not? BTW The FE version FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS is £ 2479.00 somewhat out of my reach I think.
  9. And one final comment on this topic, I used Various Pentax bodies for years and never ever had a problem with AWB, to the point where I never had to adjust even when I used a colour checker. But since I went over to Sony I have had several bodies and have always had a slight issue with AWB and never had one that consistently agrees with a colour checker.
  10. One last thought from me, I have not seen it suggested, or that you have, done a master reset.? The reason I mention it is that one of my A7R2 bodies went "off" in awb after I messed with the settings in picture profiles, and despite returning them back to the default I had a blue cast. The reset fixed that, but be warned all your button customisation ,function menus and memories get reset as well.
  11. No should have been 709 thanks for the help
  12. Never loose sight of the important fact that both the exposure meter and that average white balance “ think “ in monochrome. The exposure meter is looking for mid tone grey in a presented scene and adjusts settings that will capture that grey in the best contrast available. That implies the blacks will be black and the whites will be white but the blacks and white will contain detail. The white balance as already mentioned also looks for mid tone grey and when it gets that right or wrong it sets the colour cast you see or not see. So remember, green grass, skin tones, tarmac all are mid tone grey if they dominate an image they will be the colours that ,if correctly exposed , will look right and sometimes others can be off a bit. That is why all editing software has means to correct white balance either in Jpeg or Raw. Now of course non of that explains the yellow tint you are seeing but does explain the variation in shots.
  13. I would be grateful if any could suggest reading matter or website , that will explain about shooting in a given codec, why it has to be (,or does it?.) get converted to rec702 and do you convert if you want to output in 4k and so on. I understand mostly what the various components are its their relationships to one another that is abit of grey area to me. I hope this make sence to someone and I dont get my heat bitten off for posting this.
  14. can you please tell us if you use a fixed one; cloudy is a favorite catch all one; will the same shifts take place?