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  1. It’s never been in the manuals but the 3rd party manuals and lots of YouTube and forum posts have mentioned this ever since the first A7 was released
  2. You can Not recover ANY data from a card formatted in a Sony body, with a Pentax you can, other brand I don’t know
  3. I used to use Sony and capture one and never had your problem. My suggestion is contact capture 1 support, my experience with them was their support and responce time is outstandingly. They make Adobe look like a little start up 3rd world company. there responce time by email is always under 24 hours, sometimes almost by return, or you can phone them as well
  4. I assume you mean the viewfinder is still working if that’s the case take a close look at it , you will see the small light sensor that if blocked by your eye or face turns the lcd off anD the EVF viewfinder on. If you have any dirt ,dust or even a eye lash it thinks you are using the EVF (viewfinder) and turns the screen off. Blow clean or use a cotton bud to clean it.
  5. Is the camera not covered by your house hold insurance under all risks?
  6. Please clean your sensor located in the optical view finder, it is a small oblong and if it gets dirt on it your camera thinks your eye is there
  7. Sorry ,did not spot the wrong camera was think8ng of mine, but if you look on Amazon for your battery, you will see dummy battery packs with usb leads that you can plug into a remote usb battery pack.
  8. I gave you a link for the best battery solution in the post above
  9. shoot at 50/60p all the time, use a 24p timeline in your editor watch the attched links , https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/how-to-achieve-perfect-slow-motion-results-in-post/ http://frontside.de/dls/pan.htm Regarding batteries for video use , look on amazon for remote battery https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00S5FSZZO/?coliid=IKH3XFI83XSR9&colid=2UVJ3ZA03XP59&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it regards alistair
  10. On my body I have various profiles set but the only two that use slog gamma is pp6/7 :- pp1-5 I use under expose -1 for pp6/7 I use 1 stop over.
  11. I have found with my A7r2 that the built in exposure metering consistently suggests settings that actually give a overexposed look despite showing as neutral exposure on the display EV scale. I got used to that when shooting raw and always exposed raw at that suggested level, which allowed head room for recovery while allowing the black to show detail with out grain at higher iso settings. However when shooting video that built in overexposure does cause a issue when using non log profiles, in that the over exposure does not take kindly to recovery. Using a log profile however does seem to like the overexposure suggested by the metering with the exposure being reasonably gradeable. Using a remote monitor with false colours and adjusting the exposure to obtain what the false colours show as a correct exposure results in the camera display showing one stop underexposed. So , for me , shooting video with non log profiles I use one stop under and , for log profiles and for raw stills , one stop over works for me regardless of the ambient lighting available.
  12. I have not bought yet but I was was thinking to get this http://www.exprodirect.com/ex-pro-sony-on-the-move-7600mah-rechargeable-battery-power-system-replacing-battery-grip-np-fw50-dr-fw50-battery-for-sony-dslr-cameras.html perhaps their battery specs might help you?
  13. If you care to read the replies you got in response to your post you will see that I replied on the 17th of April 2017. If you do not give us the information with which we can attempt to help , or as in your case where you appeared to be wanting to warn other users about a product while withholding the brand name makes your post effectively useless or the purpose you intended. Do not bother to reply to me as I have unsubscribed from this thread
  14. I fail to understand why ,when this post was started at in April 2017, only now the brand gets named ?
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