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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, First post ever in a forum of any kind, so here I go. I bought the Sony A7 iii about 2 months ago, I have shot only a couple of times, and i had found that it is a great camera, I really love it , but when I went to my editing room , after a long while I had notice that my footage have some kind of weird spots, I didn't notice at the moment because I was shooting through the view finder , So yeah i have this spots in my footage and I don't know, if it is the sensor or lens that I should clean it , or some kind of malfunction in the lens or sensor , so if you please guys can you help me , I will really appreciate it . I am going to attach a screenshot so you guys can see what I'm talking about. One of the pictures is just the normal footage and the other one it is just a little more with contrast so you can see what I am talking about. I need also to clarify that I have never touch or clean any think inside the camera like the sensor. Thanks for any help or recommendation you can give me. Azon
  2. Sony A7s vs A6300 quality test in 1080p recording.
  3. Hi, I've been shooting some slow motion (120 fps) on my a7rii and have been getting a lot of noise in my blacks showing up.. not sure how to best avoid this. I've been shooting slog2 on crop 35 with a zeis 55mm and setting auto iso with max iso to 3200-6400 depending on whether it's dark out or not. The noise is even present during the daytime (you can see in the dark areas). For 24 fps 4K, there is almost no noise under these same settings (daytime or night time)... Here's a sample video that I shot under these settings: And here's a guy I saw that shot 120 fps in full frame: I've read that you get better image quality in crop mode (especially at night) so I've been using that paired with the 720 quality. I've seen samples that the picture quality can nearly match the a7s in crop up to 25,600 iso (at least for HD) and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to best eliminate the noise. Should I instead use FF and max my iso a little higher?
  4. I've been having problems with the clarity/ quality of the pictures that my a6000 produces. The pictures that the camera takes doesn't appear to me to be of high quality, not very clear/ sharp. In fact the pictures often look worse than those taken by my Samsung galaxy S6. To test the camera I initialised it, resetting it back to its factory setting. I then used a tripod and the playmemories control function in the app so act as a remote shutter, to completely eliminate camera shake. I used the auto mode to take some test pics but the quality of the pictures did not impore. The pictures were saved automatically onto my phone in 'original size' via the playmemories app, where I uploaded them to flicker via the flicker app. Please can you take a look at this image and it stats and let me know, all things given, if the imagine should be of better quality for this camera. https://flic.kr/p/R1FbnQ Also I'm using the kit lense.
  5. I'm an praying that I am just an idiot and have some settings wrong but my LCD display on my a7rii is useless when it comes to reviewing photos. When shooting and reviewing images they look blow out, color looks horrendous and frankly overall looks like complete dogsh!t. Am I doing something wrong or does this $3,500 camera body seriously have a crap LCD display? For clarity, the EVF displays a great image while shooting and in playback. Im wondering if I have a bunk unit or the LCD display just sucks. Any feedback is MUCH appreciated! Thank you forum!
  6. Hi Forum A new round of Capture One webinars starts tomorrow. If you want to explore using Capture One with your Sony (don't forget Capture One Express is free to all of you), then this is a good place to start! https://www.phaseone.com/en/Events/Capture-One-webinars.aspx Webinars are free and interactive. Watch on Mac, PC or Tablet. I hope to see some of you there. David
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