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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I have a Sony A9 and was trying to take a self-portrait with the camera and my iPad using the Imaging Edge app. All ok, apart from the shocking connection reliability and laggy/jerky live view, until I tried to touch focus. No luck. I started troubleshooting and found that because I have back button focus set up the Sony cameras can’t use touch focus on the app - what the heck? Never encountered that issue with any other brand, and I have used quite a few! Anyway, I re-map focus to the shutter button and voila’…no luck again! After a lot of bumbling around the net I discover that the Sony A9 is not compatible with touch AF from the app! Is that for real? A professional camera like that does not allow the most basic function for remote shooting? I’m baffled. The question is: has anybody managed to solve the problem? Any workaround to be able to do that? I’d be very grateful for an answer either way. Thanks in advance! Flavio
  2. I'm a little over a year or so into owning an a9, the first one, not the a9ii (I thought I was slick saving $1500, and now I'm feeling kind of stupid). Tonight I shot some indoor basketball and was having some pretty significant banding issues, first time it had happened, and I was definitely not happy to say the least. I've scoured the internet, and there doesn't seem like there is any fix if you're shooting with the electronic shutter (which is, of course, why I bought the a9 in the first place). Anyone have any advice, or better yet, a solution?
  3. I want to power my Sony A9 with a power bank via the (only) usb micro plug of the camera. Then how can I plug CamRanger2 or other devices with usb micro plugs to the camera? Is there any split cable available? Hubert
  4. Hello, I'm curious to know if these two lenses can be effectively used in FF bodies without invoking crop mode. For instance, in my Pentax APS-C setup, I can use my 35mm and 50mm lenses in compatible FF bodies (film and DSLR). There is very slight vignetting, but I can get a full frame view out of them. Has anyone else tried these two lenses in FF mode?
  5. I can't seem to get the new Sony RMT-P1BT to connect with the A9 (under Software Ver 5.0). No problem with my A7R3 (under Software version 3.0) but no way to do this with the A9. When trying to pair the menu always offers "Make Bluetooth connection via Imaging Edge Mobile on Smartphone" whereas on the A7R3 it says. "Perform pairing on the connected device" and it then offers the painting with the remote. Any tips available?
  6. I shot a Fashion Editorial in December to compare the Sony a7R III, a9, and Hasselblad X1D. It was just published in Promo Magazine yesterday. I am working on a user review based on this shoot if you are interested... Photo: www.romeobravophoto.com Model: Kiersten Dolbec Sony a7R III with Rokinon 35/1.4 AF Sony a9 with Rokinon 35/1.4 AF
  7. Hi all, im new to the forum and have a question for anyone out there that may be able to help. I have been shooting a lot recently with a A9 and 24-70 2.8G in reasonably low light. When I import the raw images (shooting raw compressed) into lightroom there seems to be a large amount of noise. Even after reduction its noticeable at 100%. I have been shooting at different variations but its around the ISO 1000 mark. I have tried changing a few in camera settings with no joy. Anyone able to shed some light?? Thank you
  8. Hi All I'm new to the Forum and a New Sony Shooter. I traded all my Canon Gear in just a little over two months ago and have been super impressed with the New Sony System. There have been a couple of teething issues that I've been able to sort out with a little trial and error. The G Mater Lenses (70-200mm and 16-35mm) are Nice and I also use some Canon TS Lenses with a MetaBones adapter. So Far so good, here's a Gallery with some a9 images from a recent Event I Photographer in Bogata Colombia, (All but the first image are with the a9) it would be nice to see your thoughts: https://www.martynhicks.com/one-young-world-bogata/
  9. Romeo Bravo Photo


    Gorgeous Model Amber Shot with a Sony a9 and a Rokinon 35/1.4 www.romeobravophoto.com Thanks!
  10. Shot this girl a few weeks ago... Sony a9 with Sony 85/1.4 GM Rick Birt romeobravophoto.com Insta | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn | 500px | Flickr
  11. Hi. I rented the A9 over the weekend to shoot some sports and use both the Canon 300mm f/2.8ii and Nikon 300mm f/4 PF, with some interesting results. Both lenses worked very well with the A9 - although, surprisingly, the Metabones adaptor (for Canon) kept freezing whereas the Vello/Commlight (for Nikon) worked almost flawlessly - in contrast to that adaptor's spotty performance on my A7rii. Here's the blog https://blog.qamera.com/blog/2017/5/28/a9-and-action I'm really looking forward to getting some Sony prime tele glass and would strongly suggest they take a look at what Nikon has done with the 300mm f/4 PF which is a perfect match for the size/weight of the A series... Here are a few pictures taken with this lens on the A9: Here are a few with the Canon f/2.8 II
  12. So - recently jumped over to Sony with the A9, and so far the camera is making a huge impact to my workflow. Admittedly I've only worked with it for a week, but so far so good. Easy to adapt to and figure out, great IQ, and surprisingly easy to handle. My one nagging question for sony users is this, however. With my Canon system I've grown used to flagging/starring/rating/ranking images in camera - made for quicker editing back home, and easier for me to ensure my assistant uploaded the right files when I used a card runner. To be clearer, I'd be shooting in the field, and use the "Rate" button to star the images (ranked 1-5). When my asst got back and loaded the files into Adobe bridge, he was able to quickly see my selects, denoted by a star-ranking in the software that came over in the metadata. I've scoured the instruction book and online, but have yet to see if the firmware allows anything like this on the a9. Anyone know if this is possible? It doesn't sound like much, but in a day of shooting thousands of images it makes a sizable dent in my workflow. Thanks! Chris
  13. Last week I purchased a full Sony a9 setup including the Sony FE2470GM lens, and am heavily disappointed with the lens concerning face focusing. The lens is capable of focusing with good, but not great, detail when using magnification zoom (C4 button) with center focus in P A S or M, but in Auto mode it will place a green frame around the person's face and lock on, yet deliver a slightly out of focus result on the eyes, whether using Eye AF with the center button or not. However, the focus always seems to be accurate with high detail either above or below the green frame around the face, giving the hair line good detail or the shirt collars detail enough to see the lines going through the material. Whereas the eyelashes are a mild bit of a blur even on a model with extremely long eyelashes. I've tested the lens with a few hundred shots using various configurations on different models to try to find a clear facial result, but am unable to. Every time the green frame is displayed on the faces, all are registered as well, and with or without Eye AF, the highest detail of focus is above or below the the green frame. Then, as the retail shop said that Sony does not accept any returns and my only choice is to send the camera and lens off to their repair center for 8-10 weeks, I decided to purchase a Zeiss SEL50F1.4z, and also experienced a similar result when using the Auto mode with the highest focus above or below the green frame, however when using the Eye AF it is able to get better detail in the eyes than the FE2470GM. Also, when using P A S or M modes, I am able to use the magnification zoom (C4) to accurately target the focus on the eyes with better detail, unfortunately, without the ability to use the Face focus feature or the Eye AF feature or end up with just slightly better results than with the FE2470GM lens. Having read all the hype and articles claiming that the camera is excellent in facial autofocusing, I was expecting much more, but am definitely disappointed. Yes, it can find the faces and eyes well, but it just applies the focus point directly outside of the green face frame instead of inside the frame. What's worse is that unfortunately I purchased the camera and lenses in Southeast Asia instead of the US and they will not honor a return policy. Having sold my entire Nikon D810 setup for the Sony a9, I am also now in a bad situation as I use the camera for work, and cannot get the same model detail that I could with the D810. When browsing through the various Sony Alpha forums looking for answers to my face focus issue and also looking for ANY Sony email addresses to contact for support, I didn't come across any solutions, but I did find one curious aspect that stood out in multiple forums not owned by Sony: There were several topics that had comments from the website admins with "Email address requested to be removed by Sony", "Information deleted as reported inaccurate by Sony", and a few other similar edited topic comments. So apparently Sony has a large division inside their company that goes through all non-Sony owned forums policing information and requesting removal of information that they do not agree with or when an email address of Sony is posted. If Sony spent the same amount of effort to support their cameras, maybe they wouldn't need the forum policing group. Here are my points of why Nikon and Canon still have a big advantage over Sony, apart from having more lens choices, and why Sony falls short in being a top 3: Returns: Finding out that Sony does not accept any returns, puts Nikon and Canon at a strong advantage for professionals. Having previously returned a D800e and a Nikkor fisheye lens after using them and simply not liking them, I received a full credit on my credit card. With Sony, you buy it and are stuck with it, having no 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Support: Sony makes contacting them very difficult, having been trying for a week and cannot even get a single response via phone or email. There is no email listed on the website or in the documentation that refers you to their contact form on their websites, which I have tried and are currently not working, instead after filling out the form you receive a message that the page 'may have been binned'. Being a previous Nikon user, I was able to get a response normally within 24 hours after emailing them, and there are several support options such as English speaking call centers, online chat, contact forms that work, and email addresses. I was also assigned a direct rep to contact after requesting a few items from Nikon and was impressed with the responsiveness. International: Nikon will assist you in any country, as I have experienced support in both Southeast Asia and America. When contacting Sony USA, after calling the local Asian number and the operator couldn't speak English, the USA staff said that they cannot help me as I purchased my camera in Asia. When I asked for an email address or a direct a9 contact support number, they said there is not one, they don't have access to Sony Asia contact information, and I need to contact my local Sony office for support, then click... Repair Time: When I needed a lens adjustment or camera cleaning, I was able to get my gear back from Nikon within hours to a day, and once when they said they needed at least a few days to do a repair on a prime lens, which was my fault, they gave me a loaner lens. With Sony, I was told that my brand new, less than 6 day old defective camera and lens need to be sent away for testing and repair for 8-10 weeks! How am I supposed to work without a camera? With Nikon's 30-day satisfaction guarantee I would have a new camera and new lens in hand after walking into the shop. So, after being unable to get support from Sony after a week, unable to return a defective camera, and unable to get the clarity of detail that I could with the D810, I have discovered that Sony is still far behind Nikon and Canon after you purchase the camera. I think my next move will be to put the USD $10k Sony gear up for sale and wait for the release of the D850, knowing I will be supported by Nikon after I purchase it. Lesson learned: Don't believe the hype and don't invest in work gear by a company new to professional photography.
  14. I recently purchased a Sony A9 and took some pictures at a reasonably low ISO (640). I noticed some grainy-ness at 100% crop specifically in the background. Both pictures taken using a Sony 200-600 lens at 6.3 and 640 ISO. I would like to get some opinions what might be driving this: 1. This is typical 2. This is due to some settings I have that need to be changed that I'm not aware of 3. This is an issue with my particular camera Raw files saved here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lfbgxewtjamha2p/AADUsNd8Y360kdjHq910YTIsa?dl=0
  15. Hello, My Sony 70-200 2.8 GM lens not communicating with my body. im getting dash in aperture, lens not focusing at all. I tested this lens on multiple sony bodies. did anyone had this issue ?
  16. Hi, A fellow Sony user is having an issue with his 100-400 on his A9. In 45 minutes of use this happens four or five times. The AF display is there are black. He attempts to focus on anything, infinity or close to force the lens to focus and nothing happens. A restart of the camera gets it going each time. Things improved at bit after updating to V6 firmware. It stays operational longer and a restart seems to always fix it. With V5 that wasn’t always the case. He called Sony and they had him send it in. They said they fixed it but when he got the lens back it behaved the same way. He also has a 200-600 that does not behave this way but the number of in focus images is not consistent with what I am getting with an A9 and 200-600. Has anyone had this issue with the a9/100-400 combination? Thanks. Bob
  17. I managed to get rather close to this nesting bird, Animal Eye AF was on. Zooming in on the eye, that reflection (arrowed) is me,
  18. It takes about 60 seconds for my a9 buffer to clear with a Sony G Tough card in Slot 1 and compressed Raw file format. This seems almost twice as long as some claims. The test is to shoot till the buffer is full, about 240 files, then time how long it takes until the buffer is clear, that is the led goes off and the files are done transferring. Is there an expected variance in the camera or SD card write speed that would explain this? or do I have a buggy camera or card.
  19. Hi I have just placed an order for an a9 today having been a Nikon users for 4 decades. A friend let me borrow his a9 a few weeks ago to take photos for my sons American football team (based in the UK) and I was blown away it’s so fast Went in to local shop in Glasgow to try it and have ordered that and a lens arriving next week and traded in all my Nikon gear. I look forward to learning a new system and updating you with my experience and in all likelihood asking questions
  20. Hi, has anyone has any slowing down issues with their a9? When I use the aperture and time dial the responses are so bad that it nearly takes up to 2/3 seconds to change. Sometimes lags terribly as well. If I switch off, the camera actually takes up to 5 seconds to go off. The AF is slow as well. Tried multiple, lenses, cards, batteries and still have the same issue. Apparently once it's been on for a while, like 5 or 10 minutes, hanging down on my shoulder it gets worse. As soon as I switch it off and back on again, the issue is gone for a few minutes then gets bad again. Anyone have any ideas? Its hosting the latest firmware to this date. Many thanks. Alex.
  21. I started with a Minolta and then switched to Canon. I have a nice line of Canon lenses, to include a Canon 400 f2.8 and a 600 f4, which are fantastic. I am considering switching from a 5D3 to an A9, but I am reading that the A9 will not shoot at 20fps when using a non-native lens. Can someone explain why this is the case seeing that a lens is just something that the camera sees through? Unless this is just a tactic that Sony is using to force sports photogs to use their lenses, instead of the ones they have already spent 10's of thousands on?
  22. I took this just South of Big Sur in Northern California just above the famous highway 1. I used a Sony A9, f14 and 2.5s
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