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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there - just bought an A7iii. I am trying to get my Nissin i-40 to work with it though and so far - no joy. The flash symbol is not showing in the monitor and no flashes are going off when releasing the shutter. Silent shooting is off. The flash gun is set to TTL. Camera setting is Manual. External flash is set to "off" as it is mounted on the hot shoe. In camera setting is set to Fill Flash. Auto ISO is OFF. Is it a problem with the hot shoe ? My Nissin is quite old now...maybe 6 years old... It IS firing in Manual mode on the flash gun however... Many thanks, Andy
  2. This is my first post on this forum site. I am new to photography and have owned a couple canon dslr cameras (EOS 40D and 70D). Forgive me for my formatting. just got a used Sony A7R ii, which worked perfectly according to the previous owner who sold it on craigslist in pristine condition with all documentation purchased from B&H. I saw it autofocus and take pictures with his own native E-mount lens, which he was selling, albeit at a $1500 price point, and I was already a little hard pressed for cash. I did not have a lens, so I went ahead and purchased the Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART lens with the canon EF mount. I needed some kind of adapter, so I also bought the Fotodiox Pro Lens Adapter from Amazon. I read on this site: http://briansmith.com/sony-a7rii-canon-ef-smart-adapter-tests/ that the Fotodiox adapter should perform alright with the Sigma lens. Once I received everything (today, May 26th), I mounted it all on and took my first picture. Autofocus was... nonexistent. Second shot in better light proved more promising with pretty snappy autofocus. Then I tried to take another photo and when I pushed the shutter down, the screen turned true black and then the "artificial black" for about 5 seconds. When it returned to normal, there was an audible "clicking" or "readjusting" of the whole system. I took the lens and adapter off, put on the lens cap, and I was firing away normally, so it leads me to believe that the lens or adapter is causing some kind of lag. This happens in both manual and autofocus modes. It seems to happen randomly, but it happens more than 75% the times I have tried to take photos. It also happened a couple times when I pressed the shutter half-way. I also thought it could be my SD Card. I am using an old SDHC I SanDisk Ultra 30 mb/s 8gb card. I have a 64gb Lexar 1000x 64gb U3 card coming in a couple days from Amazon.
  3. I recently purchased a Sony A7RIII I already only A6000 and a Sony A7 And when I hook my H DMI cable to a monitor from the a 6000 and that a 7 the monitor automatically works now with the A7R3 that is not the case I have got a to work with the Sony TV playing back movies from the camera but I have yet to get it to work directly showing what the lens sees is there a setting that I do not have set please help I hope my hdmi mini port is not messed up
  4. Hello, I hope this is the correct forum for this. I recently migrated from a Canon 70D with a variety of basic lenses and I got decent at using that, however I wanted to enter the 4k Video Market and portability market for vacactions/trips. I love to travel. So I got the a6300 a week ago with the kit lens 16-50mm and wanted to see if anyone would be willing to look at my photo gallery and tell me what you think. I'm still learning all the proper exposure/settings/iso/apeture etc, by no means am I advanced. I keep reading the a6300 is super sharp and far superior than the 70d but out of the 4 days of photos I've shot I'm not happy with any of them and debating whether to take the a6300 back for a refund. This is my last ditch effort to get some advice on why my photos all look pixelated when zoomed in, super grainy, etc. Or if it's just the kit lens, I shoot in manual mode mostly because I really want to understand it better. Thank you. not sure on rule on posting links so if you want to browse my site index of the photos please let me know I will post it, thank you so much.
  5. Hi, I am having a little problem with my Sony A7 camera. When set to 3:2, i try and choose my largest Megapixel setting and i should be able to select 24. However the largest available is 10. Im not sure if there is something i am missing? I have updated the firmware and still the largest Megapixel setting is 10. Can anyone help/ have any ideas that might help me out. Thank you
  6. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to photography and just got my a6000 a few days ago. I've been playing around with it and noticed something interesting. This happened when I was trying to take a picture of an object in sunlight casting a really cool looking shadow. I played around with a bunch of settings (ISO, shutter speed, aperture), until I got it exactly how I wanted it to look on the screen of the camera. However, after taking the picture the contrast between the shadow and the shooting surface was greatly diminished, to the point where it was almost indistinguishable (this was seen in the preview that pops up after snapping the photo and when viewing the photo later). While the surface was black, you can clearly see the shadow on the illuminated part on the screen during the live preview. I'd understand a difference in how a photo appears on the camera screen and on some external monitor, but am perplexed as to why the viewfinder/screen does not show what will be captured accurately in the live preview. Am I missing some sort of setting or is this a common phenomenon? Thanks!
  7. I was messing with my girlfriends a6100 camera and I screwed it up I don’t know how t fix it. It focus on something and I go to snap the photo and it looks like I was slinging the camera around. help me please before I get chewed out. thanks, bobby
  8. Well, I brought out my Neewer NW400s, turned it on, and it wouldn't fire. The batteries were low, so we changed them, and now it won't turn on at all. This is ridiculous and there isn't any help around the internet. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. Hi Does anybody else struggle manual focusing on the a7sii screen, its almost impossible for me to work without a external monitor!. i use the zoom in focus feature, but it doesn't seem to help, when the clips are exported they are always sharp, but always look blurred on the a7sii screen like the led screen isnt in focus ! Any Help Thanks
  10. Hey guys, first time posting. I recently upgraded my A6500 rig and finally bought a V-mount battery, along with a D-Tap FW50 dummy battery. However I've heard endless rumours and stories of people frying their gear so I just wanted to be safe. I have 3 questions The INDI PRO D-Tap FW50 dummy battery doesn't fit perfectly into the battery slot and will fall out unless I force the lid closed. Is this damaging to the cable? The dummy battery is labelled as "Regulated" on the box but then directly beneath it says "WARNING: This cable is unregulated" What's the situation here? My NEEWER V-mount battery rattles when I shake it, this definitely seems concerning although since it was a cheap Amazon battery I wasn't sure. Regardless should I get a refund? Please see Imgur link for details, thank you. Benny
  11. hi can anyone help me or explain something for me? I just filmed a short film scene on my a6300 and I'm checking the sd card and usually the clips are in the "CLIPS" file under private, but the folder is empty despite there being clips when in the camera. however I do have the lower quality MAH files in another folder, I've searched everywhere. is there a way to find them or are they corrupt?? I filmed on another a6300 at the same time and all the clips are right there, so idk what went wrong with this one ;//
  12. Please help! I've been shooting with my camera for about 2 years now. Suddenly all the images I take look fine on the camera, but once I load them into lightroom (same workflow as always) they are about 4-6 stops darker than usual (I have to put shadow to 100 just to look normal). Common troubleshooting answers below: these are the settings I have always, and am currently still using (I can't figure out anything I'm doing differently that could have caused this to start happening): * Shooting in RAW * Shooting on A (aperture priority) * Convert to DNG in Lightroom (I know this is debated, I'm not looking to get into it. This has always worked for me) * No my dial (raise/lower stops in increments) knob is not lowered by accident (though I've done that in the past many times) Things of note: * I DID mess with my picture profile settings in video mode, but I did put them back to what they originally were, and this SHOULDN'T effect images shot in RAW... right? * When I shoot VIDEO, the images on the camera look the same on the computer. Then if I switch over to pictures, it looks find on camera and looks MAJORLY dark once I offload them to the computer (literally have to put my SHADOWS to 100 to get it to look any good) * This exact thing happened to me about a year ago, and I ended up completely resetting all camera settings and it fixed the issue.... this time I would like to figure out what is happening to fix it properly instead of just reset everything
  13. Hi, I just brought the Sony 6300. When changing up the settings i haven't got the option to to change to 4K 24fps and 1080 120fps. On the File format XAVC S HD and the options for record settings: 50p 50M, 25p 50M, 100p 100M and 100p 60M. Here i should have the option to change to 120p 100M but don't. If you know why or have any theories please respond will be a great help! Would show a picture but only aloud to upload 0.98MB! Thanks, Peter
  14. Ive spent the last 3 our on forums and YouTube trying to change my recording format on the camera so I can easily use Premier to edit. But like I said I can’t figure out how to change the file format for the SD cards to stream lone the process.
  15. Can anyone give me insight as to what might be going on here? It's happening across multiple lenses soIi'm thinking its a sensor issue...
  16. I have a sony a9 and love doing landscape photography, but would like a ND filter. I am new to filters and would love some recommendations, are there any that work on any lens size? I am nervous about buying one to only use on one of my lenses.
  17. OK, I've been having a problem with dark areas on images taken with apertures of about f11 and smaller for a while. There are at least 2 very noticable areas of dirt on the sensor, but despite my best efforts to clean it on several occasions using a wet cleaning kit (swabs, sensor fluid etc. - you probably all know the drill) but unfortunately the dirt seems to be encrusted on the sensor and will not budge. Does anyone have any thoughts on other techniques that I couls use to remove the dirt that may be more effective? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey Guys, I just got myself the A7S2 I played with the R2 a few weeks ago and there was a setting called autofocus drive speed that allowed you to set how fast the focus would change in AF, It was in the same menu as focus settings, But on the A7S2 that option is missing. Any Ideas?
  19. Hey all, Came to the forums seeking some help. I bought my A7s used for a good deal a couple months ago and it's been great. I normally just used it in ideal lighting conditions but felt like testing out it's use in low light since that's one of it's strongest selling points. Unfortunately, the levels of noise I'm getting in the blacks and shadows is completely unusuable and totally different then others who have posted their noise tests online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXnEVou6Lc for example). Here is some footage I just shot static on my porch. Not a particularly bright night at all mind you. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9eK_xmGZsW3Nnl4eU5mank2TDg&usp=sharing PP: Cine2 (S-Log was giving me even more noise) Color: Cinema Lens: Rokinon 35mm @ 2.0 24fps, 1/50 shutter. X AVCS codec C0001: ISO 3200 C0002: ISO: 40000 C0003: ISO 80000 C0004: ISO 160000 I'm wondering if I could possibly have a sensor issue on my hand and could use input. Thanks for your time.
  20. I am interested in a telephoto around this price range, will the sony version fit, do I need an adapter, etc? Of course if anyone has any better recommendations, MUCH appreciated http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003CYEA34/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1P9QRDRYY6FXL I am also hoping someone might know of a decent flash, preferably under 200 that works well with the device and does not need much programming
  21. Hi guys, I[ve got a brand new A7RII, and have been using it mainly for photography, As far as I can see, all firmware is the latest, and it is being used in pairing with a Sony Zeiss 24-70 f/4 lens. Today I had a video shoot for a client, however when inspecting the footage, I've seen that a LOT of the clips are covered in weird vertical noise patterns, lines, or something - I really have no idea what they are. I have no idea at all how to fix this and what is causing it, please, please can anyone help out? This is not happening to any clips shot at any other resolution than 4K. Please, does anyone have any ideas as to what this is and how to fix it? Please see attached picture!
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