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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, I need your help, I'm a little bit upset with my new Sony A7. The pictures I take have a lot of noise and no sharpness. Could you tell me if I'm doing something wrong? I'll upload a RAW example of the image so you can see it. I use the 28-70 kit lens. I tryed different ISO but still with noise... Thank you all!
  2. I've been having problems with the clarity/ quality of the pictures that my a6000 produces. The pictures that the camera takes doesn't appear to me to be of high quality, not very clear/ sharp. In fact the pictures often look worse than those taken by my Samsung galaxy S6. To test the camera I initialised it, resetting it back to its factory setting. I then used a tripod and the playmemories control function in the app so act as a remote shutter, to completely eliminate camera shake. I used the auto mode to take some test pics but the quality of the pictures did not impore. The pi
  3. Hi all! I have been a canon user for years and started with the 5d mkII (85mm f1.8 prime and 24-105 f4 L) especially involved in dynamic (street photography) and lowlight photography in the first place, i.e. stage photography (in harsh conditions -no flash, low light, handheld, comedians performing live...) then I started to specialize in staged studio portraiture (2× Elinchrom 500w). I also developped DOP skills in a cinema project and used the Canon 5dmk2 in that respect. The reasons for me to shift to Sony are: 1. Effective eye-tracking autofocus (is it me or did Canon really int
  4. Hi there, I have an original A7 for which have two FE Zeiss primes and the FE 70-200mm G. All works great, incredibly sharp pics. I also bought a A6500 body recently as well, mainly for use with the 70-200mm but obviously making it an effective 300mm with crop factor (I always felt 200mm was a bit short). The a6500 is clearly a good camera, but when I use the zoom lens, it is impossible to get a sharp photo. I have used the DMF focus setting and the camera is never able to get the image in focus. In fact, the focus peaking can't even find a sharp edge. I have tried switching off lens stabilisa
  5. My 70-300 lens on occasion produces images that are not in focus when set to 300mm. I tend rule out camera motion because I am shooting at 1/1000 sec. and resting the camera on a solid rest. At first I thought it was because many of my earlier out of focus shots were wide open at f5.6. So today I tried shooting a sign that was 282 meters away and shot at 5.6, 8, and 11. The middle one, f8, was clearly out of focus. I am generally satisfied with this lens on my A7r2 camera, especially at the shorter FLs. The lens is generally sharp, and very easy to carry and use. Please see the composit
  6. I have owned a Sony Zeiss 24-70/2.8 SSM lens for about 6 years. Since I bought it (new), I have told myself the sharpness at the corners is normal. Maybe I have been trying to justify the cost of the lens, but I want to know what you think. I also want to hear form other SAL2470Z owners. What do you think of the lens you own? Does it look like this in the corners? (For full resolution version, click here.) This shot was handheld with a Sony a900 at ISO200, 1/500sec, ƒ7.1. I made sure to turn off any distortion correction in Capture One, and turned the sharpening down to zero. Note the smeared
  7. Tested the new GM FE100400 lens on my A7RM2 today with a quality printed color and B&W target. The GM100400 is an excellent sharp lens at f6.7 and outstanding at f8 and f11. Wide open (f5.6) at 400mm it is quite good but some blurring of 2 & 3 point type is seen. At f8 2 point type is SHARP at 400 mm and almost equally sharp at 560 mm and f8-11 with the Sony 1.4X TC. The 100-400mm lens even operates reasonably well at 800mm with the Sony 2X TC, where 3 point type is fairly good and 6 point type is sharp. Of course contrast is lowered with the TC’s but not significantly for the 1.4
  8. "Front-End Filter Solution" to get corner-to-corner sharpness A welcome topic launched to solve the problems with legacy lenses without changing the the thick filter in front of the sensor. Correct the problem by putting a front-end filter. See topic started here. Would like to share this because the more people become aware of this the better the solutions will be. see here: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1453834/0
  9. Background: I do landscapes but I started out this inquiry to try and understand why my wildlife and portrait photos at F4 70mm on my 24/70 FE were often blurred, my wifes RX100 took a sharper shot so I used that to compare, Its been a little exhaustive doing all this pixel peeping etc. but I have learned a lot, the A7r is my first real DSLR after owning a NEX3, after shooting with it for 18 months now this investigating has helped me understand it and my lens strengths and limitations, I can condlude my investigation in this post. This post is a follow on from http://www.sonyalphaforum.
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