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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I’m new to this forum and looking for help. I’m not able to get fast moving birds in focus with this combination. I’ve tried lots of different combinations of tracking, OSS modes, focus areas, etc.. It’s not very light here so I’m having to shoot at very high ISOs but it’s practice. I’m still new at trying to pan and keep the bird in the frame. But out of hundreds of burst shots I would think that at least a few would show promise. But I can tell that these aren’t sharp without even cropping. I realize this is high ISO (it’s dark here in the PNW) but this image should be sharper. 1/3200, 6.3, ISO 12800. This is one of my better examples. Birds not this close and flying faster are really bad. I’ve tried all the setting combinations I could find that were recommended. Pretty sure this one is zone af, AF-C, and mode 2 on the lens. I was prefocused on it when it took off. I can’t find a lot of info on this camera lens combination. What I can find in one post is contradicted in another. Anyone shooting this combination have any suggestions? Or is this just not a good camera for any kind of fast bird? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a problem with the A7Riii. When im in burst mode it looks like my pictures are dancing. look at the lines in the background on this picture. Do anyone have a solution on this problem? Best regards Jonatan
  3. Just wondering if anyone can shed a light on this problem I have. I have been using a basic a7 camera with a Sony 24-70 lens and occasionally I attached my Canon F2.8 L 70-200 lens to it via a Fotodiox Pro lens mount adapter. I have had reasonable success with the Canon with this arrangement with good well-exposed shots but of course the auto-focusing was a bit of a pain, which took a while to 'lock-on' but once in focus it did a good job. A few days ago I bought an a7Riii with the expectation that the focusing with this Canon lens would be much faster. I was right, it focused faster than I could think about it. BUT.. all shots I took with the Canon lens came out over-exposed. I shoot only in RAW. In the viewfinder while composing they look OK but on playback and in processing they are vastly over-exposed. Using my Sony 24-70 lens on the Riii they are all perfectly exposed, both pre and after capture, just the Canon/adapter setup produced images that are about 3-4 stops over. I have patiently tried every single exposure setting on the Riii, both auto and manual but nothing will change the results. As a fix after loading them into Camera Raw I can reduce the exposure by 3-4 stops to get a good photo but this surely should not be necessary. No clipping of highlights occur. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Could it be the adapter, which maybe does not work with the Riii (yet is OK with the a7?) Or is it a camera fault? Many thanks.
  4. Romeo Bravo Photo

    Tom Boy

    Hi All! I did my first photoshoot comparing the Sony a9 and a7R III... Here is a shot with the a7R III and the Sony 85/1.4 GM: www.romeobravophoto.com
  5. Hi gents, another dumb question from a fortunate but inept user (we're a dime a dozen right?). So I got my hands on an A7Riii, and this makes it the first camera I've had with dual card slots. Right now I have it set to save in one slot as RAW and the other as JPEG when I take a picture. When I connect the my camera to the camera however, I can only see the RAW files. If I put the second (JPEG) card into a card reader, I can see the JPEGs, but not while it's still in the camera. Is something wrong? I want to be able to see both files when I connect my camera to the computer. edit - My bad I got this figured out. Turns out I'm just really dumb...I set the USB connection to "mass storage" and now see everything.
  6. ptortora

    Silver and Blue

    'Silver and Blue' from a recent Winter Series with Olga L., and assisted by Dalton Patton and Ron Cianciuli. Taken with the Sony A7riii mounted with an 85mm 1.4 G Master during my first session with the camera. Lighting was with 4 Profoto monolights (one B1X, one D2 and two separate B2’s) mounted with a beauty dish overhead, two OCF 1x3 with grids camera left and right, and a gelled grid (blue) on the background. The session was assisted by Dalton Patton and Ron Ciancuili and once again, Sony did not disappoint. Eye focus was much more reliable and accurate over the 7rii and it seems like the colors were more pleasing as well. Higher res versions can be seen at http://www.stillsandvideo.com
  7. Photo: Rick Birt of www.romeobravophoto.com Model: Kiersten Dolbec H&MU: Ricky Flores Shot with a Sony a7R III and an 85/1.4 GM
  8. When transferring files from a7riii via PlayMemories to IPhone over WiFi. How do I maintain the color(or b&w) profiles look to my images? I take time to set the look of my images so I have a jpg I like in camera. And every time I transfer the image to my phone it seems to have lost my preset look? I’ve tried doing this with full res jpgs- and with the embedded raw preview jpg. Please help! Reason I want to do this is to make quick social media posts- and I don’t want to spend half my life fiddling with my phone - recreating a look I am already happy with in camera. I’ll absolutely take the raw files later down the line and edit them properly on my Mac. Thankyou!
  9. Hi guys and gals. I'm new to this forum and hope to spend a lot of time here learning and contributing. I need some advice. I currently have the A7RIII. I mostly shoots seascape/landscape but also urban and I rarely print. If I do its "normal" size prints nothing big. Now the A7III has been announced with 15 stops dynamic range. I'm on the fence on selling my A7RIII and buying the A7III. Hereby I can invest in better/more glass. Heres my question: Is the benefit of a lot of megapixels only in regards to prints (especially if the dynamic range is the same on both cameras) or are there benefits I've missed? Hope to get your 2 cents. Best. Martin.
  10. Sony A7Riii Banding: the banding problem is nothing new. Since the A9 came out, using the electronic shutter with LEDs in the photo leads to banding. Here's my experience with the A7Riii and banding. I was trying to get some sweet bokeh from the Christmas tree lights. I turned off the silent shooting and everything worked well...until something else happened. I don't even know what to call it. I could see the black band/shutter(?) move across the EVF. Does anyone know what this is? Again, these were taken with mechanical shutter.
  11. I shot a Fashion Editorial in December to compare the Sony a7R III, a9, and Hasselblad X1D. It was just published in Promo Magazine yesterday. I am working on a user review based on this shoot if you are interested... Photo: www.romeobravophoto.com Model: Kiersten Dolbec Sony a7R III with Rokinon 35/1.4 AF Sony a9 with Rokinon 35/1.4 AF
  12. Hi guys, New to the group, recently created this low light test, thought it might be useful for you guys. What do we think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-sJnw8A69I&t=4s Thanks
  13. Alejandro Espeche


    Sony A7R III and Batis 85 f1.8
  14. Sony A7Riii, Sony 24-105G More at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmnzo4zv
  15. I'm shooting in XAVC S HD format but can't see 120fps in the Record or S&Q Settings?
  16. I'm shooting in XAVC S HD format but can't see 120fps in the Record or S&Q Settings? Can anyone explain why (: Be free
  17. I have a sony a7rIII and a 1.4 Gmaster 85 lens. Things were fine, then I bought a 24-105 lens, played with it for several months, then I put the Gmaster back on and now I can't change the aperture in manual mode. If I put it in A priority it seems to be ok. But I rarely use that. Has any one seen this before. 'can't figure it out.
  18. Hi, I'm facing a problem. I want to control the A7RIII by using the USB multiport cable and get the live image of the viewfinder over HDMI. We use the A7RIII on a drone to take aerial pictures and movies. We have to use the USB multiport (USB PC Remote) in order to take pictures and to start/stop video in Manual photo mode. This will not work by using WIFI. This works perfect as long we're not plugging in the HDMI cable into the camera. When we use the USB multiport in combination with HDMI, the HDMI feed goes to black when we start recording. Taking pictures works like it should be. I think I've tried everything to solve this problem, but nothing seems to work. Somebody with the same problems? Somebody with a solution? +10.000 karma points for the person who can help me out!
  19. Ive spent the last 3 our on forums and YouTube trying to change my recording format on the camera so I can easily use Premier to edit. But like I said I can’t figure out how to change the file format for the SD cards to stream lone the process.
  20. Using the lens on a A7riii body and aperture won’t adjust (just reads F—) and lens won’t focus. I receive an error message indicating lens is either not attached correctly (it is) or not compatible (it’s a Sony lens). My other lenses (70-200 and 50 mm prime) work perfectly. Any advice? Thanks in advance for your time.
  21. Hey everyone! I got an opportunity to shoot with the new Profoto B10's a few weeks ago and put it through its paces for a portrait shoot. Here's the BTS video and results.
  22. This error has started to affect my Sony a 7R3. I began to use UHS II Lexar 128 GB professional 1000 X cards and suddenly began to experience slot I errors. After insertion, formatting with camera, and several image captures, The camera freezes with an error message that it cannot recognize the card in slot 1 and it should be reinserted. After several re-insertion attempts and turning the camera on and off, the behavior is not improved. The camera remains locked out and slot 1 remains unreadable The error message ties up the camera rear screen display and menu system such that there is no option to format the card and try again. These errors also occurred with UHS II Sony cards and with UHS II Lexar 64 GB cards and with UHS I SanDisk Extreme Pro cards. The error occurred at random times and would totally tie up my camera on a photo shoot. Fortunately I was able to save a JPEG version onto slot II . There is been no malfunction on the slot II cards. The camera no longer recognizes when a UHS I card such as the SanDisk Extreme Pro is inserted in slot 1. It does recognize on occasion the insertion of a UHS II card. The occurrence of this error is completely unrelated to any formatting of the card as I have both been able to insert UHS II cards and correctly format them in camera, and introduced cards formatted by another camera. However, UHS I cards are not recognized even if formatted correctly on an SD foundation formatting program equipped Windows computer. After the error occurs, the image information is not lost on the card but can be retrieved by a simple card reader plugged into a laptop. The error is very frustrating and I suspect may represent an error in the camera firmware. On visual inspection of the slot, there is no abnormality of the Pins, retaining clip, or other configuration items. There is no dirt, foreign body, or any other irregularity of the cards. Have you found a solution to this issue ? any Ideas ? It's random occurrence occurs at the worst possible times and cannot simply be cleared by the camera memory menu choices Thanks
  23. Hi! Tried to search the www and here for this but couldn't really find any info regarding the 3 series A7 bodies. Problem is the following: when I hit the record button on my A7RIII in 4k/100M mode, the Feelworld F570 external monitor via HDMI goes black. 4k HDMI output is set to 24fps as the F570 doesn't handle 60fps. I can see the HDMI output on the monitor until hitting record and can also play back 4k files and see them on the F570 but have no live picture during 4k recording. 1080p is fine at all fps levels. I have tried: - setting HDMI resolution to auto, 2160/1080p, 1080p and 1080i - using different HDMI cables with different data transfer ratings - 30p and 24p 60M modes - changing gamma assist mode or turning it off - going through the menu of the A7R3 - going through the menu of the F570 multiple times with no success. Sony manual claims the following by HDMI settings: "* Images will not appear on the monitor of the camera if you record movies while the camera is connected to and HDMI device with file format set to XAVC S 4K" but actually the monitor of the camera displays what I'm recording HDMI doesn't. I'm totally out of options here, anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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