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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, hope you are doing well:)) I have a small issue with filming vertical video on the Sony a7rIII, The camera doesn't rotate the video automatically so when I view the footage on my phone or on my computer It is still an horizontal video. I end up rotating it manually on premiere pro but it sucks, I just wanna send those videos to my client without having to edit anything! from camera to Instagram reel. PLEASE HELP!!
  2. Hello! I was hoping I could get some advice about my Sony A7r lll. I bought it a couple weeks ago and I am concerned there may be something wrong with it. It is a certified refurbished unit and it only had 1 picture taken according to the shutter count. QUESTION 1 I shoot RAW (ARW) & JPG simultaneously and I am noticing a lot of bright random colored pixels in all my RAW images, but not in my JPG images. I would assume this is just noise from using higher ISO (about 4000-5000 ISO) but I would think I should see the same thing in my JPG images. I have attached some comparisons. You will notice that the ARW images look darker, more saturated, and they have terrible noise, accompanied with random colored pixels. QUESTION 2 I also feel and hear something moving in my camera body if I slightly shake the camera. Is this just a byproduct of having in-body image stabilization? QUESTION 3 I was shooting some video today and I noticed subtle horizontal banding in my display and the recorded video (seen in the last image/screenshot circled in red). The banding travels upwards. Settings are listed below.. File Format: XAVC S HD Record Setting: 30p 50m - Changing this didn't help Silent Shooting: Off - Changing this didn't help e-Front Curtain Shutter: On - Changing this didn't help Anti-flicker Shoot - Changing this didn't help This one is especially odd since I have shot both photo and video in the same conditions previously, with no issues. Now I cant do anything to get rid of this banding. This happens in auto for photo mode and video mode. I suspect I may have changed a setting somewhere without realizing it, which is causing this problem. Are these signs that I got a faulty unit or are these things normal? Thanks in advance!
  3. Has anyone traded up to the Sony a7RM4 from the Sony a7RM3? If so, what is your pros and cons of doing so? Any insight in: IQ, ergonomics, file/data handling & buffering, and focus speed and accuracy, low-light and high-ISO noise Thank you in advance!!
  4. Hi, wonder if anyone is familiar with this, A7Riii has 42mp sensor while A7iii is 24mp, what effect does pixel size have on low light video, besides the obvious max ISO limit, thank you
  5. Hi. Newbie hobbyist who started last June. Does anybody know what would cause the "bullseye" in the center of this shot? I shot this using an a7r iii with FE 2.8/24-70 GM lens. My settings were 15 sec, f/4, iso 800. Also, I didn't see the bullseye on shots at 5 sec, f/4, iso 800. I had Long Exposure NR off for both shots. Thanks.
  6. I currently own an A99. I have some investment in o A mount lenses, but not too much to the point where it'd be hard to justify a switch to the E mount. I like my A99. However, I am interested in taking advantage of some potential savings while I can still get some money for my A99. I am a scuba diver and one thing I have been frustrated with is the ability to get an underwater housing for my A99. It seems that most of the underwater housing companies have moved on to the E mount cameras. I am currently a hobbyist whose done some professional work. I am planning to take on more professional work. My focus is will be on architectural, commercial, and product primarily. I may also do some portrait photography. I will also use my gear in underwater situations. That will be more of a hobby (vacations, etc.). I love the idea of going all-in and switching to the A9, however, I can't justify the spend for that. I do like the idea of taking advantage of some savings on the Sony A7R II that are going on now. However, I understand there are several limitations with that camera. So, then I come to the A7RIII versus just upgrading to the A99II (I fear the lack of an underwater housing here). Given the choice between the A7RII and the A7RIII, which would you choose? Or would you bite the bullet and just go for the A9? I am thinking about the long term. I'd like to invest in a system that I'll use for the next 15 - 25 years. Your feedback is appreciated!
  7. Model: Katarina Vargas Shot with a Sony a7R III and my favorite portrait lens of all time the 85 G Master http://www.romeobravophoto.com #sonyalphagallery
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