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Found 12 results

  1. https://woobox.com/yx7abb/gallery/Q4y9raDlf98 Hello everyone, I’m an amateur film maker who moved to Thailand a few months ago to teach science. The company I am with is hosting a video contest, and was the first chance for me to try out my new Sony a6300. I would love any tips, comments, or suggestions, as this is my first venture into the filming and editing process. Video is shot only using the kit lens, and a Hero6 for the POV shots. I would also IMMENSLY appreciate a vote on the website, which you can do every day! Doing so would allow me to bring a friend to visit as well as get a little cash to invest in a new lens! Thank you all, I look forward to your comments!
  2. Hello, everyone! My name is Misty I just got a Sony a6300 a week ago today. I was wanting to upgrade to the Sony a7iii from my Nikon DSLR cameras (D600 and D300; I've also had Canon DSLR cameras in the past), but I couldn't catch it in stock. Since I needed a new camera for VBS at church last Saturday, my husband ran me up to our local Best Buy last Friday and bought me the 6300...so, I'm a week in! I do hope to be able to grab the a7iii later this year for my birthday in November or at Christmas, but I am loving the 6300 so far and will definitely keep it as my back up camera/teaching my three kids ( 12, 9, and 8 ) how to shoot! The only lens I have right now is the 18-135mm that came with it but, with time, I am hoping to get a longer zoom, a 50mm, an 85mm and maybe the 16mm just because I love how other people's landscape photos look with that lens. I'm not a professional by any means, but I'm not a newbie either. I have loved pictures and photo albums for as long as I can remember, and I got my first real camera when I was in 7th grade. I'll be 32 here in a few months and I've had a lot of cameras since then. After I had my first child, that's when I wanted an awesome camera and got into Photoshop/Lightroom so I could create the best memories I possibly could have to look back on. This is my first mirrorless camera, though, and I am BEYOND excited for the adventures that Sonnie (what I named her) and I will be having together. I've taken pictures at VBS, the first day of school yesterday, at the fair, and our new church being build in just the seven days I've had it. I am also excited to learn how to take awesome videos with it! I still have a lot to learn, but that's why I'm here on this forum!!!
  3. another video, handheld this time, gimbal didn't enjoy the snow! :-(
  4. Hey guys, Here is another example of the Sony a6300 with the Zhiyun crane v2.. this gimbal has come down in price with the crane 2 announced. Still, a very capable gimbal and Zhiyun continue to provide firmware updates to keep it up to date.
  5. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and hoping you guys can help me out.. I have a Sony a6300 and mainly shoot video (bought in Jan '17) Recently I have been experiencing PINK/PURPLE glitches when shooting 4k - rolling for about 10mins intermittently before it happens. looks like this > https://ibb.co/fr1LBG Any ideas? I thought overheating was the issue.. but no one mentions the same pink screen.. Cheers Dave
  6. I had a goal during the eclipse. To create and HDR photo of it. You can easily make out the surface of the moon, the suns corona and two large prominence's located at 1 and 3 o'clock. This image was created with 8 photos, processed in LightRoom and PhotoShop. This was my first eclipse and first time photographing an eclipse. What do you guys think? Gear used: Sony Alpha a6300 Orion ED80T - 720mm equiv Celestron AVX Crooked River Ranch, Oregon
  7. This is my composite of the eclipse reaching totality. Each photo is about 10 minutes apart until it reaches totality. I love the detail of the sun's corona. Seeing the picture after witnessing the eclipse is incredible. I feel so fortunate to have captured this magical moment. Gear used: Sony Alpha a6300 Orion ED80T Celestron AVX mount
  8. ​I have just received my Sony a6300 in the post. I have swapped over from a Canon 700d so I have all canon lens'. I decided to buy a commlite EF to NEX(E) adapter to fit all of my current lens' on the Sony a6300. First I tried my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens' which refuses to focus, on startup the focus motor runs from macro all the way to infinity then refuses to focus at all on half shutter. I have changed between phase detection and contrast detection, then between wide and center focus zones, still nothing. Some of the focus modes are even grayed out like DMF and Auto because the lens is not compatible however I have seen this lens working with the same adapter with other Sony a6300 cameras. I have also updated the firmware which made 0 difference. Next I tried my Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM which refused to focus using phase detection and kept jumping about, but worked much like the Canon 700d in live view when using contrast detection. It focused very slowly but worked nonetheless. The same was true with the Canon 18-55mm STM IS kit lens. I did purchase this adapter through Amazon warehouse deals but there was no mention of focus issues only minor cosmetic defects, but the adapter was flawless when I received it. I cannot see this being an issue as it allows the aperture to be changed and it focuses on some lens' but I just cannot understand why it will not work on the Sigma lens when I have seen it working perfectly on other Sony a6300 with the same adapter. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there anything to help this or am I just stuck to manual focus with this adapter?
  9. I'm using Sony A6300(latest firmware) for video (mostly) and using my Android phone and the latest Smart Remote Control for visual feedback. Before I'm connecting the phone with the camera I set up everything including picture profile like s-log2/3. But as soon as I'm connecting the phone and the camera the picture profile change to default. Is anybody know why is this happening and/or how to prevent it? Thanks, dns
  10. Next shot with the new FE 70-300 mm G OSS.
  11. I must admit i really do enjoy using my little a6000 and even love the cheap feeling little 16-50 kit lens that came with it. I have set the camera up to my liking and only have a few gripes that i really wish the predecessor would have had (fixed)!!! The one thing that i did right away was to disable all the functions on the control wheel on the back of the camera so i could only use it for my shutter speed in manual or exposure comp in aperture mode without accidently changing iso, and focus mode , drive mode which i did a lot before disabling the right, down, and left side buttons of the wheel. When i am out and especially with cold fingers i find the control wheel so aggrivating and tiny with such a low profile that its really hard to feel and turn the wheel.. why in the hell would sony not put a bigger dial on there or make it protrude more with more of a positive click when turned???? I am venting but Geesh it would be such a great little camera if they would fix that stupid little wheel...... What do you think?
  12. A number of people have made videos and forum posts with their criticisms of the upcoming Sony a6300. But I didn't find the entire set of questions that I had about the camera. (Which I think is weird given Sony's penchant for nasty, A7RII/RX100IV-style overheating problems and the a6000's own little "Gotcha!"s). So I created my own set of videos. Hard Questions is the second one in a series and it asks: 1. How much 4k will we actually be able to shoot? 2. Wifi remote video (still) doesn't work on the a6000... will it work on the a6300? (And why doesn't it work on the a6000 again?) 3. People have already used this camera: Why has nobody compared the body to the a6000? In terms of feel... weight... etc... 4. Legacy issues: Sony's ancient wifi suite, and menus that haven't changed very much since the NEX5 six years ago. Will there be anything new in that department? Or are we looking at more of the same. So here it goes (video below). My first post on SAR. Hope you enjoy it. Happy to be here.
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