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Found 17 results

  1. I'm using Sony A6300(latest firmware) for video (mostly) and using my Android phone and the latest Smart Remote Control for visual feedback. Before I'm connecting the phone with the camera I set up everything including picture profile like s-log2/3. But as soon as I'm connecting the phone and the camera the picture profile change to default. Is anybody know why is this happening and/or how to prevent it? Thanks, dns
  2. Hi All, I have Sony A7Sii from the last one month and have couple of concerns. Earlier I have been using 5d miii for my video and now have started using a7sii My Concerns are 1. I have been using picture profile PP4, PP7 (pretty much flat profile) but struggling in doing color correction/grading in order to get colors like canon 2. When I am using play memory app like smart remote, the quality of video footage is very crisp, how that is happening? is it overwriting camera profile? and what setting is that I REALLY LIKE it. 3. Video captured in the low light with high ISO have grains, how can I rid of them in post-production, I am using both Premiere pro and Final cut pro. 4. Any useful training for as7ii
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a way to know which picture profile was shot from an imported file? Sometimes I use cine4, and sometimes slog3. and I can't seem to find a way to know which file is which after I import the files to my computer. Thanks!
  4. On my A7s I noticed that when shooting in SLOG2 if I go up to ISO 8000 the image will have a different noise pattern than if I go up to ISO 10,000 and then down to ISO 8000, same ISO but totally different noise I know that people have reported a similar issue with the A7sii with SLOG3 but what I read was it was believed to only be a bug with that picture profile It's this kind of "Trick" ISO that does something weird to the noise Going up give the ISO a kind of "Dirty" grain but going down to the very same ISO will give the ISO a "Clean" grain I compared Native 3200 to this ISO 8000 when it had a "Clean" noise and also the "Dirty" noise http://imgur.com/RzOCZko http://imgur.com/AWU0IED http://imgur.com/G6QoXWl The thing is I see this not just on SLOG2..I see it on all picture profiles..on multiple different camera models... On the A7s this happens on the following Picture Profiles on the following ISOs: http://imgur.com/SLmoyEF Here is a video of me going over the issue and explaining more in-depth:
  5. Before pressing record on my A6300 the image on the LED looks quite neutral, but then once I am recording the image style changes subtly. Does anyone else experience this and know how to make the pre-pressing record view look like it will when I press record? I have set all to Manual mode and removed all auto-features. I have tried using different 'creative styles' and the neutral style but even the neutral style, once I press record the display changes colors subtly. Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to fix this.
  6. I'm new to S-logs and sony A7 camera and just got a new A7s2. I'm experimenting the S-Log3 which I plan to shoot videos. I just accidentally found that when shoot raw still image, the exposures are different in different picture profile settings using S-Log3. Below 2 images were shot at identical exposure settings, shutter speed, aperture, and iso, but different picture profiles. I see the S-log3 is heavily underexposed. Does anyone can explain why is this? Thanks.
  7. What picture profile or customized profile is comparatively better for street photography? I have seen some Fujifilm user doing great with street photography and portrait. Is there any way to get that colour out of my Sony a6400? Is there anything to do with my white balance by customizing it? if yes then what is the setting? I need this help. I would be kind enough if someone help me. Thanks.
  8. Hello together, I have trouble with changing colour phase, ect., when i'm working with a saved Mode like 1, 2, M1-M4 with my Sony a6500. With default modes like P, S, A, Auto, M.. there is no problem, changing settings on the used picture-profile, e.g. PP1, will fully work. But when I'm working with an saved mode, e.g. M1, it seems as if all settings of the picture-profiles, which change color, like color-phase, color depth, are not doing any difference, when changing between picture-profiles. Only contrast, gamma and stuff like this changes. If you than go into the settings of a picture-profile, sometimes the settings are zero, even if they are not zero when working in default photo-modes (M, P, A, S, Auto,...). Maybe it's even the default settings of the picture profile that are shown there. I'm not sure. If you than change the setting, e.g. color phase, numbers will change, but nothing happens. The color is not changing. If you change the photo-mode to e.g. manual the change of the picture-profile-setting is not taken over. Going Back to M1, there a again only the default? settings. Because I'm using picture-profile and saved photo modes very often, this issue accur very often in my daily use. Can anyone reproduce the issue. Any suggestions to solve it. Greetings Jörg
  9. When transferring files from a7riii via PlayMemories to IPhone over WiFi. How do I maintain the color(or b&w) profiles look to my images? I take time to set the look of my images so I have a jpg I like in camera. And every time I transfer the image to my phone it seems to have lost my preset look? I’ve tried doing this with full res jpgs- and with the embedded raw preview jpg. Please help! Reason I want to do this is to make quick social media posts- and I don’t want to spend half my life fiddling with my phone - recreating a look I am already happy with in camera. I’ll absolutely take the raw files later down the line and edit them properly on my Mac. Thankyou!
  10. Is there anyway to have my RAW files from Sony A7riii import with the jpg color profile look preset in the file when I import to Lightroom (or capture one if that’s the only way- I’m willing to switch workflows if this is possible) ? Reason is I just want to be able to start my edits from the base look I created in camera instead of having to start from scratch every time. Thankyou!
  11. I've recently embarked on a several month long trip with plans to make movie that I've been thinking about for quite some time. I bought the A7SII a couple weeks after it was release, spent another week or so testing with it, packed up and left. This was my first mirrorless camera and my first Sony, coming from Canon's DSLR's there has been a bit of a learning curve. At this point I've memorized just about all the menu's, got the custom buttons all set and am beginning to feel quite comfortable shooting with the camera. In my research I'd decided on a Picture Profile and settings to get the best image out of the camera. The purpose of this post is to get your opinion, and some feedback on my choice of settings. Which are as follows: Picture Profile Settings Black Level: 0 Gamma: S-Log3 Black Gamma > Range: Middle , Level: 0 Knee: > Mode: Auto , Auto Set > Max Point: 100, Sensitivity: Mid Color Mode: S-Gamut3 Saturation: 0 Color Phase: 0 Color Depth: 0 Detail: -7 > Mode; Auto, V/H Balance: 0, B/W Balance Type3, Limit: 7, Crispening:0, hi_light Detail: 0 Record Settings XAVC S 4k: 30p 100M XAVC S HD 1080: 120p 100M (for slow motion) Exposure I always try to over expose by 1.5 to 2 stops. I'd planned on using zebra's at +100 to keep my over exposure in check, but in my Picture Profile, I wouldn't see them even in the brightest conditions. White Balances Avoiding Auto white balance anytime I can. Shutter Speed I find myself shooting at 1/50th of a second pretty much all the time. I was shooting 1/60th at home, but in Asia that cause flicking with some light sources. I've also gotten strobing while shooting slow motion 120fps, and a the minimum shutter speed of 1/125th. The only solution I could find for this was to shoot 60p instead of 120p, which did not seem like a great solution. ISO Is almost always locked at 1600. I have prime lenses that go to f/1.4 so I rarely need to turn it up. When shooting at night, I have a choice of either underexposing my image or turning up my ISO. The higher ISO seem to have a lot of noise in the shadows with the settings I have, so I had chosen to underexpose sometime at night. I'm starting to think that's the wrong decision. I should keep turning the ISO up until my meter tells the image have correct or even slightly over exposure. Straight out of the camera the footage will have some noise, but once corrected back to Rec-709ish the noise should be better acceptable. Does this seem correct? Focus I had focus peaking on at first, but have found it to be not as accurate as I'd like. I've not got Custom Button 1 set to "Focus Magnifier" and I use it often to punch in to ~10x, check focus, back out, then start shooting. Concerns when reviewing the footage are: Noise and sharpness. I've been throwing a LUT on the shots to check my work at night, and even with that there still seems to be more visible noise than I expected. As for sharpness, since I've got it turned down to -7 in camera, I'm assuming there's something I should be doing in post to correct that. Unsharp mask? I'm editing in Premiere, Lumetri has a sharpness slider... Let me know if you thoughts of either of these issues. Here are some still frames straight out of the camera (4k has been scaled down to 1080). Sorry, I don't know the exact ISO for each.
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