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  1. Hi gents, another dumb question from a fortunate but inept user (we're a dime a dozen right?). So I got my hands on an A7Riii, and this makes it the first camera I've had with dual card slots. Right now I have it set to save in one slot as RAW and the other as JPEG when I take a picture. When I connect the my camera to the camera however, I can only see the RAW files. If I put the second (JPEG) card into a card reader, I can see the JPEGs, but not while it's still in the camera. Is something wrong? I want to be able to see both files when I connect my camera to the computer. edit - My bad I got this figured out. Turns out I'm just really dumb...I set the USB connection to "mass storage" and now see everything.
  2. Hi everyone, got another question. I did try googling around and I guess I got some idea of what an STF lens is, but I guess I'm still unsure when someone would want to use one? Or rather, let's say there is a (hypothetical) 100mm 1.4 and this 100mm 2.8 STF that is getting released. What would be the real difference between the two? If I'm trying to take a portrait, why would I want to use the STF over the (again, hypothetical) 100mm 1.4? Thanks.
  3. Hi! So I've tried searching on this topic a little bit and have been getting quite a few mixed answers about this. Like the title asks, are there any drawbacks to using a full-frame lens on a APS-C camera? For example, the FE 24-70mm on a a6300. I've read here and there that there is actually loss in picture quality, is that true? Others say it's completely fine but...I don't have the technical knowledge or experience to come up with my own confident answer. Thanks!
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