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  1. Update..I got an A9 and there is quite a difference. In flight focus is spot on and there is no motion blur. I’m sure it’s most likely a combination of settings and technique on my part as well as the hight megapixel sensor being less forgiving of movement. My A7Riii is more than capable of capturing sharp images. But I’m sticking with the A9/200-600 combination. I’d like to keep both but one has to go. Thanks for the helpful comments.
  2. Thanks Chrissie. I’m seeing similar posts in other forums, soft or unfocussed images with this combination. I am not seeing such threads about other cameras with this lens. The person I bought the camera from got decent BIF results with the 100-400. I see fantastic images with my combination. But I’m struggling. I’m going to try an A9. I’ll post back here with my results. Thanks.
  3. Chrissie, I did a little of what you recommended, turning off as many of the helpers as possible and when possible using DMF to focus and got much better results. A couple of days ago the sun came out and I had much better luck. I don’t think the A7Riii and 200-600 is as good as I thought it would be for fast birds. I am very new at this but I can see in a burst of shots that it catches focus and then loses it. I’m trying different combinations of tracking and focus lock but I’m finding that the best thing to do is use flexible spot and keep it on the target which works great on big birds like herons. For ducks or smaller birds I have had some luck with AF-C and wide and just held down the shutter while trying to keep the bird in the view finder. Liveshots, I have trouble with motion blur on any movement if the SS is less than 1/1000. With BIF even 1/2500 can show motion blur. Thanks for your comments. It would be nice if an A7riii user would comment.
  4. I really appreciate the helpful suggestions. My question is pretty specific about the camera lens combination. I shoot with people who use Nikon D500s and their hit rates in the same light and same settings are so much more successful than mine they are suggesting I send the equipment in for repair. I’m resisting that because my still bird images are sharp and extremely detailed and I gave gotten sharp BIFs though mostly in bright sun. I see lots of examples of A9s and this lens but few with the A7R3. I know there are a lot if variables and I’m pushing the camera to extremes but If I could get a camera that works better and, in the case of the D500, maybe cheaper, I’d like to know now. Thanks.
  5. I typoed the subject. The camera is an A7R3. Any way to edit?
  6. Hi, I’m new to this forum and looking for help. I’m not able to get fast moving birds in focus with this combination. I’ve tried lots of different combinations of tracking, OSS modes, focus areas, etc.. It’s not very light here so I’m having to shoot at very high ISOs but it’s practice. I’m still new at trying to pan and keep the bird in the frame. But out of hundreds of burst shots I would think that at least a few would show promise. But I can tell that these aren’t sharp without even cropping. I realize this is high ISO (it’s dark here in the PNW) but this image should be sharper. 1/3200, 6.3, ISO 12800. This is one of my better examples. Birds not this close and flying faster are really bad. I’ve tried all the setting combinations I could find that were recommended. Pretty sure this one is zone af, AF-C, and mode 2 on the lens. I was prefocused on it when it took off. I can’t find a lot of info on this camera lens combination. What I can find in one post is contradicted in another. Anyone shooting this combination have any suggestions? Or is this just not a good camera for any kind of fast bird? Thanks in advance.
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