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Found 10 results

  1. Alejandro Espeche

    Portrait with Sony FE 100-400

    Portrait taken with Sony FE 100-400 and A7R3
  2. Alejandro Espeche


    Sony A7R III and Batis 85 f1.8
  3. My latest big timelapse is ready, i used the a7r3 to shot this proyect. Lens used Laowa 15mm f2 , Sony 24-105 , Sony 100-400 over 33000 RAW photos 2 months shooting 1 month editing(intense) hyperlapses done with 3 axis gimbal (Accsoon a1)
  4. I'm shooting in XAVC S HD format but can't see 120fps in the Record or S&Q Settings? Can anyone explain why (: Be free
  5. I'm shooting in XAVC S HD format but can't see 120fps in the Record or S&Q Settings?
  6. Where on earth can I find an ac adapter for the a7r3? The way I use my camera in the studio usually involves multiple cameras into a switchable usb hub into one computer. USB powering is flaky at best and unusable at worst when switching from camera to camera. My cameras stay on all day. Anybody have a solution to this (admittedly niche) problem?
  7. Alejandro Espeche

    A7R III + Metabones V Issue

    Yesterday while I was doing nature photography I had to turn off the camera several times because it was hanging with the curtain up, nothing was visible on the display and in the EVF you could see the last photo shot and the focus points were blinking. The problem was presented with the following configuration Sony A7R III + Metabones V + Canon EF 400mm f / 5.6L USM AF-C Wide focus mode Did any of you have a similar problem?
  8. Romeo Bravo Photo

    Tom Boy (a7R III with 85GM)

    Photo: Rick Birt of www.romeobravophoto.com Model: Kiersten Dolbec H&MU: Ricky Flores Shot with a Sony a7R III and an 85/1.4 GM
  9. One of the reasons I wanted the A7R3 was for its fast/accurate focus, and tracking for moving objects. However, I'm not having much success For instance, I was attempting to follow a red tailed hawk in flight, and needed to shoot through openings in the trees. With the camera set to: Drive Mode - "Continuous Shooting Mid", Focus Mode - "Continuous AF" I've tried the following "Focus Area" settings without great success: Lock-on AF: Center Lock-on AF: Flexible Spot S Lock-on AF: Expand Flexible Spot Lock-onAF: Wide All settings produce similar results. The objects close to me are in focus, but my desired target (center of the frame - and most distant) is out of focus. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, John
  10. Hi gents, another dumb question from a fortunate but inept user (we're a dime a dozen right?). So I got my hands on an A7Riii, and this makes it the first camera I've had with dual card slots. Right now I have it set to save in one slot as RAW and the other as JPEG when I take a picture. When I connect the my camera to the camera however, I can only see the RAW files. If I put the second (JPEG) card into a card reader, I can see the JPEGs, but not while it's still in the camera. Is something wrong? I want to be able to see both files when I connect my camera to the computer. edit - My bad I got this figured out. Turns out I'm just really dumb...I set the USB connection to "mass storage" and now see everything.